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Whatever It Takes… from

Its Customers’ Viewpoints

Getting a Firm Grip

on the RE5R05A
New Tools for Hybrid
Transaxles APRIL 2011
14 Sonnax Solutions for AW55-50SN ! Front Control 8.
Valve Body

e s ! 7.

F i x 9.
w 9.

4 9. Middle Control
Valve Body
5. 1.
Rear Control
6. Valve Body

13. 2.
2nd Rear Control 2.
Valve Body 3.
PROBLEM SOLUTION Tool Required Part Number
• TCC apply & release problems
1. Lockup Relay Control Valve & Sleeve Kit 59947-01K
• Inadequate lubrication
• TCC apply & release problems
2. Lockup Control Valve & Sleeve Kit 59947-03K
• Converter codes
• Harsh downshifts 3. Oversized Lockup Control Valve
w! F-15741-TL29PL 59947-29K
• RPM surging on coast/light acceleration & Boost Assembly Kit Ne & VB-FIX

• No TCC apply
4. Solenoid Relay Valve & Sleeve Kit 59947-05K
• Shift concerns
• Wear at the main PR valve bore 5. Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve F-59947-TL12
• Harsh/Soft shifts & Boost Valve Kit & VB-FIX

• Delayed engagements
6. Main Boost Valve & Sleeve Kit 59947-07K
• Harsh/Soft shifts
• Loss of 3rd, 4th or 5th gear
7. Solenoid Modulator Valve Capsule Kit 59947-09K
• No TCC apply
• Low line pressure 8. Oversized Solenoid Modulator
• Delayed forward Valve Kit Ne & VB-FIX

• Delayed forward engagement

9. O-Ringed End Plug Kit 4 Small & 1 Large 59947-21K
• 2-3 Upshift flare/low SLT pressure
• 2-3, 3-2 Shift concerns F-59947-TL26
10. B4 Release Valve Kit 59947-26K
• 3-2 Neutral & VB-FIX

• Delayed forward engagement

11. LPC Accumulator Piston Kit 59947-LPC
• Low line, lube & converter pressure
• Delayed forward engagement
12. Oversized Neutral Relay Valve Kit 59947-35K
• Increased throttle required for engagement Ne & VB-FIX

• Overheating of fluid, bushing & converter F-59947-TL16

13. Secondary Regulator Valve & Spring Kit 59947-16K
• Harsh reverse engagement & VB-FIX

• Incorrect valve body calibration 14. B5 Control Spring 5/Bag w! 59947-33

*Note: The solutions shown here also fit
AW55-51SN, AF 23/33 & RE5F22A units.

1 Automatic Drive • P.O. Box 440 • Bellows Falls, VT 05101-0440 USA

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APRIL 2011
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Make the Time

by Dennis Madden

business… the guy they can trust when

faced with a big, potentially expensive
Chances are you won’t pull cus-
tomers away from shops where they’re
satisfied with the service or the pric-
ing. But many of the folks from your
community have become accustomed
to returning to the dealer for service.
And when a major repair loomed, they
would look into trading their cars in on
new ones.
For most people that isn’t possible

right now so community involvement is
pril is Car Care Month, and for a whole than shops that didn’t. What’s a great opportunity to become acquaint-
those of you who remembered different now compared to back then is ed with these people, and have them
and are hosting a clinic, con- that shops overall are busier than a year discover you and your shop.
gratulations. This’ll be a great oppor- or two ago and may find it hard to find Building that reputation isn’t an
tunity for you to get better acquainted the time. overnight thing. It’s a long-term pro-
with the people in your community. It’ll cess that’ll occur over a number of
be a fun event and you’ll be amazed at Make the time. years. And it doesn’t require a huge
the positive reactions you’ll get. The fact is, much of that additional production or detailed program. You
This is an example of what we work is related to the dramatic down- can start with simple sponsorships to
learned over the last five years from the turn in our economy; many people school sports teams or the scouts. Once
What’s Working research; that some of have had to choose repair over buying you begin down this path, other oppor-
the more traditional types of advertising a new car. tunities will follow, and you’ll find
aren’t as valuable for drawing in new Today’s economic trends have cre- events and activities you really like and
customers as community involvement. ated a whole new opportunity for you to enjoy participating in.
Nothing beats those service groups, demonstrate what you have to offer to So the next time you think you just
sports teams, or clubs for turning you the people in your corner of the world. don’t have the time to attend the regu-
into everyone’s “friend in the busi- That’s why it’s so important to lar business association meeting, think
ness,” which is what you want to be make the time to continue your efforts again… and make the time.
anyway… isn’t it? into your community, even when you And if you forgot about Car Care
I know we’ve covered this topic really don’t have the time. Community Month for April, now’s the time to
in the past, but it’s worth repeating. involvement isn’t about bringing a lot get ready for the fall event in October.
We first discovered the effectiveness of cars in today… or even tomorrow. You can find some great information
of community involvement while It’s more about building your name and about holding a car care clinic at www.
researching consumers. We found that your reputation over the long haul. carcare.org. You’ll be glad you made
what they wanted most was someone The object is simple: When some- the time.
they could trust and was competent one from your community has a prob-
at fixing their cars. We also saw that lem with his or her car, you want them
shops that were involved in their com- to think about you. You want them to
munity had a greater level of success as remember you as their friend in the
2 GEARS April 2011
o o fte n, long
Every s c om e s a
hn o lo g y
n ew tec ha ng e s
pl e te ly c
th at co m in gs.
w e d o t h
the w ay

Leave it to Corteco® to introduce a new, easy

way to install lip seals and bonded pistons
that prevents damaging the seal. Introducing
the Lip Wizard™, available exclusively in
TransTec® transmission kits.

This simple device installs lip seals and

bonded pistons in almost any transmission.
You no longer have to worry about tearing a
lip seal or buying expensive installation tools
that only work on specific transmissions. The
Lip Wizard™ is flexible, versatile, reuseable
and recyclable. Best of all, it’s absolutely free.
You’ll find the new Lip Wizard™ installation
tool inside virtually every TransTec® gasket
and overhaul kit. Visit www.TransTec.com/
LipWizard for more information.

A Division of Freudenberg-NOK T: 419.499.2502 • F: 419.499.2804 • Milan, OH

New_Pkg_LipWizard_ad_final.indd 1 1/25/11 11:31 AM

Technically Speaking

Getting a Firm Grip

on the RE5R05A!
Nissan’s RE5R05A is laced with traps waiting to snare you, but
by Lance Wiggins

the corrections are fairly simple once you know where to look.

W e’ve been talking about

the Nissan RE5R05A for
some time now, but getting
a grip on it has been as easy as grabbing
a greased pig. And for those of you that
The problem is the clearance speci-
fications, and there are plenty of them
out there: We found at least three and
they were all different. Having the
wrong clearance — being too loose or
haven’t tried that, I’m sure you can find too tight — will force you to remove
another simile. the transmission again. And most of the
It’s time to get the harsh and flare clutch packs don’t have a conventional
shifts taken care of, the first time, so selective plate.
grab your coffee or soda, get comfort- So here’s the fix: set the high and
able, pay attention, and make your low-reverse clutch clearance to 0.050”
notes. and the direct clutch to 0.060”, or as
There are two areas we’ve been close as humanly possible (Figure 1).
tracking: the 2-3 harsh shift and the 4-5
flare. Of the two, the 4-5 flare has been
the most common. Don’t worry; we’re
going to cover both.

2-3 Harsh Shift

The 2-3 harsh shift is caused by
apply timing of the high and low-
reverse clutch, not the front band.
Here’s why: The front band is holding
in first and second, but is ineffective. In
third gear, it’s part of the applied state.
The servo never loses pressure, so if
the band were slipping it would cause a
spin-up or neutral, not a flare.
The high and low-reverse clutch
applies and the forward brake releases
on the 2-3 shift. The timing between
these two shift components is critical.
The high and low-reverse clutch drum
is splined to the direct clutch and is
connected to the rear planetary. The for-
ward brake is located in the back of the
transmission and is splined to the case.

Figure 1

4 GEARS April 2011

Where to go when you want to know.

Precision International’s “state-of-the-part,” interactive website, www.transmissionkits.com, is like having one of the world’s
foremost transmission repair experts working by your side. You’ve got questions? It has answers.
You have installation problems? It has solutions. Need a part or kit pronto?
Look it up. All you have to do is click.

Helpful how-to videos

Our website puts a wealth of valuable information at your fingertips, including continually
updated how-to video seminars featuring renowned transmission expert John Parmenter.
A transmission shop owner and prominent industry authority, John presents helpful
solutions to many of today’s most prevalent and pressing transmission repair problems
with new videos being added every few months.
The answers you seek
Who can you turn to in times of trouble? Our website’s Question & Answer Forum, of course.
There you can get the answers you need from leading experts. The kind that can
save you a lot of time, money and headaches. You can also sign up for our “Problem Solver”
e-mails that will give you more helpful tips on transmission repair.
Our complete catalog The Problem Solvers.
Whatever make, model or year transmission you’re working on, we’ve got the best parts 14 Todd Court Extension, Yaphank, NY 11980
and kits to fix it. All cross-checked against the latest OEM specs (with changes noted and (631) 567-2000 • Fax (631) 567-2640
Toll Free: 800-872-6649
made). All OE quality or better. And all guaranteed to work. Plus, our huge inventory and Florida Office:
6790 Hillsdale Point, Boynton Beach, FL 33437
state-of-the-art warehousing capabilities virtually assure immediate delivery. So go ahead. (561) 734-2332 • Fax (561) 734-2375
Take our website for a test-drive and feel the awesome power it can put in your hands. E-mail: sales@transmissionkits.com
www.transmissionkits.com K73900GX
Overhaul Kit

NEW Precision International K73900GX Overhaul Kit

JF011E applications. Banner and Master kits also available.
Getting a Firm Grip on the RE5R05A!

You can use AOD output shaft it seems like this transmission refuses (Figure 4) The band adjustment has
rings on the mid-sun gear shaft if you to lie down easy. But fear not, we have been in question: (Figure 5)
choose (Figure 2). You can also use a the fixes.
4L60E servo ring (Teflon) on the sup-
port-to-direct drum. You’ll have to butt
The 4-5 flare can be a number
of things: the band, the band adjust- ...don’t be upset
cut the rings to fit. The combination of
these changes will solve your problem.
ment, the input clutch, the fluid, the
solenoids, and the clearances. All of
when you have
But that’s just the beginning. Make these fall under the heading of a basic to pull it out a
sure you drive the vehicle and reset the
strategies. And always use the right
rebuild. Now don’t be offended by this,
but if you want to cut corners on this second, third,
fluid: Nissan Matic J (Figure 3).
One down, one to go…
transmission, don’t be upset when you
have to pull it out a second, third, or
or fourth time.
fourth time. Seriously, just buckle up Seriously, just
4-5 Flare Shift
What a nightmare this problem can
and get it done.
The band has been an issue: It buckle up and get
be: We’ve taken over 500 calls alone on
this unit, opened 250-plus tickets, and
releases in fourth and reapplies in fifth.
The band material has been in question.
it done.

Figure 2

Figure 3 Figure 4

6 GEARS April 2011

Hard parts…need one? Need 100?
Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Just Ask!
Based in Columbus, Ohio, G-Cor Automotive Corp. proudly houses the largest
inventory of used automatic transmission hard parts in the USA! With an
organized processing center of 90,000 square feet, and 100,000 square feet
of inventoried import and domestic hard parts, we’re confident we can meet
your need. Just ask!

When it comes to quality our parts speak for themselves. Our machine shop staff
takes pride in their attention to detail. Our sales team is knowledgeable and
experienced. And our service won’t be beat!

• Huge selection of good used automatic transmission hard parts

• Warehouse Price and Private Label programs available
• Rebuilder pricing for quality used hard parts
• After-market and O.E.M. new hard parts
• Export Sales Program available

fax 614.444.5165

gcor-just-ask-full.indd 2 1/5/11 10:19 AM

Getting a Firm Grip on the RE5R05A!

02-05 50 In lbs
2 1/2 Turns Out
44 In lbs
3 Turns Out

Figure 5

Bottom line? Make sure you have

the right adjustment for the specific
year and a quality brown band. You
can’t make this adjustment in the vehi-
cle without some serious imagination.
Check the input clutch drum and
shaft assembly with a fine tooth comb.
Look for cracks and make sure the seals
are doing their job (Figure 6). Check
the stator support; there should be no
grooves and no wear marks (figure 7a
& 7b). If there’s any sign of wear or
leakage, replace it.
If the vehicle came into the shop
with water damage, replace the valve
body assembly with the TCM and sole-
Clearances, like I said earlier, there
are at least three lists out there. Use
these; they’ve been proven in the field:
Endplay Specifications
Input Clutch: 0.7 – 1.1 mm (0.028”
- 0.045”) no selective components
High and Low/Reverse Clutch:
1.0 – 1.5 mm (0.040” - 0.060”) no
selective components available.
Direct Clutch: 1.1 – 1.6 mm (0.045”
- 0.065”) no selective components
Reverse Brake Clutch: 1.1 – 1.6 mm
(0.045” - 0.065”)

Figure 6

8 GEARS April 2011

Getting a Firm Grip on the RE5R05A!

