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Israeli nukes, a US Defense report

Israeli nukes, a US Defense report

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Published by: fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou on Mar 24, 2009
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Te previous discussion outlined just some of the
trends that are likely to influence the security environment
for the next quarter century. Tese individual trends,
whether they adhere to predictions or not, will combine
together in ways to form more broad and robust contexts
that will define the world in which the Joint Force will
operate in the future. By understanding the trends
and resultant contexts, joint force leaders have a way to
appreciate their implications, and to identify some key
indicators to watch along the way. Tis provides a means
of assessing our assumptions and predictions, and our
progress towards building and operating the Joint Force
to meet the future. What follows then is a discussion of
the contextual world of the 2030s.


Part II: Trends Influencing the World’s Security


Contexts of conflict and war are the environment created by the
confluence of major trends. Contexts illuminate why wars occur and
how they might be waged .16

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