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Best of South Africa 1

Best of South Africa 

Welcome to Volume Four
of ‘Best of South Africa’

“Best of South Africa” is a celebration of the crème that our country

has to offer, a tangible reminder and visual celebration of what makes
South Africa great, a country people truly fall in love with - locals and
international visitors alike.
In spite of the world economic downturn, South Africa remains
resilient showing continued growth. Our sincere thanks must go to the
wonderful participants showcased in our fourth edition; representing
the “Best of” in their respective fields. We profile these individuals,
companies and organizations with much pride and celebrate their
success which in turn helps us all to promote and showcase South
Africa to our dedicated partners and clients across the world and at
The continued growth and sustainability of South Africa is largely
thanks to the patriotic nature in all our blood, which enjoys an
unbreakable optimism ensuring this nation succeeds against any odds.
We are extremely proud to play a part in promoting our country and
will continue to do so.

Success is a Choice!

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Best of South Africa 

 Best of South Africa
Best of South Africa 
Best of South Africa

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 Best of South Africa

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Best of South Africa 

South African Overview
South Africa is best described as a world in one country. Its breathtaking scenery includes soaring
mountains and stark deserts, golden beaches and vast game reserves where the Big Five roam in
natural bushveld. South Africa is a rewarding destination for the tourist and business traveler alike.
It is a land of opportunity and promise! Today different cultures and races live in harmony, weaving
a colourful tapestry in the busy urban streets and quiet rural landscapes. It offers the visitor world-
class infrastructure, transport and accommodation, a hot and sunny climate, a variety of indoor and
outdoor activities, as well as the famous warmth of our South African welcome.

 Best of South Africa

Capital city People
Pretoria (official); Bloemfontein (judicial) and South Africa’s people classify themselves as
Cape Town (legislative). follows:
• 79% - Black
Area • 9.6% - White
1, 219, 090 km² • 8.9% - Coloured
• 2.5% - Indian / Asian
Constitutional multi-party, three-tier The population consists of the following
(local, provincial, national) democracy. groups:
Government consists of national, • Nguni (the Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele and
provincial and local spheres. The powers Swazi)
of the legislature, executive and courts are • Sotho-Tswana (including the Southern,
separate. Northern and Western Sotho [Tswana])
• Tsonga
Population • Venda
44,8 million • Afrikaners
• English-speakers
Time Zone • Coloureds
GMT +2 hours • Indians
• Immigrants from the rest of Africa, Europe
Official languages and Asia
Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, • Some members of the Khoi and the San.
isiZulu, Sesotho sa Leboa, Sesotho,
Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda and Xitsonga. Public transport
South Africa’s transport infrastructure
Religion – airlines, railroads, roads, luxury touring
Almost 80% of South Africa’s population buses (coaches) and motorcars (driven on
is Christian. Other religious groups include the left hand side of the road) – is such that
Hindus, Muslims and Jews. A minority of tourists can travel comfortably and quickly
South Africa’s population regard themselves from their port of entry to any part of the
as traditionalists or of no specific religious country. A number of international airlines,
affiliation. including South African Airways, operate
regular scheduled flights to and from South
Currency Africa. Several domestic airlines operate in
Rand (R). 100 cents equals one Rand. Coins the country.
come in denominations of 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, There are also mainline trains to all
R1, R2 and R5, and notes in denominations of parts of South Africa. Cars are readily
R10, R20, R50, R100 and R200. available for hire at the airports – this is
the option preferred by visitors, as it is the
Country Dialing Code only flexible form of transport. South Africa
+27 also offers conventional metered taxis

Best of South Africa 

South African Overview

but, apart from those that can be hired Telecommunications

from the airports, these must generally be South Africa boasts a well-developed
summonsed by telephone. communications infrastructure, with
extensive landline phone networks and four
Accommodation mobile phone service providers with far-
The tourist accommodation industry in South reaching coverage. Mobile phones can be
Africa provides a wide spectrum, from formal rented from the airport. Public telephones are
hotels to informal holiday flats and cottages, either coin- or card-operated. Internet cafés
game lodges and reserves, guesthouses, can be found in even the smallest towns, and
youth hostels and bed-and-breakfast the postal service offers the usual letter and
establishments. parcel services as well as secure mail, freight
and courier services.
Although South Africa’s climate varies Embassies
considerably across its various regions Most countries are represented in South
and environments, temperatures remain Africa by embassies. Please refer to the
comfortable throughout the year. Climate can telephone directory or Yellow Pages for up-
be described as mostly semi-arid, subtropical to-date details.
along the east coast, with sunny days and
cool nights. Medical facilities
Medical facilities in cities and larger towns
Average temperatures in ºC are world-class but, in rural areas, the
Summer Winter clinics and hospitals deal with primary
Cape Town 20 12.6 health needs and therefore do not offer the
Durban 24 17 range of medical care provided by the large
Johannesburg 21.5 11.1 metropolitan hospitals. Trained medical
Pretoria 23.4 12.9 caregivers are deployed round the country,
so help is never far away.
Banks and foreign exchange
South Africa’s financial institutions are Internet
world-class, with no shortage of banks, An estimated 5.1 million South Africans had
bureau de change and automatic tellers. access to the Internet by the end of 2006.
The banks generally open from 9am to Today, Internet access is a standard feature
3.30pm Mondays through Fridays, and at most hotels and many shopping centres,
8.30am to 11am on Saturdays. Banks at the Internet cafes can be found in even the
airports adjust their hours to accommodate smallest town, and with the mobile service
international flights. providers also offering wireless internet
facilities, people can now go online in the
Credit cards and cash most remote locations.
All major credit cards can be used in South
Africa. In some small towns, you may need to Postal Services
use cash. The South African Post Office offers a

 Best of South Africa

variety of facilities from letter and parcel across the African continent and Indian
delivery to post box rental as well as an Ocean islands.
overnight courier service. The privately In October 1998, the country’s first
owned company Postnet offers a host of privately owned free-to-air television channel,
services, from internet to courier services, e-tv started operations.
as well as the photocopying and binding of MultiChoice Africa was the first African
documents and a packaging, postage and company on the continent to offer digital
courier service. satellite broadcasting. Operations include
subscriber-management services and digital
The Media satellite television platforms broadcasting 55
video and 48 audio channels, 24-hours a day.
The airwaves are abuzz in South Africa. Print
Radio, which plays a large role in the South Africa has always had a courageous
media industry is flourishing. South Africa’s and opinionated press, and the country’s
independent public broadcaster, the SABC, turbulent history has contributed to the
has a national radio network comprising formation of a surprisingly news-hungry
15 stations broadcasting in 11 languages, society. The country has 20 daily and 13
which collectively reach an average daily weekly newspapers, most in English. About
adult audience of 19 million. A number of 14.5-million South Africans buy the urban
private radio stations have also been granted dailies, while community newspapers have a
licences. These radio stations cater for a circulation of 5.5-million. There is also a range
wide variety of languages, cultures and niche of general and specialised news websites.
markets. The magazine industry is fiercely competitive,
with new titles appearing constantly.
Television South Africa’s constitution safeguards
South Africa has by far the largest television freedom of the media, freedom to receive
audience in Africa, with more than four or impart information or ideas, freedom of
million licensed television households. artistic creativity, academic freedom and
The SABC’s national television network freedom of scientific research. Reporters
comprises three full-spectrum free-to-air Without Borders ranks the country’s press
channels and one satellite pay-TV channel as the 26th most free in the world, ahead
aimed at audiences in Africa. Combined, of the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Spain
the free-to-air sound broadcasting stations and Australia. South Africa’s press is the
broadcast in 11 languages and reach a freest in Africa, and more free than any
daily adult audience of almost 18 million. press in South America, Asia, the Middle
M-Net became South Africa’s first private East and Australasia.
subscription television service when it
launched in 1986. Today, it broadcasts Doing Business in South Africa
its array of general entertainment and The South African economy remains on a
niche channels to more than 1.3 million high economic growth range, emphasising
subscribers in more than 50 countries the economic turnaround that has been

Best of South Africa 

achieved over the past 10 years. It remains in arrivals had rocketed to 6.7 million. In 2007 a most recent achievements include winning
good health despite the global slowdown in total of 9.07 million foreigners visited South the 2007 Rugby World Cup, and being
consumer spending, with the latest Nedbank Africa. This 8.3% increase over 2006 meant the sixth-highest medal-winning nation at
capital expenditure report showing that 80 that the country broke its annual tourist the Beijing Paralympics. South Africa has
new investments, to the value of R336.1- arrivals record for the third year running. hosted a number of international sporting
billion, were announced for the first half of South Africa’s conference industry has events since 1994. The most recent events
2008. These include a massive expansion moved up to 31st place in the International include the Women’s World Cup of Golf
project by Eskom, South Africa’s electricity Congress and Convention Association’s from 2005 to 2008, the Women’s World Cup
provider, as well as 64 new private sector latest top 40 list of leading destinations in of Cricket 2005, the Paralympic Swimming
projects, mostly in the finance and real estate the world, released in May 2007. The country Championships from 2005 to 2008, and the
sector and the manufacturing sector. offers more than 1,000 world-class business World Twenty20 Championships in 2007.
and conference venues of varying sizes. The The biggest event on the horizon is the
Tourism business tourism industry generates billions of FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010, which is
South Africa’s scenic beauty, sunny climate, rand in turnover, and has created hundreds of expected to attract some 400,000 visitors to
cultural diversity and reputation for delivering thousands of jobs. South Africa, and is the first Soccer World
value for money have made it one of the Cup to be held in Africa.
world’s fastest growing leisure and business World Heritage Sites
travel destinations. Tourism in South Africa South Africa boasts seven World Heritage Arts and Culture
has emerged as a leading economic growth sites including Robben Island, the Greater The Department of Arts and Culture is
sector. It is now one of the largest contributors St Lucia Wetland Park, uKhahlamba- the custodian of South Africa’s diverse
to GDP, and offers significant employment Drakensberg Park, Mapungubwe, Sterkfontein cultural, artistic and linguistic heritage. It
and enterprise development opportunities. Cradle of Humankind, the Cape Floral is directly responsible for several public
International travel to South Africa has Kingdom and the Vredefort Dome. entities including museums, art galleries, the
boomed in the last decade. In 1994, the year National Archives and six playhouses. The
of South Africa’s first democratic elections, Sport National Arts Festival, held annually in July
only 3.9 million foreign visitors arrived in the South Africans have more than made their in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, is one of
country. By 2004, the numbers of international mark in international sport. The country’s the largest and most diverse arts gatherings

