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Anesthesiology Center for Pain Education

Anesthesiology Center for Pain Education

Acute Pain and Recovery from Injury

Four causes of pain
o Warning sign reflex avoidance (primitive) Like touching a hot stove

o Recent or (rarely) ongoing physical injury Results from inflammation not usually continuing damage

o Healing, repair and regeneration


Stiffness, soreness, etc

Somatization (emotional pain felt as physical pain)

Misconceptions about pain

o All pain is a sign of danger and damage o Medication can completely eliminate pain o Pain medication is treatment

Pain with movement is bad

What your doctor never told you

o You should not need pain medication after an injury heals o The best cure for pain is healing the best path to healing is mobility o After 4 weeks, acute pain becomes a different (much worse) problem

Pain medication cannot make you happy, wealthy, or content

Anesthesiology Center for Pain Education