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Create check boxes in Word 2007:

Open Word document

Click on

, and then select Word Options (on bottom)

Click to select Popular, then select Show Developer tab in the Ribbon

Developer tab is now included in Word Ribbon selection Click to select the Developer tab

To create check boxes, click on the Legacy Tools icon tab

in the Controls section of the Developer

Select the check box, under Legacy Forms

Click in your document where you want to insert the check box

If your check box has a shadow appearing in it (see box, above), go back to the Legacy Forms icon in the Controls panel and click on the Form Field Shading icon in Legacy Forms. At this point, your check box should appear like this:

Before you can enter a check mark inside your box, you must protect your Word document
In the Developer Ribbon, in the Protect section, click on the drop-down arrow of Protect Document

Select Restrict Formatting and Editing

A Restrict Formatting and Editing task pane will appear on right of screen

Under Editing Restrictions, drop down the arrow to select Filling in Forms Next, under Start Enforcement, click on A Start Enforcing Protection window will appear button

Enter a password, then click OK to close the window The following task pane will appear on right of screen

At this point you will be able to enter checks inside your check boxes

While the Word document is protected, you will NOT be able to make any changes or additions to your document. If you would like to add additional check boxes, you will need to stop the protection on your document by clicking on the Stop Protection button at the bottom of the task pane (right of screen) An Unprotect Document window will appear. Enter your password and click OK to close the window.

You are now free to make changes/additions to your Word document. Remember, at this point (document unprotected) you are not able to put check marks inside the check boxes