10 Best of South Africa

in Africa. Other major festivals are held in National Anthem Environment
Oudtshoorn, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape The national anthem is a combined version South Africa has taken several concrete steps
Town, Potchefstroom and Bloemfontein. of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (God Bless Africa) to implement the United Nations’ Agenda 21
South African theatre is internationally and Die Stem (The Call of South Africa). on sustainable development. This includes
acclaimed, and many locally produced shows reforming environmental policies, ratifying
have travelled overseas to high acclaim. National Flag international agreements, and participating
Johannesburg’s celebrated Market Theatre The new South African flag first flew on in many global and regional sustainable
has built its reputation on local content 10 May 1994, the day Nelson Mandela development initiatives.
productions. There is a growing trend towards became president. It is a powerful symbol
the establishment of smaller theatres. of unity and progress, and is famous for South Africa enjoys the third-highest level of
South Africa has the most developed music being the only six-coloured national flag in biodiversity in the world. Some remarkable
recording industry on the continent, and has the world. aspects of the abundance of life in this
been home to some of the industry’s most country include:
memorable voices. The country is the 25th- National Symbols
largest market for recorded music, with local • National animal: Springbok • Over 3,700 endemic marine species
music accounting for a third of all the music • National bird: Blue Crane • Some 18,000 vascular plant species, 80%
bought by South Africans. • National fish: Galjoen of which occur nowhere else
Classical music is becoming ever more • National flower: King Protea • More plant species exist in the Cape
popular in South Africa, with philharmonic • National tree: Real Yellowwood Peninsula National Park than in the whole
orchestras established in the major cities. of the British Isles
There are a number of training and upliftment Minerals and Mining • South Africa has 5.8% of the world’s
programmes in place to make classical music South Africa’s mineral wealth is staggering. mammal species, 8% of bird species and
available to previously disadvantaged people, Some of the country’s most important 4.6% of reptile species
and the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra has minerals are: • In terms of the mammal, bird, reptile and
undertaken an extensive programme to amphibian species, South Africa is the 24th
develop all aspects of youth music. • Gold - the unique Witwatersrand Basin richest country in the world and the fifth
South Africa has a range of art galleries yields some 96% of South Africa’s gold richest in Africa
showcasing collections of indigenous, output • One third of the world’s succulent species
historical and contemporary works. The • Diamonds - the country is among the are found in South Africa
crafts industry employs more than 1.2 million world’s top producers • South Africa is ranked first in the world
people, with products being widely exported. • Titanium - heavy mineral sand for its floral kingdom. The Cape Floral
The film and video sector generates around occurrences containing titanium minerals Kingdom, a World Heritage site, boasts the
R518 million a year. South Africa offers are found along the coasts highest recorded species diversity for any
foreign producers world-class film facilitation, • Manganese - enormous reserves of similar-sized temperate or tropical region in
logistics, facilities, talent and administration manganese are found in the sedimentary the world
management services. rocks of the Transvaal Supergroup
South Africa has a rich literary heritage, • Platinum-group metals (PGMs) and
with two Nobel prizewinners for literature chrome - more than half of the world’s
- Nadine Gordimer and J.M. Coetzee. Not reserves occur in the Bushveld Complex
surprisingly, South Africans are great readers, in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North West
and there are excellent libraries in almost • Vast coal and anthracite beds occur in the
every city and town, as well as on many of the Karoo Basin in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-
country’s university campuses. More than 300 Natal and Limpopo Statistics and information in
of the approximately 1,000 museums in Africa • Copper phosphate, titanium, iron, this article courtesy of:
can be found in South Africa, ensuring the vermiculite and zirconium are found in www.gcis.gov.za
preservation of artifacts and collections that the Phalaborwa Igneous Complex in www.safrica.info
are important to all South Africans. Limpopo www.southafrica.net

Best of South Africa 11

SA more than ready for 2010
2010 World Cup Soccer

“What I have seen, assurances and guarantees that I have been given makes me a
happy man today, and I am convinced that SA will organise a great world cup.”
Sepp Blatter – FIFA president
©Pic: Chris Ricco/Backpagepix

15 September 2008, Mayor of Cape Town The 2010 FIFA World Cup Organising OC Chief Executive Danny Jordaan confirmed,
Helen Zille, Western Cape Premier Lynn Committee South Africa and the South African “We are running within time and within budget
Brown, Former South African President FW De government are satisfied that all preparations and we are confident that the event will be
Klerk, FIFA President Sepp Blatter, and FIFA for the tournament are on track to deliver on a success. There is a shared vision and
Ambassador Tokyo Sexwale and CEO of the the country’s promise to host the best FIFA commitment by all South Africans that this
LOC Dr. Danny Jordaan thank the builders at World Cup ever. World Cup must work”.
the stadium. Sepp Blatter visits Greenpoint 2010 FIFA World Cup presents a golden “As a collective, we have to say to the world
Stadium, 2010 FIFA World Cup, Cape Town, opportunity to showcase Africa to the world, that we are confident of our abilities to host a
Western Cape, South Africa. to illustrate that the African Renaissance is successful World Cup. We are calling on South
upon us and Africa’s time has come. The Africans in their thousands to support their
South African government is totally committed host cities’ events and to fly the flag for their
to host a tournament that will astound billions country. After all, this is your World Cup!”
around the world. South Africa has become a massive

12 Best of South Africa

construction site as stadiums are nearing their allocation of R9 billion for transport
completion, road and rail infrastructure is and supporting infrastructure and a further
being developed, airports upgraded and cities R8,4 billion for stadiums construction and
renewed. These developments are enforced upgrades.
by the need for the government to accelerate The 2010 FIFA World Cup is also about
service delivery and to create world-class building the country in ways that go beyond
infrastructure not only for the many visitors merely improving infrastructure. To this end,
expected in 2010, but also for the long-term the government’s 2010-related activities
benefit of all South Africans. also include sports development, volunteer
Hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup is training, youth training and arts and culture
the biggest single project undertaken by activities to assist South Africans to be
the government since independence and excellent 2010 hosts.
their commitment is clearly illustrated in Africa’s time has come! Africa is ready! www.2010saloc.com

Best of South Africa 13

Solutions for better mobility in
Gauteng’s cities and towns
Only a combination of solutions can be successful

14 Best of South Africa

Gautrain is a form of public transport that Problem: Traffic congestion causes
is integrated with taxis, trains, planes and a loss in productivity and high petrol
busses. Public transport comprises any consumption
transport system in which passengers
do not travel in their own vehicles - in Traffic congestion is increasingly eroding our
other words, any system that transports quality of life. Congestion costs the country at
members of the general public. least R1 billion per year in lost time, accidents
and medical expenses.
Public transport has several benefits:
Solution: Public transport costs less to
• costs less to the community, the community
• needs less urban space,
• is less energy-intensive, Commuters who rely on public transport are
• pollutes less, shielded against constant increases in the
• is the safest mode, petrol price. As a transport mode, Gautrain
• improves accessibility to jobs, and will not be affected by fluctuations in the
• offers mobility for all. petrol price.

Public transport also offers many An independent Cost Benefit Analysis

solutions to daily commuters faced with specialist also indicated that:
traffic congestion and the high cost of • Gautrain will save 585 000 vehicle km
maintaining a private car. per day.

Best of South Africa 15

• Total accident cost savings will be R475
million p.a.
• Gautrain will save R3 845 million per year
in vehicle operating costs by the year 2030
(2003 Rand values).
• Gautrain will save R7 114 million p.a.
in time costs for passengers travelling
between Johannesburg and Tshwane by
2030 (2003 Rand value).

Problem: Not everybody has access to


The Department of Transport is working

to improve and expand infrastructure and,
through subsidies, to reduce the costs of
public transport.
By the end of October 2006, the
Minister of Transport, Mr Jeff Radebe,
announced that the 2010 Transport
Action Agenda had been developed
and that the World Cup Public Transport
Infrastructure and Systems Fund had
allocated the first round of funding to

16 Best of South Africa

Government has set aside R3,8 billion for passengers will use just one ticket for parking, sales, Naamsa revised its growth projections
public transport infrastructure for the 2010 the train trip and busses. Commuters using for 2006 from 10% to between 15% and 20%.
Fifa Soccer World Cup. These funds are their cars can park safely at the stations with There are 300 000 cars in the
meant to leverage other funds available to ample parking being constructed. Johannesburg-Tshwane traffic corridors
develop public-transport infrastructure. As a public transport mode, Gautrain per day. It will increase by 7% per year.
will provide fast, safe and reliable access In Johannesburg alone, there are 3.2-
The following allocations were approved: to transport. million people.
• R1,6 billion for capital-expenditure projects
for 2010 Solution: Integrated public transport Solution: Cities become welcoming and
• R200 million for intelligent transport enables commuters to use a combination dynamic when freed from congestion
systems of busses, trains and taxis to reach their
• R700 million for new and improved bus and destinations It is estimated that Gautrain will reduce the
taxi infrastructure traffic congestion between Johannesburg
• R144 million for new intermodal Problem: More people rely on cars for and Tshwane by 20%. Access to integrated
interchanges and facilities transport in metropolitan cities public transport will provide the only
sustainable solution as more people want to
An additional R5 billion a year is needed to Cities are becoming more populated than live in the city.
address the decline in service levels and to ever before. Relying on private cars as the Gautrain brings global solutions in public
implement government’s transport strategy major form of transport, traffic congestion is transport to Gauteng.
to achieve a sustainable rapid mass public- spiralling out of control.
transport system over the next 10 to 15 years. National Association of Automobile
Gautrain is an integrated transport solution Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa)
consisting of train and bus feeder services figures showed that a total of 56 341 new
to transport passengers up to 15 kilometres vehicles were sold in March 2006, up 29,1%
from stations. Utilising smart cards, Gautrain from March 2005. As a result of the record www.gautrain.co.za

Best of South Africa 17

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
South African Icon

Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu is a hero to
South Africans, and a man whose name is well-loved and respected around the world.
He is credited with coining the famous term “rainbow nation”, which has become a
catchphrase for the multicultural diversity of South Africa’s people.
Paulino Menezes/World Council of Churches

18 Best of South Africa

Tutu was born in Klerksdorp in 1931. His
father was a teacher, his mother a domestic
worker, and he was raised in an atmosphere
of tolerance and understanding where, he
says, he “never learned to hate”.
After studying at St. Peters Theological
College in Johannesburg, he was ordained as
an Anglican parish priest in 1961, and spent
the next few years in England, obtaining a
Bachelor of Divinity and a Masters in Theology
at Kings College, London. He returned to
South Africa to teach theology and serve
as a chaplain at the University of Fort Hare.
He lectured at the University of Botswana
in Lesotho, and traveled to London again to
serve as an assistant director for the World
Council of Churches.
In 1975, Tutu was appointed the Dean of
St. Mary’s Cathedral in Johannesburg. In 1976
he was consecrated Bishop of Lesotho, and
in 1978 he was appointed as the first black
general secretary of the South African Council
of Churches.
In 1984, Tutu was awarded the Nobel
Peace Prize in recognition of “the courage and
heroism shown by South Africans in their use
of peaceful methods in the struggle against
In 1985, Tutu became Johannesburg’s
first black Anglican bishop, and in 1986 the
first black archbishop of Cape Town. He
was elected as president of the All Africa
Conference of Churches in 1987, and a year
later, was made chancellor of the University of
the Western Cape.
Today, Tutu holds over 100 honorary
doctorates from universities around the world.
He was awarded the International Gandhi
Peace Prize on 31 January 2007 by the
government of India. This prize is considered
to be India’s highest international honour.
Former South African president Nelson
Mandela says of Tutu, “Sometimes strident,
often tender, never afraid and seldom without
humour, Desmond Tutu’s voice will always be
the voice of the voiceless.”

Best of South Africa 19

One of the things about the Paralympics is that they seem to embody sport
at its purest. There is a sense of community about the participants that
transcends the normal competitiveness.

