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Generous heart, kind speech, life of service and compassion are the things that renew humanity.


Russa Road Young Buddhist Student Literacy Mission has the mission of improving the quality of human life by strengthening the development capacity through literary and educational activities among the communities.

Legal Status Registered Registered Registered Registered 1976. under under under under West Bengal Society Registration Act - 1961 U/S 80G of IT. Act - 1961 U/S 12A of IT. Act - 1961 the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act - FCRA

Aims/Plans of the Society 1) To provide education to poor and needy children.

2) To promote and encourage advancement of literary, cultural, moral, religious, scientific and technical education. 3) To set up libraries, hold meetings, seminars and take up other incidental activities. 4) To exchange and interact understanding of the basic theme of world religion. with others for mutual

5) To impart the message of non-violence", championed by Mahatma Gandhi. 6) To educate and raise health awareness.


The Members of the Mission are welcomed to the thirteenth Annual General Meeting. The Society is slowly but steadily moving ahead in its pursuit to construct an Educational Institution for the development of the people. The land conversion is under process and it is expected to be completed next year. The remaining portion in the first floor of existing building has been completed. Continuation of school building in the ground floor has been completed up to roof level. At present the School has 9 class rooms, 1 Principal rooms, one teachers room and 9 toilet rooms.

Although the Mission is facing acute shortage of fund, yet during the year the Mission was also able to give Scholarship to 8 needy students, studying at different universities. The Mission has also purchased the adjacent land for the purpose of play-ground for school children. Registration and mutation is under process. Permanent boundary wall will be constructed in the following year.


Meditation classes were organized for the ordinary people of the locality and teachings of love, compassion and brotherhood were imparted. The Art of Living in a peaceful manner was explained to them. The Mission has been able to extend a helping to the eight needy students by way of giving scholarship to them.



The loan sanctioned by the SBI has been utilized for the construction purpose. The Society is trying hard to convert the status of the land owned from agriculture to Bastu Land, for which an application to the municipality has been submitted. After successful completion of the conversion further loan can be sanctioned by the Bank, which is urgently required for the completion of construction. As envisaged "Bodhisukha School" run by the Mission is gaining popularity in the local area. School fees collected from students is Rs. 3.64 lacs. Number of students enrolled at Bodhisukha school is now about 200 students. The Mission is confident that number of students will increase steadily after the completion of Hostel-cum School Building.



6. A Health awareness camp was set up and general knowledge pertaining to health were explained.

The Mission is also trying to involve in the women empowerment program by setting Self Help Group (SHG). List of Governing Body 2008-2009
Designation Name Address

1. President : Rev. Dr. U Panyalinkara Chinese Nalanda-803111, Bihar. 2. Vice President : Rev. Dr. Nando Batha Barasat, 3. General Secretary Dum, : Mr. Philip Barua Kathor,




24 PGS (N), W.B. 2/6 Ashiana Apartment, Tarun Sen Gupta Sarani, Airport Gate No. 1, Dum KOLKATA-79, W.B. 4. Assist. Secretary Barasat, : Ashin Pyinnyar Thara Kathor, Badu-700128,

24 PGS (N), W.B. 5. Treasurer : Mr. Ugya Jai Mog Barasat, 24 PGS(N), W.B. 6. Member Nagar, 7. " Barasat, 8. " Manubankul, 9. " Buddha Vihara, : Mr. K.Z. Aung Mog Kathor, Titabor Jorhat, Assam. : Rev. Ariyawantha Bk Kathor, Badu-700128, Chari Badu-700128, Ali, Lachit

24 PGS (N), W.B. : Rev. Dhammapiya Dhammadipa School,

Sabroom, Tripura (S). : Ven Khemachara Bhikkhu Siddhartha Sangha

No 1-10-294, Comsari Bazar, P.O.Bowenpally Secunderabad 500011, A P