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1.Imlpeamenting shared obeject library and using them in program.(Hint. dlopen() ,dlclose(),<dlfcn.h>). 2.Designing a basic shell.(Hint.

An Infinite for loop,read stdin,parse,stdout,std err,fork(),execl). 3.Zombie creation.(Hint.Without wait(),waitpid(),infinite loop,fork()). 4.Zombie prevention.(Hint.using SIG_CHLD,SIG_IGN,wait(),signal handeler 4 SIG_CH LD,killing parent). 5.Proove Linux is time sharing.(Hint.gettimeofday(),fork(),gnuplot). 6.Designing a usb driver.(Hint. He He :D :X). 7.Pipe's destructive read feature.(Hint.pipe(),read(),write()). 8.pipe's size.(Loop,write(),read(),it is 65536B). 9.Impleamentation of dup() sys call.(Hint.:P). 10.Counting page fault.(Hint.getrusage(),Difference between page reclaims & faul t.). 11.Also compare page fault of a recursive procedure and iterative procedure(e.g. Fibonacci).(Hint.Not working :X). 12.Compare cpu time of a recursive procedure and iterative procedure(e.g.Factori al).(Hint.gettimeofday()). 13.A executing program's memory representation(e.g text section,stack section).( Comment. Everybody ignored this 1)(:P).(Hint.Maybe Inline assembly to print base pointer,stack pointer etc.) 14.Graphical representation of page table of a pocess.(Hint.He He :D :) ). 15.Named pipe creation.(Hint.mkfifo(),mknod()); 16.Memory mountain.(Hint.Hallaron's website,Ebook). 17.Priority manipulation and check execution time.(Hint.nice(),gettimeofday()). 18.Size of buffer cache(Hint.Arindam Sir's Slide).