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Republic of the Philippines COLUMBAN COLLEGE, INC.

High School Department Olongapo City

A.Y. 2013 2014
PROJECT / ACTIVITY Election of Organizational Officers Recruitment of Members OBJECTIVE To constitute the new set of officers of the organization. To encourage the students to join the organization and to disseminate the organizational thrusts and objectives. To provide an online portal that would promote the organizational thrusts, objectives and undertakings. And provide an avenue for students comments and suggestions for the benefit of the organization. TIME FRAME June 2013 PERSONS INVOLVED Students, Adviser Source FUNDING Amount REMARKS The organization was able to constitute its new set of officers through an election. The officers posted announcements in the strategic places in the campus that encouraged students to join the organization. An official Facebook account of the organization was activated under the name _______.

June 2013

Officers, Students

Activation of the Organizational Facebook Account

July 2013

Officers, Students

Induction of QARSS Officers

To induct the newly-elected organizational officers.

July 2013

Officers, Adviser

Kilos Protesta Laban sa To join the mounting August 2013 Planta clamor to stop the planned construction of a 600megawatt coal-fired power plant in Sitio Naglatore,

QARSS Officers, Students

The adviser of the organization presented the organizational officers to the inducting officer who sworn the latter into office. The officers and members joined the peaceful mass action against the coal power plant which would contribute serious risks to the

Science Club Organizational Action Plan | 1

Barangay Cawag in Subic, Zambales. Ozone Layer Poster and To develop the Slogan Making Contest consciousness of the students in preserving the ozone layer through poster and slogan making contest in line with the United Nations International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer every September 16. Sagip Dagat Coastal To partake in cleaning the Clean-up Drive specific beaches and marine in the province in connection with the National Clean-Up Month and International Coastal Clean-Up Weekend every third week of September. Salansan Basura Project To encourage the students in the campus to properly segregate their wastes in line with the provisions of the Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 (RA 9003). Documentary Film Viewing for a Cause To raise funds for the organizational projects and programs and at the same time to raise the awareness of the students regarding the protection of the habitats of the flora and fauna in connection with the celebration of the World Habitat Day every

September 2013

Officers, students

Php 700.00


environment and the peoples health and livelihood. The students joined the poster and slogan making contest. Entries were put into an exhibit at the Library in celebration of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

September 2013

Officers, adviser, students, community people

Php 1000.00 Solicitation

September April 2013

Officers, students

October 2013

Officers, students, faculty

The organizational officers and members were able to initiate a clean-up drive in one of the coastal areas in Zambales. After the clean-up activity, they distributed environmental pamphlets to the residents living near the coastal area. The organization, in coordination with the SSG, was able to put up trash bins or sacks labeled with biodegradable, nonbiodegradable and recyclable wherein students can put their garbage. A documentary film was showed before the students. Proceeds will be used for the upcoming Science Festival.

Science Club Organizational Action Plan | 2

Save Mother Earth Tree Planting Activity

Science Festival

first Monday of October. To participate in the October 2013 National Greening Program of the government and to mitigate climate change. To showcase the skills and October 2013 talents of the students through the various scientific competitions and to promote scientific and environmental awareness among them. To develop the November 2013 environmental awareness of the youth through the conduct of debate in line with the celebration of the National Environmental Awareness Month every November. To discuss the causes and November 2013 effects of climate change and what would be the possible ways of mitigating such in connection with the celebration of Climate Change Week under the provisions of RA 9729. To participate with the December 2013 United Nations International Mountain Day every November 11 and for the students to be exposed with a garden of pygmy trees and shrubs carpeted with luscious greenery high up in the altitude of Mt.

Officers and Members, Community people Officers, students, faculty

Php 1000.00 Solicitation

The officers and members were able to plant a number of trees in an identified barangay. Different competitions were conducted such as sci-quiz bee, essay writing, slogan making, poster making, poetry writing, enviro-photo, jingle and recyclable-made costume. There were also science exhibit for science enthusiasts. In coordination with the RMTU Debating Society, the organization was able to spearhead an inter-collegiate environmental debate.

Php 2000.00 Raised Funds

Balitaktakan para sa Kalikasan

Officers, students, faculty

Php 500.00


Usapang Pangkalikasan Climate Change Symposium

Officers, students, faculty, DENR people

Php 1000.00


In coordination with the SSG, a climate change symposium was conducted and was participated in by the faculty and students with speakers coming from DENR.

Lakbay Bundok Educational Tour

Officers, students, adviser, community people

Php 1000.00 Contributions In coordination with the other campus organizations, a mountain educational tour was initiated by the organization.

Science Club Organizational Action Plan | 3

Christmas Caroling Fund Raising Drive

Tapulao in Palauig. To raise funds for the December 2013 organizational projects and programs for next year.

Officers and members, community people

Batas Kalikasan Karavan

To raise the awareness of January 2013 the community people on the different environmental laws in the country.

Officers and Members, Community people

Kalkal Kanal Community Clean-up Drive

Mahal ko, Kalikasan Ko Environmental Camp

Programa Linis Batis

Earth Day Poster Making Contest

Earth Day 2012

To help in maintain cleanliness in adopted communities through the spirit of volunteerism. To instill the vital role of the youth in protecting and preserving the environment. To initiate a clean-up drive in the rivers and streams in the community in connection with the celebration of the World Water Day every March 22. To showcase the skills and talents of the students in poster making contest and raise the awareness among them on the preservation of the Earth. To participate in the worldwide celebration of Earth Day through the

January 2013

February 2013

Officers and Members, Community people Officers and Members, students Officers and Members, Community people

Php 300.00


Php 2000.00

The organizational officers and members initiated a house-tohouse Christmas caroling in three barangays in the municipality. Proceeds of the fund-raising program will be used for the projects for next year. The organization extended its services to the community and spearheaded information dissemination to the community people regarding environmental laws. The organization was able to help the community people in cleaning up the adopted barangay. The organization conducted a one-day environmental camp participated in by the students. The organization spearheaded the program in coordination with the community people.

March 2013

March 2013

Officers and Members, students

Php 500.00


The organization was able to conduct the poster making contest and put the entries into an exhibit until the Earth Day celebration on April 22. The organization partook in the Earth Day celebration in coordination with the

April 2013

Officers and Members, students

Php 1000.00


Science Club Organizational Action Plan | 4

conduct of Looc Lake cleanup drive.

Sangguniang Kabataan of Brgy. Looc, Castillejos, Zambales.

Prepared by:

EDJOHN HAROLD F. TOMBOC Moderator, Science Club

Science Club Organizational Action Plan | 5