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Describe the events in the Saar in 1935: The Saar, under the Treaty of Versailles, was declared to be occupied

by allied troops and the LON control for 15 years. The region was very important for the German economy as it was a key major coal mining industrial area. One of the foreign policy aims of Hitler was to reverse the Treaty of Versailles, thus regaining land lost from the peace settlement of 1919, which included remilitarizing Rhineland and regaining the Saar. In 1935, there was a plebiscite, also known as a referendum, in which the people in the Saar would vote in an election to decide whether they wanted to belong to remain under the control of the League of Nations, or to be under the control of Germany. This plebiscite was organized by the League. The result was that over 90 % voted to have the Saar to be under the control of Germany; 477000 were for Germany, only 48000 against. As a result, this helped Hitler on his way to his foreign policy aims; it allowed some German speakers to be re-united into the Third Reich, and the Saar was regained.