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Go to Europe!

Dear students, There are lots of extra-curricular activities available to you! Here are 5 reasons why you should sign-up for a club, sports team, or partnership program today: Theyre fun! You can meet new friends and have a great time. You can learn new skills and develop your strengths. Extracurricular activities like these look great on your college and job rsums! You can improve our school and community through active participation and engagement. By working together, lets make C-town an even more awesome place! If you dont see your favorite activity listed here, ask a teacher to be your advisor and start your own club! The CHS Guidance Team

Debate League Who? with Mr. Soares and Ms. Witlin When? Meets twice a week in Room 539, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:00 to 3:00 PM What? Debate Team gives students the opportunity to develop their rhetorical, oratorical, and analytical skills by competing against other high schools in Boston & beyond! This is a busy, vibrant club. Our students have won numerous awards at monthly citywide tournaments. Debate is a great compliment to other sports and clubs, and it looks great when applying to college. Students discuss contemporary issues, talk to one another, and of course engage in vigorous debate. See Mr. Soares or Ms. Witlin today! Or come by Room 539 on Tuesday or Thursday. See you there!

Eurotrip Club Who? with Ms. Piacitelli and Mr. Mahegan When? Meets in Room 4--- on What? Students go to somewhere in Europe at the end of the school year! In the past students have traveled to England, Spain, and France. During the school year, students learn about fundraising, international travel, and European cultures and geography. In May, students select a country theyd like to visit and go there. Last year, students ventured to Spain. Who knows where theyll travel to this year! Only seniors may join.

ROTC Drill Team Who? with Chief Lopes and Major Chaisson When? Meets once or twice a week in the ROTC room. What? The ROTC Drill Team brings together students who want to be part of something bigger than themselves. The ROTC Drill Team is for all C-town students, especially those currently in ROTC classes. Our team competes against other schools in various marching and drill competitions. Our team also marches in local parades and participate in civic and patriotic events. Drill Team builds leadership skills by putting students in command position, so that they are prepared to be leaders in the future, in college, in the workplace, and in their communities. This is a great team. Come to the ROTC room to learn more today!

Math Club Who? with Ms. Yamatin When? Meets on Fridays in Room 207 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. What? Math Club students become math wizards, working on and solving out-of-the-box math problems to have fun and prepare for college. Our math club members compete in math challenges against other schools and show how their math prowess. Stop by Room 207 on Friday after school or talk to Ms. Yamatin for more info! Youre ready to become a math wizard!

Emerson Writes! Who? Ms. Francois in the library Where? Saturday mornings on Emerson Campus near Park Street T-stop. What? Interested in writing your own raps, poems, stories, or personal essays? Want to make your voice heard and see your work on display? Emerson Writes! is a program at Emerson College that brings together students from all over Boston. Classes are taught by college students at Emerson. There are classes in everything from poetry to college preparation. Scholarships for active Emerson Writes! participants are also available. Talk to Ms. Francois for more information today! Dont wait!

American Studies Internship Class Who? Mr. Cassidy Where? At different businesses and organizations around Boston. What? Mr. Cassidys American Studies class sets up students for professional success by engaging them with internships that happen during the school day. Juniors, talk Mr. Cassidy or your guidance counselor to learn more about opportunities next year!

Talent Search Project Who? Ms. Williams Where? In Office 218C What? Its time for college! If youre a senior, come talk to Ms. Williams in 218C. She will talk to you about college, applications, scholarships, and financial support. Come by today!

The ZONE Who? Miss B. Where? In The Zone (on the first floor, across from the Cafeteria) What? The Zone provides academic support and guidance to C-town athletes. Any student currently on a sports team, or any student interested in joining a sports team, is welcome at The Zone. The Zone unites athletics and academics to create the best experience possible: Access to academic assistance through tutoring Course work and class textbooks Work stations equipped with computer and internet access, Nooks, and flash drives Monthly forums on important issues for students Improved relationships and strengthened camaraderie with teammates during team meetings Provide ineligible athletes with needed support to improve academic standing Encourage incoming freshmen to become involved with athletics Grade tracking and monitoring Miss B. holds study halls during the day and after school. There are also SAT prep classes available for juniors and seniors. Listen to the morning announcements about when your team will be in The Zone! Or talk to Miss B. for more info.

