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Season Handbook


1. About the League & Vision 2. League Constitution 3. League Contacts 4. Member Clubs and Contacts 5. League Rules 6. 2012 Fixtures 7. 2012 Dates for the Diary

1. About the League

Our Vision
To be recognised as the best run Village Cricket League in Kent and an opportunity for the development of high performance and community sport.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to create an innovative and quality village cricket league played on good grounds that allows players in open age cricket to attain their full sporting potential.

Our Values
In our relationship with our member clubs, players, sponsors, partners and league officials, we will

Be responsive to their needs Consult and endeavour to reach common understanding Be open and transparent Listen and communicate effectively Accept full responsibility for our decisions and actions

Our Objectives
Our mission will be achieved through key objectives that seek

To remain true to our geographical area for our member clubs ensuring we maintain reasonable journey times to each venue To ensure we keep to the high standard of grounds and facilities To continue to provide a good standard of fixtures and competition

To establish a community coaching programme to continue or commence the development of junior cricketers for all member clubs.

2011 Honours
Champions Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Shipbourne 1st XI Cobham 1st XI Meopham 2nd XI Staplehurst 2nd XI Batting
James Creed (Sheldwich) Chris Brett (Boughton & Eastwell) Gary Howarth (Meopham) Richard Thomas (Marden)

Barry Curtis (Headcorn) Scott Lackford (Betsham) Michael Boddy (Cobham)
Gerald Saunders (Staplehurst)

2. League Constitution
Adopted by members at the Annual General Meeting held at the Staplehurst Cricket Pavilion on 19th November 1980 and amended in respect of various paragraphs at Annual General Meetings up to and including that held at Meopham Cricket Club on 17th November 2011.

The name of the League shall be THE INVICTA CRICKET LEAGUE (hereinafter called the League), and such title may include the name of a sponsor should one be obtained.

The objects of the League shall be to organise and administer an Annual Cricket League amongst member clubs and promote the playing of the game of cricket on an amateur basis and the coaching of those wishing to play the game of cricket.


1. Membership of the League will be open to any cricket club based within our geographical area. Admission to membership of the League shall be considered at the earliest Committee Meeting. To be accepted a majority of the member clubs must support the applicant. All member clubs shall be subject to the provisions of the Leagues constitution and rules and by joining the League will be deemed to accept those provisions and any codes of conduct and E.C.B. Policies that the League has adopted or may adopt. Any club wishing to withdraw from the League shall inform the Secretary in writing prior to the 1st March of the preceding year.


3. 4.


The Officers of the League shall be the President, Treasurer, Secretary and Competition Secretary. The Officers shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting from members of the clubs belonging to the League.

1. The Leagues business, including the control of the Leagues finances, shall be transacted on behalf of the members by the duly appointed Committee. It shall be the duty of the Committee to ensure that all members of the League abide by the Laws of Cricket and the E.C.B. Code of Conduct which incorporates the Spirit of Cricket; to ensure the implementation of the E.C.B. Safe Hands Cricket Policy for Safeguarding Children and the E.C.B. Cricket Equity Policy and any future versions of the policies. The Committee shall consist of the following Officers: the President, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Competition Secretary together with a representative from each member club. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt such other members and appoint sub-committees to deal with whatever other matters may, from time to time, be required and to grant any powers as may be deemed necessary. Meetings of the Committee shall be held as necessary with at least 14 days notice being given. A quorum shall be the majority of the members of the full Committee. No decision shall be made without a quorum.






Each member club will appoint a representative whose responsibilities shall include: 1. Attendance at all Committee Meetings and General Meetings of the League, and if unable to do so, arrange for a suitable substitute. Liaising between the League Committee and their club members. Ensuring that their Annual Subscription is paid by the due date.

2. 3.

An auditor shall be appointed by the Committee.

The Financial Year shall end on 31st October each year.

