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Fringe Knowledge for Beginners. By Montalk Who R U, Really? What R U, REALLY ? What is REAL THESE DAYS?
Fringe Knowledge for Beginners. By Montalk Who R U, Really? What R U, REALLY ? What is REAL THESE DAYS?

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Published by: BugFx on Jan 29, 2009
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When naturally occurring, negative internal resistance originates
from habitual resistance to change and emotional addiction to old
ways of being. Other natural factors include chemical, astrologi-
cal, and lunar phase variables. When intentionally induced,
negative internal resistance stems from a combination of
artificially lowered emotions and destructive posthypnotic sugges-
tions, which send the weak mind into a downward spiral of
rationalization and reinforcement of these triggers. They may
manifest as mindless nudges that closely mimic real thoughts and
are therefore casually acted upon, or they may manifest as com-
pulsions that push the mind firmly into resisting some positive
action. The latter appears most commonly as procrastination or
unfounded bias against beneficial ideas. Whatever the case, such
influences can be discerned if you realize they suppress lucidity
and emotional balance.

Examples: incessant critical self-talk, mental block or fog in
regards to some constructive thought or action, feeling like you
are in a numb hypnotic trance, being suddenly enveloped in a
dark emotional cloud, feelings of fear and despair rationalized by
dwelling upon personal insecurities, having unexplainable hostil-
ity toward a harmless idea or person, clenching sensations
isolated in the chest area and designed to imitate the more subtle
gut instinct, symptoms of disobeying a hypnotic command and
releasing the pressure in other ways such as unexplainable fidget-
ing and sudden feelings of anxiety or panic that come to nothing,
and positive thoughts immediately countered by discouraging or
distracting thought loops.

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