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***UPLOADERS NOTES*** As the commercial copy below reads, the Diana Hacker Guide is the most commonly used

writers reference handbook in the United States. This specific addition is the MLA (Modern Language Association) seventh edition, published in 2011. Odds a re, anyone currently attending college, or who has done so in the past 25 years, was required to purchase a copy of this writer's guide. As an instructor of dev elopmental writing at a local community college, this textbook is not only REQUI RED, it is that rarest of all possible things - a legitimately useful and even i ndispensable college textbook. Any writer of the English language, no matter wha t their level of development, either has or should have a copy of this guide. Th e reason for the unusually large size of the PDF is that I have scanned it in fu ll color at high resolution. This is because a great deal of the content depends on multiple color markings to make its various points. I am choosing to make it available as a torrent because (at my local community college, anyway) the inco mpetence and malfeasance of our bookstore has made it increasingly difficult for financial aid students to get their hands on this textbook before the semester is half over. I have never felt any moral qualm about any of the myriad and dive rse media that I have uploaded as a pirate, but the Bedford St. Martin's publish ing company has done such an incredible job with this invaluable book (not to me ntion its supplemental workbooks and free online exercises), that I am quite loa the to deprive that wonderful company of even a single penny. I encourage anyone reading this to order supplemental materials and or to pay the online fee at th e Bedford St. Martin website for additional access. Furthermore, I have uploaded the INSTRUCTORS edition, which offers additional in sight into how to use and implement these materials. I realize that almost nobod y reading this is likely to be an instructor of English at the collegiate level, but any homeschooling parent, advanced high school student, or someone who eith er is or knows a learner with ESL (English as second language) difficulties lear ning written English, will be able to make great use of this book. This is very probably the single most useful thing I have uploaded to the Pirate Bay in three years of torrenting. It is my hope and wish that many, many of you find this PD F to be of great use. Rambam1776 A great deal of supplemental information can be found at the following website: http://bedfordstmartins.com/Catalog/product/writersreference-seventhedition-hack er http://bayimg.com/DaJcEAaDB A Writer's Reference, the most widely adopted handbook in the United States, con tinues to be groundbreaking in its simplicity, offering the right content in an accessible format. New coauthor Nancy Sommers's own research, campus travel, and classroom experience keep the handbook in tune with the needs of academic write rs. In a trusted quick-reference format, the seventh edition delivers advice on all the right topics: working with sources, revising with comments, preparing a portfolio, and more. A Writer's Reference offers unprecedented flexibility with several versions to choose from -- a handbook that's truly at your service. A Writer's Reference Seventh Edition 2011

ISBN-10: 0-312-60143-3 ISBN-13: 978-0-312-60143-0 Paper Text, 576 pages C Composing and revising C1 Planning C2 Drafting C3 Revising *new section on portfolio keeping C4 Writing paragraphs C5 Designing documents C6 Writing with technology (*new chapter) A Academic writing A1 Writing about texts *new annotated advertisement A2 Constructing reasonable arguments *new argument paper A3 Evaluating arguments A4 Writing in the disciplines S Sentence style S1 Parallelism S2 Needed words S3 Problems with modifiers S4 Shifts S5 Mixed constructions S6 Sentence emphasis S7 Sentence variety W Word choice W1 Glossary of usage W2 Wordy sentences W3 Active verbs W4 Appropriate language W5 Exact language W6 The dictionary and thesaurus G Grammatical sentences G1 Subject-verb agreement G2 Verb forms, tenses, and moods G3 Pronouns G4 Adjectives and adverbs G5 Sentence fragments G6 Run-on sentences M Multilingual writers and ESL challenges M1 Verbs M2 Articles M3 Sentence structure M4 Using adjectives M5 Prepositions and idiomatic expressions P Punctuation and mechanics P1 The comma P2 Unnecessary commas P3 The semicolon and the colon P4 The apostrophe P5 Quotation marks

P6 Other punctuation marks P7 Spelling and hyphenation P8 Capitalization P9 Abbreviations and numbers P10 Italics B Basic B1 B2 B3 B4 grammar Parts of speech Parts of sentences Subordinate word groups Sentence types

R Researching R1 Conducting research R2 Evaluating sources *new feature on scholarly vs. popular sources *new feature on evaluating Web sites R3 Managing information; avoiding plagiarism *new sample annotated bibliography *new box on avoiding plagiarism R4 Choosing a documentation style MLA papers MLA-1 Supporting a thesis MLA-2 Citing sources; avoiding plagiarism MLA-3 Integrating sources *new coverage of synthesis MLA-4 Documenting sources *new annotated documentation models MLA-5 Manuscript format; sample paper *new research case study SAMPLE PAPER APA and CMS papers APA-1 Supporting a thesis APA-2 Citing sources; avoiding plagiarism APA-3 Integrating sources *new coverage of synthesis APA-4 Documenting sources *new annotated documentation models APA-5 Manuscript format; sample paper SAMPLE PAPER CMS-1 Supporting a thesis CMS-2 Citing sources; avoiding plagiarism CMS-3 Integrating sources CMS-4 Documenting sources *new Citations at a glance CMS-5 Manuscript format; sample pages SAMPLE PAGES *new to this edition