1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting held in November each year on a date fixed by the Committee. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time by the Committee or if requested in writing by two or more member clubs. The reports of the Officers and the Statement of Accounts, duly audited, shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting. The election of Officers shall take place at the Annual General Meeting, or should one be called at an Extraordinary General Meeting. Each member club shall be entitled to send unlimited numbers of their members to a General Meeting but only the official representative, or in his absence his nominated substitute, shall be entitled to vote. Member clubs entitled to vote must notify the Secretary, in writing, of any business to be moved at the Annual General Meeting at least 42 days before the date of the meeting. Notice of any General Meeting shall be given by the Secretary to all member clubs entitled to vote not less than 21 days before the date of such meeting. Notices, including the Agenda, shall be given by post to the club representatives last known addresses or by email. Any election or resolution shall be passed at such meetings by a simple majority of those present. In the event of a deadlock, the President, or Chairman of the meeting, will be able to cast the deciding vote.








The Annual Subscriptions shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting for the forthcoming season and payment should be made by the 30th April

Changes to the Constitution or Rules can only be made at the Annual General Meeting and can only be decided by a majority of those present.

3. League Contacts

League President
Brian Sambrook
01474 703426


League Secretary
Mike Carney
01233 623869


Competition Secretary & League Treasurer

Mike Donnelly
07778 304 129


League Management Committee

Mike Donnelly mike@tslpalm.com Andy Powney andrew.powney@blueyonder.co.uk Paul Motum paul@motum.fsnet.co.uk Matt Blythin mattblythin@hotmail.com

4. Member Clubs & Contacts

Betsham CC
Highcross Highcross Road Southfleet Gravesend Kent DA13 9PH

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Hilton Bayayi Karl Harris Steve Whitfield Len Whitfield

07830 212026 07710 847873 01474 567594 0798 142 955

Boughton & Eastwell CC

The Lees Boughton Aluph Ashford Kent TN25 4HH

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Chris Brett David Gray Alistair Vant Mike Carney

07917 889220 07825 166654 0773 9983937 01233 623869

Headcorn CC

Lenham Road Headcorn Kent TN27 9LE

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Peter Westrop Mike Donnelly Mike Donnelly Mike Donnelly

07768 868056 07778 304129 07778 304129 07778 304129

Lenham CC

Lenham Cricket Ground Ham Lane Lenham Maidstone Kent ME17 2QB

1st XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Matt Shrimpton Dan Russell Alex Gray

07794 848824 0775 9959789 07760 132803

Linton Park CC

Linton Park Heath Road Linton Maidstone Kent ME17 4HT

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Mark Christmas Kevin Presneil Nigel Thirkell Nigel Thirkell

07983 332605 07923 578657 07850 336447 07850 336447

Marden CC

Marden Cricket & Hockey Club Day's Sports Field Albion Road Marden Kent, TN12 9EF

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Matt Blythin Chris Watts Simon Day Matt Blythin

07764 492270 07961 577187 07734 282458 07764 492270

Meopham CC

The Pavilion Meopham Green Meopham Kent DA13 0PY

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Clive Beard Matt Sparkes Tony Thatcher Andy Powney

07968 729116 07739 155203 01474 567229 07916 141189

Milstead CC

Rawling Street Milstead Kent

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Richard Cusworth Ken West Glyn Chick Brian Spicer

07837 735183 07825 252934 07843 498212 01732 851712

Rumwood CC

White Horse Lane Otham Maidstone Kent

1st XI Captain Head Groundsman League Rep

Steve Puxty Rod Bailey Steve Puxty

07841 654090 or 01622 662465 01622 843641 07841 654090 or 01622 662465

Sheldwich CC

Sheldwich Lees Lees Court Road Sheldwich Nr Faversham Kent ME13 0LY

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Matt Smyth Dave Williams James Creed James Creed

07967 619603 07977 280 894 07747 079974 07747 079974

Staplehurst CC

Frittenden Road Staplehurst Kent

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Paul Motum John Swannick John Reardon Paul Motum

07771 847550 07788 140640 07802 231692 07771 847550

West Farleigh CC

The Pavilion Church Lane West Farleigh Maidstone Kent ME15 0PB

1st XI Captain 2nd XI Captain Fixture Secretary League Rep

Matt Brookes Ben Spragg Paul Baines Terry Baines

07811 324809 07788 274970 07730 435565 01622 815267

5. League Rules
All League Matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Cricket, as published by the MCC from time to time, except as varies or amended by the following match rules.

The committee shall arrange all league fixtures on a Saturday and matches shall be played on the dates shown on the official League Fixtures list. In the event of a club being unable to fulfil both the 1st XI and 2nd XI fixtures, the 1st XI fixture has to take precedence.

