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NHNG CU TING ANH THNG DNG CA NGI M Say cheese! Ci ln no ! (Khi chp hnh) Be good ! Ngoan nh!

(Ni vi tr con) Bottom up! 100% no! (Khii m) Me? Not likely! Tao h? Khng i no! Scratch ones head: Ngh mun nt c Take it or leave it! Chu th ly, khng chu th thi! Hell with haggling! Thy k n! Mark my words! Nh li tao ! Bored to death! Chn cht! What a relief! qu! Enjoy your meal ! n ngon ming nh! Go to hell ! i cht i! (ng c ni cu ny nhiu nha!) It serves you right! ng i my! The more, the merrier! Cng ng cng vui (Especially when you're holding a party) Beggars can't be choosers! n my cn i xi gc Boys will be boys! N ch l tr con thi m! Good job!= well done! Lm tt lm! Go hell! cht i, qu tha ma bt (nhng cu kiu ny nn bit ch bit thi nh! ng lm dng) Just for fun! Cho vui thi Try your best! C gng ln (cu ny chc ai cng bit) Make some noise! Si ni ln no! Congratulations! Chc mng ! Rain cats and dogs. Ma tm t

Love me love my dog. Yu em yu c ng i, ght em ght c tng ty h hng Strike it. Trng qu Alway the same. Trc sau nh mt Hit it off. Tm u hp Hit or miss. c chng hay ch Add fuel to the fire. Thm du vo la To eat well and can dress beautyfully. n trng mc trn Don't mention it! = You're welcome = That's allright! = Not at all. Khng c chi Just kidding. Ch a thi No, not a bit. Khng chng c g Nothing particular! Khng c g c bit c After you. Bn trc i Have I got your word on that? Ti c nn tin vo li ha ca anh khng? The same as usual! Ging nh mi khi Almost! Gn xong ri You 'll have to step on it Bn phi i ngay I'm in a hurry. Ti ang bn What the hell is going on? Chuyn qui qu g ang din ra vy? Sorry for bothering! Xin li v lm phin Give me a certain time! Cho mnh thm thi gian Prorincial! Sn Decourages me much! Lm nn lng It's a kind of once-in-life! C hi ngn nm c mt Out of sight out of might! Xa mt cch lng The God knows! Cha mi bit c

Women love throught ears, while men love throught eyes! Con gi yu bng tai, con trai yu bng mt. Poor you/me/him/her...! ti nghip my/tao/thng / con Go along with you. Ct i Let me see. ti xem / ti suy ngh Qun n i! ( ri y!) ----> Forget it! (I've had enough!) Bn i chi c vui khng? ----> Are you having a good time? Ngi nh. ----> Scoot over Bn c hng cha? (Bn cm thy thch cha?) ----> Are you in the mood? My gi bn phi v? ----> What time is your curfew? Chuyn cn ty ----> It depends Nu chn, ti s v (nh) ----> If it gets boring, I'll go (home) Ty bn thi ----> It's up to you Ci g cng c ----> Anything's fine Ci no cng tt ----> Either will do. Ti s ch bn v ----> I'll take you home Bn thy vic c c khng? ----> How does that sound to you? Do ny mi vic vn tt h? ----> Are you doing okay? Lm n ch my (in thoi) ----> Hold on, please Xin hy nh ---> Please be home Gi li cho ca anh ti bn ca em ---> Say hello to your friends for me. Tic qu! ----> What a pity! Qu t ---> Too bad! Nhiu ri ro qu! ----> It's risky! C gng i! ----> Go for it!

