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Learning 10 pe , neglis a introduction for new teachers eC ey Learning to Teach English Peter Watkins PUBLISHING Published by Debio paLIstuNe Quince « H Peasleke Surrey GUS 9SW England E-mnat: info@deltapublishiny.co.uk swynideliapullishing.cowuk © eter Watkins 2005 First published 2005 Ruprnted 2008 ISSN 1 900783 74.6 AIL Fights reserve, No pact of eis publication may be reproduced, stored ja.» retrieval system or transmitted fn any fae o by aay means, elsetonic, mechanics photoanpying, rvarding or otherwise, without the prior Permission ofthe publishers, Photocopiable pages The publishers gram pecmission for the photocopying of those pages marked Photocopiable’ according (othe {ollowing condition. Individual purchasers may make copies for their owa we in the classes they teach. Unuier ne circumstaniees may any part of this book be phoioenpied for le or inchnded! in any other publication for reste Eaied by Nanthe Sturt Taylor Designed by Christine Cox Mustaations by Phillip Burrows Project managed by Chris Hartley Printed in Malta by Progress Press Ca Lid ‘Author's acknowledgements 1 would lke 1 tank Nick Boisseau and Chris Huctley or their guidance and unstinting support for this projec. Twouled like fo thank Xanthe Sturt Taylor for her editorial expertise and suggestions. I would als like t0 thank insta Taylor, Fenny Pugsky, Royer Hane and Rebecca Platt for their helpful comments on various drafts of the manuscript. Dedication For Sarah and Charlie