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Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

The remnants of the sea that once was between Asia and India are in the Southern Caspian Sea Italy is, tectonically, part of Africa, like India is, tectonically, part of Australia/Oceania That cool image that started our Salt of the Earth lecture? Well, it represents the land bridge that was the dried Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa looking northeast at Sicily, with the volcano being a proto-Mount Edna The dried Mediterranean would be a slat bed desert, like the Magkgadikgadi salt bed in Botswana Species (biological species): A group of organisms that can reproduce and create a viable, non-hybrid offspring, that can, too, reproduce with other members of that group and do the same Species (morpho-species): Species that have very similar anatomies that preserve well over time, such as clamshells and teeth You have to consider mainly those parts in which finding it likely means the death of an organism, such as a tooth, bone, or horn, rather than things due to shedding, such as claws, antlers, and exoskeletons Consider dismembering which can scatter preservable hard-tissue morphology

More Elephants The cute, cuddly, and small Hyrax is an ________ancestor of the Elephant Before genetic testing was commonplace, this was known due to the morphic similarities

Our latitude is in an area that is constantly at interplay between polar and equatorial winds Acme- A time when a species is extremely prevelant