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With approximately 1,800 schools currently administering CSRD grants and new schools
receiving grants as part of the FY 2000 increase in CSRD funds, OERI is providing $8.7 million
in funds to model providers to raise their capacity as demand rises for external technical
assistance. The funds will help developers scale up, hire technical assistance providers, improve
training and strengthen quality. The capacity-building grants have been awarded as follows:

• The Success for All Foundation will support approximately 250 additional schools and hire
trainers and pursue strategies that will update and improve materials and provide additional
technology-based technical assistance to Success for All schools.

Co-NECT Schools, Inc. will serve approximately 100 new schools with this funding. New
site directors will be hired to conduct training sessions and workshops for school faculty and
staff. Funding will also be used to train local facilitators, school employees who serve as day-
to-day consultants to teachers, staff, and students on implementing the Co-NECT model.

Temple University/Center for Research in Human Development and Education will
serve an additional 27 schools. Implementation specialists will provide organizational and
professional support at the school and classroom levels. These personnel assist in the
development of a comprehensive needs assessment and in implementation planning.

Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound is a design for comprehensive school
improvement that challenges students to meet rigorous academic and character standards.
The funding will help serve an additional 35 schools. Field directors will be recruited from
among teachers and principals in current Expeditionary Learning schools. These Field
directors will ensure the quality of implementation and service delivery through activities
that include arranging summer institutes and other professional development opportunities.

Different Ways of Knowing will serve approximately 155 schools. The developers will
hold a National Coaches Institute for developing 40 expert coaches skilled in coaching for


breakthroughs in teaching and learning. Refined partnership-building and introductory
materials will be developed to help new and veteran coaches guide new teachers and
administrators through introductory activities, follow-up debriefing discussions, and collegial
planning within the first few months of work.

• Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory's (NWREL) Onward To Excellence (OTE)
will serve 62 schools. NWREL will use this funding to establish five Regional Service
Centers. New OTE trainers will be selected for these regions and NWREL will hold OTE
Trainer Development Institutes for all new trainers. NWREL will refine training materials for
the school leadership teams, school staff and the external study team and will also refine
selected supplemental resource materials.

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) will serve approximately 30 additional schools
with the ATLAS model. Funding will help provide training to new trainers and site
developers. EDC also will expand its technology support system through the use of online
workshops and video conferencing.

• The Talent Development Middle School Program will serve an additional 28 schools with
these funds. Three additional instructional facilitators will be hired, one each for
mathematics, science and U.S. history. Teachers will be provided with the materials and
lessons they need to incorporate the use of primary sources (documents, photographs, diaries,
etc.) in their instruction. A Web-based learning community will be developed allowing for
web-based professional development.

• The Center for Social Organization of Schools will serve approximately 30 schools with its
career academies approach. Organizational facilitators will be hired to assist schools in
instituting Ninth Grade Success Academies and Career Academies. Instructional
facilitators will be trained in a national conference in order to work with English teachers in
implementing strategic reading, student team literature, and student team writing.

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