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Anatomy Review for Final page #5 Name _________________

1. In an embryo, the skeleton is originally made of

2. Bone cells that become embedded within the concentric layers of bone tissue are

3. What is an Osteoblast

4. The loss of bone density that may occur in the later years of life is called

5. The point where two or more bones meet is called a

6. Tendons connect what to what?

7. How does a muscle move a bone?

8. List the functions the skin performs

9. List the functions of the skin

10. The thin outer layer of the skin is

11. Refer to the illustration above. Which of the structures are composed mainly of dead cells?
a. structures A and F
b. structures B and H
c. structures C and D
d. Skin is a living organ that does not have any dead cells.

12. Skin receives nutrients, eliminates wastes, and helps regulate body temperature by using what other body

13. The sweat glands help the body to do what?

14. The lower portion of the skin is

15. Define Keratin

16. Describe The dermis of the skin is

17. Keratin does what to the skin so we are not like Sponge Bob

18. Hair and nails are produced by the cells of the

19. Goose bumps are caused by

20. A skin disorder caused by blockage of oil glands is called