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Amazing animal facts

What do you know about tree frogs?

Tree frog

The tree frog lives in Northern and South America.

They live in Northern and South America. Their habitat is cool rainforests, where they live, sleep, and often hunt in the trees. Tree frogs eat insects and other frogs. Tree frogs climb tall trees.

Can you describe the tree frog?

What do you know about Pygmy monkeys?

Pygmy monkey

Pygmy monkeys live in the Amazon

Pygmy monkeys are 15 centimetres long. Pygmy monkeys eat insects, fruit and Amazon leaves.

Pygmy monkeys are very fierce.

Can you describe the pygmy monkey?

What do you know about the vampire bat?

The vampire bat

The vampire bat lives in Central and South America

The vampire bat flies near the ground and It drinks the blood of animals.

The vampire bat drinks twenty-six litres of blood in a year.

Can you describe the vampire bat?