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Grant Nigro Annotated Bibliography Rough Draft Annotated Bibliography Barrett, Bob.

"Virtual Teaching And Strategies: Transitioning From Teaching Traditional Classes To Online Classes." Contemporary Issues in Education Research 3.12 (n.d.): In this article, Bob Barrett dissects the field of online classes, and analyzes the aspects of what are the needs of online classes in contrast to traditional classes. Bob Barrett takes the side of online classes, and provides information on why online classes are just as good, if not better, than traditional classes. Ghaffari, Mohammedreza. "Assessing Online Classes and Traditional Classes." Nature & Science 9.8 (n.d.): n. Mohammedreza mainly focuses on the disadvantages of taking online classes. He states that online classes arent essentially online classes because of all the things that happen behind the scenes. He explains that in online classes, there are teachers who have to setup the class and who have to keep track of grades and assignments much like traditional classes would. Young, J.R. "Online Classes See Cheating Go High Tech." Education Digest (n.d.): n. pag. Web. In this article, J.R. Young dissects online classes and notices that cheating in online classes is a lot more prominent than in a traditional classroom setting. He explains that while in an online class, there is no direct teacher teaching you, and that when the test comes around, you can use the Internet to find all of the answers. Lastly, he explains that students are taking online classes to unfairly get better grades than they would in a traditional class.