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Annie Dillards Pilgrim at Tinker Creek strikes me both for its sublime language as well as for her keener

observation of what I might refer to as trivia. In one related scenario, in a chapter Stalking - that seems to summarize her writing approach, Annie Dillard relates how water striders, skating over the top of the water, manage to avoid each using tiny water ripples as clue. She wondered why, in one odd incident, a water strider, instead of heading from ripples made by another insect, was racing towards it.

Annie Dillards obsession to explain the science behind the ordinary to her very important, to me irrelevant represented a world of difference between the western thought and, for lack of a better phrase, my native thought. In my world, things just happen; no explanations. But that awareness since has reinforced a reevaluation of how I view the world.

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