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Affordable Housing Design

CEA Melody Mitchell November 2012

Table of Contents


Project Overview -Location -Client Survey Highlights -Site Description/Orientation -Constraints/codes -Benefits -Architectural Style -Landscape Style Revit Sheets -Site Plan -Renderings -Floor Plan -Elevation -Schedule Support Documents -Client Survey -Adjacency Matrix -Bubble Diagram -Rough Floor Plan -Final Floor Plan

OVERVIEW This 4-bed, 1 bath Habitat for Humanity house was built for William Henrie-Luko and his wife, Patricia, his 2 children, Marla 3 and Jed 4, and he will be accompanied by his 2 small dogs, Jaxton and Pete, and the house is located in Noblesville, Indiana. In the Client Survey, William did not express interest in elaborate landscaping designs, he only wanted very basic styles. An area trees with more trees than usual was requested, but natural light was not a very large factor. William wanted several windows, but not so many as to overcrowd his family and provide easy access from the outside. The appliances are electric and there is no basement. Some hobbies of the Henrie-Lukos are water sports and hiking, those supplies will be stored in the garage. I found the design of this house to be the most beneficial for this family, because its a relatively private and safe design. The rooms are close together and hidden from outside sights, and the large, valuable items are not in line with windows. This design is very short and to the point which provides family oriented auroras as William wanted it, but it is also Universal design. There is a 5-foot turning radius for wheel chairs in every room and in the hallway, and the walls are all 42, plus front load washer and driers allow easy access for wheelchairs. No one in Williams family is currently disabled, but he agrees its a good design idea just in case. The Henrie-Lukos house is located on the land plot at the corner of 10 th and Maple Street in Noblesville, Indiana with the front door at the West side, garage at the East, and 2 side exits (from the Mud Room and Master Bedroom) on the North facing side of the yard. As soon as the family moves in, a wooden privacy fence will encase their property. In order to be considered a Habitat for Humanity house with 4 bedrooms, the square footage of the house itself (living space) could not exceed 1,233, the house had to have 1 baths (1: Shower/bath + toilet + sink, : Toilet + sink + shower,) and to meet Universal design a wheelchair had to have a 5-foot turning radius in all the rooms, the doors were to be 3 feet wide, and the walls had to be 42. The replacement of concrete siding was the one exception made for this house, and was replaced by red brick because brick is common around Indiana and costs less, so it was a better deal all around to use brick. Another exception was the removal of a wheelchair ramp leading to the front door. In this house, there are no stairs and the front door is lead up to by a level, concrete sidewalk that protrudes from the driveway. No wheelchair ramp was necessary. All other constraints/codes were met. Williams house is extremely elongated and takes after a prairie/ranch style, but with the exception of a porch. When you first enter the house through the front door, you immediately find yourself in the Living Room with seating areas and flat screen televisions to your left and right and a wooden floor. Most of the familys social events will take place in this room. If you

continue on a straight path from the front door, you will enter a hallway and have several door options. The first room on the left side of the hall is the Kitchen, equipped with a wrap-around counter, microwave, oven, dishwasher, and fully functional refrigerator. With the exception of one window, located about the wrap around counter, there are no exits from the Kitchen other than the main door, and the flooring in the Kitchen is tile. On the opposing side of the hallway, the first door leads into Bedroom 1. William has requested Bedroom 1 be his son Jeds room with wooden floors matching that of the hallway and Living Room . Jeds room has 3 exits; the main door leading into the hallway, a door on the left of the room leading into his shared bathroom (with his sister, Marla,) and a window located on the back wall. Jeds closet is a moveable wardrobe with dresser drawers attached at the bottom. Moving down the hallway, on the right again is the Bathroom of the house, this bathroom will be used as the main/guest bathroom. It contains an ASA certified shower, sink, and toilet and has tile flooring. It also has 3 possible exits; the main door to the hallway, a door leading to Jeds room, and a door leading to Marlas room, all of which lock from inside of the bathroom. If you exit the bathroom through the main hallway door, you will find yourself directly across from the Mud Room. The Mud Room is an extremely small room that is used as the main exit to the familys yard. All dirty shoes or rainy coats go in this room after a harsh day out in the rain so the house floor is not dirtied; the floor in this room is tile. The door leading into the mud room parallels the door leading to the yard. The outward leading door locks from the inside, but the door that leads into the room itself does not lock. Continuing down the left side of the hallway is the Dining Room. This room has 3 exits; the main door leading to the hallway, a door leading into the Man Cave, and a window on the back wall. This room is equipped with an 8-seater dining table (and a flat screen TV by request of William) and has wooden floors. On the exact opposite side of the hallway is Bedroom 2, which William has designated as Marlas room. Marlas room has 3 exits as well: the main door leading to the hallway locks from the inside, the door leading to the bathroom locks from the bathroom side, and a window on the back wall. Her room is floored with wood just as Jeds room is and she has the same style wardrobe. You have now reached the end of the hallway. At the end of the hallway a single door leads to the Master Bedroom. The Master Bedroom is linked to the Man Cave and the Master Bathroom and has carpeted floors and 6 exits; the door leading in from the hallway, 2 windows located on the back wall, the double doors leading into the Man Cave, the door leading into the Master Bathroom, and the door leading outside. A small hallway at the top left of the room leads to the door that leads outside. All doors in this room lock from the inside of the room, except for the Master Bath which locks from the inside. Will and his wife have a wardrobe similar to their childrens, but they also have a dresser located next to the bed. Shortly after you enter the Master Bedroom, there are double glass doors (with curtains) that lead into the Man Cave. The Man Cave is a small room with 2 exits (the door leading in from the Dining Room and the door leading in from the Master Bedroom) that in equipped with one