1. 2. 3. The duration of play shall be 90 overs. The innings of the side batting first shall not occupy more than 45 overs. The innings of the side batting second shall occupy the balance of the overs, ignoring any odd balls.

One new ball of standard manufacture to be agreed the Committee shall be used in each innings of 1st XI matches. Each team to provide a new ball for each match. One new ball to be used for each 2nd XI match.

Matches shall commence at 1.30pm until 1st September when they will start at 12.30pm.

There shall be a tea interval of 20 minutes maximum, which unless the Captains agree otherwise, shall take place between innings.

Matches which start on time (normally 1.30 p.m.) are to be of 90 overs duration (maximum of 45 per side and 10 overs per bowler). Matches delayed for up to 30 minutes (start 2.00 p.m.) are to be of 80 overs duration (maximum of 40 overs per side and 9 overs per bowler). Matches delayed for 30 to 60 minutes (start 2.30 p.m.) are to be of 70 overs duration (maximum of 35 overs per side and 8 per overs bowler). Matches delayed for 60 to 90 minutes (start 3.00 p.m.) are to be of 60 overs duration (maximum of 30 overs per side and 7 overs per bowler).

Matches delayed for 90 to 120 minutes (start 3.30 p.m.) are to be of 50 overs duration (maximum of 25 overs per side and 6 overs per bowler). Once a ball has been bowled, no match shall be reduced in length but, in the event of a delayed start due to weather or of interruptions in play, play may continue for as long as the umpires deem the conditions fit for play (see the laws of Cricket Law 3.8 Fitness of Ground, Weather and Light).


Each club shall make every effort to provide a suitable umpire and scorer for each match.

In order that appropriate media coverage is given to league matches, the home club shall enter the full scorecard onto their play-cricket website no later than 8 pm on the Sunday following the match. Necessary information shall include the scores of each innings together with the name of any player scoring more than 50 or taking 4 wickets or more. This requirement shall apply equally to cancelled or abandoned matches. Failure to notify the result by the specified time shall result in a 5-point deduction from the home club. All players, whether they have batted or not, and including those who have taken catches or made stumpings, shall be fully identified by both surname and initial (or first name).

Players shall play for only one club in any year, except by application to be considered by the Committee. All players participating in League matches shall be bone fide Club members of amateur status and shall not be rewarded for playing for their Club, Club members or supporters. The League reserves the right to deem a player as an ineligible player if they fail to pass their own clubs registration procedure or it is felt that their inclusion was made against the Spirit of Cricket which involves respect for your opponents and therefore the rest of the teams within that division. Any club wishing to make a complaint about the eligibility of an opponent must do so in writing to the League Secretary within 14 days from the date of the match being played. The League will not act upon any complaint outside of this 14-day period. Any player who has been suspended by a member club may only play for another Club within the League whilst serving their suspension, after gaining permission from the League Committee. Any Club wishing to field an overseas player shall first seek the prior permission of the Committee. An Overseas player shall be defined as a player not normally resident in the UK or the European Community, who has not been an active and paid up member of the member club in the previous season. No overseas player who has come to the UK solely or primarily to play cricket shall be permitted to play in the League.

The League table shall be determined on the basis of the total number of points per game. The Committee shall determine the minimum number of qualifying games.

10 Points to the winning side 5 Points to each side if the scores are level 3 Points for each side for cancelled matches Conceded matches- 5 point deduction for team conceding 15 win points for opponents

5 points for a win by 10/9 wkts or over 100 runs 0 points for the losing side 4 points for a win by 8/7 wkts or over 76-100 runs 1 point to losing side 3 points for a win by 6/5 wkts or over 51-75 runs 2 points for losing side 2 points for a win by 4/3 wkts or over 26-0 runs 3 points for losing side 1 point for a win by 2/1 wkt or over 1-25 runs 4 points for losing side

In the event of a tied league position the order will be calculated on the following criteria: (a) Compare the points scored in the matches played by the tied sides. (b) If this is equal, compare the points scored by them against the highest placed team in the division they both played. (c) If this is still equal, them compare the points played against the second highest place team that they have played against until conculison is reached.

There shall be a limit of 10 overs per bowler per match (see playing conditions above in a reducedovers match). If a bowler is unable to complete an over for any reason, another member of the fielding side except the bowler who bowled the previous over shall bowl the remaining balls.

At the AGM dated 27 February 2011, the League voted unanimously to adopt the ECB Model Discipline Regulations (issued October 2000).

The home side meets the cost of the teas.

The League Committee shall appoint a Disciplinary Committee of 5 individuals each year. Any matter concerning the conduct of a team or individual may be referred by the League Committee to the Disciplinary Committee, which will investigate the matter thoroughly and may award penalties against offending Clubs (or the Clubs of the offending individuals) of up to 30 penalty points per offence also other sanctions as seen fit by the Committee. For the purpose of considering such referrals, the Disciplinary Committee will on each occasion form a sub-committee of three of its members, who should not include anyone connected with the Club or Clubs involved in the matter under consideration. Whenever possible, the sub-committee shall reach a decision within 30 days of the referral. Any club, on whom a penalty is imposed, will have the right of appeal, to be considered by a further committee of three people, to be appointed on an ad hoc basis by the President of the League Committee. Any club or individual wishing to convene the Disciplinary Committee shall first make a payment of 25 to the Invicta League. This amount is refundable only if their complaint is upheld and any appeal is rejected. Any club or individual wishing to make an appeal against the committees findings shall first make a payment of 50 to the Invicta League. This amount is refundable only after the appeal is upheld. The League Committee would like to draw the following Laws of Cricket to the attention of all players but especially the captains of all sides.


According to the Laws the umpires are the sole judges of fair and unfair play. The umpires may intervene at any time and it is the responsibility of the captain to take actions where required.

The spirit of the Game Involves RESPECT for: Your opponents Your own captain The roles of the umpires The games traditional values.

It is against the Spirit of the Game:

To dispute an umpires decision by word, action or gesture. To direct abusive language towards an opponent or umpire. To indulge in cheating or any sharp practice, for instance; (a) To appeal knowing the batsman is not out. (b) To advance toward an umpire in an aggressive manner when appealing.


To seek to distract an opponent either verbally or by harassment with persistent clapping or unnecessary noise under the guise of enthusiasm and motivation of ones own side.

ECB Youth Directive

Clubs and Captains should be aware of the ECBs Fast Bowling Match Directives regarding young players and the number of overs bowled. For the purposes of this directive, a fast bowler is defined as any bowler to whom a wicketkeeper in the same age group would stand back to.

Age Up to 13 U14, U15 U16, U17, U19


Max Overs Per Spell 5 6 7

Max Overs Per Day 10 12 18

6. 2012 Fixtures

Week 1 5th May

Boughton & Eastwell v Staplehurst Betsham v Sheldwich Marden v Headcorn Milstead v Meopham Meopham II v Headcorn II Lenham v Linton Park II Staplehurst II v West Farleigh West Farleigh II v Betsham II Sheldwich II v Rumwood Linton Park v Betsham Marden v Boughton & Eastwell Sheldwich v Milstead Meopham v Headcorn West Farleigh v Meopham II Staplehurst II v Lenham Headcorn II v Linton Park II Milstead II v Marden II Rumwood v Sheldwich II Betsham v Milstead Meopham v Staplehurst Linton Park v Headcorn Sheldwich v Boughton & Eastwell Lenham v Meopham II Headcorn II v West Farleigh Staplehurst II v Linton Park II Milstead II v Betsham II West Farleigh II v Sheldwich II Rumwood v Marden II Staplehurst v Marden Milstead v Linton Park Boughton & Eastwell v Meopham Headcorn v Sheldwich Meopham II v Lenham Linton Park II v West Farleigh Marden II v Betsham II Rumwood v Milstead II Sheldwich II West Farleigh II

Week 11 14th July

Headcorn v Milstead Marden v Sheldwich Boughton & Eastwell v Betsham Staplehurst v Linton Park Linton Park II v Meopham II West Farleigh v Lenham Betsham II v Marden II Sheldwich II v Milstead II

