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Anatomy Quiz Posterior/ Planes I.Match the following terms with the appropriate description. 1. Plantar 2. cephalic 3.

sural 4. manus 5. occipital 6. otic 7. scapular 8. acromial 9. olecranal 10. brachial 11. dorsum 12. vertebral 13. popliteal 14. femoral 15. gluteal 16. calcaneal 17. perineal 18. lumbar 19. sacral a. ear b. sole of foot c. shoulder d. shoulder blade e. head f. back g. hand h. back of the skull i. buttock j. calf k. back of elbow l. thigh m. heel n. arm o. back of the knee p. lower back q. region containing anus rectum r. spinal column s. between hips d. transverse

II. Match the plane with the description a. sagittal b. midsagittal c. frontal

20. This plane divides the body into superior and inferior parts. ______ 21. This plane divides a body part into right and left parts._______ 22. This plane divides the body into anterior and posterior._______ 23. This plane divides the body into equal right and left parts. _____ III. Match the cavity with the description a. dorsal b. vertebral c. thoracic f. cranial h. abdominal i. pelvic d. abdominopelvic e. ventral

24. The brain is housed in this cavity. _________ 25. The dorsal body cavity consists of the following cavities. ______ & ______ 26. The ovaries are located in the following cavity. _________ 27. The heart and lungs are located in the _____ cavity. 28. The intestines lie in_____ cavity which is part of the _______ cavity. 29. The _______ cavity contains 4 cavities they are ______ & _____ & ______ & _______ . 30. The diaphragm is located in the __________ cavity.