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C;:;CPrag-on ~L ~pecialries

Walnut Shrimp 14.95

\ Salt & Pepper Shrimp 13.95
lightly battered crusty shrimp. sauteed
sh rimp lightly battered &. stir fried
&. topped with honey glazed w alnuts
with chi lies &. chinese peppers

Dragon St. Special 13.95 \ Sweet & Pungent Shrimp 13.95

fish. chicken. shrimp. mushrooms. braccoli . tender shrimp. fried in light batter &. sauteed
carrot. baby corn &. snow peas in our in chefs specia l sweet &. pungent sauce

, spedat white w ine sauce

hrimp 13.95
t braised shrimp
Sauteed Shrimp 13.95
sauteed sh rimp in a light white sauce

Steamed Filet of Fish 12.95

Seafood Tofu HotjJot 13.95 whole slice of sole wi fresh ginger. green
.fresh shrimp, SCllllojlll f!j/;): imitation on ion &. cilant ro in a light brown sauce
'a b meat. tofu &. vel!fables
, Orange Peel Fish 12.95
13.95 fish fri ed &. sauteed in a spicy sauce with
ing hot late) orange peels. red chilies &. sca ll ions
shrimp. IIsh. ~ops. imitation crab meat &.
assorted vegetab~s . sauteed in brown sauce Fish in White Wine Sauce 11.95
sauteed fish with vegetables in a light
fish in BlaclC Bean Sauce 12.95
white wine sauce
tserved On a slzziling hot plate)

tender fish stir fried with bell pepper.

Orange Peel Beef 10.95
onion &. zucchini In black bean sauce
beef fried &. sauteed in a spicy sauce w ith
orange peels. red chilies &. sca llions
, Kung Pao Thre~ .Flavor 12.95
shrlmP.fhicke~ br'*'A SMf stir fried
with w1ter chestnut1J;.Onions &. Peilnuts.
\ Salt & Pepper Pork Chop 11.95
crisp pork chops. lightly fried &.
In mildly spicy br01A1Tl sauce
sau teed with Julapeno pepper

Dragon Chicken 10. Jade Chicken

chicken breast In a holslng b laR ~per
chicken breast sauteed in a white wine
sauce. served with stea~~oli
sauce &. served o n a bed of spinach

Phoenix Chicken 10.95 \ Sweet & Pungent Chicken 10.95

white meat chicken with mixed Chinese chicken breast fried in a light batter &.
vegetables (baby bok choy. broccoli. sauteed in our special sweet &. pungent sauce
string beans &. baby corn) in a delicious
low calorie sauce Asparagus & Chicken 10.95

Lemon Chicken 10.95 Aspargus & Shrimp 12.95

boneless chicken breast lightly breaded.
served w ith our special lemon sauce
Crispy Duck ha/f-11.95 wltole-19.95

Side Dishes
Edamame -cooked soy beans 4.00
Gyoza (6pcs), -fried dumplings 4.50
Baked Green Mussel (6pcs) 5.95
Kama -grilled yellow tail collar 7.95
Salads Entree Plates Udon
Yakitori (3p cs), -skewered chicken 5.95
-served wi miso soup, salad & rice
Dynamite -baked shrimp & scallop 7.95 - $2. ()() discollnt du ring IlIlId , IWllrs Chiken or
Sauteed Mushrooms 4.95 Green Salad BeefUdon
Chicken Teriyaki 10.95
Sauteed Spinach -with tuna 6.95
Beef Teriyaki 11.95
Sauteed Green Beans 6.95
Salmon Teriyaki 12.95
Fried Tofu 5.95
BBQ Beef Ribs 11.95
Cold Tofu 4.95 Tofu Salad
,,,'> Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura 12.95
Crab Salad
Soft Shell Crab
BBQ Beef Ribs
Spicy Tuna siJa
Octopus Salad
7.95 .,
.t Mixed Sashimi (12pcs)

Sashimi (5pcs) 8.95 (breaded pork loin, lightly fried) 11.95

Salmon Skin Salad 7.95
Shishamo (4pcs) -smeltjish 4.95
Sashimi Salad 10.95 Miso Soup 1. 50

Vegetable Tempura 5.95 Donburi (rice bowls)

Seafood Salad 10.95 Steamed White Rice 1.50

Shrimp Tempura (S)6.95 (L)9.95

Steamed Brown Rice
Spinach Salad wi Tuna 10.95 Tempura Don 8.95 Spicy Tuna Don 9.95 2.00
Mix Tempura (S)6.95 (L)11.95
Crunchy Onion wi Albacore 10.95 Chicken Don 8.95 Unagi Don 12.95

