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Economic Activities And Stability Within Africa


Name. ________________________________
List three examples of each type of economic activity found on the continent of Africa.

Determine whether each one of the following statements is

Strength industry that is already booming Weakness- causing trouble for business Threat- If this gets worse , business will shut down or Opportunity If taken advantage of, business will be successful.
1. Africa is a treasure chest with many valuable minerals under the ground. ________________ 2. Africas physical Geography ( two deserts, rainforest, grasslands that are turning into dessert) make farming very difficult. _________________ 3. Africas rushing rivers make hydroelectric power possible. __________________ 4. Businesses like to invest in countries that are politically stable. Liberia, Somalia, Angola and several other African countries have recently had civil wars. ________________ 5. The tsetse fly lives near rivers and transmits sleeping sickness disease which kills humans and livestock. __________________ 6. Many African countries export fish to Europe. _____________ 7. There is a strong lumber industry in west and central Africa. _________________ 8. Without careful management the rainforests will be destroyed. ____________________ 9. Growing cash crops like sugar, coffee and tea can be profitable, but risky because the market price fluctuates. _________________ 10. African countries rarely trade with each other. Instead they trade with Europe, Japan and the United States. ____________________ Why?______________

Why might it be hard to find examples of quaternary economic activities on the continent of Africa? _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________