Make sure you’re

using the right
fluid. And if the
vehicle came in
with water dam-
age, make sure
the water is gone,
completely gone:
use a flusher.
Selective Backing Plates:
Thickness Part #
4.2mm (0.165”) 31 667 90X14
Figure 7A
4.4mm (0.173”) 31 667 90X15
4.6mm (0.181”) 31 667 90X16
4.8mm (0.189”) 31 667 90X17
5.0mm (0.197”) 31 667 90X18
5.2mm (0.205”) 31 667 90X19

Low Coast Brake Clutch: 0.5 - 1.0

mm (0.020” - 0.040”) no selective
components available.
Forward Brake Clutch: 1.0 - 1.3
mm (0.040” - 0.055”) no selective
components available.
Total Endplay: Use an H-gauge from
pump surface to front sun gear
drum 0.25 – 0.55 mm (0.010 -

Make sure you’re using the right

fluid. And if the vehicle came in with
water damage, make sure the water is
gone, completely gone: use a flusher.
All right, let’s put this into a per-
spective. This unit can have water dam-
age only and still end up with these
problems. This unit can come in for a Figure 7B
normal service and you may need to
go into the unit because of metal. No • Make sure you’re using quality • Make sure you warm the vehicle up
matter what the unit comes in for, make parts, and never reuse a friction before the test drive. This will cut
sure you follow these steps: part that has been contaminated the adaptive strategy time down.
• Measure and adjust your clear- with water, even if it looks good. Over the past three months, these
ances following the specs listed in • Replace the valve body, TCM, and techniques have proven themselves
this article. solenoids if the failure was caused over and over. Cutting corners on this
• Make sure you’re following good by water damage. Clean the heck unit just isn’t a good idea. Stay the
rebuilding techniques; no short- out of all parts, cooler lines, and course and you’ll finally get rid of this
cuts. One wrong move and you’re anywhere water can hide. vehicle… the first time.
doomed to remove the transmis- • Use the correct fluid.
sion again.
10 GEARS April 2011
Raybestos introduces the new
GPX Friction Plate for Honda
transmissions. The “Global
Performance Extra,” made in
America, is superior to any
other friction plate for Honda.
The GPX Friction Plate shifting
performance matches Honda
perfectly with even greater
durability. Engineered to fit
right and outperform any
other Honda friction plate.

Features and Benefits

• Proprietary Raybestos engineered friction material • Withstands higher temperatures than the OE
and unique groove design provide smooth shifts and
greater durability • Made in the USA

• The industry’s tightest manufacturing specifications • An OE replacement without the OE cost

for trouble-free installation

711 Tech Drive, Crawfordsville, IN 47933 • Toll Free: 800-729-7763 • Fax: 765-364-4573 • Email: raypt@raybestospowertrain.com
Street Smart
The Engine is causing
the Transmission to
do What?
by Mike Brown

ver wonder why we spend so
much space in GEARS cov-
ering driveability problems?
After all, we’re a transmission maga-
zine, not an engine or performance
But there’s a reason for this: Many
of the calls we receive on the ATRA
HotLine involving no lockup, no over-
drive, harsh engagements, or harsh
shifts turn out to be driveability prob-
lems, not transmission problems.
Over the last few months our most
common calls were about no overdrive
or no lockup. Most of those calls turned
out to be because the engine wasn’t
reaching normal operating temperature.
The engine coolant temperature
sensor (ECT; figure 1) can prevent
overdrive and lockup if it indicates the
engine isn’t up to temperature. This
could be because the sensor isn’t work- Figure 1
ing properly, or it could be something
as simple as a thermostat that’s leaking
or stuck open.
The computer sees the temperature
is too low so it won’t engage overdrive
or lockup. But it won’t necessarily set
a code. That’s because the ECT sig-
nal is within the normal range for the
vehicle. As long as the signal is within
that normal range, the computer won’t
set a code.
There are several sensors that can
cause this type of problem without set-
ting a code, such as the TPS, MAF, and
ECT. These sensors use a 5-volt refer-
ence. As long as the computer sees a
signal that’s between 0.5-4.5 volts, it’s
happy. To set a code, the signal must go
out of that range.
There are some exceptions to this.
Some systems look for the engine to
reach normal operating temperature Figure 2

12 GEARS April 2011

The Engine is causing what to the Transmission?

in the time allotted, the computer will

set a code.

General System Diagnosis

Any time the MIL is lit, it indi-
cates a problem that you need to check.
Ignoring it usually won’t make it go
Actually, that’s not completely
true. If the fault doesn’t recur during
the next three consecutive drive cycles,
the code will remain in memory, but the
light will go out.
cycle isn’t just a matter of turning the
key on and off or starting the engine.
A drive cycle requires starting a cold
engine, and allowing it to warm up
Figure 3 while running it through a specific
series of driving conditions. The next
drive cycle doesn’t begin until you’ve
shut the engine off, allowed it to cool
back down, and restarted it again.
If the MIL is lit, your first check
should be for any codes stored in any of
the modules. If the Powertrain Control
Module (PCM) commanded overdrive
or lockup and it didn’t happen, the
PCM should set a code (in a perfect
This is why you need to watch the
commands. If the computer isn’t com-
manding overdrive or lockup, it won’t
set a code for an overdrive or lockup
problem when they don’t occur. Then
the question is: why aren’t they being
When dealing with a transmission
Figure the
within a specific time after starting. If 4 ECT signal doesn’t reach that level problem with no transmission codes,
always check for codes in other mod-
ules. With today’s computer systems,
many inputs are shared between com-
puters, and many of those signals can
affect transmission performance.
One possibility is a faulty load
signal: If the mass airflow sensor signal
(MAF; figure 2) isn’t changing, the
PCM will think the engine is under a
light or heavy load. The same is true for
a misadjusted throttle position sensor
(TPS; figure 3). Either of these prob-
lems can cause late or stacked shifts.
One recent call to the HotLine
was for a 2006 Pontiac G6 with harsh
engagements and shifts, but there were
no transmission codes. What it had
was engine code P0013; camshaft posi-
tion actuator solenoid (CMP; figure 4).
Figure 5 When this code sets, the TCM goes into
14 GEARS April 2011
a torque management mode. Replacing a bad O2 sensor can backfeed voltage stacked, his scan tool indicated the
the CMP solenoid fixed the harsh shift into the ground circuit. The computer transfer case was in four-wheel drive,
and engagement problems. sees this voltage, thinks the vehicle is but the switch was set to two-wheel
moving, and raises governor pressure. drive.
Misfire Detection That’s what causes the wrong gear start. The quick test was to cut the wire
A random misfire problem (code Here is a good one I had last week at pin 23 at the vehicle control module
P0300) means the misfire is jumping on the HotLine with a 1999 Chevrolet (VCM) 4WD indicator signal input.
from cylinder to cylinder, so multiple S10 4x4: The shifts went back to normal.
cylinders are misfiring. It had stacked shifts in the morning The technician checked the wire
This is usually due to a lean air/ when you first started out; after about between the VCM and the transfer
fuel mixture, which could be caused by 15 minutes of driving it would start case control module (TCCM), and the
a vacuum leak, dirty injectors, low fuel shifting normally. The TPS and MAF wire between the TCCM to the transfer
pressure, or the exhaust gas recircula- sensors both checked good, and the case switch; both checked good. The
tion valve (EGR; figure 5) is stuck open transfer case switch on the dash lit up only thing he couldn’t check was the
and leaking exhaust into the intake properly. The one thing the technician TCCM itself, which is where the prob-
manifold. noticed was that, when the shifts were lem seemed to be.
A misfire is often mistaken as a
converter clutch shudder; the added
load to the engine when the converter
clutch applies can create the misfire,
and it’s more noticeable in lockup.
That’s why it’s so often mistaken for a
converter clutch shudder.

Fuel Delivery Problems

Most vehicles use some type of
short-term and long-term fuel trim
adjustments to maintain the proper air/
fuel ratio. The computer keeps an eye
on the fuel trim and turns the MIL on
if the system reaches the limit for fuel
trim adjustment.
Underlying problems here might
include vacuum leaks, dirty or leaky
fuel injectors, a weak fuel pump, or a
bad oxygen sensor (O2 sensor; figure
Any time you suspect a faulty O2
sensor, you should check its response
to make sure:
1. It’s oscillating from rich to lean
2. It reaches maximum voltage output
(0.9V) when the mixture’s rich
3. It drops to minimum voltage out-
put (0.1V) when the mixture’s lean
4. It never drops below zero volts
5. It responds quickly to changes in
the fuel mixture

A sluggish O2 sensor can lag too

far behind changes in the mixture to
allow the computer to maintain the
right air/fuel ratio.
Not only is this an engine per-
formance problem, but how many
Chryslers or Jeeps have you run into
with wrong gear starts due to a bad O2
sensor? Because Chrysler and Jeep use
a common ground for all the sensors,
GEARS April 2011 15
The Engine is causing what to the Transmission?

Replacing the TCCM took care of the

problem, and I sent a call tag for the TCCM
so I could check to see if a problem was
visible (figure 7). There was a little corrosion
on the terminals, but nothing that could be
repaired in the field.
These were just a few non-transmission
problems that can affect transmission
operation. And there are more… a lot more.
So before you get stuck at the teardown bench
scratching your head saying you don’t see
anything wrong, make sure that you check
the codes.
That’s not just smart… that’s street smart.

Figure 6

Figure 1

Figure 7

16 GEARS April 2011


It Takes… from Its
Customers’ Viewpoints

The faces behind the scene at WIT: Front Ctr: Harvey Reid - Honda Rebuild Specialist, From L to R: AJ Anderson - Shop Coordinator,
Jason Dowell - Lead Rebuild Technician, Lonnie Middleton - Dyno Technician,
Steven Atwell - Shop Foreman/Lead Technician, George Ferguson - GM Rebuild Specialist

W hatever It Takes (WIT)

appeared in GEARS

before: They were featured in the May/

June, 2009 issue, and again in April,
Let’s face it: A company can
brag about its business, but testi-
monials from the people that com-
pany serves are always a better
indicator of the caliber of its work.
The company
is committed to
Both stories were written after
So we called on Guy Fisher,
from High Tech in Marietta, expanding its reach,
speaking to WIT team members, asking
them to detail their product offerings,
Georgia; David Murgenthal,
from Blue Ash Transmissions in not only adding
their balance between being a national
chain and a local retailer, and their
Cincinnati; and Chuck Hamilton,
from Trackers Transmissions in more branches
focus on getting the correct parts to
their customers on time. So what more
Pikesville, Kentucky. Each of these
three shops use WIT either exclu- (it currently
could there be to say?
A lot, when you talk to WIT cus-
sively or nearly exclusively for
their parts. And that’s not going to has 24), but also
tomers. Because WIT’s story is much
more powerful when viewed through
change anytime soon, thanks to the
outstanding service and technical new services.
the eyes of its consumers. support they receive.
18 GEARS April 2011
Southern Comfort
Guy Fisher has been working at
High Tech Transmission and Muffler
in Marietta, Georgia, just north of
Atlanta, since 1992. He came aboard
as a technician, began managing the
shop two years later, and purchased
the business in 2008. Two decades
in transmission repair should qualify
Fisher as not only a seasoned trans-
mission pro, but also an authority on
the changes to his shop and the trans-
mission industry as a whole.
But in spite of the changes he’s
made, for more than half his tenure at
High Tech, Fisher has remained loyal
to WIT. He buys nearly 95% of his
parts from WIT.
“Ever since they opened here
in Atlanta, we started buying from Lonnie, Dyno Testing the 4L80E
them,” said Fisher. “They’re my num- and transmission. And Fisher also notes was able to complete the repair that
ber one supplier, and customer service that WIT is quick to replace a part if night, in time for the Volvo to be on the
is the main reason.” they make a mistake. road the next morning.
Fisher spends $10,000 a month But perhaps one of High Tech’s “I don’t feel like I’m just a number
with WIT to supply his shop. Shortly most memorable customer service or just another customer,” said Fisher.
after he started using WIT 10 years experiences with WIT occurred six “I feel like we have a relationship with
ago, he began calling them almost months ago. The shop had a Volvo Greg.”
exclusively. At first, Fisher was still 4L 65 brought in by an out-of-town
buying parts from other suppliers, but customer. The customer needed his car From Germany, with
he discovered the parts they sent often repaired by the next morning. High Love
weren’t the parts he needed. Tech ordered the parts from WIT late Blue Ash Transmissions in
“They’d just send something (hop- in the afternoon, so the turnaround time Cincinnati has a similar story with WIT.
ing it’d work),” said Fisher. “With was tight, to say the least. David Murgenthal opened the shop in
Whatever It Takes, their parts knowl- But WIT’s Greg Paschal drove to 1987, and began using WIT when it
edge is phenomenal. The parts they the Forest Park store, south of Atlanta opened a warehouse in the city nine
send me are correct nearly every time.” (more than an hour’s drive from High years ago. He had a simple reason for
That’s a staggering admission, Tech), after he officially got off work, starting to use WIT.
considering the intricacies of each part to deliver the parts. High Tech’s builder

