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Creative teams


Emil Petrescu (Team Sunset) 2012

Brainstorming activity: Not Getting Enough Sleep

For this assignment I started by creating my project team. Given the issues I experienced with the previous team assignments for this course (mainly to do with other peoples location and time availability), I have decided to take the opportunity to be a one person team

Brainstorming activity: Not Getting Enough Sleep (continued)

Therefore, for the brainstorming activity I had to play each separate role, myself. The role playing is based on the model developed by Edward De Bono: Six Thinking Hats The different colour hats the team members are wearing at any particular time (each team member wears the same colour hat at the same time) symbolise different approaches to the problem at hand. By using the different colour hats, all aspects of the problem will be covered

The Six Thinking Hats (or modes) in De Bonos model

The White Hat calls for information known or needed. The Red Hat signifies feelings, hunches and intuition. The Black Hat is judgment -- the devil's advocate or why something may not work The Yellow Hat symbolizes brightness and optimism. The Green Hat focuses on creativity: the possibilities, alternatives and new ideas. The Blue Hat is used to manage the thinking process.

The six thinking hats adapted for my own needs

For the purpose of this project, my own needs and preferences, I have chosen six different modes/hats as follows:

The six thinking hats adapted for my own needs (cont)

The six thinking hats adapted for my own needs (cont)

Given my engineering and scientific background I thought I will feel less comfortable wearing hats that are way out of my traditional way of thinking I found it quite good and refreshing to see that, while I tend to be more productive using engineering/science like methods, I do feel more and more comfortable using alternative methods (like naturist, alternative and even esoteric or mixed methods) The finished product of the brainstorming done using this approach has been submitted as a separate assignment