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THE NEW] Prepare for IELTS ACADEMIC MODULES Penny Cameron & Vanessa Todd 5 complete practice tests for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in the test of the International English Language Testing System INSEARCH Insearch UTS and International Programs, University of Technology, Sydney Insearch UTS University of Technology, Sydney Level 3, 187 Thomas Street Sydney NSW 2000 ‘Australia International Programs University of Technology, Sydney Broadway NSW 2007 Australia Copyright © 2001 Insearch UTS and International Programs, Unwersity of Technology, Syaney eptinted 2001 Produced by the Publications Department of Insearch Education University of Technology, Sydney ‘The publisher would lke to thank Mary Jane Hogan for her contribution to the ealier editions of this book. “Tis publication i copyright. No par of this publication, book and canete tape, tray be reproduced or traravitted in any form or by any means, electronic mechavicl Drotecapying, recoring orothersise, nor toredin a database o retrieval system, trenous the rien permission ofthe copyright awners, except for such cOoying Uris permitted by the Copyright Act, 1968 and subsequent amendments, National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication data cameron, Penny The New Prepare for IELTS Academic Modules ‘aN 0 908537 182 International English Language Testing Sytem English language - Examinations, questions, etc English language - Textbooks for foreign speakers Cameron, Penny Ni, Inseareh UTS Ii, University of Technology, Sydney. international Programs. IV, Title V Title: The New Prepare for International English Language Testing System: VI Title: Prepare for IELTS Cover and layout by Simon Leong Design, Sydney. ilustrations by Pam Horsnel, pp. 21, 22, 23,37, 43, 103. All other diagrams by Simon Leong, Printed by Southwood Press Pry Ltd, 76-82 Chapel Street Marrickville NSW Australia. Contents Unit 1: Introduction to the IELTS test 1 Part 1: About the IELTS test Part 2: For the student: How to prepare for IELTS The day of the test Unit 2: The Listening test " How to use this Unit Listening Practice Tests Answer Sheet Listening Practice Test 1 Listening Practice Test 2 Listening Practice Test 3 Listening Practice Test 4 Listening Practice Test 5 Unit 3: The Reading test a7 How to use this Unit Reading Practice Tests Answer Sheet ‘Academic Reading Practice Test 1 Academic Reading Practice Test 2 ‘Academic Reading Practice Test 3 Academic Reading Practice Test 4 ‘Academic Reading Practice Test 5 Unit 4: The Writing test 41 How to use this Unit Global Strategies for the Academic Module Writing Tasks Writing Task 1 Writing Task 2 ‘Academic Writing Practice Test 1 ‘Academic Writing Practice Test 2 ‘Academic Writing Practice Test 3 ‘Academic Writing Practice Test 4 ‘Academic Writing Practice Test 5 Unit 5: The Speaking test 127 How to use this Unit Information and Strategies for the Speaking test Unit 6: Answers and tapescripts 133 Part 1: Academic Listening Practice Tests Part 2: Academic Reading Practice Tests Part 3: Academic Writing Practice Tests Acknowledgements 155