Natalie du Toit smiles as she stands on the podium with her gold medal after finishing first in the 100m Butterfly
S9 final race and setting a new world record during Day 1 of the Swimming Finals at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic
Games held in Beijing, China. Photo by Getty Images / Gallo Images

It seems almost boastful to gloat over the And yet, Team South Africa took what they in the pentathlon, a Paralympic record in the
30 medals – 21 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze had been given and turned it into something long jump, and a season’s best in the 200m
– Team South Africa won at the Beijing quite remarkable. on his way to his trio of medals, which
Paralympic Games. And yet, there isn’t a The performances by two people who made for perhaps the best achievement of
medal in that haul that was not received are amongst the biggest names in sports in the games.
with pride, and a remarkable sense of the world underline how good the team is. Then there was Philippa Johnson: In
achievement. Natalie du Toit and Oscar Pistorius won Hong Kong, away from the support of
South Africa placed 6th on the medal 8 gold medals between them, which was the rest of the team, won 2 gold’s in the
table, just behind Australia, but it’s the enough for a small-sized country to place. equestrian individual championship test, as
countries lower on the table which make The golden pair would have placed South well as the individual freestyle test.
that placing so significant, showing what Africa 16th on the medal table on their own. There was also Fanie van der Merwe,
can be done when resources are used But, it was the unfamiliar names among who won gold in the 100m and 200m
imaginatively and efficiently: Canada placed the medal winners which gave birth to a in the T34 category for cerebral palsied
7th, Russia 8th, Germany and France 11th new set of heroes for the South African athletes. He cramped up over the final 10m
and 12th, with Japan placing 17th. public to admire: Chief among them was of the 200m, but held on and held off the
Those are all resource-rich countries, Hilton Langenhoven, who won 3 gold’s to opposition to set a new world record.
with structures to allow their disabled match the feat of Pistorius. Langenhoven, All these performances were punctuated
people to achieve greatness in all spheres. who is partially sighted, set a world record by acts of heroism, great and small: There

20 Best of South Africa

Hilton Langenhoven of South Africa wins Gold in the
200m T12 Athletics event at the National Stadium
during day 10 of the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games
held in Beijing, China. Photo by Getty / Gallo Images

Gold Medallist Oscar Pistotius during the Paralympic

Medallist Sponsor Tour held in Johannesburg, South
Africa. Photo by Lefty Shivambu / Gallo Images

was the extraordinary tie in Shireen Sapiro’s

100m backstroke, when she set a world
record together with a swimmer from New
Zealand; there was Ernst van Dyk’s 4th in
his hand cycling time trial, followed by his
glittering gold in the road race; as well as
Charl Bouwer’s ever so elegant world record
in the 400m freestyle which promised so
much more; Once again Fanie Lombard,
winning his 11th and 12th Paralympic
medals at the age of 39; there was also
Tadhg Slattery’s bronze in his 100m
Philippa Johnson of Republic of South Africa with horse Benedict competes in the Paralympic Equestrian
breaststroke. Individual Freestyle Test - Grade IV event at Hong Kong Olympic Equestrian Venue in Hong Kong, China.
And, then there was Natalie. There were Photo by Getty Images / Gallo Images
other Paralympians who won five gold
medals, but not for the second Paralympics Further Information:
in a row. And they’re unlikely to do it for a www.southafrica.info
third time. But Natalie probably will. www.doingbusiness.org

Best of South Africa 21

South African Women of the Year
While illustrating three very unique South African women, we at Best of South Africa
would like to acknowledge and warmly congratulate all the nominees and winners of this
prestigious award as we celebrate your success, now and in the future.

Ms Janet Buckland - Shoprite Checkers/ and particularly theatre in the lives of all
SABC 2 Woman of the Year 2008 South Africans with her skills as a performer,
director, fund raiser and administrator to
South Africa’s premier accolade for direct these projects over a number of years
achievement by women went to Ms Janet in the province.
Buckland who was named the Shoprite The most notable project is UBOM! the
Checkers/SABC2 Woman of the Year 2008, Eastern Cape Drama Company, which
at a dazzling event in celebration of the was the first full time professional drama
women of South Africa, held in Cape Town company in the province.
on 31 July 2008. Since its start almost six years ago
Ms Buckland has been responsible for Ubom! has reached audiences totaling
the initiation and creation of a significant more than 178 000. It has also provided 36
number of very successful arts and culture full time contracts for actors to work in the
projects in the Eastern Cape. She combined Eastern Cape. Ms Buckland is raising the
her understanding of the value of the arts funds to sustain it.

22 Best of South Africa

Ms Thabang Molefi - Shoprite Checkers/
SABC 2 Woman of the Year 2008 - Business
Entrepreneurs Category

Ms Thabang Molefi is qualified as an Ethno

medical practitioner and beauty therapist
who with the little savings she had at the time
opened the first health spa in Soweto in 2002.
Today she owns the Roots Healthcare Centre
business with a multi-million turnover and
branches in three South African provinces and
a neighbouring country.
Her pioneering health centres introduced
affordable health care to black communities
through the use of the different but effective
technique of iridology for diagnosis and herbs
as prescribed medicine. It also offers a beauty
and detoxing service for the first time in these
areas, all contributing to a healthy and a “feel
good about yourself”- lifestyle in previously
disadvantaged communities.
Since the success of her first centre she
has grown her business considerably to
establish another seven health care centres
in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State
and a mobile unit visiting communities in
rural and remote areas in the rest of the
country. She has created 41 jobs for women
in these communities and developed some to
managerial positions to run the health centres.
Ms Molefi has also outsourced services such
as accounting, laundry and security to local
business. It is her intention to branch out into
franchising creating more business and job

Ms Connie Mbowane - Former recipient of front of her school for the children and
the Shoprite Checkers/SABC 2 Woman of parents to pass over – a near miracle in
the Year Award - 2003 her cash-strapped community. On top of
this, she secured work on the construction
Connie Mbowane, a Sebokeng teacher of the bridge for 14 of her community’s
who also won in the education category, jobless, unskilled workers through the
has selflessly dedicated 35 years of her Department of Labour.
life to teaching and has been principal of Connie has also raised funds to set up
the Montsusi primary school in Sebokeng a borehole on her school grounds to better
since 1980. The school is located in a irrigate the vegetable gardens and she has
poverty-stricken area, where most of started talks with the education department
the parents are unemployed, as well as to acquire more ground in the area to
catering to street children and orphans. augment the food project. Here, she has
Through the years, she has continuously put her HIV/AIDS training to good use by
hosted up to three schools in her single encouraging sufferers to work in the garden
building by juggling the hours that learners and grow healthy food to improve their diet.
and teachers from the different institutions Since winning the Award, and with
could spend there. her well-known motto “you have to keep
Taking care of up to 500 hungry children on keeping on”, Connie has become
each day in a single school building, a sought-after motivational speaker in
Connie mobilised the unemployed men the private and public sectors and has
and women in the community to establish received accolades from the Department
a vegetable garden, as part of her Botho of Education for her good work recognised
ke Botle (Humanity is Beauty) plan, today through the Award.
it not only feeds the children, but also As from March 2007, Connie has
yields financial returns for the school and been appointed as the CEO of the
the community. Professional Educators Union’s National
She has excelled in looking after her Offices. She says it will give her more
school and the broader community’s exposure and “a chance to touch
interests. Not long ago, she orchestrated more people. I will still be attached to
the building of a bridge over the road in Montsusi Primary School projects.”

Best of South Africa 23

Robben Island

This bleak, cold and windy island, just five hundred hectares in size
and 11 kilometres away from Table Bay harbour, has a history as dark
and stormy as the ocean surrounding it.
Photo courtesy SA Tourism

Famous today for being the place where Bay. The name “Robben Island” derives from For centuries, Robben Island did not even
former South African president Nelson the Dutch words “Robbe Eiland”, meaning have its own fresh water supply – in the 1960s
Mandela was incarcerated for over 20 seal island. Birds, seals and penguins were a water pipeline was finally installed from
years as a political prisoner, the island was its only inhabitants, and as a result sailors Cape Town. Its inhospitable environment and
discovered by European sailors in 1488 when regularly plundered the shores for fresh seal isolation led to it being used at various times
Bartolomeu Dias reached Cape Town’s Table meat and penguin eggs. from the 17th century onwards as a prison,

24 Best of South Africa

a military base, a quarantine station, a home produce. However, the treacherous seas shore, but the bulk of the cargo is still lost at
for the mentally ill, and from 1836 to 1931, a and rocky reefs surrounding it meant that sea, effectively guarded by the crashing surf
leper colony. It was a place where society’s many ships met their end here, most notably and lethally sharp rocks. The 18-metre tall
outcasts were banished. a Dutch ship in the 1600’s carrying a cargo lighthouse, whose flashing light can be seen
The island was also used as a refreshment of gold coins worth tens of millions of rand up to 25 kilometres away, warns passing
station for passing ships to stock up on fresh today. Occasionally a coin washes up on vessels of this peril.

Best of South Africa 25

Photo courtesy SA Tourism

Many of the buildings and other features The old apartheid regime originally Mandela and others, the island has come
that can be seen on the island today date intended to silence political prisoners by to symbolise the triumph of the human
back to World War II, when the island was incarcerating them here, but this had the spirit over adversity, and the power of
fortified and bunkers and big guns installed opposite effect, and the island became forgiveness.
there as part of Cape Town’s defences. a focal point for international resistance Other famous prisoners include former
In 1959 Robben Island became a to the apartheid regime. In 1991 the activist and poet Dennis Brutus, Amos
maximum-security prison, and during the remaining political prisoners were released, Masondo, Mosiuoa Lekota, Govan Mbeki,
next thirty years, over 3,000 men were in 1996 the common-law prisoners were the father of former President Thabo
imprisoned there. The prison eventually transferred away, and in 1997 the prison Mbeki; Joe Seremane, Robert Sobukwe,
became an informal “university behind became a museum, to be named a World Tokyo Sexwale, ANC struggle hero Walter
bars” with prisoners tutoring themselves as Heritage site two years later. Today, Sisulu; as well as Jacob Zuma.
well as their warders. thanks to the indomitable spirit of Nelson Tours to Robben Island take place

26 Best of South Africa

Photo courtesy SA Tourism
Photo courtesy SA Tourism

throughout the day, weather permitting. Herbert Baker, the island’s small village,
Visitors depart by ferry from the and the old quarries. Wildlife can be
Clocktower, Nelson Mandela Gateway, at spotted along the shipwreck-strewn coast.
the V&A Waterfront. The three and a half The final stop is the maximum-security
hour tour includes the trip across Table prison where Nelson Mandela’s old cell can
Bay, and a 45-minute guided bus tour be viewed. The tour guides are all former
across the island where visitors can view political prisoners, who were once inmates
the beautiful Muslim shrine or kramat, of Robben Island themselves.
where Muslim political prisoners would pay
homage before leaving the island. For more information go to
Other highlights include the leper www.robben-island.org.za
graveyard, a church designed by Sir E-mail: ebookings@robben-island.org.za

Best of South Africa 27

Table Mountain

Since the first person laid eyes on Table Mountain, it has

exerted its powerful and charismatic pull, enchanting and
drawing any and all that fall under its spell.