CHS Outing Club Who? with Mr. Hayes and Mr. McCormack When? Meets Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00 PM in Room 306 What? This club will turn you into an outdoor adventurer! Members of the CHS Outing Club go hiking, camping, and learn the skills required for intensive backpacking. Outing Club members practice their outdoor and leadership skills while learning about the environment, geography, and adventure. There are day-long hikes once a month as well as fall and spring weekend-long events. The culminating trip is a 3-day long backpacking experience through White Mountains. CHS Outing Club is partnered with the Appalachian Mountain Club. Talk to Mr. Hayes, Mr. McCormack, or an Outing Club member to learn more. Adventure awaits!

National Honor Society Who? with Ms. Hughes in the Guidance Office When? After school, one or two days a month. What? National Honor Society invites all juniors and seniors who meet the GPA requirement to join. NHS is national organization that engages students with academic success and community involvement. It looks awesome on your college applications! NHS brings together students so that they can be recognized for their achievements and so that they will become outstanding members of our school community. NHS members take part in volunteer activities, like Teacher Appreciation Day and the Food Bank. Its a great time! Juniors must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and Seniors must have a minimum of 3.0 to join.

Gay-Straight Alliance Who? with the Diploma Plus Team When? Yet to be determined. What? The Gay-Straight Alliance brings together all students to talk about their lives and have fun. No matter who you are or how youre feeling, the GSA is a welcoming place, where students can hang-out and feel comfortable. The GSA will talk about issues related to your identity and your understanding of yourself. Therell also be great food, movies, and fun. Stay tuned for more info. This will be a great time, no doubt

Bowling Club Who? with Dr. Ng and Lou Larry When? After school, usually one day a week. What? STRIKE! If youd like to enjoy some ten-pin bowling right after school, then bowling club is the thing for you. All regular-ed and special-ed students are invited to join in. The bus leaves from CHS right at 2:05 and youll be done by 4:00 p.m. The cost is no more than $5 for shoe rental and 2 games of bowling. Thats a great deal! Listen for announcements for more details.

Intrepid Adventurers Who? with Ms. Brett and Ms. Muzykewicz When? After school, usually Fridays. Sometimes other days. What? This is C-towns most improvisational club experience. You never know quite what youll be doing or where youll be going. Join Ms. Brett and Ms. Muzykewicz on their adventures. Maybe youll explore Charlestown, maybe youll hike the Freedom Trail, maybe youll Whos to say where the adventure could lead?

JV and Varsity Football Who? Coach Munroe, Coach Dean When? Fall Sport What? Go Long! The CHS Football team competes against other Boston Public high schools. The team is geared toward intense training, building leadership skills, and working together as a whole. The team meets after school for practices and for games, many of which are hosted by CHS on the football field. Its Friday Night Lights in action. Our team is lead by Coach Munroe and Coach Dean. Theyre looking for strong, tough students who are ready to succeed both academically and on the field. Get ready for game day!

Cheer! Who? Coach Lopes When? Fall/Winter Sport. In addition to a mandatory study hall that meets 3 hours a week, the team generally practices 4 days a week afterschool and has a game 1-2 times a week. Cheerleading practice is usually over at 4:30pm. What? Charlestown Cheerleaders work hard to rally the crowd and support some of the Schools major sports teams at games throughout the season. Cheerleading can be physically demanding and involves dance, gymnastics, complex tricks and theatricality. In addition to cheering for our teams, the squad will generally go to competition once a season to compete against other cheerleading squads. There is no experience required but any experience one has would be a benefit. Anyone interested should contact Coach Lopes at dlopes519@yahoo.com.