Matt, James, Terry and Joe, part of the Valve Body Crew at WIT

GEARS April 2011 19

Thackers Transmission Building Chuck Hamilton

When asked if
there was one
specific time he
WIT going out of
its way for him,
Hamilton replied
that there were
too many to
count. Left to Right: Bradis Gobel, Jim Narby

can start to inch their prices north and pulled some strings and got him two
“We liked the name, and thought, claim that it’s an industrywide trend. drums within 10 days.
‘if they could live up to their name…’ And to put the cherry on top, “When I do ZF transmissions, they
so we gave them a try,” said Murgenthal WIT offers delivery three times a day, go out of their way,” said Murgenthal.
with a laugh. and nighttime drop boxes, providing “Even when ZF has a lot of backorders,
Since then, Blue Ash has regularly Murgenthal with everything he was WIT will have the part I need shipped
benefited from the consistent value of looking for in a supplier. Those features from Germany, and then deliver it
WIT. Their excellent accounting sys- convinced him to make WIT his exclu- directly to me.”
tem and refund policy are big selling sive supplier, except for parts he has to About Davis, Murgenthal went on
points. If anyone has a question about get from the dealers. And even then, to add: “He’s absolutely the greatest.”
its parts, WIT will credit them imme- WIT offers to pick up those parts from
diately. Other parts suppliers can take the dealer on his behalf. Across the Bluegrass
more than a month to issue a refund or But WIT’s shining moment for Then there’s Thackers Transmission
supply a new part. Blue Ash came when the shop needed in Pikeville, Kentucky, just a little over
Murgenthal is also pleased with a ZF transmission drum from Germany 200 miles away from WIT’s main dis-
WIT’s pricing policy, which he says that was backordered for six months. tribution center in Louisville. Chuck
hasn’t changed in ages. Other suppliers Scott Davis, Murgenthal’s sales rep, Hamilton has been with the shop for 26
20 GEARS April 2011
Jerry Stamper

Raymond Thacker L to R: Brandon Thacker, Michael Thacker

years, managing it for the last 18. He Whatever It Takes – WIT has also begun to offer rebuilt
worked with WIT CEO Kenny Hester Now More than Ever transmissions to transmission shops if
before he opened WIT, and started Despite rave reviews from custom- they need one in a pinch. These rebuilt
working with Hester when he started ers, WIT has no intention of resting transmissions include a 12-month,
WIT 11 years ago. on its laurels. Take their presence at unlimited-mile warranty on parts and
WIT is now Hamilton’s go-to ATRA’s Powertrain Expo. WIT team workmanship. Most importantly, these
parts company, supplying almost all members wore their yellow shirts and transmissions are only available to
of Thackers’ transmission components, bow ties, and handed out bottles of ice transmission repair shops, because WIT
including all of their soft parts and cold Coca Cola. Their booth was eas- won’t compete with its customers.
torque converters. ily the most popular one at the show, But WIT’s foundation and the
When asked if there was one spe- and was just one example of WIT driver of its success will always be cus-
cific time he remembered WIT going continuing to reinforce its core goals tomer service. No matter what its price
out of its way for him, Hamilton replied and values. points are or what products it offers, the
that there were too many to count. “I’ve The company is committed to first thing WIT’s customers are always
taken stuff to them at night and dropped expanding its reach, not only adding quick to talk about is how well they’re
it off, and they get it back to me the more branches (it currently has 24), but treated by WIT.
next day,” said Hamilton. also new services. WIT has new valve There’s a reason you don’t see any
That’s more than a three-hour body testing equipment that measures quotes from WIT employees in this
drive. That kind of dedication has shift time tolerances within four hun- article: It’s because WIT’s customers’
endeared WIT to Hamilton. “I’m com- dredths of a second. WIT recently built words speak louder than theirs ever
pletely loyal to them, said Hamilton. a complete rebuilding facility with a could.
“There’s no one that provides better controlled environment that helps elim-
service than they do.” inate airborne contaminates, allowing
them to maintain the tighter tolerances
required for its valve bodies.

GEARS April 2011 21

Well, It Backed
Up for Me! by Mike Souza

Al’s Transmissions, from left to right: John Fusaro (manager/tech), Russell Mott (rebuilder), Richard Leonescu (owner/operator)
and Socrates Silverio (R&R/rebuilder).

Figure 1 Figure 2 NEW USED

I ntermittent reverse failure in a

high-mileage 5R110W could indi-
cate a worn internal range sensor.
A late model Ford truck with a
5R110W and over 100,000 miles on
for further diagnosis. The R&R techni-
cian gets into the vehicle and finally
it won’t back up; great, at least you
duplicated the problem. In some cases
the vehicle would delay going into
it arrives at the shop. The customer forward ranges, won’t move forward at
complaint is a delay going into reverse; all. Either way, there are no codes pres-
Figure 1A sometimes reverse won’t engage at all. ent, and the scan data appears just fine.
But when you get behind the wheel, After a thorough check of the link-
you can’t find anything wrong. age and shifter assembly, you remove
So the customer leaves the vehicle the transmission for further inspection.
22 GEARS April 2011
Special thanks to
the guys at Al’s
Transmissions in Original Design

Sunrise, Florida
for the heads-up
on this problem. NEW
Figure 3

With the transmission disassembled, good look at this pin. The pin rides sensor pin cam. The new sensor has
there’s nothing to indicate why those along the rooster comb, which operates a different spring configuration that
symptoms occurred. I hate when that the sensor. pushes the pin more firmly against the
happens! There’s the problem: The pin is rooster comb (figure 3).
If you run into this situation, take a worn paper thin (figure 1A). When Special thanks to the guys at Al’s
closer look at the internal range sensor, placed along side a new sensor assem- Transmissions in Sunrise, Florida for
particularly along the rooster comb pin bly (figure 2, left), you can’t miss the the heads-up on this problem.
(figure 1). wear.
With the rooster comb pushed Another difference between the
away from the sensor you can get a two sensors is the return spring for the

Testing Solutions

New for 2011

The most advanced Universal Transmission Dynamometer for
testing light duty automatic transmissions is now available for under
$100,000. Mustang transmission dynos are more accurate, more
configurational, and more user-friendly than any other dyno on the
market. Find out why - check out our video online to see all of the
advantages of a Mustang Universal Transmission Dynamometer.

See videos at

TV .com
CALL 888-468-7826

GEARS April 2011 23

Cell Phone
Policies by Elite by Bob Cooper
President of Elite Worldwide, Inc

hen your employees come
to work in the morning,
you’re entitled to expect
them to be “thinking” about their job
as well as doing it. The “thinking”
part includes considering a customer’s
concerns, performing a proper diagno-
sis, and concentrating on what they’re
doing with each service or repair. If
they’re distracted by other people, or
by taking a call on their cell phone,
then not only do you not get what
you’re entitled to (which is their full
concentration on the job), but it may
very well lead to a serious accident. So
do this: have an employee meeting and
tell all your people that the single, most
important thing to you is the safety of
your employees and your customers.
Then go on to tell them you would
never be able to live with yourself if
you knew that someone was seriously
injured because one of your employ-
ees was not paying attention to what
they were doing. Tell them that your
company policy now states that all cell
phones need to be turned off and put
away when employees come to work,
period. They can then retrieve mes-
sages and return calls when they’re on
break or during lunch. If they tell you
they’re concerned that someone might
have to reach them in an emergency
situation, just tell them all they’ll need
to do is assure their immediate family
members, baby-sitters, schools, etc., all
have the shop phone number.
So don’t let the tail wag the dog. If with each candidate for employment. wide variety of carefully chosen ser-
you do, the day will come when you’ll Bob Cooper is the presi- vices from its affiliate companies. Visit
pay a price, and that price may very dent of Elite Worldwide, Inc, (www. the Elite website for more great tips on
well be a serious injury or the loss of EliteWorldwideStore.com) an ethics- auto repair shop management.
life. The stars that work with you will based company that offers automotive Contact: Mike Boden, m.boden@
understand. Those that don’t will more professionals industry-leading sales, eliteworldwidestore.com. Elite World-
than likely be gone in a short time any- marketing and employee management wide, Inc., 800-204-3548, http://www.
way. Lastly, make sure this policy is in audio courses available for instant eliteworldwidestore.com.
your employee handbook and disclosed download; coaching services and a
24 GEARS April 2011
A higher level.

That’s what you get with Ford gas engines

and transmissions.
A higher build level means you’re getting engine and transmission assemblies built to the exacting specifications of
Ford Motor Company. So you not only get the quality build you expect in an assembly from Ford, but also one that’s built by
using parts that keep it specific to year, make and model as well as emissions calibrations.

Introducing the all-new 3-Year Unlimited-Mile Warranty – No Commercial Exceptions

Ford gasoline engines and transmissions are covered by a three-year/unlimited-mile warranty.* All warranties are backed by
Ford Motor Company. They’re also supported by more than 3,500 Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealerships nationwide as well
as at their originating place of service.

Plus, unlike some competitors, the warranty is good for fleet vehicles. That means you get the same advantages
and coverage for commercial use, no exceptions.

For technical questions, contact the Powertrain Assistance Center at 1-800-392-7946 or visit FordParts.com.
*See dealer for limited-warranty details. Remanufactured diesel engines are covered by a two-year/unlimited-mileage warranty.

New Tools for by Jack Rosebro,

Hybrid Transaxles
Perfect Sky

A t some point while diagnosing

a potential hybrid transaxle or
transmission issue, you may be
directed by OEM service procedures to
determine whether one of the vehicle’s
A milliohmmeter is capable of accurately measuring
extremely small resistances.
hybrid electric motors has developed a
short circuit in its stator winding. The tances: milliohmmeters and megohm- easily take an incorrect measurement
winding may have a short to ground, meters. with either of these tools. Since your
or it may have a short between conduc- Both milliohmmeters and meg- decision to replace an electric motor or
tors. If there’s no short in the winding, ohmmeters measure electrical resis- transaxle may hinge on a single mea-
the issue is likely to be located outside tance and display that resistance in surement, you must be able to use these
the motor. ohms. But the scale of their measure- tools correctly.
You can usually identify shorts to ments lie at opposite ends of the spec-
ground and internal shorts by measur- trum: A milliohmmeter measures pre- Measuring Phase-to-
ing electrical resistance. But the mea- cise resistances of less than one ohm, Phase Resistances with a
surements for each type of short are while a megohmmeter uses high volt- Milliohmmeter
different from one another, and can’t age to measure extremely high resis- A hybrid vehicle typically com-
be made with conventional ohmmeters. tances in the millions or even billions bines torque produced by a three-phase
In this article, we’ll look at two tools of ohms. electric motor with torque produced
for measuring extreme electrical resis- If you aren’t careful, you could by an internal combustion engine.
26 GEARS April 2011
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Dad… I Did It!

I win the Bet! 4 New Distributors!
I bet my dad I could have four new distributors ■ Free use of the copyrighted proprietary
in 2010. I won the bet! I can now announce #4! Certified Transmission Vehicle Specific
Certified Transmission is proud to welcome The Lookup ID system Show Me The Cars
Blumenthal Companies in Oklahoma City, OK to
the Certified family of distributors. The Certified Call Jim Slimp at
Transmission Program is unique, designed
exclusively for for transmission professionals, 800-544-7520 ext.171
and for professional auto & truck repair shops Join the Network of Success
looking to increase capacity, sales and profits.
Akron, OH Waterloo Transmission 800-824-6689
More than just another reman unit, Certified Baltimore/
transmissions are installed by professionals who Washington DC Glen Burnie Transmission 410-766-8500
build and test them and by professionals Boston, MA Metro Transmission Distributors Inc 800-891-5508
throughout North America. Des Moines, IA All Drive Transmission 800-247-1499
Dubuque, IA Precision Transmission 563-585-0270
Framingham, MA Bonded Transmission 508-872-1119
■ An exclusive protected territory Ft. Dodge, IA Certified Transmission Iowa 800-362-2189
■ A no-fault, nationwide warranty even on Kalona, IA Kalona Auto 800-728-3098
Kansas City, MO Certified Transmission Kansas City 800-544-7520
carryout units Kieler, WI Shift Point Transmission 608-568-3054
■ 200 of your fastest moving transmissions Madison, WI Trans Works Transmissions 608-742-5136
in stock Minneapolis, MN Tri Star Engine & Transmission 800-322-5859
Manhattan, KS Stagg Hill Transmissions 785-539-2900
■ 5,000 more transmissions and transfer cases Oklahoma City, OK The Blumenthal Companies 888-236-4800
just a phone call away Omaha, NE Certified Transmission Nebraska 800-544-7520
■ A program allowing you to pay for them Philadelphia, PA Metro RMP 800-257-7418
Phoenix, AZ Tri-City Transmissions 866-946-3307
after you sell them Prescott, AZ Certified Transmission of Prescott 928-778-2231
■ Reduce or EVEN ELIMINATE Parts and Quad Cities IA/IL Snider's West 563-391-7534
Rebuild Costs Rapid City, SD Logan's Transmission 800-579-1742
Salt Lake City, UT Freeway Transmission 800-354-5920
■ Turn your lifts over 2 or 3 times per day San Diego, CA Metro Certified Transmission of So. Cal 888-374-8383
Scottsbluff, NE Wilburn's Transmissions Inc. 308-635-1212
Sioux Falls, SD J & M Transmission 800-504-2050
Tulsa, OK Eddie's Transmissions 918-272-6683
Peter and Youngstown, OH/
Amanda Fink Tri -State Redlich Transmission 330-758-555
Certified Transmission
“The Blumenthal Companies have been in business since
1949. Since my grandfather I.H. Blumenthal started our
companies we have specialized in all things related to
the drive train, engines, clutches, differentials, manual
and automatic transmissions. Grandad always looked
for the finest companies to partner with. My father, I.H.
“Dunnie” Blumenthal Jr. said ‘Kevin, I want you to get us
Certified Transmission!”
Kevin Blumenthal
Blumenthal Companies


New Tools for Hybrid Transaxles

After verifying that the

hybrid system has been
safely disabled according to
manufacturer’s procedures,
the technician accesses the
MG2 motor cable terminals
at the inverter.

The motor terminal cables

are disconnected from
the inverter to electrically
isolate the motor winding
prior to testing.