The flat top of the mountain is often The narrow finger of land with its beautiful
covered by clouds or mist spilling over the valleys, bays and beaches is surrounded by
top to form the “table cloth” appearance. the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the west
Over 16 million people have taken the and the warmer waters of False Bay and has
trip to the top of Table Mountain since the within its boundaries two world-renowned
cableway was commissioned 75 years landmarks - majestic Table Mountain and the
ago. It has since become a landmark of legendary Cape of Good Hope.
both Cape Town and of South Africa itself. The Park is recognised globally for its
Situated at the south-western tip of extraordinarily rich, diverse and unique
Africa, the Table Mountain National Park fauna and flora - with rugged cliffs,
encompasses the incredibly scenic Table steep slopes and sandy flats - is a truly
Mountain chain stretching from Signal Hill remarkable natural, scenic, historical,
in the north to Cape Point in the south and cultural and recreational asset both locally
the seas and coastline of the peninsula. and internationally. Nowhere else in the

28 Best of South Africa

for well over a century, with perhaps the
worst invader being the cluster pine.
Considerable efforts have been made to
eliminate these alien plants.
The most common animal on the
mountain is the dassie, or rock hyrax.
They especially cluster around the upper
cable station, near areas where tourists
may discard or supply food. There are
also porcupines, mongooses, snakes and
tortoises found here.
The cablecar takes passengers from
the lower cable station on Tafelberg
Road to the plateau at the top of the
mountain. The upper cable station offers
world does an area of such spectacular The main vegetation of the mountain views overlooking Cape Town, Table Bay
beauty and such rich bio-diversity exist is the unique and rich Cape fynbos, and Robben Island to the north, and the
almost entirely within a metropolitan area which forms part of the Cape Floral Atlantic seaboard to the west and south.
- the thriving and cosmopolitan city of Region protected areas. These protected Hiking on Table Mountain is popular
Cape Town. areas are a World Heritage Site, and an amongst locals and tourists alike, and a
The main feature of Table Mountain estimated 2,200 species of plants are number of trails of varying difficulty are
is a level plateau approximately three found on the mountain alone. Amongst available. Because of the steep cliffs
kilometres from side to side, surrounded these species are many kinds of proteas. around the summit, direct ascents from
by steep cliffs. The plateau, flanked by Remnant patches of indigenous forest the city side are limited. Platteklip Gorge, a
Devil’s Peak to the east and by Lion’s persist in a few of the wetter ravines but prominent gorge up the centre of the main
Head to the west, forms a dramatic not on the more exposed face above the table, is a popular and straightforward
backdrop to Cape Town and its Table Bay city, where conditions are too dry and direct ascent to the summit.
harbour, and together with Signal Hill form harsh for forests. The mountain has also A must for any first time visitor to the
the natural amphitheatre of the City Bowl. suffered serious invasions of alien plants Mother City.

Best of South Africa 29

Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site

Welcome to Maropeng and the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.

Maropeng means “returning to the place of origin” in Setswana, the main
indigenous language in this area of South Africa.

important and most famous of these fossils

are “Mrs Ples”, a 2.1-million-year-old
Australopithecus skull, and “Little Foot”, an
almost complete Australopithecus skeleton
that is more than 3-million years old.
The Cradle of Humankind is an easy drive of As you approach the entrance of the Visitors The 24-bed Maropeng Hotel, with
about an hour from Johannesburg or Pretoria. Centre you will discover many interesting breathtaking views of the Witwatersberg and
Our ancestors have lived in this area for facts about our past illustrated on rocks. Ask Magaliesberg ranges, is the epitome of luxury.
more than three million years. By visiting us, a guide about this display area as the original Opened in mid-2006, the boutique hotel is a
you are coming to the birthplace of humanity. fossils on display change regularly. five-minute walk from Maropeng.
Welcome home! The development of Maropeng was based The Maropeng Hotel is ideal for a
The Maropeng Visitor Centre is an exciting, on the theme of discovery and this is echoed romantic getaway, for executives seeking
world-class exhibition, focusing on the firmly through the exhibition itself - from the a convenient conference venue with
development of humans and our ancestors beginnings of the world, through the history of accommodation not too far out of town,
over the past few million years. humankind, right into the future. for local visitors wanting a short escape
Early humans and their ancestors came Tours of the famous Sterkfontein Caves at to refresh their souls, or for international
to the Maropeng area to use the local rocks Maropeng, which start above ground and then tourists wanting to see some of the best
for tool-making as they pursued a hunter- take visitors deep into the caves, run every tourist attractions South Africa has to offer.
gatherer way of life. The technology of these half hour, seven days a week.
tools suggests they were made sometime Within the caves, scientists have
between 1.0 and 0.5 million years ago during discovered many hominid and other animal
the Earlier Stone Age, prior to the appearance fossils, dating back more than four million Tel: +27 14 577 9000
of modern Homo sapiens. years, to the birth of humanity. The most www.maropeng.co.za

30 Best of South Africa

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South African Wildlife
South Africa has a rich and varied abundance of wildlife. It is one of the
country’s greatest natural resources, and one of the main reasons why
millions of overseas visitors travel to this country each year.

32 Best of South Africa

The sight of a solitary elephant enjoying are the famous Kruger National Park in
an evening mud bath, or a pride of lions Mpumalanga, covering almost 2 million
feasting on their kill, is a thrilling and hectares, and the Kgalagdi Transfrontier
unforgettable experience. While most Park on the Botswana border in the Northern
visitors hope to view the famous Big Five Cape, which covers more than three and a
- lion, elephant, buffalo, rhinoceros and half million hectares in total. The Big Five
leopard, South Africa’s bushveld is home to can be viewed in both these reserves, as
over 300 species of mammals, 850 species well as in the Pilanesberg and Madikwe
of birds, over 100 types of reptiles and a Reserves in the North West Province,
multitude of insects. the Hluhluwe Umfolozi National Park in
Herds of antelope have always been KwaZulu-Natal, and many other smaller
a quintessential part of the South African parks and private game reserves.
landscape. The animals range in size from Established in 1898, the Kruger National
the tiny duiker to the large kudu, and vary in Park is the flagship of South African parks.
looks from the big-headed, bovine-looking The diversity of the animal life it contains,
wildebeest to the superbly handsome sable as well as the environmental management
antelope. A wealth of other wildlife prevails policies that protect the animals, are
in all shapes and sizes, from the tall giraffe unmatched elsewhere in the country. It
to the gorgeously appealing little bushbabies boasts very high numbers of the Big Five,
and vervet monkeys. Meerkats, famous for 34 species of amphibians, 114 reptiles,
their habit of standing tall on their hind legs, 147 mammals and over 500 species of
are among the cutest animals that a visitor is bird, including the “Big 6” of the bird world
likely to spot in the bush, and the ant-eating - saddle-billed stork, kori bustard, martial
aardvark and the termite-eating aardwolf are eagle, lappet-faced vulture, Pel’s fishing-owl
also fascinating. and ground hornbill.
South Africa has an amazing variety In the Kruger National Park, the rare wild
of bird life, many of which are resident or dog can also be seen. These are one of the
migrant birds from other parts of Africa, Asia, most endangered mammals in Africa. They
the Arctic and Antarctic, and Europe. The roam over vast territories, with a single pack
country’s waters are home to a wide variety requiring several hundred square kilometres
of freshwater and saltwater fish, and in the in order to survive.
oceans the biggest mammal in the world can The Kgalagadi Transfrontier National
be seen - the blue whale. Park features sparse vegetation and a
Today, South Africa contains more than high concentration of animals in the dry
20 national parks spread throughout the riverbeds of the Auob and Nossob Rivers. It
country, and almost as many regional parks is an outstanding area for mammal viewing,
and private game reserves. The two biggest and visitors have an excellent chance of

Best of South Africa 33

seeing predators including the leopard, an iridescent sheen, a white blaze on the “Big 7” - the Big Five plus whales and great
brown and spotted hyena, black-maned lion face, a white tail and angular horns. white sharks.
and cheetah. The Tsitsikamma National Park in the The Mountain Zebra National Park
The beautiful blue crane, South Africa’s Eastern Cape - the “place of much water” - west of Cradock in the Eastern Cape
national bird, occurs almost exclusively in is an area of impressive natural beauty, and is a sanctuary for the endangered
this country. It can be viewed in a number one of the largest marine protected areas Cape Mountain zebra. These zebras
of game reserves including the Agulhas in the world. The humpback dolphin, bottle are distinguished by their orange facial
National Park, on the southernmost tip nose dolphin, Risso dolphin, pygmy sperm colouration, and they have narrower
of Africa in the Western Cape, where the whale, humpbacked whale and killer whale stripes than the more common Burchell’s
distinctively black-feathered and red-beaked live in these waters, with the southern right zebra found on the plains. The park also
African black oystercatcher can also be whale breeding in the area. contains the uniquely beautiful caracal.
seen. The most famous reserve in the Eastern One of the heaviest and fastest of the small
In Swellendam, Western Cape, the Cape is the Addo Elephant Park. Home cats, the caracal’s characteristically long,
Bontebok National Park is named after to more than 450 elephants, some of the black, tufted ears makes it easy to spot.
the richly coloured bontebok, one of South most spectacular elephant viewing in the Namaqualand’s landscape explodes in a
Africa’s most attractive species of antelope. world can be enjoyed here. The reserve has riot of colour each year as the wild flowers
This animal has a deep purple-red coat with a rich diversity of other wildlife including the endemic to this region bloom in springtime.

34 Best of South Africa

The Namaqua National Park contains Highlands National Park is named for the crocodile, the second largest species of
the richest bulb flora of any arid region brilliant shades of gold that occur when the crocodile in the world.
worldwide. It is also the home of the world’s sun shines on the park’s sandstone cliffs. The iSimangaliso Wetland Park on the
smallest tortoise, the Namaqua Speckled In this typical highlands habitat, the black Zululand coast, previously known as the St.
Padloper, which measures 8 to 10 cm in wildebeest, eland, blesbok, oribi, springbok Lucia Wetland Park, is a World Heritage Site
length when fully grown. This park is also and Burchell’s zebra thrive. The park is a that contains an amazing variety of habitats
a good place to spot the klipspringer. This haven for birders. Here, two rare species, the from forests and mangroves to beaches and
miniature antelope, reaching just 60 cm bearded vulture and the southern bald ibis, coral reefs. Here, an unrivalled diversity of
at the shoulder, is easy to recognise by breed in the ledges of the cliffs. plants, birds and animals abound. A special
its thick, distinctively patterned “salt and The Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve attraction of this park is the leatherback and
pepper” coat. It is ideally adapted to its in KwaZulu-Natal is the oldest game loggerhead turtles that nest on the beaches
surroundings, and moves about as easily as park in Africa and the only national park at night during summer. In the waters, the
a mountain goat on the tips of its rounded in KwaZulu-Natal where all the Big Five Nile crocodile and the hippopotamus occur
hooves, allowing it to negotiate the rockiest occur. It became famous for its white rhino in large numbers.
terrain with ease. conservation, and today, both black and The massive Ukhahlamba Drakensberg
In the Maluti Mountains of the North- white rhino can be found here. The wealth National Park, another World Heritage
Eastern Free State, the Golden Gate of species in this park includes the Nile Site, protects many endemic and globally

Best of South Africa 35

36 Best of South Africa
threatened species. Its spectacular peaks,
caves, grasslands and gorges contain
leopard, black-backed jackal, caracal,
serval, clawless and spotted neck otter,
as well as troops of chacma baboons and
colonies of rock hyrax. Over 300 species of
birds live in this area including the wattled
crane, orange breasted rockjumper and
yellow breasted pipit.
The best times for game viewing are at
dusk and dawn when the animals and birds
are most active. It is often easier to see the
animals during the winter months, when
the grass is low and the vegetation loses its
leaves. In almost all of South Africa except
the Southern Cape area, winters are dry, so
the animals have to visit the watering holes
to drink, as there is no other water in the
area. Many of the reserves have hides near
the watering holes for this purpose.
Although wildlife is traditionally viewed
from the comfort of a vehicle, in some game
reserves, notably the Kruger National Park,
it is possible to take guided walking trails, as
well as game viewing safaris on horseback
being offered at various reserves.

