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OM 1. difference between CPM and PERT 2. Ansoff Matrix 3. Types of layout 4. Symptoms of Badlayout 5. Principles of layout 6. MRP 7.

ERP 8. ISO 9000,1400 9. Explain Control Chart 10. Explain Jockying, Balking & Reneging 11. Explain Product Life Cycle 12. Difference between different types of assemblies 13. Aggregate Planning Capacity Planning 14. Formation Queue 15. Difference between value Analysis and Value Engineering 16. Difference between efficiency and productivity 17. Johnson's Rule 18. Sequencing Rules. Explain Critical Ratio 19. Quality Control (r-chart, p-chart) 20. Flow chart for rough cut capacity planning 21. Explain major operation planning activities 22. Pure Strategies 23. All diagrams from aggregate planning NOt sat lectures of Aggregate Planning and Capacity Planning Some sums that need of operation in one lecture you have not attended ( do it) Difference between 1) X chart/ Rchart 2)Pert/ CPm 3)VA/VE