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THE INVINCIBLE MAGICK SPELLS of The Afghan Mullah-Sensees by Mohammed Ali Mullah-Sensee The Invincible Magick Spells of The Afghan Mullah-Sensees by Mohammed Ali ‘Copyright 2) 1993 FINBARR INTERNATIONAL Introduction Information for this book was obtained on the understanding that the beliefs of the Mullah- Se it cataatoe to be used for good works towards mankind. These spells and signs must not be used for evil purposes as evil will undoubtedly backfire on the user if the necessary precautions have not been taken. All the spells and signs are from the mountains of Afghanistan and the surrounding areas, All have been handed down from generation to generation, smdent to smadent. All are in their original form and have not been translated or altered by me so 2% to preserve the originality and power. In writing this book Thope vo provide an insighr into the strength of the Afghan people as well as the practical aspecta of Afghan and ‘Every spell contained in this book has worked for over 1400 years ———— ions of the Mullah- ALLAH-O-AKBAR