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Haley Griggs Mr.

Neuburger Eng Comp 102-104 29 August 2012 Response Essay America Land of the Wasteful Eighner One Dumpster Diving, Explaining the filthiness of Americans and how the expression, another mans trash is another mans treasure, goes hand in hand with this situation. The honesty and self-awareness that Eighner puts into a readers mind to show the world behind the dumpster. People always throw out items, from food to anything that could be lying on the floor or something that has been under the bed for months on end. In spite of what many Americans say about some belongings being worthless, those Americans dont realize that what they throw out is excepted by other humans that use those belongings to live. I live from the refuse of others, says Eighner, a man who was the American throwing out items to being the man living off what Americans throw out. Eighner has proven that a mans treasure doesnt have to be fancy, yet it will always be what everyone takes for granted. Americans have become filthy because Americans dont see the full value in everything that gets discarded. 172 words.

Eighner, Lars. "On Dumpster Diving." Power of Language Language of Power. 2nd ed. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions, 2011. 253-66. Print. Custom Edition for Ozarks Technical Community College.