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Ipcop Admin en 1.4.12

Ipcop Admin en 1.4.12

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ipcop manual for implementing network
ipcop manual for implementing network

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Published by: sukit.mamah2243 on Apr 11, 2009
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Add a new alias. Section to be written...

Once you have entered all the information, click the Enabled box and press Add. This will move the entry
to the next section, and list it as an alias.

Current aliases. This section lists the aliases that are in effect. To remove one, click the “Trash Can”
icon. To edit one, click the “Yellow Pencil” icon.

To enable or disable a rule - click on the “Enabled” icon (the checkbox on the left of the Action column)
for the particular entry you want to enable or disable. The icon changes to an empty box when a rule is
disabled. Click on the checkbox to enable it again.

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