28 GEARS April 2011

A healthy three-phase motor will have
relatively balanced resistances across
all phases of its stator winding. If the GEARSMagazine.com
winding develops an internal short, the
resistance of that part of the winding
will eventually change. You can verify Where the Industry
this by comparing resistance measure-
ments across all three phases, as well as Gathers
to manufacturer’s specifications.
GEARSmagazine.com adds more past issues to site.
Since typical windings have phase
resistances of much less than one ohm, Tired of rummaging through past issues of GEARS for a certain article or
you may need to detect variations as topic – can’t remember which issue it was in or if you even have it any-
more? We hear you!
small as two milliohms (two thou-
sandths of an ohm). So your meter • Now you can search past issues of GEARS (back to October 2008)
with more issues being added every month – it’s easy and Free
must be extremely accurate. A typi- • Complete article search by author, keywords or publication date
cal digital multimeter (DVOM) will Plus….
have a resolution of 0.1 ohms, or 100 • Looking for parts or service? We’ve got you covered here too with the
all new GEARS Online Buyers Guide
milliohms. Some digital multimeters • Search by specific category for quick website links to the suppliers of
also have a “low-ohms” feature which our industry.
produces a resolution of 0.01 ohms, Coming Soon – Look for our new blog features and
or 10 milliohms, and cancels out the iPowertrian News – updated and timely news and products that will keep
you and your shop on top of our ever changing industry.
resistance of the meter’s leads.
But neither resolution is accurate GEARSMAGAZINE.com – The Industry’s Information Site
enough to measure hybrid and elec-

tric vehicle motor windings. By com-
parison, a typical milliohmmeter has
a resolution of a tenth of a milliohm FOR THE TRANSMISSION REBUILDING INDUSTRY

(0.0001) or less. This will be adequate

for our needs.
We’ll be testing a 2001 Toyota
Prius. As hybrid motor-generators typi-
cally don’t have a neutral wire, we’ll
need to measure the winding at the Slauson Transmission Parts
three motor cable terminal ends, phase Making Hard Parts … Simple
to phase. This method tests two phases
at a time. The motor cables are marked
U, V, and W, so we’ll take three mea-
surements: U–V, V–W, and W–U. Our Hard Parts Expertise saves you time, money and
Resistance specifications for many headaches. We can do everything the BIG BOYS
motor windings, including the Prius can – and then some! Because, when it comes to U s e d, New
windings, are typically given at a fixed a n d Re b u i l t
Hard Parts we literally Wrote the Book. In fact, you
reference temperature, usually 20ºC H a rd Pa r t s
(68ºF). Measurements taken at any probably have a Slauson Book in your shop right now
S o f t Pa r t s
other temperature will be inaccurate, ... and so do most other parts suppliers. Not only El e c t r i c a l
and must be corrected. Since the resis- that, but we were the first to create a digital catalog Co m p o n e n t s
tance of copper rises when it’s heated, and ordering system, again setting the industry & Fl y wh e e l s
the vehicle must be at rest for at least
standard for Hard Parts identification.
eight hours before measurement, to
Th e 2 011
allow the winding to cool to ambient
temperature. Slauson Book
Then you can correct the mea- av a i l a b l e n ow
sured resistance to calculated resis-
Order Online 24/7 at www.slauson.com a t S l a u s o n.c o m
tance at 20ºC using a formula provided
by the Toyota service manual. Some
Phone Hours: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm/ PST … ask about custom
milliohmmeters incorporate an ambi- catalogs for your
ent temperature sensor that corrects Call (800) 421-5580 • Local (310) 768-2099
ambient temperature to the reference FAX ( 310) 768-8298 • Se habla Español!
temperature. This feature saves time
GEARS April 2011 29
New Tools for Hybrid Transaxles

and helps avoid making incorrect cal-

You’ll then compare the final mea-
surement to factory specifications; in
this case, 31 to 36 milliohms. The
manufacturer may also list a maximum
variation between phase resistances,
or between each phase resistance and
an average of all phases. Check the
manufacturer’s information to be sure.
All phases of this Prius MG2 passed
the test.

Measuring Insulation
Resistance with a
A conventional, low-voltage
DVOM measures resistance by pro-
ducing a small voltage across two test
points, measuring the resulting current, The meter’s leads are connected to two of the
and using Ohm’s Law to calculate the
resistance. Everything has some electri- motor cable’s terminals, and the first of three phase
cal resistance, but the typical DVOM resistance measurements is taken.
will display an “infinite” reading when
measuring the resistance between a
high-voltage conductor and the external
surface of its insulation. This is because
the meter doesn’t have enough voltage
to drive current across high-voltage
A megohmmeter, also referred to
as a megger or insulation resistance
tester, can produce DC voltages as high
as 1000V — enough to measure the
resistance of high-voltage insulation.
You can then compare the resistance to
OEM specifications.
Since we’re testing insulation resis-
tance rather than circuit resistance, we
won’t connect the insulation resistance
tester to two conductors. Instead we’ll
connect one lead to chassis ground and
the other lead to a high-voltage conduc-
tor — in this case, the terminal end of
a motor cable.
Select the test voltage according to
manufacturer’s specifications (in this
case, 500 volts). Then press the meter’s
test button, and it displays the insula-
tion resistance.
Several megohmmeters, or insulation resistance
CAUTION: Never allow the ter- testers, are suitable for automotive use. Shown:
minal end to touch chassis ground.
This will short the two test points and
Megger MIT420 and Fluke 1507 models.
invalidate the test. ground, insufficient resistance between fication of 10 MΩ (ten million ohms)
Once you’ve taken your reading, the terminals of a motor winding and at 500 volts. Our test winding failed at
release the test button. This discharges chassis ground indicates a short to 0.1 MΩ, indicating the vehicle needed
the meter leads. ground in the insulation of the wind- a new motor.
As a hybrid’s high-voltage cir- ing itself. The 2001 Toyota Prius has a After we replaced the motor, we
cuits are normally isolated from chassis minimum insulation resistance speci- tested the new winding’s insulation
30 GEARS April 2011
2400 Latigo Ave Oxnard CA, 93030 

NON MEMBER $60.00 Àlter.
rd the lever and re
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em nu al
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WL 3 ...... .. ..
....... .. .. .... 1 2 0
9HULÀFD l Acronyms s................ ................... .106
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Scan T arn Procedu s................. ................... ..108
Le re .... ...
Quick arn Procedu .................. .................. .. 110
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Drive L ls ................ ................. ................... .111
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e D es crip
n ec to rs .... .. .. .. .. ...... ..
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Cod Con .... ......
e and ircuits. .......... ....113
Module d Ground C ................... ................... .114
Power ensor........... ..................
.. .... .........
e S .. .. d ex .. ........... ...... 116
Range its ...... ume In n ...
.......... 17
Senso or Circu g Clutch Vol ................... ................ 1
tandin ing ...... V................. .............11
Unders Switch Wir R Q .. ..
sure 6SHFLÀ
FD WL .. .. ... .. .. 20
.. 1
Press .......... ................... .121
V VX UH 6ZLWFK trol .......... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
3UH Con n .... .. ...... ..
olenoid iption .......... .....123
Shifft S p Valve Descr .................. ................... .. 124
m .. .... ..
Oil Pu alve Body .... .................. ................... .125
V .. .. .. .. .. .. ....
Upper Body... lay............ .................. ...126
Valve dP y. .. ....
Lower r E n n d p la .. .. .. .. .. 7
and Rea haft E n ................. ......12
Front ng Output S sitio o ...........
ri d Pos ..........
Measu Location an ...................
ri n g .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .128
Bea V .... ........ 0
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6SHFLÀ DWLRQ .. ................... .. 131 10
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New Tools for Hybrid Transaxles

resistance. It easily passed the test with

a resistance of more than 550 MΩ at
527 volts.

Final Thoughts
As motor windings for plug-in
hybrids, such as the 2011 Chevrolet
Volt, and battery electric vehicles such
as the 2011 Nissan Leaf, are similar
to hybrid motor windings, milliohm-
meters and megohmmeters can be used
on those vehicles too. But hybrid motor
diagnosis is still in its infancy, and
some manufacturers haven’t incorpo-
rated these tools in their motor diag-
Some OEMs rely exclusively on An insulation resistance test requires the use of a
DTCs to detect motor faults. Others special test lead with a spring-loaded on-off switch.
recommend using a conventional ohm-
meter to check for a winding short to
ground. Such a procedure can only
detect severe shorts to ground, and will
be unable to detect internal shorts at all.
Some hybrid vehicles, such as
Ford’s Escape and Fusion hybrids and
their variants, integrate the vehicle’s
inverter into its transaxle. The design of
the transaxle prevents you from easily
separating the inverter from the motor
windings to access the motor cables.
In such cases, you won’t be able to use
a milliohmmeter or megohmmeter to
evaluate its motor windings.
Finally, keep in mind that a motor
can develop an internal short which
can’t be detected by either tool, or by
any OEM-approved testing procedure.
Test leads can be plugged into more than one socket on some
There are workarounds for that, but insulation resistance testers. Make sure you have connected
that’s a subject for another day. your leads correctly for the measurement you are about to
make. Shown: Fluke 1507.

Motor winding insulation

resistance is measured
with the meter’s ground
lead connected to chassis
ground and the insulation
resistance test lead
connected to one of the
motor cable terminals.

32 GEARS April 2011

E / 5-45RFE
311 500 561
9 311B 070 519 510 544 528 036 520 179 211 670 050 574 334B 337 862 971 051 961 341 336 554 875 980 9
037 177 480 334A 880

Whatever It Takes Does!!!

378 047

Input Shaft
507 778
Stator Input Clutch
Input Clutch Hub O.Dr. / Reverse
777 Pump
Piston Retainer
Front Cover Plate Body

120 861 140 891 110 130 150 892* 232 571 220 570 214 576 234 883 482 558 331 884 121 101
330 968 978 865

Underdrive Hub O.Dr. Hub Reverse Hub

4th Clutch
Reverse Clutch 2nd / 4th Retainer
r. Clutch
144* 226 054 596 235* 616 241 586 873 238 584 244 612 247 582 251 592 886 888 887 285 577 654 664 885* 154 114
227* 053 058

Low Roller
Reaction Planet Reverse Planet Input Planet Input Ring Clutch
996 Gear

61 760
557 480 690 895 429 897 781
271 770

1-800-940-0197 • www.wittrans.com
Park 926B
Low / Reverse Gear
761 M304317B 926
352 379
Case Ext. Housing
995-2 Parts
995-3 995 927
347 740
995-1 370 352
438 370 Case
Park Pawl Assy. 436
013 540
746 740
991 741

Transformational 2
E = m c by Dennis Madden

T ransformational Thinking was

the theme for the 2010 What’s
Working Expo program, and
it’s the topic for this year’s What’s
Working seminar being presented at the
end of many of the technical seminars
throughout the country.
So what is it? What is transforma-
tional thinking? Often it’s referred to in
a spiritual sense, having to do with fac-
ing your self-imposed limitations. It’s
also used to describe a learning process
for evaluating the beliefs you have that
cause you to react to or assess a situa-
tion in a certain way.
You might just say it’s about think-
ing of a situation differently. For some
it’s easier said than done. If you’re a
man, imagine trying to think of a situ-
ation the way a woman might. Or the
other way around: If you’re a woman,
try to think of a situation the way a man
would — sort of a Mars/Venus thing.
It’s almost comical in a sense, and we
might have fun with it as we cite exam-
ples and poke fun at a few anecdotes.
In terms of your business we’re
using transformational thinking to
describe a change in the way you
think about your customers, and the
way you sell your work. For years,
shop owners succeeded in selling their You might just say
work largely by overcoming objections
and establishing why their product (the it’s about thinking
transmission) was the best choice for
the customer. of a situation
This is a sales technique aimed
at getting consumers into your shop,
establishing that they need what you’re
differently. For
selling, and then having answers to any
objections the customer has until they some it’s easier
finally agree to have you do the work.
AAMCO developed a very suc- said than done.
cessful method for selling work some
40 years ago and it’s been adopted by
34 GEARS April 2011
Now, rather than
working on how to
sell the customer a
transmission rebuild,
your question is, “How
do I get this customer
back on the road as
quickly as possible?”
many sales trainers over the years. This
technique was responsible in large part
for the success of many shops through
the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.
For many shops it still works… for
others it doesn’t. This is mostly because
sales techniques are, by definition, for
selling commodities. It’s about selling
what you produce. And one of the keys
to its success is you have a body of
customers waiting for you to sell them so you can still make a profit, right? study, nobody needs a transmission.
something. Suddenly you have angry cus- So quit trying to sell them one. Sell
As transmissions became more tomers because it’s taken so long to them what they’re looking for: getting
reliable and reman transmissions more get their cars back. Meanwhile you’re their car back on the road as quickly as
prolific, the number of people to sell to scratching your head, wondering why possible, providing them with options
declined… or so it seemed. The answer these customers are so upset, when you based on their budget, doing what you
to this was to sell more or different practically gave your work away. say you’re going to do, being the per-
stuff. This is the complete car care We hear these stories all the time. son they can trust, and making them
approach: Having more services to sell, You may be able to cite legitimate feel as though they matter.
which provides you with a larger mar- reasons for it, but when you’re selling Now, go back through some of the
ket of people to sell stuff to. transmissions as a commodity, price shop profiles that were in GEARS over
There’s nothing wrong with this is one of the few things consumers the past year and read the stories again
approach and it’s been very success- have to compare; we covered this last with this in mind. Suddenly you’ll have
ful for many shops. If yours isn’t one month using the Kano analysis, so if a completely different sense of what
of them, there’s another way of doing you missed it you may want to take these people are doing and why they’re
business, but it requires transforma- a moment and check the last issue of successful.
tional thinking… it requires that you GEARS. Think about it the next time you
stop selling! Transformational thinking moves answer the phone or a customer pulls
When your goal or business pur- your focus from the transmission to the into your driveway. The answers you
pose is to sell rebuilt transmissions, customer. Now, rather than working on arrive at for their questions will be dif-
you can find yourself competing with how to sell the customer a transmission ferent and your customers will respond
the low-baller down the street or the rebuild, your question is, “How do I differently. You’ll see this, too, as you
discount outlet on the internet. When get this customer back on the road as develop your community marketing
you’re having trouble selling trans- quickly as possible?” program.
missions you might even contemplate All of a sudden you have a range As we continue throughout the
lowering your prices. Then, when your of possibilities: a rebuilt transmission, a year, we’ll highlight more shop own-
prices are at rock bottom, you can’t targeted repair, a reman, or even a used ers who are applying this approach,
afford to keep any parts in stock. transmission. The solution you choose with great success. We’ll use it for the
Now you try to find sales and depends on the needs of the customer basis of the management sessions at the
discounted parts to keep the parts cost and what you can deliver to meet those Powertrain Expo in October. It’s a dif-
down, which may require waiting for needs. ferent approach for the changing times.
two days or more before you have This might seem counterintuitive at And for a lot of shop owners, it’s what’s
them. That’s okay, because the impor- first, but as we’ve discovered over the working.
tant thing is to keep the parts cost down past five years with the What’s Working
36 GEARS April 2011
The More Things
Change… by Steve Bodofsky

Today’s computer systems may look unbelievably

complex at first glance, but a closer look reveals
that not much has changed in recent years. When Things Get

When does the network come into
ver the last few issues of more effort than those of 30 years ago. play? Generally when there’s a net-
GEARS, ATRA’s Technical Think that’s an oversimplification? work problem, such as a communica-
Director Lance Wiggins Maybe. But let’s look at one of the tion error between the computers. And
reminded us that the technical chal- more common systems and see what’s there are codes specifically to identify
lenges that seemed so overwhelming changed. Something familiar, such as a network problems.
just a few years ago are now something throttle position sensor (TPS). Another indication of a network
we take for granted. problem is if the computer sets a code
If you’re old enough to remember Checking the TPS for a sensor that isn’t connected directly
when computer systems first took con- So we begin with a light on the to it. In that case it’s supposed to
trol of engine operation, you’ll likely be dash. We check for codes. Yep, we have receive the signal through the network.
embarrassed to admit how frightening a code in memory: P0121 — throttle For example, say the TPS pro-
those early systems were. More than position sensor range or performance vides its signal to the ECM, but the
a few shops closed and technicians problem. Okay, so we’re going to check Transmission Control Module (TCM)
changed career paths for fear of those the TPS. sets a TPS code. In that case the TCM is
early computer controls. No problem there: The TPS is supposed to receive the signal through
But the more things change, the basically the same as it’s always been; the network. Depending on the vehicle,
more they stay the same. And a careful a potentiometer. It receives a voltage that network could use a twisted pair or
analysis indicates today’s diagnostic signal and ground, and creates a vari- even an optical connection.
procedures aren’t all that different than able voltage signal. So the problem could now be in the
they were over a quarter century ago. So what’s different about this sys- ECM, the network, or the TCM, right?
One of the keys to acclimating tem? Well, for one thing, we need to Not so fast: Remember, all of the com-
yourself to a new system involves rec- find out which computer receives the munications between those computers
ognizing its similarities to earlier ones. signal directly from the TPS. come through a single connection. So
Back in the early ’80s, auto manufac- How will you know for sure which if only one sensor signal isn’t getting
turers were quick to warn us that not computer is receiving the signal? For through, there’s no way the problem
every problem was going to be high that you’ll need a schematic. The could be caused by the network. The
tech. Even on cars with computer con- engine control schematic will show problem has to be in one of the comput-
trols, you had to make sure the spark you which sensors are wired directly to ers: either the ECM or the TCM.
plugs were firing and the carburetor which computers.
was set properly. If the ECM is supposed to receive Checking the Network
There’s no denying that network- the signal right from the TPS, and the Signal
ing has made the computer systems ECM set the code, you know the prob- One of the easiest ways to verify
in today’s cars and trucks far more lem is between the ECM and the TPS. the network is to check the network
complex than they were just a few It won’t have anything to do with the communication signal. Those network
years ago. But no one’s asking you to network, so your diagnostic procedure signals feed directly to the Diagnostic
design or build them: All you need to won’t be any different than it was last Link Connector. Check your schematic
do is figure out what’s wrong and fix year… or last decade. to determine which terminals provide
them. And from that standpoint, many the network signal and then check for
of today’s problems don’t require much a signal between each terminal and
38 GEARS April 2011
ground. If the signals are there, the network’s live.
Of course, you’ll still have to check for a network
signal to the computer with the problem; the fault
could be in the wiring to that computer. But if the
network’s live to that computer, you’ve eliminated a
network problem. Suspect the computer itself.
Let’s take a look at an actual network problem:
A 2006 Ford 500 with an AF21 transmission came
into the shop exhibiting erratic shifts. The system had
code U0101 in memory — lost communications to the
The TCM on this vehicle is mounted directly to
the transmission. It’s constantly subjected to drive-
train vibrations and extreme temperatures, so it’s no
surprise that it might fail. But first we need to verify
the network.
First the technician checked for a network signal
at the Diagnostic Link Connector, terminals 4 and 14. Both computer still receives the signals and creates outputs that
had a digital, 0-5 volt signal, so the network was active and you can read with your scan tool. The only time the network
providing a signal. affects your diagnosis is if there’s a network code or the
But was the TCM receiving that signal? The technician computer indicates a problem with a signal it’s supposed to
backprobed terminals 6 and 14 at the TCM and checked them receive through the network.
for a network signal. The TCM was receiving the network The more things change, the more they stay the same.
signal, so the network was complete and working properly. Computer diagnosis has always required a clear view of the
The technician then checked the TCM for power and system you’re working on and a thorough understanding of
ground. They were fine, so the lost TCM signal was due to a electrical system diagnosis. Networking adds to the fun, but
faulty TCM. Replacing the TCM corrected the problem. it’s hardly the game changer that some people would like you
As you can see, most of your diagnostic strategy hasn’t to believe.
changed a bit. The sensors still create the signals, and the

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Drivetrain Components
The trusted leader in
high performance drive-
train components since
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drivetrain components,
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GEARS April 2011 39

Start Planning for Expo!
As always, we have a

hether you’re a longtime terrific show planned, If that weren’t enough, we’re
attendee or have never been
before, you need to start mak-
with leading industry talking Halloween in Vegas. Think
Halloween is just for kids? Everyone’s
ing your plans today to attend this professionals a kid in Las Vegas… and you’re smack
year’s Expo in Las Vegas, October 27th in the middle of the world’s largest
through October 31st. providing their candy store. This is like Times Square
And what an Expo it’ll be! This
year we’re back at the Las Vegas Hilton, insights on the most on New Year’s Eve… an event you’ve
got to be a part of at least once in your
one of our all-time favorite venues. Just
a short stroll off the famed Las Vegas
pressing technical life.
Of course, it’s not all fun and
Strip, backdrop for TV shows, movies, and management games. Remember: This is a business
and stories the world over. Even if you event. Which means you can write off
aren’t a gambler, just a walk down the issues facing your most of your expenses on your taxes.*
Strip at night is a memory you’ll carry
with you for the rest of your life. business. So you get a week you’ll never forget,
and Uncle Sam will help cover the
This year, once again, ATRA is shar- freight.
ing the show floor with the Automotive thoughts with the people you’ve only Don’t want to stay for Industry
Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA). read about in GEARS. And it’s the per- Week? No problem: We close early
The last time we did that we set atten- fect time to reconnect with friends you enough on Sunday that you can fly
dance records that still stand. Here haven’t seen in far too many years. back home and open on time Monday
you’ll get a firsthand look at the very What’s more, this year’s Expo morning.
latest services, programs, and solutions leads right into Industry Week in Las So don’t wait; start getting your
designed especially for you. And you’ll Vegas. We open on Thursday and ducks in a row to make your way
be able to take advantage of unheard of run through Sunday. Then a day off, to Expo in Las Vegas, October 27th
show specials, often before anyone else and you’re right into the SEMA and through October 31st. It’ll be an expe-
gets a first look. AAPEX shows. So it’s the perfect time rience you’ll never forget… and we’ll
As always, we have a terrific show to take a first look at everything the see you in Vegas!
planned, with leading industry profes- auto industry has to offer.
sionals providing their insights on the Top it all off, it’s Vegas, baby! This * Always ask your accountant
most pressing technical and manage- is the glitz and glamour capital of the before making any tax decisions.
ment issues facing your business. world. You have world-class shows…
Of course, Expo is more than just famous restaurants… night life that
a show: It’s an industry event that never sleeps… not to mention a shot
attracts transmission professionals from at winnings that could change your
every corner of the globe. Expo is your life. This is the place that dreams are
chance to rub elbows and share your made of.

42 GEARS April 2011
ATRA’s Powertrain Expo

October 27 - 31
Las Vegas, NV
co-hosted with

ATRA’s 2011 Powertrain Expo
You need to be at ATRA’s 2011 Powertrain Expo.
Why? Not only is ATRA hosting Expo in Vegas this year, but we will be teaming
with APRA on the floor show to give you two tradeshows under one roof. You
get all the technical and management expertise that ATRA consistently pro-
vides, plus the showcasing of new parts from APRA members.
Learn the latest industry trends, network with tons of potential new partners
and do it in an exciting environment!

a s
L gas
Hotel Accommodations

Rates as low as $105!

Mention ATRA to get discounted
rate before October 6, 2011
Las Vegas Hilton
3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: (800) 635-7711
co-hosted with
Flood Damage Can Mean
More than Just Water… by Lance Wiggins

o far this year has been packed mark or specks of dried mud. 12. Look for rust on screws in the con-
with heavy snow, driving rains, 3. Check under carpets, floor mats, sole, glovebox, interior body pan-
100º temperature swings, and headliner cloth, and behind the els, under the seats, or any other
just downright crazy weather. We even dashboard for water stains, mildew, area moisture wouldn’t normally
had snow in Ojai, CA at the 800ft level. sand, or silt. be, unless the car was immersed in
To talk about global warming, El Niño, 4. If the weather’s hot, sniff around in water.
or his sister La Niña would be silly; I’m the vehicle; the heat will bring back Of course, not all of these symp-
a technician, not a climatologist. the musty smell. toms are proof of flood damage. Bolts
But when something as serious as 5. Check the carpeting and uphol- can rust without having been through a
death can occur from working on flood- stery; recently replaced carpeting or flood, cars can smell musty because of
damaged vehicles, I feel compelled to upholstery may be a warning sign of a leak in the trunk, and electrical com-
spread the word. I wrote an article back flood damage. ponents fail all the time.
in August of 2006, GEARS Issue 114, 6. Check for mud from behind the What’s more, the lack of informa-
about septic shock. Sepsis, when intro- dash. tion may not prove anything: there may
duced to the bloodstream, can cause 7. Look under the hood for signs of not be a record of the car being in a
severe damage to vital organs if you oxidation. Pull back rubber boots flood if the damage wasn’t filed in a
don’t catch the symptoms and receive around electrical and mechanical police report or an insurance claim.
treatment early enough. connections to search for rusting Suppose you’ve already started
Symptoms of sepsis can include: ferrous materials, copper parts with working on a car when you discover
• Fever and shaking chills a green tinge, or aluminum and that it may have been in a flood. What
• Reduced mental alertness or alloys displaying pitting or a white then? Start by washing up: Simple soap
confusion power. and water can dramatically reduce your
• Nausea and vomiting 8. Check the oil and other fluids for risk of contamination. And treat any
• Diarrhea in the presence of cloudiness indicating water contam- open sores or scratches with a steril-
infection ination. izing agent such as isopropyl alcohol.
• Hypotension 9. Inspect for mud or grit in alterna- Then, before resuming the repairs,
• Altered kidney or liver function tor crevices, behind wiring harness- use protective wear, including gloves
The normal symptoms of an infec- es, and around the small recesses and a mask. And have a clean uniform
tion shouldn’t last longer than five days, of starter motors, power steering available so you can change as soon as
and a fever should be no higher than pumps, and relays, along with hints you’ve finished working on the suspect
103ºF. If the fever exceeds 103ºF with of rust or flaking metal along the vehicle.
chills, confusion, or difficulty breath- undercarriage that you wouldn’t Finally, watch for early symptoms
ing, get to a hospital immediately. expect in a later-model vehicle. of infection or sepsis. If you start to feel
There is a way to help protect 10. See if all the switches and gauges anything out of the ordinary, get your-
yourself against such issues. Flooded are functioning properly. self checked and treated immediately.
vehicles contain clues to their soggy 11. Try the heater and air conditioner, The key to remaining healthy is early
past, and shops conducting repairs or turning them off and on several diagnosis and treatment. The informa-
offering inspections for their customers times. Look inside the vents for evi- tion gathered in this article came from
should always look for several telltale dence of mud or water. Also operate www.emedicine.com.
signs: the lights, wipers, turn signals, ciga- DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor;
1. Use the vehicle identification num- rette lighter, and radio. Make sure I don’t even play one on TV. But that
ber (VIN) to track the vehicle’s his- they are operating properly. Mud, doesn’t mean I won’t share important
tory. silt, or grit residue can be discov- health information when it can affect
2. Look at the seams and around the ered in the trunk, spare tire well, and our industry.
edges of windows for a high water in headlamp and taillight housings.
GEARS April 2011 45
BorgWarner Part Number 50185
OEM Heavy Duty Replacement
Governor Pressure Solenoid
fits Dodge/Jeep transmissions
(42/44/46/47/48 RE)

We’re stable under pressure.