For further Information:


Best of South Africa 37

Past, Present and Future
South African Music

With a diversity of influences from its multicultural roots, South African

music today is a melting pot of rhythms and sounds that has seen
many talented artists rise to local and international fame.
Our World Poster

38 Best of South Africa

Hugh Masekela

During the Dutch colonial era of the 1600s, Enoch Sontonga, who was a teacher
indigenous tribesmen and slaves created at the time, composed the hymn Nkosi
their own version of Western musical Sikelel’iAfrika - God Bless Africa. This
instruments and rhythms. The Khoi-Khoi song was later adopted by the liberation
people developed the ramkie, a guitar with movement and became the national anthem
three or four strings, and the mamokhorong, for the new democratic South Africa.
a single-string violin. Slave orchestras played Gospel music has been a bestseller in
to audiences, while travelling musicians South Africa ever since the original gospel
entertained at big functions. These travelling sounds evolved into the isicathamiya musical
minstrel shows continued through the genre, where choir music was combined with
centuries, and this tradition is still seen at the traditional vocals and harmonies. One of the
great carnival held annually in Cape Town. earliest hits was “Mbube” a song by Solomon
Missionaries played an important part Linda and the Evening Birds that sold over
in the early development of South African 100,000 copies in South Africa during the
music. Composers like John Knox Bokwe 1940s. This adaptation of a traditional Zulu
wrote hymns that had their musical roots melody has been reworked many times, most
in traditional Xhosa harmonies. In 1897, famously as “Wimoweh” by Pete Seeger,

Best of South Africa 39

40 Best of South Africa
Lira 2 from 5sm
Freshlyground 2 masifunde

and the classic favourite, “The Lion Sleeps Mbulu gained fanatical followings with
Tonight”. In the 1960s Joseph Shabalala’s their mbaqanga jazz performances. Miriam
sweet soprano voice propelled isicathamiya Makeba went on to have a highly successful
group Ladysmith Black Mambazo to international career. Some of the country’s
fame, with their first album achieving the most famous jazz artists were members of
first ever gold status by a black artist. the Sophiatown Jazz Club. These included
The urbanisation of black South Africans Dollar Brand, a brilliant musician who
into mining centres led to the development of became known as Abdullah Ibrahim after
new musical forms. Marabi was a keyboard his conversion to Islam, Kippie Moeketsi,
music with a blues flavour, usually played on Jonas Gwangwa and the legendary Hugh
pedal organs. It was used to draw people Masekela. Many of these stars subsequently
into the illegal shebeens and keep them left the country to develop their careers
dancing all night. This underground music elsewhere during the increasingly repressive
was frowned upon by the authorities and years of the apartheid regime. One jazz
seldom recorded, but its lilting melodies artist who remained in South Africa
influenced the bigger South African dance and became one of the country’s most
bands of this era. These bands produced innovative musicians was Philip Tabane.
the first generation of professional black Sophiatown was also famous for its high
musicians in South Africa - the Jazz Maniacs, numbers of wealthy, large-living gangsters.
the Merry Blackbirds and the Jazz Revellers. In the township’s lawless domain, the
This marabi-swing style developed over more adventurous and liberal white people
the years into early mbaqanga, a South mingled with the black residents, enjoying
African form of jazz which has had a huge the nightlife and the exchange of cultures. In
influence on music in this country. 1960 Sophiatown was razed to the ground
One of the most famous forms of popular by the white Nationalist government, and
music during the early years of apartheid was its residents moved elsewhere. But the
the pennywhistle or “kwela”. This simple six- government could not destroy the cross-
holed flute was played by groups of black cultural influences that had been formed,
musicians on street corners. Its evocative and which continued to inspire musicians
notes served not only as entertainment but of all races. It was kept alive by bands
also as a warning tune, alerting groups of such as the African Jazz Pioneers during
people gambling in the townships to the the years of severe repression, and has
police presence outside their buildings. influenced 80s bands like Sakhile and
The pennywhistle’s melody has survived Bayete, as well as contributing to the sounds
the decades to become a familiar and of “world music” bands like Tananas.
traditionally South African sound. Lemmy One of the most successful white South
Mabaso, who started performing in the African bands in the 1960s was the pop
streets at the age of 10, became one of South group Four Jacks and a Jill, who toured
Africa’s most famous pennywhistle stars. widely throughout the 60s and 70s. Despite
In the 1950s, the word “entertainment” the light, mainstream music they played, they
became synonymous with Sophiatown, a still managed to have a song banned by the
Johannesburg township which became the South African Broadcasting Corporation, and
epicentre of South Africa’s vibrant musical were the target of protests by conservative
culture. Stars such as Miriam Makeba, South Africans who compared pop music
Dolly Rathebe, Dorothy Masuka and Letta to devil worship. The conservatives soon

Best of South Africa 41

South African Music
Prime Circle

found worse things to complain about with genre of alternative Afrikaans music. Stars sounds with white pop and folk music was
the advent of Freedom’s Children, an acid- like The Gereformeerde Blues Band and a challenge to the racial boundaries that
rock band modelled on the Grateful Dead. Koos Kombuis continued this following. the apartheid regime was attempting to
After the 1976 riots, the rebellion The Bob Marley concert celebrating sustain. Bands such as eVoid, Via Afrika and
against apartheid saw a vibrant, youthful Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980 saw Mango Groove followed in his footsteps.
counterculture rise, and music became an reggae rise to prominence all over Africa. Clegg was known overseas as “the white
integral part of this. Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, Lucky Dube, who was tragically murdered in Zulu”. Juluka and his subsequent band
originally a member of the band Harari, went 2007, was the first major South African reggae Savuka both enjoyed incredible success.
on to become a superstar in the 80s. Punk artist to reach superstar status, and the first During the 80s, a new craze swept the
rock bands like the Radio Rats, Corporal black artist in this country to be played on townships. “Bubblegum” music was light,
Punishment, Wild Youth, the Asylum Kids white radio stations. His lyrics tackled a lively dance pop influenced by American disco
and Dog Detachment created new, rebellious range of subjects including social problems, and by the legacy of mbaqanga. Groups like
sounds and drew huge followings. They were racial inequalities and his love for God. The Soul Brothers had massive hits, and the
followed by bands like The Softees, The A new musical era dawned when Johnny great township dance divas like Brenda Fassie
Aeroplanes and Bright Blue. James Phillips Clegg, a sociologist who had done extensive and Yvonna Chaka Chaka rose to legendary
of Corporal Punishment also produced an research on Zulu music and dance, teamed fame. Fassie was one of South Africa’s most
album of Afrikaans songs under the name up with Sipho Mchunu to form the group controversial stars, and her death in 2004
Bernoldus Niemand, influencing an entire Juluka. This blend of traditional Zulu was preceded by a decade of high living

42 Best of South Africa

Johnny Clegg © Real SA

who sings in all South African languages. virtually every major festival in South Africa,
Meanwhile, bands like the Springbok including the renowned 46664 concerts.
Nude Girls blazed a trail towards harder, In 2006 they played alongside other iconic
guitar-driven music with their blend of bands such as Metallica and Simple Plan
punk, reggae and metal. This band has at the Coca-Cola Colab events in Pretoria,
since reformed as the Nude Girls, while Durban and Cape Town, and in 2008 at the
former lead singer Arno Carstens is My Coke Fest.
pursuing a star-studded solo career. The The Parlotones are recognised as one
highly successful Christian rock group Tree of the bastions of South African indie
formed, and was later renamed Tree 63. rock. Currently successful in the UK and
Today, South African music enjoys an Europe, they are poised to launch in the
incredible diversity of sounds. Afrikaans Far East. Syd Kitchen is a guitarist, singer,
music is stronger than ever, with artists like songwriter and published poet whose
Steve Hofmeyr, Kurt Darren and Nadine sounds have been an integral part of South
bringing a new fresh sound to this genre. African music since the 70s. This eclectic,
With her unique style which combines jazz, free spirited artist performs at festivals
pop and traditional music, Xhosa singer and clubs throughout South Africa, and
Simphiwe Dana has been hailed as “the has released several albums so far.
new Miriam Makeba”. Shwi Nomtakhala One of the most exciting new alternative
is a duo that has become one of the most bands on the scene is Seether, who started
influential new acts on the music scene out as a group called Saron Gas, but
today. Other rising stars include jazz changed their name after a massive record
sensation Lira, and the hip-hop group Jozi. deal and relocation to the United States. This
Cape Town in particular has become post-grunge, hard rock band has achieved
a birthing ground for new talent, most number one status on the US charts, and
notably Freshlyground, winners of the has won a South African Music Award.
MTV Artist of the Year 2006. This band Vusi Mahlasela is a guiding star in
that made the lifestyle of the Rolling Stones exploded onto the music scene in 2002, South African music. A writer, poet,
look sober and straitlaced by comparison. and has seen a meteoric rise to fame. political activist and renowned performer,
In the 1990s a new genre took the music Freshlyground is made up of individuals he sings a hybrid of folk, world, blues
world by storm. Kwaito, dance music based from all cultures, who blend Afro beats, and soul. His music soothes the scars of
on house beats but with a slower, more funk, dance, classical influences and jazz to apartheid and promises a better future.
African rhythm, stole the hearts of young produce their quintessentially South African Classical music has always had a
black South Africans. Stars with minimalist sounds. Wonderboom is a rock band that following in this country, and the best-
names like Mdu, Arthur, Chiskop, Zola, and has been on the music scene for many known classical band is the award-winning
most famously Mandoza became legends. successful years. Their stage presence is Soweto String Quartet, made up of three
Mandoza sings in English, Afrikaans, Zulu extraordinary, and they are one of South brothers and their childhood friend. As
and Xhosa, giving him universal appeal. Africa’s iconic entertainment groups. boys in the 1960s, they were taunted by
Groups like Bongo Maffin, Boom Shaka, South African rock band Prime Circle the township locals for playing what were
TKZee and Abashante developed massive was formed in December 2001. From regarded as Eurocentric instruments. Today,
followings thanks to their high-energy humble beginnings in Witbank, band they are famous for their beautiful music
performances and streetwise, visual style. members Ross Learmonth, Marco Gomes, that combines classical and African sounds.
Gospel continued to be popular, with Rebecca Dirk Bisschoff and Neil Breytenbach shot to
Malope one of the biggest stars. Another fame as one of the top rock bands in South We look forward to what the future of
great gospel performer is Debrah Fraser, Africa. Prime Circle have performed at South African Music has to offer.

Best of South Africa 43

The Battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal

The Battlefields Route is not a journey, it is an enriching experience

taking visitors back to a period which played an enormous part in
shaping the history of South Africa.

44 Best of South Africa

Photo courtesy Fugitives Drift Lodge and Guesthouse

War memorial at Spioenkop

Photo courtesy Fugitives Drift Lodge and Guesthouse

Talana museum at the battlefield where the first Anglo Boer battle took place

The Battlefields KwaZulu-Natal from the heights of the

The “Great Trek” commencing out of the Cape Drakensberg was milk and honey to
Colony into the northern and eastern areas of their eyes.
South Africa began in the early 1800’s, with However, these areas were already
the Voortrekkers preparing to cross waterless inhabited and resulted in many of
deserts and suffer the ravages of the tsetse fly the historic battles between the
and mosquito to find their promised land. Voortrekkers, the British and the Zulus
To those who had travelled north and which today, maps out the official
then east, the view of the rolling hills of Battlefields Route where 14 historical

Best of South Africa 45

towns, many national monuments and
museums, and over 50 battlefields can
be explored.
Most of the battles were concentrated in an
immense battleground that stretches from the
Drakensburg Mountains, north to Volksrust
and east to Zululand, covering plains of great
natural beauty that offer much more than just
famous battle sites to the visitor. It is difficult
to comprehend that this scenic and now
peaceful land once rang with the sounds of
fierce fighting.
Photo courtesy Isandlwana Lodge

The rugged magnificence of the terrain

is dotted with reminders of its violent
past, including memorials on the field of
Isandlwana, where the Zulu army destroyed
over 1000 British soldiers, gravestones at Fort
Pearson and the monument at Spioenkop,
one of the most violent battles of the Anglo-
Boer War.

