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Marketing Analysis of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

ID: 16 029

Overview of the DBBL


Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited is established jointly by local Bangladeshi parties spearheaded by M Sahabuddin Ahmed

Dutch-Bangla Bank engineers enterprise and creativity in business and industry with a commitment to social responsibility. "Profits alone" do not hold a central focus in the Bank's operation; because does not live by bread and butter alone

Vision To become a leading banking g institution and play a pivotal role in the development of the country


Full Product -Deposit -Loans -Import Export Handling -Corporate Banking -Investment Banking

More Product & Less Service -Retail Banking -Credit Facilities -SME Banking

-Internet Banking -Mobile Banking -Remittance And Collection -Value Added Services Less Product & More Service

-ATM Facilities -Any Branch Banking

Full Service

The Interlink Among The Cells

Full product items are main sources of investment for the bank More product and less services performed by the bank is aimed at profit earning

By providing less product and more service the intends to create and strengthen relationships with customers

This is aimed at increasing customer convenience and attract them by providing technology oriented services

ATM Networks

Fast Track (Mini ATM Network)

Internet Payment Gateway

Mobile Banking

Highest profitable products




Mobile banking (New banking product)


It is much safer, It is much speedy more It is Available Real time and effective in convenient, anytime, on-line safeguard affordable developing anywhere banking against and secure savings fraudulent habits transactio ns

By providing electronic access to money, it is possible to ultimately alleviate poverty

Target customers

Higher-class income group

Young middle class group

Customers are selected according to their sources of income and trend of expenditure


The Marketing Environment

DBBL are now offering lots of technology based services for their customer like ATM,POS, Call center Etc.

DBBL is the bank in Bangladesh which has greater number of ATM booth across the country.

It has recently introduced Mobile banking services for the first time in Bangladesh.

Economic factors

Political factors

DBBL provide their banking products and services considering the income ,savings, debt, and credit ability of the customer They Provide most of their loan in those sector of Bangladesh which contribute to increase total GDP of the country like garments, agriculture It contributing to increase GDP, GNP, PPP Etc.

Govt. of our county

encourages the local

entrepreneur to establish

local owned bank.

Eliminated restriction which

encourages DBBL to establish

as successful bank

Demographical factors
DBBL is operating their business in BD by considering a wide variety of user group like age, gender ,education occupation etc.
The services are provided according to the category of the customer and their need.

ID: 16003

Competitions from foreign banksCompetitions from local banks-

Standard Chartered Bank bd. HSBC Bank bd.

Eastern Bank Ltd. Dhaka Bank Ltd. BRAC Bank Ltd. Prime Bank Ltd. National Bank Ltd. AB Bank Ltd. Bank Asia Ltd.

DBBL is concerned about future competition from 9 new commercial banks in Bangladesh.

DBBL is currently facing competition in terms of-

Holding their products & services unique from competitors. Attracting deposits from customers because almost all banks are offering same services. Making safe & appropriate loans & advances to customers.

Cost contraction to provide better services than competitors at low cost. Technology forcing the banking system becoming more automated & sophisticated.

The focus of the bank has been financing high-growth manufacturing industries to achieve the desired growth of Bangladesh.
DBBL has been focusing individual customers in several ways Salaried persons Low income people Student Retired persons Children Farmers Old citizen Women
Government- a major portion of loans is demanded to fill the budget deficit.

Individualscore customers because they are the prime source of funds to bank.


Business people-both deposits providers & loans takers.

Corporationsa large portion of funds is provided to them as loans.


Largest banking service provider in the commercial bank and operate near about 1000 corporate client.

Qualified , hard working and dedicated human resources.

DBBL is the only bank which has DRS.

Gets advantages for ATM card.

Low deposit rate and minimum balances are too high Non functioning ATM machines and delay for providing cards Poor coordination and communication between head offices and branches.

By reducing current fees and charges it can attract more corporate client Attract a lot of old customer by offering more attractive deposit interest and lowering minimum balances

New comers in commercial banking Existing reputed commercial banks


Performance cannot be judged by profit alone
Good corporate governance, long term stability Flexibility for smooth business operation

Adequate internal control system

Personalized customer service Better risk management system

Deposits & Advances
Deposits Term deposit Loans & advances

Corporate Banking
Electronic banking Project finance Working capital finance Trade finance Equity finance

SME Banking
Smart SME cash credit Smart SME term loan Smart SME small shop financing scheme

Product (continued)

Foreign Remittance
Exchange house

Trade Finance
Import Finance

Western Union

Export Finance

Analysis of customers Need, Want & Demand

Tremendous demand from the customers for branchless banking services so that they can perform banking transactions anytime & anywhere.

Considering the high accessibility of mobile phone, the bank has introduced SMS & Alert banking for the convenience of the customers. The ATM sites are selected considering many factors such as easy accessibility using different transport, wide & free space & population density in the surrounding area. Different types of loans and advances has introduced according to the demand of different sectors. For example, transport loan, real estate loan, lease finance, industrial term loan etc. For the convenience of the students regarding the payment of tuition and exam fees, Electronic Student Booth is introduced.