Lunch Combination ~

-served wi miso soup, sailld & rice

Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura 9.95
Chicken Teriyaki & California Roll 8.95 c:;
Chicken Teriyaki & Sushi (Spes) or Sashimi (Spes) 12.95
Sashimi (Spes) & Tempura 12.95
• add 2.00 for beef, salmoll, dOllkatslI or BBQ rib "0

Sushi Lunch '"

-served wi miso soup

Tuna roll (6pes) & Veggie roll (Spes) 7.95
Spicy tuna roll (8pes) & California roll (8pes) 8.95
California roll (8pes) & Shrimp tempura roll (Spes) 10.95
California roll (8pes) & Tempura 7. 95
Sushi (Spes) & Tempura /1.95
Sushi (Spes) & California roll (8pes) 10.95
Sushi (7pes) & Spicy tuna roll (8pes) 12.95
Chirashi sushi 11.95
Spicy tuna roll (Spes) & Shrimp tempura roll (Spes) 11.50

Lunch Boat
-minimum 2 orders, served wi miso soup, salad & rice
Happy Boat
chicken teriyaki, BBQ beefribs. shrimp & vegetable lempura, gyoza,
california & spicy tuna hand roll & mach! ice crea 15.95 / persoll
Tiger Roll
Dragon Roll
spicy tuna on top of a
eel & avocado on top of
shrimp tempura roll '
california roll
9.95 11.95

Caterpillar Roll ~ LoveRolI

fresh water eel wi cucumber spicy mixed seafood. wi
albacore. crunchy onions ~Q

inside, wraped wi avocado Dinner Combination Q

9.95 in ponzu sauce 9.95 -served wi miso soup, salad & rice Q

Heart Attack Roll Chicken Teriyaki Roll

Chicken & Beef Teriyaki 13.95 ~

BBQ Beef Ribs & Chicken Teriyaki 13.95 Q

jalapeno wlspicy tuna & chiken teriyaki wi california Chicken Teriyaki wi Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura 13.95
cream cheese, tempura
style 6.95
roll in teriyaki sauce
Beef Teriyaki wi Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura 14.95 ~
Beef Ribs, Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura 14.95
Chicken Teriyaki & California Roll 12.95
Baked Volcano Roll Crispy Rice Roll Chicken Teriyaki & Sushi (5pcs)
spicy tuna on top of a spicy tuna on top of crispy Sashimi (5pcs), Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura
california roll rice
8.00 Dinner Sushi Combo
-served wi miso soup
.r:. Dynamite Scallop Roll Rainbow Roll Crunchy Tempura Roll A assorted sushi (5pes) & california roll (8 pes)
rJJ baked scallop on top of a california roll wrapped wi shrimp tempura wi crunchy
:J B assorted sushi (7pes) & spicy luna roll (8 pes) 14. 95
california roll wrapped wi avocado & four kinds of fried tempura on top
(J) C assorted sushi (lOpes). california & spicy tuna hand roll
salmon 11.95 fish 9.95 8.95 D tuna sushi (5pcs) & funa roll (6 pes) 13.95

SuShi Pizza

crab, scallop, tomato, mushrm,

.. Monkey Brain
deep fried mushroom
.Crunch Scallop Roll
deep fried jumbo scallop &
E chirashi sushi 13.95

Dinner Boat
swiss cheese on top, wi spicy tuna wi masago avocado wi masago on top

-minimum 2 orders, served wi miso soup, sulad & rice
masago & eel sauce 12.95 & eel sauce 9.95 & eel sauce 9.95
Star Boat

Heart Attacl<
chicken teriyaki, BBQ beefribs, shrimp & vegetable tempura, gyoza,
Yokohama Cracker Cucumber Crazy Temptation Island
broiled green mussel, california roll (4pcs) &seasonalji-zlil
spicy tUlla mixed wi chopped salmon, crab, gobo wrapped deep fried salmon, albacore
17.95 / persOIl
tomato.served all top of deep wi cucumber and house baked wi special sauce,
masago & eel sauce 11.95 Moon Boat
fried eggroll chips 7.95 sauce on top 10.95
beef & chicken teriyaki . B BQ beefribs, shrimp & vegetable tempura,
gyoza, broiled green mussel, spicy luna roll (4pcs) & seasonalfruit
(7; e}(16 19.95 I persOIl
Ot td6J)Zet Dishes
- served wi miso soup & rice
$2.95 Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Root Beer, Lemonade,
Roasted Shrimp Orange Soda, Ice Tea S -1.65 L - 2.50
broiled shrimp wi fresh garlic, Snapple 2.00
served with our special sauce 12.95 San Pellegrino S - 2.50 L - 3.95
Hot Tea (per pot) 1.00
Black Cod Bottled Water 1.25
roasted and marinated black cod, Perrier S-2.00 L-3.95
served with grilled asparagus 14.95 Arizona Green Tea 2.50
Thai Ice Tea S-2.95 L-3.95
"We can also take order reques1s for Dragon Street"