46 Best of South Africa

Rorkes drift clouds. Photo courtesy Fugitives Drift Lodge and Guesthouse

The site of the infamous Battle of Blood River photographs that tell the story of the siege
between the Voortrekkers and Zulus is home and its accompanying battles.
to the Ncome Heritage Site, monuments Many monuments and well-preserved
and museums on both sides of the river, artifacts provide an ideal backdrop to an area
commemorating the Voortrekkers and the where re-enactments of the Colonial-era wars
Zulus who died so courageously here. The between British troops and Zulu warriors allow
Ncome Monument and museum complex visitors to experience the bloody dramas with
is dedicated to the Zulu warriors, while the almost frightening reality.
Blood River monument and museum on the Isandlwana Lodge overlooks historic Mount
opposite bank features a life-size replica of Isandlwana and some of the most spectacular
the Voortrekker wagon laager. scenery in Zululand. Flagship tours of
The site of the Battle of Rorke’s Drift Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift are vividly
between the British and the Zulus is much related by resident historian Rob Gerrard,
unchanged, with stone walls built to shield the author and Fellow of the Royal Geographical
British troops still virtually intact. The Battle Society.
Museum tells the story of this most famous For more information go to:
siege of the Anglo-Zulu war. www.battlefields.kzn.org.za
The Ladysmith Siege museum contains a For guided battlefield tours go to:
collection of artefacts, documents, firearms www.fugitivesdrift.com and
and uniforms, as well as some excellent www.isandlwana.co.za

Best of South Africa 47

South Africa’s
Calendar of Events

JANUARY championship tournament attracts huge swimming event, the Halfway Telkom
audiences and offers substantial prize money. Midmar Mile is a mile-long swim held in
Dusi www.womensworldcupofgolf.com Midmar Dam in the lush surroundings of
Take to the waters with the legendary the Natal Midlands. The event attracts a
Hansa Powerade “Dusi” canoe The Ironman 70.3 triathlon series field of over 19,000 competitors.
marathon that runs from Camps Drift Popular with athletes and great training events www.midmarmile.co.za
near Pietermaritzburg, through two river for the full distance events, the Spec-Savers
systems, the Umsindusi and the Umgeni, Ironman is held in Buffalo City (East London). MARCH
to finish three days later near Durban. It includes a 1.9 km sea swim, a 90 km cycle
www.dusi.org.za and a 21.1 km run. Audi Joburg Fashion Week
www.canoesa.org.za www.ironman703.co.za Fashionistas will delight in this sparkling
new event on the fashion calendar. Audi
J&B Met FEBRUARY Joburg Fashion Week is where South
Kenilworth racecourse in the Western Cape Africa’s top designers showcase their
is home to the J&B Met, an event where The Subaru Sabi Classic winter collections. The show takes place
the speed and courage of the top-class mountain bike race in Sandton.
thoroughbreds that gallop to the finish line, is Venue for this breathtakingly beautiful event www.joburgfashionweek.co.za
combined with dazzling extremes of glamour is the rolling hills of Mpumalanga, where the
and fashion. splendour of the scenery contrasts with the The Cape Argus Pick ’n Pay Cycle Tour
www.jbmet.co.za tough and unforgiving nature of the course. Individually timed cycle race attracting
www.subarusabieclassic.co.za a field of over 35,000 cyclists from
The Women’s World Cup of Golf all five continents. A grueling 108-
Held at Sun City, has been proudly hosted by Halfway Telkom Midmar Mile kilometre race.
South Africa since its inception. This world Hailed as the world’s largest open water www.cycletour.co.za

48 Best of South Africa

Comrades Marathon
With over 80 years of history, the Comrades
Marathon is one of the world’s most famous
ultra-marathons, run over an 89.3 km route
through rolling countryside between Durban
and Pietermaritzburg.


Durban Fashion Week

A vibrant international fashion platform for top
APRIL beautiful surrounds of Nelson Mandela Bay, South African designers to showcase their
includes a 3.8 km swim, a 180 km cycle and collections and for young and emerging South
Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunsfees a 42.2 km run that tests the endurance of African design talent.
A popular Afrikaans arts festival held in athletes to their limits. www.durbanfashionweek.co.za
Oudsthoorn in the Karoo. The large numbers www.ironmansouthafrica.com
of visitors who attend each year arrive to JULY
celebrate the arts in all their glory. The Swazi Xtreme adventure race
www.kknk.co.za This offers contestants an unsurpassed Vodacom July
adventure racing experience over Swaziland’s The Vodacom July is Africa’s most famous
Two Oceans Marathon most grueling terrain including forests, remote horse race. Held at Greyville racecourse in
The marathon is run over a picturesque 56 gorges, abandoned mines, underground Kwazulu-Natal on the first Saturday in July
km route which winds through the Cape, tunnels, and exhilarating mountain-bike trails. each year, “July fever” grips the nation for
over Chapmans Peak, through Hout Bay and Website: www.ar.co.za/sx months beforehand.
Constantia Nek. www.vodacomdurbanjuly.co.za
www.twooceansmarathon.org.za MAY
Loerie Awards
The Cape Town International Jazz Festival South African Music Awards 2008 was the 30th Anniversary of The Loerie
Attracts 32,000 music lovers from all over The Sun City Superbowl is host to the South Awards, a celebration of creative excellence in
South Africa and abroad. It is held at the African Music Awards. Now in its 14th year, brand communication.
International Convention Centre. this event is the country’s premier awards www.theloerieawards.co.za
www.capetownjazzfest.com ceremony for musicians, celebrating those
who have excelled in the many facets of the Durban International Film Festival
Ironman Triathlon music industry. The festival presents a selection of the best
The punishing Ironman Triathlon, held in the www.samusicawards.co.za that cinema has to offer, from South Africa,

Best of South Africa 49

Calendar of Events

Africa and around the world. Sanlam SA Fashion Week display this natural wealth for visitors to enjoy.
Website: www.ukzn.ac.za/cca/Durban_ August sees two major fashion events taking www.darlingwildflowers.co.za
International_Film_Festival.htm place. Sanlam SA Fashion Week has a
decade of successful history behind it, and Hermanus Whale Festival
Grahamstown National Arts Festival offers designers, industry workers and fashion The festival, the only Enviro-Arts festival in
For ten glorious days, the Grahamstown followers the most varied and glamorous South Africa, is held annually to celebrate
National Arts Festival is held at the programme in the country. the return of the Southern Right whales to
university town of Grahamstown in www.sanlamsafashionweek.co.za the waters of Walker Bay, our magnificent
the Eastern Cape. Here, South African environment and the arrival of spring!
music, dance, theatre, street theatre, Cape Town Fashion Week
film, a craft fair and art exhibitions can Has become a powerful champion of South Stellenbosch Festival
be enjoyed. African fashion and celebrates Cape Town’s The festival is dominated by classical
www.nafest.co.za long heritage as the centre of South Africa’s music, but there is some light relief in the
fashion industry. form of weekend street festivals and some
AUGUST www.capetownfashionweek.com deliberately whacky street theatre. If you
get tired of the music, there’s always the
The BMW International SEPTEMBER wine to taste.
Played against visiting international www.stellenboschtourism.co.za
teams, this is highlight of the South Darling Wild Flowers Show
African polo calendar. The first test The beautiful town of Darling in the Cape Nederburg Arts Festival
is played at Shongweni in Kwazulu- has hosted a wildflower show almost every There’s more to culture than performance
Natal, and the second test at Inanda in year since 1917. The Wildflower Society, and painting. The 10-day Nederburg Arts
Johannesburg. organisers of the show, aim to promote the Festival also celebrates the glorious natural
www.sapolo.org.za conservation of flowers in the region and environment of Knysna with various eco-

50 Best of South Africa

outings, demonstrations of flower arranging Africa. The organisers scour the Standard NOVEMBER
and floral art and, last but not least, good Bank Festival and return with the very
food and wine. best. It’s certainly a lot less hectic than 94.7 Highveld Cycle Challenge
www.nederburg.co.za/artsfestival Grahamstown. Sponsored by 94.7 Highveld Stereo and Pick
Website: www.natalwitness.co.za ‘n Pay, Gauteng’s premier cycle race has been
getting Joburg residents onto their bikes for
Arts Alive International Festival OCTOBER more than 10 successful years. Over 30,000
Held at the Newtown Cultural Precinct, cyclists take part in the race, which is 94.7
is just one of the projects attempting to Avis South African Derby kilometres in length.
revitalise the central part of Johannesburg. The Derby sees the elite of South Website: www.cyclechallenge.co.za
www.artsalive.co.za Africa’s show jumping talent competing
against each other at the Horse Society DECEMBER
Johannesburg Biennale showground’s in Kyalami. Website: www.
This somewhat controversial exhibition of ghsinfo.co.za or Nedbank Golf Challenge
cutting-edge visual arts is one of the most www.avis.co.za Played on the challenging Sun City course,
Afrocentric events in South Africa. It is held the Nedbank Golf Challenge attracts a star-
biennially, in uneven years, although its Currie Cup studded field of competitors from around
future is uncertain. Of all the rugby matches played in South the world. With a total prize pool of more
www.johanesburg.org.za Africa, the Currie Cup is the most sought- than $4 million up for grabs, competition is
after trophy for local teams. The competition always fierce.
Natal Witness Hilton Drama Festival dates back as far as 1889, and the iconic Website: www.nedbankgolfchallenge.com
This pleasantly sleepy town near gold trophy that is awarded to the winning
Pietermaritzburg is a surprising place to team today, was first presented in 1892.
see some of the finest drama in South Website: www.sarfu.org.za

Best of South Africa 51

Calendar of Exhibitions
The Exhibition and Event Association of Southern Africa, EXSA,
was founded in 1980 as a non-profit organisation representing
Venues, Organisers, Exhibition Designers, Stand Builders, Service
Companies and Associate organisations.

The role of EXSA is to serve the Beeld Holiday Show - Holidaymakers Expo MARCH
exhibition and events industry in South - Johannesburg
Africa. Their core strategy is to actively 13-15 February 2009 Megamedia Expo - Johannesburg
grow and develop the exhibition and Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg 4-5 March 2009
events industry within Southern Africa. www.holidayshow.co.za Sandton Convention Centre,
This is achieved through promoting the Johannesburg
unique benefits offered by exhibitions Homemakers Expo - Johannesburg www.cadek.co.za/megamedia
and events, and raising the profile of 19-22 February 2009
their members which include venues, The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg Hobby-X - Johannesburg
organisers and suppliers. www.homemakersonline.co.za 5-8 March 2009
The Coca-Cola Dome,
JANUARY The Woman Fashion Show - Johannesburg Johannesburg
20-22 February 2009 www.hobby-x.co.za
MPH - Live Motoring Theatre - Cape Town International Convention Centre
Johannesburg www.thewomanshow.com Bridal Africa - Johannesburg
29 January - 1 February 2009 7-8 March 2009
The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg Meetings Africa - Johannesburg Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg
www.mphshow.co.za 25-27 February 2009 www.nichepro.co.za
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg
FEBRUARY www.meetingsafrica.co.za Working World Extravaganza
Careers Exhibition - Port Elizabeth
Investing in African Mining – Mining Indaba Design Indaba Expo 2009 – Cape Town 11-14 March 2009
9-12 February 2009 27 February - 1 March 2009 Feather Market Centre,
Cape Town International Convention Centre Cape Town International Convention Centre Port Elizabeth
www.miningindaba.com www.designindaba.com www.inkanyezi.co.za

52 Best of South Africa

Gardenex Green Living Fair - The Baby Expo - Johannesburg
Johannesburg 14-17 May 2009
27-29 March 2009 The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg
The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg www.joburgbabyexpo.co.za
Nelson Mandela Bay Business Week -
Digital Life Expo - Johannesburg Port Elizabeth
27-29 March 2009 18-22 May 2009
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg Feather Market Centre, Port Elizabeth
www.digitallife.co.za/expo www.inkanyezi.co.za


International Franchise Expo Financial Planning Institute Expo -

2-4 April 2009 Johannesburg
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg 1-3 June 2009
www.kagisoexpo.co.za Emperors Palace, Johannesburg
The Wedding Expo -
Johannesburg Lab Africa - Johannesburg
4-5 April 2009 2-4 June 2009
The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg
www.wedding-expo.co.za www.labafricaonline.co.za

Sustainability through Resource KZN Industrial Technologies -

Conservation and Recycling Durban
4-5 April 2009 2-5 June 2009
Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town Durban Exhibition Centre, Durban
www.min-eng.com/srcr09/ www.exsa.co.za

World Holiday & Travel Fair - SA Property Owners’ Exhibition -

Johannesburg Durban
17-19 April 2009 3-5 June 2009
The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg International Convention Centre, Durban
www.worldtravelfair.co.za www.sapoaconvention.co.za

Opportunities Australia Expo - Decorex - Cape Town Pretoria Homemakers Expo -

Johannesburg 24-27 April 2009 Pretoria
14-15 March 2009 Cape Town International 4-7 June 2009
Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg Convention Centre Tshwane Events Centre,
www.expoaustralia.com www.decorex.co.za Pretoria Show Grounds
Hostex - Johannesburg SA Cheese Festival -
15-18 March 2009 Franschhoek Markex - Johannesburg
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg 24-27 April 2009 9-11 June 2009
www.hostex.co.za Bien Donne Farm, Franschhoek Sandton Convention Centre,
www.cheesefestival.co.za Johannesburg
Decorex Durban - Durban www.markex.co.za
19-22 March 2009 MAY
International Convention Centre, Durban Petrotex, Chemtex, Water,
www.decorex.co.za Megamedia Expo - Johannesburg Pumps, Valves and Pipes Africa -
5-6 May 2009 Johannesburg
Rand Easter Show - Johannesburg Cape Town International 9-11 June 2009
20 March – 5 April 2009 Convention Centre Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg
Johannesburg Expo Centre, NASREC www.cadek.co.za/megamedia www.fairconsultants.com
Tourism Indaba 2009 - Durban Gauteng Outdoor Adventure and
Homemakers Expo - Garden Route 9-12 May 2009 Travel Experience - Johannesburg
26-29 March 2009 International Convention Centre, 15-17 June 2009
Outeniqua Transport Museum, George Durban and Durban Exhibition Centre Johannesburg Expo Centre, NASREC
www.homemakersonline.co.za www.indaba-southafrica.co.za www.outdoorexpo.co.za

Best of South Africa 53

Mediatech Africa -
Calendar of Exhibitions Johannesburg
16-18 June 2009
Sandton Convention Centre,

The Woman Show -

26-28 June 2009
The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg


Securex - Johannesburg
1-3 July 2009
Sandton Convention Centre,

Mine-Tech International
8-10 July 2009 International Statistical Institute Expo - OCTOBER
Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg Durban
www.minetechexpo.com 16-22 August 2009 Cape Town Outdoor Adventure and Travel
International Convention Centre, Durban Experience - Cape Town
National Boat Show – Durban and Durban Exhibition Centre 2-4 October 2009
17-19 July 2009 www.nichepro.co.za Bien Donne Farm Franschhoek
Wilson’s Marina, Durban www.outdoorexpo.co.za
www.nationalboatshow.co.za Markex - Durban
18-20 August 2009 National Boat Show – Durban
Mediatech Africa - International Convention Centre, Durban 3-5 October 2009
Johannesburg www.markexkzn.co.za Cape Town International Convention Centre
23-25 July 2009 www.nationalboatshow.co.za
The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg Pretoria Show - Pretoria
www.mediatech.co.za 26 August - 6 September 2009 Homemakers Expo - Durban
Tshwane Events Centre, 8-11 October 2009
Homemakers Expo - Vaal Triangle Pretoria Show Grounds Durban Exhibition Centre, Durban
30 July - 2 August 2009 www.pretoriashow.co.za www.homemakersonline.co.za
Emerald Casino Resort,
Vanderbijlpark The Baby Expo - Durban Propak Africa - Johannesburg
www.homemakersonline.co.za 28-30 August 2009 20–23 October 2009
International Convention Centre, Durban Johannesburg Expo Centre, NASREC
AUGUST www.durbanbabyexp.co.za www.propak.co.za

Hardex - Johannesburg SEPTEMBER Cape Town International Fair - Cape Town

2-4 August 2009 23 October - 1 November 2009
Johannesburg Expo Centre, NASREC Homemakers Expo - Cape Town Goodhope Centre, Cape Town
www.exsa.co.za 3-6 September 2009 www.itf.co.za
Cape Town International
Decorex - Johannesburg Convention Centre Manufacturing and Technology
6-10 August 2009 www.homemakersonline.co.za International - Johannesburg
Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg 27-30 October 2009
www.decorex.co.za Healthy Living - Johannesburg Johannesburg Expo Centre, NASREC
4-6 September 2009 www.mtiexpo.co.za
Durban International Fair - Fountain Court, Sandton City
Durban www.fairconsultants.com NOVEMBER
7-16 August 2009
Durban Exhibition Centre, Durban The Wedding Expo - Johannesburg The Baby Expo - Cape Town
www.itf.co.za 5-6 September 2009 6-8 November 2009
The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg Cape Town International Convention Centre
Human Resources Development www.wedding-expo.co.za www.capetownbabyexpo.co.za
Expo - Johannesburg
12-14 August 2009 Eskom Small Business Expo -
Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg
Johannesburg 11-13 September 2009
www.hrde.co.za Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg
National Boat Show -
Johannesburg Hardex - Johannesburg
14-16 August 2009 12-14 September 2009 For more information contact EXSA:
The Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg Tel: +27 11 805 7272
www.nationalboatshow.co.za www.hardex.co.za www.exsa.co.za 

54 Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa 55
Chapter 1
Hotels, Lodges and Resorts

56 Best of South Africa

“In hospitality, the chief thing is goodwill.”
Greek proverb

Best of South Africa 57

InterContinental Johannesburg

The hotel of choice for discerning travellers

58 Best of South Africa

The hotel is linked to two of South Africa’s from Diners Club 2006, is the only 5-star hotel
exclusive shopping malls, Sandton City in Johannesburg to qualify for this recognition,
and Nelson Mandela Square. It is also and has the celebrated Executive Chef
right next to the spectacular Sandton Berno du Plessis at its helm. Superior facilities
Convention Centre, one of the largest include a well appointed Fitness Centre,
convention centres in the country, which swimming pool set in a secluded position,
can accommodate up to 10 000 delegates amongst a magnificent cycad collection,
at any one time. Sandton is known as exclusive boardroom, Business Centre, Spa at
the economic hub of South Africa and Sandton Sun and a host of superb facilities.
many major corporations, including the Whether guests are drawn to timeless
Johannesburg Stock Exchange, are Africa with its unique spirit of culture,
located here. scenery and people, it is the passion of this
With an international reputation hotel’s staff to deliver top-class service that
for excellence, guests staying at the sets it apart from other 5-star hotels, and
InterContinental Johannesburg Sandton makes this hotel, the hotel of choice for
Towers, on either business or leisure, can discerning travellers. 
enjoy accommodation in a class of its
own, from the exclusive Club Floor, with
its 24-hour private butler service to the
penthouse suite, which offers the ultimate
in luxury and elegance. Tel: +27 11 780 5555
The contemporary Atrium Restaurant and Email: joburg@ICSandtonTowers.com
Bar, which received an award of Excellence www.intercontinental.com/johannesburg

Best of South Africa 59

Emperors Palace Hotel, Casino
and Convention Resort
The world of the Emperors lives on in a place where no
expense or detail has been spared in the pursuit of pleasure,
where the best of entertainment is brought to the people and
exotic foods are prepared every day.

Emperors Palace Hotel, Casino and luxury beckons at every turn. This ultra due to open in March 2009. This gem caters
Convention Resort, conveniently luxurious hotel features 196 beautifully specifically to the demand for large groups
situated next to the O.R. Tambo Airport, designed and impeccable appointed and creates a new standard of modern,
Johannesburg, combines timeless, guest rooms and suites that are fitted with contemporary convenience and functionality.
classical elegance and sheer excitement. state-of-the-art facilities and surround It will have a spacious ground floor reception
The resort offers a unique experience with you with the utmost elegance and regal area for large group check-ins, a business
luxurious accommodation and relaxation comfort. The hotel’s comfort is not only in centre, boardroom, pool area and restaurant,
facilities, a magnificent casino with its furnishings, but also in the impeccable increasing the Resort’s.
unparalleled gaming enjoyment, the finest levels of service which anticipate individual The opulent Emperors Palace casino is
in dining and entertainment, a unique retail needs and wishes. the finest in Gauteng, and is renowned for
concourse, a children’s paradise with an Emperors Palace has a further two hotels, service excellence. For the discerning player,
indoor entertainment centre, multi-faceted the deluxe 3-star Peermont Mondior and the Jewel of the Empire is the intimate and
conference facilities and impeccable service. existing 3-star Peermont Metcourt Laurel, sophisticated high limit Palace Court Privé,
The Peermont D’oreale Grande, a and another new 3-star select services 248- featuring the Salon Privé tables gaming area
magnificent 5-star hotel of elegance where key Peermont Metcourt hotel is officially and the Slots Privé gaming area.

60 Best of South Africa

Experience a variety of outstanding cuisine executive boardroom meeting, a trade show
and dazzling entertainment. The superbly or a banquet, our venues, facilities and
appointed Theatre of Marcellus hosts world- attention to personal service sets us apart.
class dance extravaganzas, musicals and
shows, while the Odeon Showbar offers a Recent Awards:
glittering cabaret revue as the main highlight, • World Travel Awards 2008:
while comedy, jazz and screened major Africa’s Leading Casino Resort
sporting events are also regular features. • World Quality Gold Crown Award 2007:
When it comes to wining and dining, D’oreale Grande For further information, please contact
Emperors Palace offers the ultimate gourmet • PMR Diamond Award 2007: Emperors Palace: +27 11 928 1000
experience and Octavia’s Sensorium is Best Executive Hotel – D’oreale Grande for hotel bookings contact
a haven where the physical, the mental • PMR Diamond Award 2007: Central Reservations on 0860 777 900
and the spiritual are equally cared for. For Best Casino – Emperors Palace or +27 11 557 0777
conference and exhibition planners, there email: reservations@peermont.com
is only one place to meet. Whether it’s an or go to www.peermont.com to book online.