Week 2 12th May

Week 12 21st July

Marden v Staplehurst Linton Park v Milstead Meopham v Boughton & Eastwell Sheldwich v Headcorn Headcorn II v Marden II Staplehurst II V Sheldwich II West Farleigh II v Meopham II Milstead II v Linton Park II Betsham II v Lenham Staplehurst v Boughton & Eastwell Sheldwich v Betsham Headcorn v Marden Meopham v Milstead West Farleigh v West Farleigh II Lenham v Milstead II Marden II v Meopham II Rumwood v Staplehurst II Linton Park II v Betsham II

Week 3 19th May

Week 13 28TH July

Week 4 26th May

Week 14 4th August

Betsham v Linton Park Boughton & Eastwell v Marden Milstead v Sheldwich Headcorn v Meopham West Farleigh v Headcorn II Marden II v Milstead II Rumwood v West Farleigh II

Week 5 2nd June

Marden v Meopham Headcorn v Betsham Staplehurst v Sheldwich Linton Park v Boughton & Eastwell Meopham II v Staplehurst II West Farleigh v Linton Park II Lenham v Headcorn II Milstead II v West Farleigh II Sheldwich II v Marden II Betsham II v Rumwood

Week 15 11th August

Meopham v Marden Betsham v Headcorn Sheldwich v Staplehurst Boughton & Eastwell v Linton Park Headcorn II v Milstead II Staplehurst II V Betsham II Lenham v West Farleigh II West Farleigh v Rumwood Linton Park II v Sheldwich II

Week 6 9th June

Sheldwich v Linton Park Headcorn v Staplehurst Meopham v Betsham Marden v Milstead Rumwood v Meopham II West Farleigh v Sheldwich II Lenham v Marden II Betsham II v Headcorn II Linton Park II v West Farleigh II Milstead II v Staplehurst II

Week 16 18th August

Sheldwich v Meopham Milstead v Boughton & Eastwell Linton Park v Marden Betsham v Staplehurst Rumwood v Linton Park II Staplehurst II v Marden II West Farleigh v Betsham II Headcorn II v West Farleigh II Meopham II v Milstead II Lenham v Sheldwich II

Week 7 16th June

Meopham v Sheldwich Boughton & Eastwell v Milstead Marden v Linton Park Staplehurst v Betsham Linton Park II v Staplehurst II Headcorn II v Lenham Sheldwich II v Betsham II Milstead II v Rumwood West Farleigh II v Marden II

Week 17 25th August

Boughton & Eastwell v Headcorn Meopham v Linton Park Staplehurst v Milstead Marden v Betsham Headcorn II v Meopham II Linton Park II v Lenham West Farleigh v Staplehurst II Milstead II v Sheldwich II Betsham II v West Farleigh II

Week 8 23rd June

Milstead v Headcorn Sheldwich v Marden Betsham v Boughton & Eastwell Linton Park v Staplehurst Staplehurst II v Headcorn II Meopham II v Sheldwich II Marden II v West Farleigh Rumwood v Betsham II West Farleigh II v Milstead II

Week 18 1st September

Linton Park v Sheldwich Staplehurst v Headcorn Betsham v Meopham Milstead v Marden Meopham II v Linton Park II Headcorn II v Staplehurst II Lenham v West Farleigh Marden II v West Farleigh II

Week 9 30th June

Headcorn v Boughton & Eastwell Linton Park v Meopham Milstead v Staplehurst Betsham v Marden Staplehurst II v West Farleigh II West Farleigh v Milstead Marden II v Linton Park II Sheldwich II v Headcorn II Lenham v Rumwood Meopham II v Betsham II

Week 19 8th September

Staplehurst II v Meopham II Headcorn II v Rumwood Betsham II v Milstead II Marden II v Sheldwich II

Week 10 07th July

Milstead v Betsham Staplehurst v Meopham Headcorn v Linton Park Boughton & Eastwell v Sheldwich Linton Park II v Headcorn II Lenham v Staplehurst II Meopham II v West Farleigh Betsham II v Sheldwich II West Farleigh II v Rumwood

Week 20 15th September

Marden II v Rumwood

7. 2012 Dates for the Diary


Invicta League XI Vs. Linton Park XI

Venue: Linton Park (Linton Park CC Centenary Game)


Inter-League Game
Venue: Sissinghurst CC


League Dinner
Venue: Weald of Kent Golf Course


League AGM
Venue: Meopham CC