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How far was he Tsar weakened by the First World War?

Describe the impact of the First World War on the Russian people. Impact on the soldiers: The impact on the soldiers during the First World War was quite drastic. First of all, there was not enough equipment for all soldiers. The majority of them were sent to war without the proper war material. There was not enough boots for everyone, and 1 out of 3 soldiers had no rifles at all. This showed the insufficiency of the preparation for the war by the Tsar. Furthermore, many soldiers had abandoned their post. The number of deaths began at one million dead, and more imprisoned, and had risen sharply to 8 million by March 1917. The majority of the soldiers were peasants who had never been trained to use a gun or vital military tactics. There were humiliated Russian defeats at Tannenberg and at the Masurian lakes. Impact on Russians back at home: The War took away 15 million peasants to the war zone, therefore as a result there was not enough food being produced. Food shortages began to be a big problem as the war continued, as many farmers were forced to conscript to the army. Trains were diverted to carry soldiers and supplies to the war front, instead of bringing grain to cities. Due to the heavy consumption of money in the war, there were shortages of coal and other industrial materials, which resulted in many factories closing down because they had nothing to work on. More people became unemployed and poorer. Living standard dropped exceedingly low. Moreover, shortages led to higher costs, and workers were told to work for longer hours, and many luxuries were no longer available, such as vodka. There was more poverty during this time.