BorgWarner’s new Governor Pressure Solenoid will not flood out at increased line pressures
and can be used in modified and high performance transmissions as well as stock units. It
delivers all the benefit of much more expensive aftermarket solenoid adapter kits for just the
price of a solenoid, and with better reliability and no extra parts to change out.

The extra size gives you more magnet force,

more spool valve force, 15% more flow capacity
than the OE brand, all of which adds up to a wide
safety margin of stable pressure to ensure reliable
shifting under all conditions.

Call your authorized distributor today and ask

BorgWarner carries a full line of OEM quality
for genuine OEM quality solenoids from the global
clutch plates, transmission bands, one-way
clutches, and electronic transmission solenoids leader in automatic transmission technology...
that are 100% guaranteed to fit your rebuilds. BorgWarner Inc.

BorgWarner Inc.
Transmission Systems
1350 N. Greenbriar Dr. Unit B
Addison, IL 60101
feel good about driving
(630) 261-9980
BorgWarner and Sonnax have announced they will be
co-hosting the 2011 TCRA Seminar weekend in Chicago

Plant tour: Friday, May 13 Seminar fee:

Technical presentation and plant tour at the Borg- Includes bus to Borg Warner Tour. Lunch will be
Warner plant in Bellwood, a suburb of Chicago. provided, courtesy of Sonnax. There will be a
cash cocktail reception on Saturday.
Seminar: Saturday, May 14
The Saturday, May 14 classroom format Tuition / Fee:
seminar will feature presentations by industry
Members – first attendee: $250
experts, vendor representatives and technical
Members – subsequent attendees: $150
organization speakers. A sit-down luncheon and
coffee breaks will be provided at the seminar and Non-members – $295
included in the fee.
Sign up:
Host Hotel: Call Len Wack at 973-293-8925 or email at
Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suites Hotel lenw@embarqmail.com
8500 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60631 USA Become a TCRA member and save on
Arrangements can be made directly with Marriott registration! Visit www.tcraonline.com
reservations at (800) 468-3571 or (773) 380-9600. for more information on membership!
Room rates: $99. plus tax
When booking, reference TCRA to get the
reduced rate.
Platinum Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:

Are you taking advantage of

by Kelly Hilmer
your ATRA membership? members.atra.com

I magine for a moment the car that

you drive on a daily basis and the
small, or not-so-small, problems it
may have. Maybe the air conditioning
vent doesn’t adjust, maybe the pas-
Here’s seven simple ways to start
taking advantage of your ATRA mem-
• Have you considered upgrading
your membership?
senger side window doesn’t work or Independent shops that are also
maybe there is only one radio station ATRA Technical Subscribers qualify to
that works – let’s hope it’s not that last upgrade as an ATRA Rebuilder Mem-
one! ber. The membership dues rates are
You continue muddling through the same, and your shop will be able to
your daily commute, air blowing on participate in the Nationwide Golden
your face while you are freezing and Rule Warranty Program, participate in
listening to the same radio station for the association elections, and gives
months, if not longer. You could prob- your shop priority ranking in ATRA’s
ably fix the issues yourself if you really Shop Finder results.
wanted to. But, you continue to use the • Does each of your shop employees
features that do work, because the car have their own account to access
still runs. It gets you from point A to the online tech support center?
point B so there is not much motivation Employees of ATRA Members are
to fix the other issues. eligible to receive their own account to
Now, imagine the manufacturer access the member areas of the ATRA • Do you track the warranties
of your car knows that these problems websites. It’s free to all ATRA Mem- issued by your shop?
exist. They not only know about them, bers and allows employees to have It’s free to all ATRA Rebuilder
they know they can fix them. But that’s access without compromising the own- members. Prior to issuing a warranty
not it - they also understand your frus- er’s login details. Create an account for on a customer’s vehicle, enter the cus-
trations. They want to fix all the issues each of your employees online by click- tomer details into the online form on
that your car has and they are willing to ing “Become a Member”, then select an the member website. Then write the
do it for you at no additional cost! employee option and continue through automatically generated number on the
Although this is a slightly exag- all required fields. Your employees warranty form. This allows peace-of-
gerated example, this is exactly what will receive an email of approval after mind for both the shop owner and the
ATRA Membership offers your busi- review by ATRA Membership Services. customer knowing that if the warranty
ness - solutions to your daily frustra- form is lost or misplaced, it can be
tions. verified.
Do you have similar frustrations? • Do you participate in the forum
Ones such as “How do I get this vehicle discussion groups on ATRA’s
fixed?” or “How do I advertise my member website?
shop?” or “Where will my next cus- ATRA’s What’s Working forums
tomer come from?” have a vast number of discussions
Do you have the solutions so you about business operations, technical
can overcome them or are you adapting problems and solutions from other shop
and accepting these issues as part of owners facing the same issues. Par-
the norm? ticipating in our tech forums can help
ATRA has the solutions, ones that you build connections and help get you
benefit its members in a powerful way. answers to questions fast.
Studies have shown time and again that • Have you used ATRA’s Shop
successful members take full advantage Finder?
of these features. Do you?
48 GEARS April 2011
ATRA.com has
become the most
visited website in
the transmission
industry. Thou-
sands of new cus-
tomers have been
using ATRA’s
website to find an
ATRA member
transmission repair
shop in their area.
Searching for another ATRA Rebuilder • Does your shop have a web site? are utilizing ATRA’s member benefits
Member for a customer has never been If you don’t have a web site for and are reaping the rewards.
easier. ATRA’s shop finder is the most your shop, you need to get one. If you However, if you are a current
accurate listing of all active ATRA agree to host your web site with ATRA, ATRA Member, and you’ve answered
Members. It is highly suggested that we will help build you a site designed “No” to any of these questions, you
you search for your shop in the ATRA specifically for automotive businesses. are not taking full advantage of your
Shop Finder to verify your shop infor- In this electronic age, customers use membership.
mation. the Internet to find auto repair. Having ATRA’s tech and event mastery
• Are your technicians ATRA Certi- an Internet presence is as important as means there are so many resources
fied? having a phone number for your busi- you can utilize as part of your mem-
ATRA Certification qualifies the ness. It’s another method for custom- bership. The industry’s foremost spe-
elite shops of the industry. The test is ers to learn about your services and cialists work for ATRA and produce
available online and offers a prep guide operates for you 24/7. ATRA offers thousands of technical documents
to help study and prepare for certifica- three different templates in a variety every year. ATRA’s technical seminars
tion in advance. There are three dif- of color schemes and has three more and Powertrain Expo are becoming
ferent areas of certification available: templates in the works. More details the industry’s most successful events.
Rebuilder, Diagnostician and Chassis are available online at: http://www. The business tools and technical tips
Technician. It’s free to ATRA Members members.atra.com/atrahostedwebsites that attendees receive from attending
and it gives your business priority rank- ATRA’s events have proven success-
ings in the online Shop Finder search. If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of ful. Just ask any of the shops that have
these questions, congratulations! You participated in the What’s Working pro-
But ATRA is more
than just tech and events.
Its mission is to help your
shop succeed, and that
means providing assis-
tance in all phases of your
business. You can con-
tinue to operate business
as usual, or you can seek
help from the association
that is here for you. Talk
to an ATRA staff member
today about getting more
out of your membership.

GEARS April 2011 49

Bridgeport Nashville


to yoU Cleveland


Web site
site in
in the
the transmission
transmission industry.

is your
your shop
shop one
one of
of them?

It can
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siteis isananessential
toolto toget
a link
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to to
ATRA.com, transmissions
in in
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search Now
Nowit can
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in in
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forfor Web
shopsin insearch
engines Visitmembers.ATRA.com
Visit members.ATRA.com
directedto toATRA’s
and call805
ororcall 805- -660044- -22000000

of of
to to

GEARS does not endorse new products but makes this new information available
POWERTRAIN INDUSTRY NEWS to readers. If you have a new product, please email the press release information
with applicable digital photo or drawing to fpasley@atra.com or send by mail to
GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030.

