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(INTRODUCTION) To our guests, parents, teachers and to the graduating class 2012 good afternoon.

Today is a day to be thankful and be inspired. (THANK YOU VALEDICTORIAN SPEECH TOPICS) First of all to my parents, my friends and to my teachers, I would like you to know that I thank you very much. These past six years have presented us with a lot of ups and downs and it is good to know that we had our families in our corner, supporting us along the way. Thank you po Mama and Papa. I would not be here today without you. Fellow graduates, I want you to know what a great gift you are being my good friends in every schooldays that we had together. I hope that someday we will meet again. Here at Policarpio Hernandez Memorial Elementary School we have received a great education thanks to our teachers for their patience they offered to us. We are prepared to move on and take on whatever challenges come next in our lives. Finally, we can be thankful for each other. The friendships that we have made here will last a lifetime. I hope we will continue to be there for each other and to support each other in future endezvors.