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Polaris Dotnet Interview Questions

1. Explain about your current project? 2. Which type of architecture is used and how the security is implemented in your project? 3. Rate yourself in asp.net, C#, Sqlserver, Ajax? I said 4,4,3,4 4. What is partial page post back? 5. Lets consider a button inside the update panel and a label outside the update panel, hw can I update the label control on button click event? 6. Consider a button inside the update panel which is calling java script function on button click event, but java script is not executing when user clicks on the button what could be the reason? How you make it to work? 7. Consider a webpage is loading very slowly in production, how do you identify the reasons why it is loading slowly Interviewer asks many side questions like how you optimize the C# code, sql queries, does sql functions cause any performance issues. 8. Difference between web services and WCF? 9. How do you host the WCF? 10. What is a service contract and data contract? 11. How can you rate yourself in JavaScript and oops? 12. How to convert a string variable to int in java script? 13. Side how do you debug the java script code? 14. How do you overcome the browser incompatible issues..? 15. Difference between ref and out? 16. Where should we use Interface and where should we use abstract classes? 17. Can you tell me what are best Programming practices that you are implementing in your projects? 18. Does writing the try, catch blocks in the code causes any performance issues? Sql Server 19. What is the difference between Lock and no lock? 20. Write the syntax for case statement? 21. Types of joins? 22. Triggers, Stored procedures