Hazardous Waste Is! Developing a Hazard

Communication Program
By California State
Compensation Insurance Fund
A written hazard communication
program must be implemented for
any employer who uses, produces, or
imports hazardous chemicals; it must
be readily accessible to employees (or
Completed MSDSs must be avail-
Transmission rebuilding shops their representatives) and to Cal/OSHA.
able to employees for review dur-
handle a significant amount of haz- It’s required to include: container label-
ing each work shift. If an MSDS
ardous waste on a regular basis. The ing and other forms of warning, mate-
isn’t available or a new hazard-
methods of handling waste chemicals rial safety data sheets (MSDSs), and an
ous substance is introduced, a
and other hazardous material are legal employee-training program informing
new MSDS must be requested and
requirements of OSHA. If your shop of hazards and educating on controls
fails to follow the requirements a fine or when using hazardous materials.
other penalty might be in your future. A The program should also list the
financial loss from a fine is one thing, hazardous chemicals in each work area,
but the safety and well being of people how the employer will communicate
who work in the industry is the real job hazards (non routine tasks includ-
concern. ed) to employees, the hazards associ-
Most of us remember a time when ated with chemicals in unlabeled pipes,
transmission fluid was thought to be and how outside contractors will be
harmless – until some rebuilders had informed of the hazards to which their
their life changed when they learned employees may be exposed.
their body was internally contaminated A hazard communication program
because they failed to wear protective is most effective when specially written
3. Employee training and informa-
gloves when handling parts or fluids. for the business and must cover three
tion on hazardous substances
The initial research on the hazardous sections:
should be part of the job orienta-
effect of transmission fluid to trans- 1. Correct container labeling to pro-
tion with a summary of the Hazard
mission rebuilders was done by the vide an immediate warning of:
Communication Regulation includ-
California State Compensation Fund, • The contents of the container.
ing employee rights. It’s important
followed by safety articles published in • The potential hazards the
that all employees understand the
GEARS Magazine many years ago. But chemical can present.
the problem still exists. • The contact information of
• Where hazardous substances
Regardless of safety articles in the manufacturer, such as the
are present.
many publications and warning labels name and address.
• Protective/safety measures to
on containers telling users of the danger Labels should not ever be removed.
lessen or prevent exposure.
of these fluids we still see experienced If they are torn or defaced, they
• Physical and health effects if
technicians and rebuilders working on must be replaced.
transmissions without the protection of 2. Material Safety Data Sheets
• Emergency and first aid pro-
latex or rubber gloves. If you want to (MSDSs) must be kept on file.
work on or rebuild transmissions, wear These technical bulletins are pre-
• How to read MSDSs and
the gloves or find a new career. It’s your pared by the chemical manufac-
life we’re talking about, protect it. turer and contain:
• Identification, hazards, and
OSHA is serious about proper • The identity of the chemical,
controls for substances in
waste handling and control. So seri- with physical and chemical
unlabeled pipes.
ous they want every automotive shop characteristics.
in the country to install a Hazard • Exposure limits and health
An effective hazard communication
Communication Program. The State effects.
program is one that is well explained,
Fund is helping us one more time by • Emergency and first aid pro-
understood, documented and supported
providing us with the latest instructions cedures.
by management and employees alike.
to bring your shop into compliance with • Name and address of informa-
the rules. tion preparer.
52 GEARS April 2011
Transtar Industries TransTec® kit number DP2560 is
Announces Launch of in stock and available for immediate
New E-Newsletter shipment.
Transtar Industries, Inc., the pre- For more information visit
mier provider of world-class drive- TransTec on line at www.TransTec.
line solutions, announces the launch com.
of its new e-newsletter, The Driveline
Premier. This publication, which is H&A Transmissions
currently distributed to about 7000 cus- Offers Honda and
tomers, delivers up-to-date news, new Acura Sleeved Cases
product information, and details on
upcoming events.
The Driveline Premier is a free,
bimonthly publication, with content
developed by Transtar’s Marketing
Communications department. “In this
world of instant communication, it’s THERMAL GUARD® — Fully
important for us to deliver information insulated cabinet and controlled cabinet
to our customers in a timely manner,” venting to minimize heat loss.
says Jim Berry, vice president of mar- PRECISION TARGETING ®
keting. “This publication gives us the — 360º high impact spray manifold.
ability to do so quickly and efficiently. Recognizing the growing problem Overhead belt drive eliminates chains,
“We view our relationship with of the vast number of Honda and Acura brushes, and turntable bearings in the
our customers as more of a partnership. units needing case replacement, H & solution. Not just a “squirt drive” with
Since we understand that our company A Transmissions Inc. began focusing a bunch of drilled pipes.
cannot be successful unless theirs is its attention on a solution. A few com- These exclusive features plus
too, we wanted to make sure that we are panies chose to bore out the bearing a 7-day time clock, low water level
communicating great solutions that will orifices and install oversized bearings. switch, skimmer, and much more for
help their businesses thrive.” H & A believed it had a better solution: $4995. Call 888-833-9000 or visit us
If you would like to subscribe to sleeve the case. on line at www.equipmentmanufactur-
The Driveline Premier, email trans- After considerable testing, H & A ing.com.
tarnews@transtar1.com with your cus- found a company to partner with who’s
tomer information. To view the current able to meet their concerns for quality
issue, visit www.transtar1.com. and quantity, and is now offering these JASPER Offers Late
cases to the industry. Model GM OHV V6
TransTec Introduces Using a state-of-the-art cleaning Jasper Engines & Transmissions,
AISIN 6-Speed Kit for process and establishing a true geomet- the leader in remanufactured drive-
AS68RC / A465 Units ric anchor point, shafts run true to cen- train products, has added the GM 3.5L
TransTec is pleased to announce ter and won’t cause the unit to whine. OHV V6 to its line, and is available on
the availability of TransTec® overhaul And the additional bonding process exchange for the following 2006-2010
kit number DP2560. All sealing com- provides a secure, pressed fit that will vehicles:
ponents required for a rebuild are con- meet longevity concerns. • Chevy Malibu
tained in the familiar gold-and-black H & A is offering these cases • Chevy Impala
bag. Vehicle coverage includes: through its online parts store: www. • Chevy Monte Carlo
• 2007-up Dodge Cab and Chassis gearspeedpartsstore.com. Contact Cody • Pontiac G6
3500, 4500 and 5500 Series or James to have a case shipped directly • Saturn Aura
• 2006-up Isuzu/GMC N and W Series to your location on an exchange basis. • Saturn Vue
• Mitsubishi Fuso FE Series Every JASPER remanufactured
• Freightliner M2 106 THE EMC® POWERJET: engine is subjected to strict, high-qual-
Featured Components Wash twice the parts in ity processes:
Item # Description Years half the space… for • Disassembly, meticulous inspection
DP2560 Overhaul Kit 06-up
much less and cleaning of components.
EASY RACK® multi-level • Moving parts machined or replaced
B37159 Extension Housing Seal 2WD 06-up loading — Wash the case and hard for reliable performance.
B37158 Extension Housing Seal 4WD 06-up parts in one load. • Head surfaces statistically moni-
B37157 Converter Hub Seal 06-up SOLUTION SAVER® — Four tored to assure proper sealing with
bag filters provide full flow micron the block.
B11564 Duraprene Pan Gasket 06-up filtration and stop jet plugging. The • JASPER’s research and product
3545 Sealing Ring Kit 06-up funnel floor makes cleanout a snap. development ensures inherent prob-
GEARS April 2011 53
lems in OEM design are corrected. liquids; and Absorbent socks control
• Live-Run testing provides peace of larger spills and protect drains.
mind and assures reliability. The pads will absorb up to 20%
• An available Premium Service Plan more than melt-blown polypropylene
that offers customers even greater pads, yet cost less. All are available in a
value. variety of weights and finishes.
Each engine is covered by Product sizes range from 16” x
JASPER’s 3-Year/100,000 mile nation- 18” to 28” by 150-foot rolls. Weights
wide transferable parts and labor war- include light, medium, and heavy.
ranty. Full warranty disclosure is avail- For information, visit www.oileat-
able on our web site or upon request. Figure 2 er.com, or call, toll free, 800-528-0334.
For more information on these and To adjust this version of the Jeep
other JASPER quality remanufactured Grand Cherokee front differential prop- Pro Trans Parts Modifies
products, call 800-827-7455 or visit erly, JASPER keeps 98 different-sized CD4E and ZF 5HP24(A)
www.jasperengines.com. snap rings and 75 different-sized pinion Drums
depth shims in stock. Each component
...Also from Jasper, varies in 0.001” increments.
now offering Jeep So when a Grand Cherokee comes
Grand Cherokee IFS to your shop needing an independent
Differential front suspension differential, give
We take the effort out of their JASPER a call. Each differential is
remanufacturing! covered by JASPER’s 3-year/100,000
The Differential Division of Jasper mile nationwide transferable parts and
Engines & Transmissions tackles the labor warranty. Full warranty disclosure
job of remanufacturing the Jeep Grand is available on our web site or upon
Cherokee independent front suspension request.
differential from model years 2005 and For more information on the The CD4E double drum and ZF
up. JASPER line of quality remanufactured 5HP24(A) input drum have had their
Prior to 2005, Dana Corporation products, call 800-827-7455 or visit problems, often breaking during normal
was the main source of drivetrain com- www.jasperengines.com. use.
ponents in many Jeep products. In Pro Trans Parts now offers modi-
2005, Jeep made a design change from New Oil Eater Pads fications to these drums to make them
a solid front axle to an independent Provide Safer, Cleaner more reliable and more durable. We
front suspension. Workplace begin by making the drums 10% more
flexible; this removes the rigidity that
caused these drums to break.
Next, we make the ring groove
deeper to provide better snap ring reten-
tion and disperse the snap ring’s load
during clutch application.
Finally, we use full penetration
welds to create a one-piece bond with
the steel that meets all factory specifi-
Figure 1 Stop throwing away those broken
Oil Eater Naturals is a new line of cores and have them modified with Pro
“Jeep uses two hefty snap rings to eco-friendly absorbent pads, rolls, and Trans Parts for a solution that is sure to
adjust carrier bearing pre-load and back- socks designed to provide a safer and satisfy both builder and customer. For
lash”, says Wayne Mehringer, JASPER cleaner workplace and help users meet more information call 630-521-1700 or
Differential Division Manager. The OSHA and EPA requirements. visit us on line at www.protransmision-
snap ring (figure 1) measures 0.174” Applications include plant and parts.com.
thick! It requires a modified pair of maintenance facility floors, loading
retaining ring pliers to keep the ring docks, paint shop floors, and other New Tracer Leak
compressed for installation. “A pinion areas. Detection Dye Safe
depth shim located under the pinion The pads are made of natural plant for All Coolants
bearing cup is also much thicker than byproducts that feature woven con- Tracer Products has made life easi-
the ones used in previous applications,” struction. Oil-Only pads and rolls soak er for technicians who service cars and
said Mehringer. The shim (figure 2) up oil and repel water; Universal pads trucks by introducing its new TP-3940
measures 0.213” thick. and rolls soak up oil, water, and other Dye-Lite® Rite-Blend™ blended fluo-
54 GEARS April 2011
News Release
February 25, 2011
rescent leak largest global automotive supplier, ZF For more information call, toll free,
detection dye, has long been a leader in developing 800-725-6499, or visit them on line at
which can be ground-breaking technology. We belie- www.g-tec.com. Twitter: GTECINC
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

used for both ve Tom will help broaden exposure

extended-life of ZF’s brands and products to new Mustang Completes
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150

and conven- customers.” 31,000 sq-ft

tional coolants. Rafferty comes to ZF from the Plant Expansion
Mustang Completes 31,000 sqft. Twinsburg Assembly P
Approved Affinia Group, Inc., where he was vice February 25, 201
Mustang Advanced
by General president of branded sales. Previous to Dynamometer today
has completed a 31,00
Motors, this Affinia Group, Inc., he spent six years Twinsburg Assembly Pla

specially for- with Exide Technologies as director of The project, which brok
new high-bay manufact
mulated dye program distribution and held positions multiple 10-ton overhea
The additional assembly
won’t affect at BWD Automotive, GPI/Carquest, of the larger scale equip
Engineering division des
the color of and Tenneco Automotive. space will also serve to
capacity for the Comp
extended- Rafferty received a bachelor’s Based in Sarasota, Mus
thin film solar cell manu
life coolants, degree from Western Illinois University
Since opening the expa
helping avoid and an MBA from Northern Illinois assembly of several la
begun to utilize the ne
improper mix- University. He is a Master Automotive The first project to begin
Heavy-Duty AWD 48” R
ing and possi- Aftermarket Professional (MAAP) and being built for The Ohio S
Ohio State dyne, other la
ble damage to has served the AWDA as chairman of and Anniston Army De
expanded space.
the cooling system. Rite-Blend™ can the Manufacturers Advisory Council Pictured above, one of the first jobs to begin assembly in the newly
also be used with any fluorescent leak and member of the AWDA Board of One of the first jobs to begin assembly in “This
expanded facility is a Heavy-Duty AWD 48” Roll Chassis Dynamometer facility expansion
been made to our ass
that is being built for The Ohio State University. Each of the three high-
the newly expanded facility is a heavy-duty resulted in significant im
detection lamp. Governors. bay manufacturing cells in the 31,000 sqft expansion has multiple 10-ton
work flow and productio
AWD 48” roll chassis dynamometer being Vice President Operatio
overhead cranes and one 20-ton crane.
Rite-Blend™ dye reveals even the built
latestfor Ohio State University. Each factory
of the
smallest leaks in cooling systems. Just G-TEC Introduces “The state-of-the-art resources in the newly expanded are helping Mustang reshape o
rates to become the most efficient manufacturer in the industry”, said President and CEO, Dean Gan
three, high-bay manufacturing cells in the
add a small amount to a system and New VW/Audi Adapter 31,000 sq-ft expansion has multiple 10-ton
Mustang Dynamometer and Mustang Advanced Engineering are located in Twinsburg, Ohio whe
1986. Mustang Dynamometer offers an industry leading line-up of high performance dynamometer
allow it to circulate. Wherever the cool- T h e

Advanced Engineeringcranes and
is a leading one
supplier 20-toncustom
of advanced, crane.engineering testing and measurem

ant leaks out, so does the dye, which l o n g D Y N A M O M E T E R

remains at the site of each and every awaited Mustang Advanced Engineering ®

leak. When you scan the system with VW-Audi and Mustang Dynamometer recently
Mustang Dynamometer / Mustang Advanced Engineering
2300 Pinnacle Parkway, Twinsburg, OH 44087

a Tracerline® inspection lamp, the dye adapter announced

www.mustangdyne.com that the company has com-
Phone: (330) 963-5400 • Fax: (330) 425-3310
• www.mustangae.com D Y N A M O M E T E R
glows a bright green to show the exact is here pleted a 31,000 sq-ft facility expansion
location of the leak. for your to its Twinsburg assembly plant.
For more information about G-TEC- The project, which broke ground
TP-3940 Dye-Lite® Rite-Blend™ T u r b o in late August, adds three new high-
extended-life coolant dye, call toll-free Tank hot bay manufacturing cells, each equipped
1-800-641-1133. Outside the United oil flusher. with multiple 10-ton overhead cranes
States and Canada, call 516-333-1254. These and one 20-ton crane. The additional
Web site at www.tracerline.com. adapters assembly space will allow for construc-
complete tion of larger scale equipment that the
ZF Services hires t h e Mustang Advanced Engineering divi-
Tom Rafferty as family of sion designs and manufactures.
National Sales Manager onboard coolers which now includes The new space will also provide
ZF Services North America, LLC Volkswagen, Audi, Toyota, Lexus, backup manufacturing capacity for the
has hired Tom Rafferty as a national Honda, Porches, Asian Warner and company’s Vacuum Solar Division.
sales manager, with a primary focus Volvo. Based in Sarasota, Mustang Vacuum
on program groups. Rafferty will be Don’t replace the onboard cooler; produces a line of thin film solar cell
responsible for increasing the presence flush them. Call G-TEC or visit our manufacturing equipment.
of the ZF Services’ brands, including new web site for a complete line of “This facility expansion and the
SACHS, Lemförder, and Stabilus, in adapters for the onboard coolers (also improvements that have been made to
North America’s independent aftermar- known as puck-style coolers). our assembly processes have already
ket. resulted in significant improvements to
In his new role, Rafferty will our operational work flow and produc-
report to John Edwards, president, ZF tion efficiency,” said Eser Manav, vice
Services North America, LLC. president Operations.
“Tom brings a wealth of sales and “The latest state-of-the-art
program group experience that will resources in the newly expanded fac-
serve ZF very well in the domestic tory are helping Mustang reshape our
channel,” said Edwards. “As the ninth cost structure and production rates to
GEARS April 2011 55
become the most efficient manufacturer mission parts. Manage 4.9, visit www.alldata.
in the industry,” said President and Check out their new web site at com/manage or call 800-697-2533.
CEO Dean Ganzhorn. www.defeomfg.com, or contact Geoff
Mustang Dynamometer offers an Gee at geoff.gee@defeomfg.com. Dodge Takes The
industry leading line of high perfor- Win With A Goerend
mance dynamometers and related prod- ALLDATA Integrates Transmission At One Of
ucts. Mustang Advanced Engineering is with Autoi for The Biggest Diesel Truck
a leading supplier of advanced, custom Online Parts Ordering Competitions In The
engineering testing and measurement World!
systems. ALLDATA LLC, the leading Goerend Transmission Inc is happy
For more information visit provider of vehicle manufactur- to Congratulate Aron Nick and his team
Mustang on line at www.mustangdyne. ers’ service and repair information on winning the 1st Superstock Quick
com or www.mustangae.com. for professional repair shops, now 16 Diesel Drag Race. Held recently
integrates with Autoi to make its in Bradenton, FL thier team won with
TransTec Introduces online parts catalog available to a Dodge 6.7 with a 48RE Goerend
Toyota U760E Kit subscribers of ALLDATA Manage Transmission. Time of 10.90.
TransTec® overhaul kit number 4.9 shop management software, Also Congratulations to Ashley
DP2563 for the Toyota 6-speed U760E designed for owners and managers Black of Blacks Diesel of Adairsvill,
transmission is now available. of independent repair shops. GA (www.blacksdiesel.com). With a
This unit was first introduced in The integration of Autoi and 5.9 Cummins Diesel with a Goerend
the 2008 Toyota Venza with an L4 2.7L ALLDATA Manage provides 48RE Transmission. 4th Place Finish.
engine, and the Highlander with an L4 repair shops with online access to Time of 11.47.
2.7L engine. In 2009 it was made avail- electronic parts ordering catalogs Both racers are proud to run
able in the L4 2.4 and 2.5L Camry. This through Autoi’s parts suppliers. Goerend Transmissions in their Dodge
unit can also be found in the 2011 Rav Autoi offers ALLDATA Manage Trucks.
4 with an L4 engine. subscribers additional options to For more information go to www.
Featured Components manage their businesses efficiently goerend.com or call: 563 778 2719.
and submit parts Visit their website to view their exten-
Part # Description OEM Reference orders online sive testing equipment.
directly through
B11573 Duraprene® Pan Gasket 35168-73010
its shop manage-
B37156 Torque Converter Metal Clad Seal 90311-A0010 ment software.
B29263 Left Axle Metal Clad Seal 90311-A0011 electronic
parts order-
B29385 Right Axle Metal Clad Seal 90311-A0012
ing interface
3539 Sealing Ring Kit — in ALLDATA
Manage offers
customers addi-
Kit number DP2563 is in stock and tional options when ordering parts Aron Nick and his team
available for immediate shipment. online. The Autoi supplier network 1st Place winners in the Superstock Quick 16
Diesel Drag Race in Bradenton, FL
For more information visit enables subscribers to manage day-
with a Dodge 6.7 with a 48RE Goerend
TransTec on line at www.TransTec. to-day parts ordering efficiently Transmission. Time of 10.90.
com. through ALLDATA Manage,” says
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Defeo Manufacturing Diane Horne. Share Your Powertrain
Expands Parts Line “ALLDATA is committed Industry News!
Defeo Manufacturing, the world’s to providing shop management GEARS does not endorse new
largest supplier of aftermarket parts for software to meet the needs of its products but makes this new informa-
Allison transmissions, carries new parts customers by providing a selec- tion available to readers. If you have a
for Allison transmissions, remanufac- tion of electronic parts catalogs. new product or announcement, please
tured Allison parts, good used Allison ALLDATA Manage 4.9 and Autoi’s email the press release information
parts, Allison OEM new parts, and parts ordering interface improves with applicable digital photo or draw-
Allison transmission cores. And now business efficiencies and ordering ing to fpasley@atra.com or send by
they’ve expanded their coverage: accuracy, improving ALLDATA’s mail to GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue,
After 30+ years in the Allison trans- customers’ ability to run their busi- Oxnard, CA 93030.
mission business, Defeo Manufacturing ness,” says Horne.
is pleased to announce they now offer For more information on
1000/2000/2400 Allison series trans- ALLDATA and ALLDATA
56 GEARS April 2011
Automatic * Standard ERIKSSON INDUSTRIES
Transfer Case Parts Division of Wentworth Engineering
Hard Parts * 1946-2010 * Soft Parts
Authorized Parts Distributor

