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Hüseyin Arda

The sculptor Hüseyin Arda was born in Eskisehir, Turkey in 1969. He studied Medicine in
Ankara. After 3 years of studying, he decided to change his life, quitted his school and moved to
Berlin. His engagement with art triggered in Tokyo, Japan. Butoh Dance Theatre that he took
part with his partner in Tokyo has always been a source of inspiration for his succeeding works.
In early 1990s, right at the time of political and social turmoil in Berlin, he involved and took an
active role at the Artists' Initiative Tacheles and finally, his encounter with metal work started.
Since 1992, Arda has been sculpting with metal. His sculptures have been shown in a number of
exhibitions throughout Germany. Additionally, he appears on TV, radio, and print media.

Since spring 2008, Arda has been actively organizing and directing several performances,
workshops and exhibitions at his workplace at Tacheles. A number of international artist are
involved to the projects he is coordinating. In the course of next few years, he is planning to have
exhibitions throughout Europe.