Womens V-ball Who? Coach Monique, Coach Searcy When? Fall Sport. What? Bump, set, or spike? Womens Volleyball is a great time. Our team is a welcoming family everyone enjoys. The V-ball team is open to first-time players as well as veterans. There are practices during the week, games, and study halls. Our V-ball team rock their C-town pride every day, every day, every day.

Mens Soccer Who? Coach Meho When? Fall Sport. Practices are held at 2:00 p.m. and games at 3:30 p.m. from September through November. What? Wanna kick it? Come play soccer on the CHS team. All skill levels are welcome. Along with practice and games, there are also weekly soccer team study halls. The CHS team plays on the field and travels to other schools. If you join, expect to run, sweat, and win! Womens Soccer Who? Coach Connor Treacy When? Fall Sport. What? Ready to win? The CHS Womens Soccer Team is the place for you. If youve been playing since grade school or if youre new to soccer, join the team. Its a great way to make friends, have fun, get some awesome exercise, and become a team player. Practices are held after school and there are 1 or 2 games a week from September to November. Theres also study hall in The Zone. Comeby at the end of the day to meet Coach Connor or talk to any current players to get more info today! JV and Varsity Womens Basketball Who? Coach Nixon, Coach Ventura When? Winter Sport. What? Swoosh! Nothing but net. Join the Womens Basketball team today! Whether youre a newbie or youve got years on the court, come on by. Talk to Coach Ventura or Coach Nixon and theyll get you signed-up. Womens Basketball is a Winter sport, so during December, January, February, and into March there are games and practices after school. There are also pre-season events and study halls. Join the team and succeed Freshmen, JV, and Varsity Mens Basketball Who? Coach Cardoso, Coach Pearl When? Winter Sport. What? Do you want to be a champion? Is that even a question? Join the C-town Basketball Team today. There are three different levels of play, so everyone will have a spot on the right team. Our Mens Basketball program is one of the strongest in the city. Weve won local and state champions time and again. And of course were looking to win yet again. Talk to Coach Cardoso or a member of the team to learn more.

Track & Field Who? Coach Dean, Coach Muzykewicz When? Winter/Spring Sport What? Wanna run? Wanna throw a discus or javelin? Jump, sprint, and pole vault? Track is where its at. There are a variety of events, from the 100m to the Discus Throw to longer distances. Theres something for everyone. Track runs through both the winter and spring seasons, so youll time to experience lots of different activities. Talk to the coaches today or listen to morning announcements for more info!


JOB/CAREER SERVICES Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) Career Special Who? Ms. di Bonaventura Where? College and Career Center, Room 221 What? The Boston Industry Council provides Charlestown High students with one-onone counseling with a Career Specialist for both short-term and long-term career goals (after-school and summer jobs as well as internships and career explorations). Specifically, the PIC Career Specialist assists students with: How to complete a job application and follow-up Preparing a rsum Updating your rsum and making it stand out Interviewing prep, practice, and skills development How to practice your elevator speech and networking skills On the job success! There are also several major events that PIC collaborates city-wide throughout the school year, including Job Shadow Day in February, Mock Interviews during April vacation, and the Summer Jobs Campaign in which PIC brokers summer internships and supports students in those positions throughout the summer. Everyone is welcome! Ms. di Bonaventura also conducts classroom workshops and career seminars.

U-Aspire Who? Ms. Rivera Where? In the library on Thursdays and Fridays. What? U-Aspire provides junior and seniors with guidance through-out the college application process. Ms. Rivera will help students prepare their FAFSA documentation and learn about scholarships, grants, and other financial support for college.

The goal of U-Aspire is to ensure that all young people have the financial information and resources necessary to find an affordable path toand througha postsecondary education. So meet with Ms. Rivera asap! The Writing Center Who? Ms. Sanches Where? In the library, Writing Center Cove. What? Computers and teachers are here for you! Whether its an essay for college or for your college application, the Writing Center is available for your writing needs. If you need guidance with any phase of the writing processdrafting, thesiscrafting, revising, or publishingthe Writing Center is the place to be. The Writing Center is some days after school. For more info or to schedule an appointment email chswritingcenter@gmail.com!