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Value labs Dotnet Interview Questions

Dotnet interview with ValueLabs,Hitechcity,Hyderabad, for 2-4 years exp. It was a written test with 10 questions and time is 90 mins. here are the questions: 1.How can we force Garbagecollector to run? 2.How many authentication modes are there?what is the default mode? 3.Windows API calls in .net? 4.ExpressionLambdas and their syntax? 5. What is section in webconfig? 6.What is the use of static constructor?Can we have multiple Static Constructors? 7.What is the extension of LINQ file that interacts with code behind objects? 8.How to insert multiple rows from Gridview to Database table under a single transaction? 9.Retrieve distinct values from L and order values based on username using LINQ.