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Composting in the Philippines

Composting in the Philippines


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Composting in the Philippines
Composting in the Philippines

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Published by: finaldata on Mar 23, 2009
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There are few impact of the project to the environment. However, these impacts are
temporary and mitigating measures are attainable.
• Wastes that are segregated at source are exposed to astray animals, rodents and
vermins. While the impact is temporary, the liters which may be left uncollected
could be a breeding place of rodents and vermins.

• Leachate generated during the process emits foul odor, if the area is not cleaned.

• Wastes that are laid in compost heaps or plots produces leachate which may
contaminate the groundwater or surface water.

• Gasses and odor may be emitted.

Composting in the Philippines,
WASTE, December 1996


• Compost attracts vermin and rodents.


Injury that may be caused in the operation of the equipment.

Of the environmental effects, AWARE is applying mitigating measures to minimize the
impact of the process to the environment. The following measures are being undertaken:

Sweeping and flushing the segregation area. The activity is being undertaken by
the municipal government.

Burned rice hull used as waste bedding minimizes the production of leachate and
when mixed or used to cover the garbage, it repels flies and other insects.

Phosphate is mixed with the wastes to eliminate or if not, minimize odor

Clay or concrete liners attenuates the leachate generated by the wastes.
Efficiency of the drainage system should, however, be monitored in order to
divert runoff away from the leachate generated and compost plots. The compost
plots should be properly drained.

Plastic cover is provided to avoid increase of moisture content which may result
to the increase in leachate generation. Likewise, the plastic cover minimizes the
emission of odor and prevents flies and other insects from harboring.

The bamboo poles with window opening provides also a ventilation for the
compost which avoids the accumulation of gas.

First aid or emergency kits are made available at site.

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