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A Letter To God

Dear God,
First of all thank you for the life that you gave for me. Thank you for being always at my side to guide me and to give the right direction. And of course thank you for giving me the best family. Making this letter is a blessing so I can be able to talk to you. My family is the biggest blessing that you gave me. They are always guiding me like You in doing the right thing. They give me the strength like You in times of my weakness. They give me right decision like You whenever Im wrong. They give me the right path whenever I m lost. They search the real me whenever I give up in problems. They trust in me like You. They give me light like You whenever Im in the dark side. They give me hands when I need them. They care to know if Im hurt. They light my way like You. They take care of me and they light up my world like nobody else. In that blessing that you gave me, I can say that Im the most blessed child and I have the best family, the best of the best. I wish that they will be the same as they give light to me. I also wish that we will have a relationship like this until to the end. I wish that they will not change. And I can say that I have all the best blessing.

Thank you, Stiffany