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Faculty of Social Sciences English Major Professor: Martn Ulises Aparicio Morataya Subject: Management of Technological Resources for

r the Teaching and Administration of the English Language (Part III) Module 6 Topic: Project 6: Study Case STUDENT ID Marcella Martinez 31-5231-2006 Delmy Hernandez 31-5023-2006

September , 2012

ROBOTS Artificial Intelligence CASE STUDY

Our society is facing the increment of new technology in many aspects of life. Nowdays Engineers have made great inovations and technological advances in the Robotics field. Robots or bots are impacting our life style in different aspects Education is one of them. The term "robot" is derived from a Czech word that means forced labor. It was coined by Karel Capek, a playwright that invented fictional robot monsters. Robots can be divided into three main categories: Industrial Robots Research / service Robots Educational Robots

Technological advances are increasing every day as well as the impact of this new digital era is involving us . Everybody is interested to know how far science will go with the new technologies No one knows the answer. However, in a certain way every human being is involved in this big phenomena.

The purpose of this case is to present and inform to the audience

about the technological advances in the educational field.

Describing the case Robots

Watch the video : Japanese School Tests Robot Teacher

1. Do you consider that Robots will improve the learning experience? 2. Are Robots a strength or a threat in the educational field? 3. Do Robots help human beings tasks? 4. Are Robots going to substitute human teachers? 5. What are some of the advantages or disadvantages that represent Robots in our society?