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Why do you like your family? Who is your bestfriend?

Whats your favourite game?

How old are you?

Move Ahead 4 Spaces

What time do you wake up?

Whats your mother name?

How many people in your family?

How many hours do you study?

Which cartoon do you prefer batman or Spiderman?

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How often do you go out with your friends?

When is Christmas ?

Whats your nationality?

Oh No, Go Back What time do you have lunch? How do you go to school? Whats your favourite school subject? Who is your favourite teacher? What time is it?

Where are you going this afternoon? How old is your father?

Where is your pen?

How many pens do you have?

How do you spell your name?

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When is your birhday?


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Which colour do you prefer black or blue?

Rules: 1). throw the dice and answer the question 2) If you answer correctly, then you can move ahead 2more spaces 3) Two or more players can be on the same space. 4) Continue to play until some reaches the finish, and then see who will finish second, third, etc.

How old are you?

Whats your favourite singer? Who cleans your house?

How often do you Play video games?

Whats your name?

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Where is your teacher?

Where is London?

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