ID: 16006

Mobile Banking

Delivery Channel

ATMs and FastTrack

SMS/Alert Banking


At present DBBL has 120 branches Traditional banking services are provide to the customers through these branches

Internet Banking

With internet connectivity customers can access their bank account anytime from anywhere securely Customers can know account balance, account details, print account statement, transfer funds, pay bills etc.

Point of Sale(POS)

A convenient and popular means of paying bills and services By using DBBLs own proprietary DBBL Nexus debit card and MasterCard/Visa credit and debit cards customers can enjoy the freedom of moving without cash

Has the largest ATM network in Bangladesh with 2158 ATMs nationwide and access to all DBBL ATMs is unlimited and free for all DBBL clients The 1st bank in Bangladesh to set up Mobile ATM booth which is available anytime, anywhere and which provides customers access to various services that are offered by a standard ATM

Fast track
In November 2009, DBBL introduced Fast Track with a aim to offer some integrated banking services Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit, Co-operation in Account Opening are some of the functions performed by Fast-track

Mobile Banking

Introduced in 2011,this banking process provides financial services to the unbanked community efficiently and at affordable cost Services include cash-in, cash-out, salary disbursement, govt. allowance disbursement, ATM money withdrawal through mobile technology.

Electronic Student Booth (ESB)

Newly introduced banking service for educational institutions let teachers, employees and students to withdraw or deposit money from ATM or deposit machines and perform other banking activities

ID-16007 Promotional Activities of DBBL

uses all types of promotional mixes to cover the target market elements of promotional mix consist of:


Sales promotion

Public relation


Annual report of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. http://banking-diploma.blogspot.com/2011/12/promotional-mix-of-bankservice.htm

Objective: to position the idea your trusted partner currently using both the printed and electronic media Printed Media
Newspaper Magazines Internet

Electronic Media
Different government run and privately owned TV channels


Other Elements of Promotional Mix

Sales promotions
attracts the existing and new clients not appointing any personnel specifically as sales personnel Word of mouth of the existing clients act as sales promotion

Public relation

sponsors different Seminars, Symposiums, Math Olympiad builds corporate relation with the mass people


performing a lot of social responsibilities beautification of part of Dhaka city

Refers to the processes and systems within the organization that affects the marketing process. From this term quality deliver of a service is started. Processes become all the more crucial to ensure standards.


Finally, it is process of any bank that targets the customer demand which is perceived able.

Process of DBBL
Top-down approach Database management system

Uncompromising commitment

Technological operation

Predefined activities

Well-segment branch system


To manage service quality DBBL has arranged their information flow according to top-bottom approach.

All their internal activities are clearly predefined.

They have well segment branch system. For example to manage marketing activities they have a separate marketing branch.

All process are technologically operated.

To become customers first choice in banking DBBL is uncompromising about its commitment

Database Management System

Maintain three parts-sources of data, processes and store, output.

Sources are collected from TPS, KWS, ESS these three systems.
Uses flex cube software to process data and store them into data warehouse. Processes data are used in different departments as per necessities.

Entrance into any branch or ATM booth will give the customer enough information to take services from correct department.

Internal environment is green with many tree plant.

All the employees provide smiling faces to make the customer comfortable.

ID : 16073

People: Employees of DBBL

Employee Qualities
Talented Committed Skilled Fully motivated Positive and sincere towards customers Ability to develop, maintain and strengthen trust and confidence in customers

Employee Challenges
To perform at the highest level in fiercely competitive financial market like Bangladesh Maintaining the corporate culture of DBBL Management and staff work together and are mutually accountable

DBBLs Motive
To attract, retain and motivate the most talented people Providing them with healthy, safe and progressive work environment and compensation packages People willing to have a long term career with the bank are preferred

People: DBBLs HR Policies

Health Care, Safety Standards
Thorough medical checkup each year 10% Medical allowance of basic salary (tax free) All offices are equipped with air conditioning and generator for power backup All offices are equipped with fire fighting materials and multiple emergency exits

Staff Welfare Schemes

DBBL Provident Fund DBBL Superannuation Fund DBBL Gratuity Fund House Building Loan Scheme Car Loan Scheme Festival Bonus Incentive Bonus, Study Leave

People: DBBLs HR Policies cont..

Training sessions are arranged at home and abroad Some training programs are organized by their own training institute

Career Development Training

Imparted training to 1830 officer in 25 different courses during 2011 Nominated 149 officers to attend programs at BIBM (Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management) and BBTA (Bangladesh Bank Training Academy)

The number of DBBL staff increased by 1221 in 2011

Implementing proper strategies for holding the products & services unique from existing and new competitors Cost contraction to provide better services than competitors at lower cost Reducing low deposit rate Maintaining coordination and communication between head offices and branches Proper maintenance of IT elements such as - non functioning ATM machines and delay for providing cards Informing the customers about new products and services should be continued