Vui ln i! ----> Cheer up! Bnh tnh no! ----> Calm down! Tuyt qu ----> Awesome K qui ----> Weird ng hiu sai ti ----> Don't get me wrong Chuyn qua ri ----> It's over Sounds fun! Let's give it a try! ----> Nghe c v hay y, ta th n (vt) xem sao Nothing's happened yet ----> Ch thy g xy ra c That's strange! ----> L tht I'm in nomood for ... ----> Ti khng cn tm trng no m ... u Here comes everybody else ---> Mi ngi ti ni ri ka What nonsense! ----> Tht l ng ngn! Suit yourself ----> Tu bn thi What a thrill! ----> Tht l li k As long as you're here, could you ... ----> Chng no bn cn y, phin bn ... I'm on my way home ----> Ti ang trn ng v nh About a (third) as strong as usual ----> Ch khong (1/3) so vi mi khi (ni v cht lng) What on earth is this? ----> Ci qui g th ny? What a dope! ----> Tht l nc ci! What a miserable guy! ----> Tht l thm hi You haven't changed a bit! ----> Trng ng vn cn phong chn! I'll show it off to everybody ----> ti em n i khoe vi mi ngi ( vt) You played a prank on me. Wait! ----> ng dm a vi tui . ng li mau! Enough is enough! ----> ri y nh! Let's see which of us can hold out longer ----> xem ai chu ai nh

Your jokes are always witty ----> Anh a d dm tht y Life is tough! ----> Cuc sng tht l phc tp ^^ No matter what, ... ----> Bng mi gi, ... What a piece of work! ----> Tht l chn cho ng qu! (hoc tht l mt k v phng cu cha) What I'm going to take! ----> Nng qu, khng xch ni na Please help yourself ----> Bn c t nhin Just sit here, ... ----> C nh th ny mi th ... No means no! ----> bo khng l khng! C chuyn g vy? ----> What's up? Do ny ra sao ri? ----> How's it going? Do ny ang lm g? ----> What have you been doing? Khng c g mi c ----> Nothing much Bn ang lo lng g vy? ----> What's on your mind? Ti ch ngh linh tinh thi ----> I was just thinking Ti ch ng tr i cht thi ----> I was just daydreaming Khng phi l chuyn ca bn ----> It's none of your business Vy h? ----> Is that so? Lm th no vy? ----> How come? Chc chn ri! ----> Absolutely! Qu ng! ----> Definitely! D nhin! ----> Of course! Chc chn m ----> You better believe it! Ti on vy ----> I guess so Lm sao m bit c ----> There's no way to know. Ti khng th ni chc ---> I can't say for sure ( I don't know)

Chuyn ny kh tin qu! ----> This is too good to be true! Thi i (ng a na) ----> No way! ( Stop joking!) Ti hiu ri ----> I got it Qu ng! ----> Right on! (Great!) Ti thnh cng ri! ----> I did it! C rnh khng? ----> Got a minute? n khi no? ----> 'Til when? Vo khong thi gian no? ----> About when? S khng mt nhiu thi gian u ----> I won't take but a minute Hy ni ln ln ----> Speak up C thy Melissa khng? ----> Seen Melissa? Th l ta li gp nhau phi khng? ----> So we've met again, eh? n y ----> Come here Gh chi ----> Come over ng i vi ----> Don't go yet Xin nhng i trc. Ti xin i sau ----> Please go first. After you Cm n nhng ng ----> Thanks for letting me go first Tht l nh nhm ----> What a relief What the hell are you doing? ----> Anh ang lm ci qui g th kia? Bn ng l cu tinh.Ti bit mnh c th trng cy vo bn m ----> You're a life saver. I know I can count on you. ng c gi v kh kho! ----> Get your head out of your ass! Xo qu! ----> That's a lie! Lm theo li ti ----> Do as I say ri ! ----> This is the limit! (No more, please!) Hy gii thch cho ti ti sao ----> Explainto me whyAsk for it! ----> T mnh lm th t mnh chu i!

... In the nick of time: ----> ... tht l ng lc No litter ----> Cm vt rc Go for it! ----> C liu th i Yours! As if you didn't know ----> ca you ch ai, c gi b khng bit. What a jerk! ----> tht l ng ght No business is a success from the beginning ----> vn s khi u nan What? How dare you say such a thing to me ----> Ci g, ...mi dm ni th vi tau How cute! ----> Ng ngnh, d thng qu! None of your business! ----> Khng phi vic ca bn Don't stick your nose into this ----> ng dnh mi vo vic ny Don't peep! -----> ng nhn ln! What I'm going to do if.... ----> Lm sao y nu ... Stop it right a way! ----> C thi ngay i khng A wise guy, eh?! ----> ... thng ny lo You'd better stop dawdling ----> Bn tt hn ht l khng nn la c.