•Remanufactured Units * DYNO TESTED*

•5HP30, 5HP24, 5HP19, 5HP18, 4HP24, 4HP22,
4HP18, 4HP14
•Specializing in SAAB 900/9000 5SP,
as well as T-37 A/T

Se Habla Espanol Soft Parts / Friction Kits / Steel Kits / Repair Manuals
• Lifetime Fluids / Rebuild Kits / Valvebody Kits
Quality Parts * Excellent Service
Fair Prices 1-800-388-4418
Fax: (860) 395-0047
Visit our web site www. areds.com 146B Elm St., Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Transmission Control Module
Mitsubishi-Honda-Hyundai-GEO Heated Cooler
Kia-Mazda-Nissan-Suzuki-Toyota Line Flusher
GM - Ford - Chrysler - Dodge 800-725-6499
Next Day Air Shipping Available 417-725-6400
One Year Warranty
Best Customer Service! Transmission
Ford *GM * Chrysler off vehicle Dyno/CV
ECM reprogramming available Tester
Autocomp Technologies, Inc.
8515 N. Freeway, Houston, Texas www.g-tec.com

GEARS April 2011 57

GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed
elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders.
For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call
(805) 604-2000.

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Remanufactured to •OVER 1,000 AXLES IN STOCK

Perfection •UPS DAILY
Hundreds of Transmissions in-stock. E •STANDARD, EXTENDED & LIFETIME
Immediate installation available.
2 year unlimited warranty. L
Dyno-tested. I
Remanufactured torque converter included.
Toll free 800 - 372 - TRANS
1331 Rollins Road • Burlingame, CA 94010
888-833-9000 www.partsbyweller.com
tel 650 - 348 - 3990 fax 650 - 348 - 3019 www.equipmentmanufacturing.com (800) 822-2375

Valve Body Kits
Easy to Install - Low Cost - Great Results
-- Kits At Part Suppliers Now --
Fix Code
1870 Fast
Adjust 1-2
shift firmness
without re-
moving VB.

Kit fits
E40D and
AAEQ Gears Ad 1-4 pg 031209:1-17 AAEQ Gears Ad 3/12/09 2:31 PM Page 1 4R100
3 High Tech
Regulator Valves.

We’ve Got Yours!
Adjust shift firmness.

With over 150,000 transmission,
engine, and internal part cores on the shelf, we RT-4F50N
have the cores you need – ready to ship today! RT-A750E
Las Vegas, NV Chicago, IL
800.426.8771 800.826.7403
702.649.7776 773.624.6111 RT-4ATAXLE-HD
702.649.6777 FAX 773.624.6660 FAX Also 5th Edition Ratiotek
Find vintage cores on *Memory Lane* software now shipping!!
www.ratiotek.com 626-968-2754

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Fix it in less FOREIGN & DOMESTIC
than fifteen Standard Transmissions
minutes with Transfer Cases
one of our New & Used Parts
easy to use Rebuilt Units
No machine
shop required.
Northland Transmission Inc. BRIAN OR ALBERT
Phone: 715-458-2617 Fax: 715-458-2611 866-571-GEAR
4 3 2 7



PARTS WASHERS 
Our quality used hard parts are priced
INSTA-CLEAN to help you retain more profit
PARTS WASHERS All parts are cleaned and inspected


We Ship Anywhere

For The transmission Rebuilding Industry


Domestic and Foreign


Overhaul System!
CALL 602-971-0477
(805) 604-2000 getithardparts.com
Call for a free catalog

and find out how! WE SHIP UPS DAILY

6747 Whitestone Road • Baltimore, MD 21207

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GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed
elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders.
For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call
(805) 604-2000.

 )'($"##% !(,$$!'


% !(,$$!'#"$& )&" #'$)&*,

&(&)& )(, "& #"&
CD4E Double Drum & ZF5HP24 "A" Drum &(&)&
  &$ #( + ()%($
)"$& %)'&
 ' (+++&#'$$!$" %)"%'
"& # #'

+++&#'$$!$"$&%&('#%&  #
+++(&#'" '' $#%&(' #$$&$)&%&('+'&'
We take your cores and machine you a stronger drum.
Never worry about the snap ring failing again.
Pro Trans Parts
Right Parts, Right Price, Right Time
Contact us for details: 630.521.1700 phone 630.521.8890 fax


For our Canadian

Some of the 800- toll free numbers
listed in the shopper ad section do
not work In Canada. Therefore, as a
service to you we have listed direct
line phone numbers to our shopper
has multiple
A&REDS Transmission Parts
Eriksson Industries (860) 388-4418
Transmission Exchange Co. (503) 284-0768
Autocomp Technologies (713) 697-5511
Precision of New Hampton Inc (641) 394-5955
Lory Transmission Parts (305) 642-4621
Expect the
Miami Transmission Kits (305) 885-7355
ART Auto Sport Unlimited
(616) 748-5725
Remanufactured Transmissions
Has many different
Weller Auto Trucks
shop locations
Instaclean (928) 680-4445
Silver Star Transmission (405) 330-9300
Remanufactured Trans-Pac Motor Parts (310) 637-9156
Torque Converters Transfer Case Express
has multiple
Distributorships Available

Visit our website:

www.cvcconverters.com www.atra.com

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We offer a complete machine shop
for ALL of your rebuilding needs!




* Complete Remanufactured*
*Individually Tested*
Rostra Performance *SONNAX Updates*
Class linear solenoids * 1 YR Warranty*
outperform and *Tech Support*
cost less than their *Family Owned & Operated*
OE counterparts! *Nationwide
*N Shipping*
To find out more NOW OFFERING
visit: *SONNAX Updated Pumps*
(877) 337 - 4681
Transmission.com www.reamman.com

GEARS April 2011 61

GEARS classified advertising cost $95.00 for up to 50 words for a one time insertion. ATRA members are eligible to receive up to three (3) FREE classified
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Ads exceeding the maximum word count will cost $1.50 for each additional word (not including phone number and address).

#1 Aisin SL Solenoid Tool Set
Complete with custom carrying case.   

SAVE TIME and Money
Quickly disassemble & assemble solenoids 
For the following 5 and 6 speed units: 
TF60 (09G, 09M, 09K) 
TR60 (09D) 
TF80 (AF40‐6) 
Exclusively Available from S.A.P. 
Call 1‐800‐582‐2760 * Fax 954‐364‐2401 
Email SAPCustomerservice@TTK‐Bryco.com  #35199

er. Pay (depends on experience), paid

holidays, vacation and medical. (800)
640-0970 – Portland Torque Products,
Inc. dave@portlandtorque.com. AT R A

HELP WANTED: Regional Sales Peo-

ple – Large Midwest remanufacturer of
Bosch Pushbelts
CVT belts & Luk CVT chains
automatic transmission components
in need of aggressive sales people.
info@pushbelt.com Sales Territory includes the North-
+31 13 521 7448 east, Southeast, Midwest, Central
and Southwest regions. Product lines
Parts Washer, and an Axi-line Trans-
include remanufactured torque con-
mission Dyno ($5,000) that does most
verters, hard parts both used and re-
front and rear wheel drives, and some
manufactured and new and complete
smaller Allison Trans. Please call for
transmissions. Knowledge in our prod-
prices. Emailed pictures available
uct lines a must. All applicants held in
upon request. Mike (360) 692-6964.
the strictest confidence. Send resume
to: jshawaluk@remanindustries.com.
Springfield, Illinois – Transmission, HELP WANTED: Would you like to join
exhaust and general repair shop, 30 the team of a growing transmission
HELP WANTED: Seeking National
years in business, four year old facility- shop in Northern NJ? We are seeking
Account Manager for well established
A/C, six lifts. All the latest equipment, rebuilders, installers, and outside sales
Transmission company (40 years +).
including: Dyno, Tran X, large inven- help for a 5 day work week. Please for-
Application Confidential, email resume
tory parts and cores. Located on busy ward your work experience and history
to: dbland@atra.com Subject line:
road, excellent reputation with high along with salary requirements to fix-
BB# 0311. ATRA Mbr
repeat customer base. $1.1million, intrannys@gmail.com. All replies kept
Chuck Schlosser (217) 891-7542. confidential. ATRA Mbr
HELP WANTED: Transmission shop
looking for Sales Manger, Rebuilders
HELP WANTED: Portland, OR - Trans-
and R&R Techs. Contact: (805) 236-
EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: TCRS Auto mission parts counter person, mini-
Welder, Bonder & Balancer, and a mum 3 years experience, good refer-
TCRS pass through Parts Washer. ences. We are looking for a person that
Also for sale, an INTERCONT 3-phase in the future could be the parts manag-

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2011 ATRA Technical Seminars


4/9/11 Minneapolis, MN GM: CHRYSLER: FORD:
4/30/11 Fremont, CA LCT 1000 41TE AWF 21B
4L60/65/70E 545RFE 6F50
5/7/11 Coeur D’Alene, ID 4T65E 45RFE AX4N
5/14/11 Denver, CO 4L30E 42RLE 5R55N/W/S
5/21/11 Des Moines, IA 6L80
6/4/11 Vancouver, BC
8/13/11 Albuquerque, NM
8/20/11 Cincinnati, OH All Hondas
9/10/11 Atlanta, GA
9/17/11 Billings, MT Registration Costs:
10/1/11 Chicago, IL Prepaid, preregistered ATRA members $149
10/8/11 Portland, OR Prepaid, preregistered non-ATRA members $189
11/5/11 Baltimore, MD On-site registration $220
One free registration with every four paid.
Check http://members.atra.com for more dates
and locations to come!
800.428.8489 • http://members.atra.com

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http://members.atra.com www.transmissionkits.com
BorgWarner Automotive....................................................... 46 Raybestos Powertrain.......................................................... 11
www.borgwarner.com www.raybestospowertrain.com
Certified Transmission.......................................................... 27 Seal Aftermarket Products................................................... 17
www.certifiedtransmissions.com www.sealaftermarketproducts.com
ETE Reman.......................................................................... 35 Slauson Transmission Parts................................................. 29
www.enginetrans.com www.slauson.com
EVT Parts............................................................................. 13 Sonnax Industries............................................................... IFC
www.evtparts.com www.sonnax.com
Ford Customer Service Division........................................... 25 SuperFlow Technologies Group........................................... 39
www.fordparts.com www.superflow.com
G-Cor Automotive Corp.......................................................... 7 Superior Transmission Parts.................................................. 9
www.transmissionhardparts.com www.superior-transmission.com
GEARS Magazine ................................................................29 TCI Automotive..................................................................... 39
www.gearsmagazine.com www.tciauto.com
Jasper Engines & Transmissions....................................... IBC T.C.R.A................................................................................. 47
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Life Automotive Products Inc................................................ 15 Transtar Industries, Inc......................................................... 37
www.smartblend.com www.transtar1.com/
Lubegard® By International Lubricants, Inc...................... OBC TransTec By CORTECO......................................................... 3
www.lubegard.com www.transtec.com
Mustang Advanced Engineering.......................................... 23 VBX - ValveBody Xpress, Inc............................................... 28
www.mustangdyne.com www.valvebodyxpress.com
Precision European Inc........................................................ 63 Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc.......................... 33
www.PEIus.com www.wittrans.com


ATRA Supplier Members

Reserve your free table top display for the

ATRA 2011 technical seminar series today!
Call (805) 604-2018
See ATRA Seminar Schedule page 63.

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