couch, 2 large speakers, a small corner climb table, and a flat screen television. This room was requested by Will as his room to relax after a long day at work. William is a drone pilot for the United States Air Force and is deployed every so often, but he does not take him family along. Since he is gone frequently, William is very concerned about the safety of his family from disasters and intruders, so the house has top notch security systems, such as surroundinghouse night cameras, heavy-duty locks, and 3 easy access exits. The Henrie-Luko family are very social people and have small gatherings often, so they requested the Kitchen be as close as possible to the Living Room for easy snack-making access, and they also wanted 2 televisions to entertain the guests. Neither William or his wife are the eldest child of their families, so elderly parents will not be staying with them. No extra accommodations were required in those terms.


SUPPORT DOCUMENTS Client Survey: Name: William Henrie-Luko (and family) Preferred name: William, Will, or Billy. Age projection: 26 years old. Married: Yes Children: Two. Marla: age 3, girl. Jed: Age 4, boy. Job: Air Force Pilot. (Job requires him to move from base to base, but he wants a home base where they can live as a family. Especially for when he leaves AF in x amount of years.) Security: Medium issue, he wants a lot, but not over the top. Style: He wants a very prairie style house, but with red brick and very elongated. Pets: 2 dogs, small (wiener- Jaxton and Pete,) outside animals. Special needs: No, elderly parents in the next 10 years, but not eldest siblings. Older siblings will take care of parents. Entertainer or Private: Entertainer, lots of small parties. Porch: Doesnt want one. Landscape: Not wild, very simple landscaping. No sculptures, just a few simple flower beds. Natural light: Yes, but not a lot, average number of windows. Want one in each kids rooms. Green: Moderately green, likes to save where can, but Going Green is not big priority. Appliances: Electric, nothing special. Flow: Very good, little rocky at times to surprise people (Man Cave) but otherwise flows normally. Basement: No. Rooms: 4 rooms (1 bath) Hobbies: Aeronautics, wakeboarding, natural rock climbing, but doesnt travel a lot outside of job.

Closet: Shares wall wardrobe and dresser with wife, but kids have own wardrobes. Garage: Small, only entrance automatic garage door. No car garage, just for storage and doubles as laundry room. Driveway: Medium size, not very long, paved. Extra activities: Small parties or social events in yard. Yard: Fenced in, privacy fence. Kitchen: Traditional, just a wrap around counter with cabinets above and below and sink in middle. Refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, etc on other side of Kitchen. Traditional: Yes, family time in important. I want my family to feel close-knit and safe. -End surveyAdjacency Matrix: Living Living Room Kid Bedroom 1 Kid Bedroom 2 Bathroom Dining Room Man Cave Mud Room Kitchen Master Bedroom Master Bathroom Kid 1 Kid 2 Bath Dining Man Cave Mud Room Kitchen Master Master Bed Bath

Bubble Diagram:

Rough Floor Plan:

Final Floor Plan: