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MM5002 People in Organization

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Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley (A)


Strategic Leadershi p


People Factor

HR Analysis

Recomme ndation

HR Practices


Morgan Stanley held

The 3rd rank position

A market share of 12.2%

Paul Nasr promised the PROMOTION when recruited Rob Parson to Morgan Stanley Rob Parson had GENERATED substantial revenues since joining the firm However, Rob Parson has INTERPERSONAL PROBLEMS in working with PEOPLE INSIDE the firm

DECISION MAKING to Promote as Managing Director




Company Culture

Do not fit the culture i.e. teamwork


Attitude No guarantee he will change The position is crucial i.e. standard bearers to junior

Strong business acumen securing major deals and generating revenues for his desk

Rob Parson WILL STAY at the company

Strong relationship with clients ..people look forward to having meals with him In condition not to report to Paul Nasr ..group felt that I was his protector

Lesson Learn #1
Morgan Stanley, hierarchical, was attempted to transform its work environtment that fosters teamwork and innovation by putting people as competitive advantage

Strategic Leadership
Financial Industry
Complex, fast paced, the most demanding client and global industry


The world`s best investment bank and the firm of choice for our clients, our people and our shareholders


To provide a unified face to the customers and also to have mechanism in place to effectively coordinate work across the firm

Operating Goals & Metrics

Strategic Leaders
Consensus and Up or out Promotion system in a hierarchy as standard bearers for all junior staff

Exceptional service Integrity Dignity Respect

Market Share

People Factor
Paul Nasr
Hired by John Mack to shake up the culture

Rob Parson
Hired by Paul Nasr as a principal Young banker with proven track record Strong relationship with important players in the industry Low adaptation to organization culture

Gary Stuart
Senior Market Coverage Professional Very good understanding of market and customer relation Think that interdependent with other professional in firm is very important

John Mack
The president in 1993
Transform the firm into one-firm 360 degree performance appraisal Highly regarded banker Leadership role the culture is important

Lesson Learn #2
Morgan Stanley use
360 degree performance appraisal

that delivers
employee`s job measurement

by combine information from

managers, peers, subordinates, self and customers

Nasr said it takes more than traditional corporate banker to get this job done Stuart said He makes things happen that wouldn`t otherwise happen 360 Degree comments A self starter who is unusually aggressive in pursuing the business He has made a big difference with several clients

Hire reactively in order to develop presence in the market I handled him with kid gloves ..give him time. He doesn'tt know the Morgan Stanley system yet.

Nasr said in the meantime he broken every following rule within Morgan Stanley to get there Rob Parson said What`s the problem? What did I do wrong? 360 Degree comments Lack of team player skills Lack of team player skill are not happy with him basically questioning their prices.are not happy with him questioning their knowledge of the markets

Lesson Learn #3
A star from previous company, when joining new company, not only has to understand the products but also The people, processes, platform, and politics that delivers collaborations and delegation of organization culture

HR Practices

How to say to Rob Parson?

Acknowledge the positive Provide the negative Talk about the future


Say it`s company decision that he would not get the promotion

Say As supervisor I didn`t do good job orienting and developing Rob to fit the culture

Say What can we do together to improve in the future?


Make it informal, to create a dialog in a relax place to get Rob Parson to talk (discussion). Preferably outside the company e.g cafe


Hire Strategically not reactively

Developed the company stars to create the sustainable competitive advantage i.e. Mapping and create the program
Compensation for stars i.e. Compensation based performance On board deep orientation i.e. Emphasized the important of the organization culture and goals since the 1st day to every new employee Performance feedback to every employees i.e. Unfortunately, the people who typically receive the least attention from their boss are the average performers. However, they are the ones who could probably benefit from it the most

Exhibit 3 E&D Summary Form(1)

Evaluation and Development Summary

Evaluatee: Parson, Robert,L Title : Principal Div/Dept : IBD/Capital Market

Evaluation Director: Nasr, Paul A Signature : Date : Review of Performance

Performance Summary, including accomplishment -Has almost good in Professional Skills and Commercial Orientation. - Average on Management Skills - Low on One Firm Contribution, especially in Team Player Skills with downward

Evaluation THEMES Strengths 1. Professional Skills 2. Commercial Orientation Comments Mostly very high rating of this item Need development on Adherence to firm policies

Exhibit 3 E&D Summary Form(2)

Evaluation and Development Summary Evaluatee: Parson, Robert,L EVALUATION THEMES Development Area 1. One Firm contribution 2. Management Skills Comments Low Team Player Skills Low leadership & management of people, evaluation, development and coaching, management of diverse workforce Evaluation Director: Nasr, Paul A

PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE FOR NEXT YEAR: Business Goals : increase market share and got the second rank position Professional Development Goals : Develop the team player sense and absorb the culture of Morgan Stanley CAREER GOALS -Short term : Principal while development low item of his performance rating as define in development Area above