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Name :

1.Do you use Clinic plus shampoo ? 2.Which category you use ?



Bio Proteins (Yellow) Yoghurt proteins(Pink)

Melanin (Black)

Fruitamins Vitamins (Green)

active nutrients (orange)

3.What is the major factor that influence your choice ?

4.How often you purchase ? Monthly Weekly Twice a week

5.What you prefer to buy ? Sachet bottles

6.How many persons in family use the shampoo ?

7.Is there any other shampoo you use ? Yes No

8.Have you used any other shampoo before the current shampoo ? Yes No

9.Are you satisfied with the shampoo ? Yes No

10.Do you think the price is affordable ? Yes No

11.Do you really think that this shampoo really solves the Dandruff problem ? Yes No

12.Do you have any suggestion regarding the product ?