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September 1,2000


Stephen Jacob Pasquini

To whom it may concern;

Stephen Pasquini graduated from the University of Washington, September 1999. Stephen began his employment at Hall Health Primary Care Center April 9,1996. Stephen is an enthusiastic, conscientious and goal oriented employee with an interest in a Medical career. He began here in our Medical Records deparlment, a confidentral area which requires answering multiple telephone lines, alphabettzing chafis, lab reports and the ability to work independently evening hours when most clinic areas were closed.

During the Winter Quarter of 1998 he began working as a Laboratory Assistant in the Hall Health Center Laboratory. Stephen oriented quickly. He became familiar with tubes and specimen handling requirements. He also became proficient in learning blood drawing techniques. He is also willing to learn and help out wherever needed. He has a calm, confident demeanor and is respectful to clients and healthcare staff.

It is a pleasure to recommend Stephen Pasquini to you, please contact me at (206) 616-2498.

if you need further information


Benester A. Fields

6( fr,w
WA 98195
Seattle, Washington 98195

Coordinator, Student & Volunteer Services Hall Health Primary Care Center,354410 University o f Washington