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Contact: Rachel Jansen Phone: 763-486-5056 Email: teamhasek@gmail.



Taylor Fast joins Tapper, Johnson is supporting Hasek out of Mankato
Mankato, MN, March 8th, 2013: Endorsements from across the state continue to pour in for the Hasek campaign. Former MSU Mankato College Republican Chair, Taylor Fast, has endorsed Andrew Hasek in his bid for Chairman of the Minnesota College Republicans. His endorsement marks the third out of Mankato as he joins Vice Chair South David Tapper and former Chair Spencer Johnson in supporting Team Hasek. Ive known Andrew for over four years. In high school we both worked together at a Pizza Ranch and we used to chat politics while making pizzas or taking down the salad bar. We parted ways by attending our different universities, but have stayed in touch through College Republicans Fast said. Fast continued on that I have seen firsthand that Andrew has been more involved with College Republicans than anyone else. He has proven that he is not simply pizza making rhetoric, but possesses the leadership and fortitude to get things done. There is no one else that is better fit to hold this position than Andrew. I fully support Andrew for Chairman of Minnesota College Republicans.