Best of South Africa 61

Graceland Hotel, Casino
and Country Club
Discover Graceland and experience the
charm of grand old southern style

Graceland, an astonishing mansion built in rooms, three junior suites, one Presidential
tribute style to the grand old age of Colonial suite and a paraplegic room, all featuring
southern America, is located in Secunda, panoramic views over the golf course or
Mpumalanga, approximately 1½ hours from pool terrace. Décor and furnishings are of
Johannesburg and Pretoria. the highest quality, and allow the elegance
Graceland presents absolute of the Victorian-American theming to
entertainment for the whole family, continue right into the room, down to the
conferencing, superb relaxation and very last detail.
recreation experiences. A visit to Graceland The Graceland Country Club features
will certainly be a memorable experience a Gary Player designed, 18-hole
steeped in nostalgia of the grand old age. championship inland links-style golf course
The graceful 4-star Peermont Walmont which features a mixture of significant
hotel offers 62 standard rooms, 31 family elevation changes, water hazards,

62 Best of South Africa

undulating greens, rolling fairways and the delightful Buffalo Bill’s Showbar
strategically placed bunkering. – reminiscent of the Wild West Saloons of
The Augusta Lounge reflects the tradition old and a movie theatre.
and splendour of famour American golf clubs Graceland also features a convention
and the Palm Terrace Snack Bar and Halfway centre with state-of-the-art facilities
House overlooking the pool terrace will ensure perfect for banquets, product launches,
that you enjoy the ultimate golfing experience. conferences, seminars, weddings, team- For further information, please contact
Wine and dine southern-style at the building and other special events. Graceland: +27 17 620 1000
elegant Blue Bayou serving á la carte for hotel bookings contact
meals inspired by the many flavours of Central Reservations on 0860 777 900
the world while the American Café serves or +27 (0)11 557 0777
a choice of light meals. Entertainment email: reservations@peermont.com
includes the spectacular Graceland Casino, or go to www.peermont.com to book online.

Best of South Africa 63

Luxury Defined -
Sheraton Pretoria Hotel
Pretoria – Often called the Jacaranda City after the
magnificent lilac trees which line its streets – is undoubtedly
one of the world’s most attractive capitals.

Perfectly situated with sweeping views The décor throughout is warm and inviting,
across the lawns of the magnificent Union featuring soft cream-coloured furnishings
Buildings – seat of government in the and rich Italian marble. All the rooms are air-
nation’s administrative capital city – the conditioned and feature thoughtfully designed
Sheraton Pretoria is within the immediate working areas.
vicinity of more than 100 embassies, The Business Centre features a fully
as well as the Reserve Bank and most equipped office, two meeting rooms
government ministries. and a boardroom. Naturally, internet
The hotel offers 175 luxurious rooms, and e-mail facilities are available, along
including 36 Club Rooms on the restricted- with secretarial services and all the
access sixth and seventh floors of this equipment you’d likely need. The Well-
magnificent hotel, 13 Deluxe Rooms, 6 being Center on the first floor offers
Diplomatic Suites and one Presidential Suite. professional skin and body care and has

64 Best of South Africa

a 24 hour gym and sauna where busy buffets at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
executives can unwind. Regular guests will be familiar with the
Traditional grill-rooms around the Sheraton custom of the anytime-of-
world are growing in popularity, we are the-day breakfast!
therefore very pleased to be able to We offer a chauffeur drive service,
present our A La Carte, 643 Bar & Grill. foreign exchange service, travel agency, For more information:
All of the carefully selected cuts of meat secured underground parking, in-house P.O Box 26500, Arcadia, Pretoria 0007 643
you will find served here are custom- shopping and a superb banqueting Cnr. Church and Wessels Streets Arcadia,
aged, basted and flame-grilled to your service in our magnificent ballroom. Stay Pretoria – South Africa;
particular requirements. You simply have at the address frequented most by world Tel: +27 12 429 9999;
to be there! leaders, royalty and stars when they are Fax: +27 12 429 9300;
Magnolia Restaurant is open in Pretoria for a spot of business: The E-mail: pretoria@sheraton.com
for all-day dining, with sumptuous Sheraton Pretoria Hotel. www.sheraton.com

Best of South Africa 65

Premier Hotels & Resorts
Hotels, Lodges and Resorts

Premier Hotels - “Where everyone is treated like Royalty”™

Offering comfortably luxurious hotels and expertly equipped
conference venues throughout South Africa; from the cosmopolitan
city of Cape Town, to East London; the gateway to the Industrial
Development Zone of Buffalo City, to a culturally diverse KwaZulu-
Natal and reaching as far north as the seat of government in Pretoria.

The Premier Hotel Cape Manor is situated
in the heart of Sea Point located in close
proximity to Cape Town’s leading attractions;
including the V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain,
the new Green Point Stadium and only
minutes away from the Cape Town CBD and
the International Convention Centre.
This property consists of 99 hotel
bedrooms and 21 self-catering apartments,
offering views of the ocean, Signal Hill, Lions
Head or Table Mountain with conference
facilities for up to 120 delegates.

The first hotel in the Premier portfolio,
the Premier Hotel King David is ideally
located for first time business traveller to the
metropole and is located a mere 10 minutes

66 Best of South Africa

completed, this complex will feature a 254 DURBAN
roomed hotel equivalent of 4+/5-star rating The latest addition to the Premier portfolio is
as well as a Convention Centre featuring Premier Hotel Pinetown. This 59-roomed
conference facilities that can accommodate hotel offers conference facilities that can
up to 1,500 delegates and will also include an accommodate up to 150 delegates; its close
auditorium seating 600 delegates. proximity to major freeways makes it ideal for
The gem in the East London portfolio Mpongo the business traveller. Durban International
Private Game Reserve, takes its name from Airport is a short 20 minute drive away, and
the Umpongo River. A 15 minute drive from the Durban CBD and ABSA Stadium is a
the city this 3,500 hectare reserve is home meagre 18km from the hotel.
to elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo, hippo, zebra,
giraffe, many other antelope and bird species, PORT EDWARD
and offers guests the choice of a guided or a In Port Edward on the sunny south coast of
self drive game viewing experience. KwaZulu-Natal is Premier Hotel Edwardian.
The Mpongo River Lodge and Chalets This resort type hotel consists of 46 rooms,
located centrally in the reserve, consists of 3 which ranges from deluxe studios to, three-
chalets each with a private lounge and deck. bedroom units, making it perfectly suited for
The main lodge has 11 lavishly furnished both families and business travellers alike.
bedrooms; lodge facilities include a dining The hotel offers four conference rooms and a
area, lounge, swimming pool, deck, bar and business centre for hotel patrons.
braai area. Premier Hotels has taken great care to
from East London airport and less than Mpongo offers a welcome alternative ensure that every aspect of personal comfort,
2km from the CBD and most government to city conferencing with its three safety and enjoyment of the services and
agencies. This hotel with its 80 well-appointed spacious conference rooms, comfortably facilities are realized at each and every one of
bedrooms caters comfortably for 300 accommodating up to 100 delegates. its properties.
conference delegates.
The Premier Hotel Regent, a beach- PRETORIA
front hotel, provides chic and luxurious Premier Hotel Pretoria - Situated minutes
accommodation for touring groups, business from the Pretoria CBD, in close proximity to
executives, and families alike. Situated on Embassies and Consulates, Loftus Versveld
the Esplanade it is located within five minutes Stadium, and diagonally opposite the seat of
from major shopping, entertainment, sport government - the landmark Union Buildings,
facilities and a short 10 minute drive from the the Premier Hotel Pretoria is ideally
airport. The Premier Hotel Regent offers positioned in the heart of the Jacaranda
excellent business and conference facilities City and is the ideal venue for business and Premier Hotels & Resorts International:
where up to 800 delegates can be seated. leisure travellers alike. The hotel boasts 118 Cape Town, East London, Durban,
Currently under construction the Premier rooms, six conference rooms accommodating Port Edward, Pretoria
Hotel Emonti and the East London from 20 to 300 delegates as well as a fully Central Reservations: 086 111 5555
International Convention Centre is situated equipped Business Centre. Email: info@premierhotels.co.za
adjacent to the Premier Hotel Regent. Once www.premierhotels.co.za

Best of South Africa 67

The Cape Cadogan Boutique Hotel
Hotels, Lodges and Resorts

The family owned and managed Cape Cadogan Boutique

Hotel offers a rare combination of historic exteriors with
classic modern bohemian interiors.

This stately double-story Georgian which

dates back to the early 19th century, was
‘Victorianised’ in 1912 and declared a National
Monument in 1984. It is this charm and
character, matched with its desirable location
amongst the popular restaurants, street café’s
and stylish boutique shops of Kloof Street,
that makes this hotel a flagship in Cape Town.
For those seeking comfort and luxury,
The Cape Cadogan Hotel is the perfect
choice. The reception areas are individually
decorated and designed for comfort and
tranquility. Bohemian chic is our hallmark

68 Best of South Africa

where the classic old world style of Cape apartment, The Cape Cadogan also offers
Town meets the new beautiful café society. a selection of one and two bedroom luxury
The Villa is a private space which has apartments. Each apartment comprises of a
recently been opened to select guests and private lounge, open plan kitchen with dining
friends of the owner. The space includes an area and bedroom with en-suite bathroom.
open plan lounge, dining area and full service The apartments are situated just behind the
and all twelve en-suite bedrooms are modern kitchen. These spaces open up with main hotel in Nicol Street.
luxuriously decorated with an eclectic mix wide double framed doors onto an outdoor The choice is yours; whichever it may be,
of contemporary and antique furniture. In deck area where comfortable lounges lie The Cape Cadogan proudly offers every guest
addition, the Hotel is family owned and around the private plunge pool. Privacy is a an experience sure to exceed expectations, in
managed, ensuring guests can also look thread flowing through the experience, where a city that certainly will.
forward to personalised service from a family even the kitchen is serviced by a private
of staff who share their local knowledge, hatch, providing a link to the outside world,
enabling guests to enjoy local insights and an where one’s morning paper gets delivered.
extraordinary holiday experience. The Villa suite is upstairs with an open plan
The Cape Cadogan has as its presidential bathroom, perfect for those guests who are
suite the Owners Villa. The space is decorated looking for comfort and simple lines. For
in a similar style to the main hotel, with fabrics guests who require the service of a boutique Email: reservations@capecadogan.com
and textures forming a rich woven carpet hotel, but the independence of their own www.capecadogan.com

Best of South Africa 69

Cape Suites Hotel
Hotels, Lodges and Resorts

Nestled at the foot of Table Mountain, with views of Cape Suites Hotel
the Cape Town city skyline and Table Bay, lies the Best cccc
Western Cape Suites Hotel - a village-style hotel with a Self-Catering and Full Service Hotel
total of 123 studio, one, two and three bedroom suites.

The Best Western Cape Suites Hotel provides

a sensible alternative in offering affordable
accommodation for tour groups, business
people, families and individual travellers who
are looking for spacious accommodation
with convenient amenities in Cape Town.
Ideally located, The Best Western Cape
Suites Hotel is a 5 minute drive to the famous
V&A Waterfront and a 15 minute drive to
the beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton.
Guests enjoy a home-away-from-home
environment in our spacious air-conditioned
suites, each with fully equipped kitchen
and fitted to a four star standard.
Each suite can accommodate
several guests by providing twin
beds in each bedroom and a double
sleeper couch in the lounge.
The studio suites each have an en suite
bathroom with bath and separate enclosed
shower, as well as a fully equipped kitchen

70 Best of South Africa

and a balcony, and can accommodate one enhanced by a single security controlled • Free shuttle service to city and
or two persons. The one bedroom suites access point and on-site parking. V&A Waterfront 07:00 – 22:00
can accommodate up to four persons • Free airport transfers available 07:00 – 22:00
comfortably. These suites each have a The Hotel’s amenities include: • 24-hour Internet access & Wi-fi hotspot
separate lounge and bathroom with bath • 2 Bars
and separate enclosed shower, as well as • 2 Restaurants The following suites are
a fully equipped kitchen and a balcony. • 2 Swimming pools with sun-decks available at the hotel:
The two and three bedroom suites each • 24-hour Reception • Studio Suites - 31
have two bathrooms – one en suite, the other • Conference centre • 1 Bedroom Suites - 25
with bath and separate enclosed shower. • Secure on-site parking • 2 Bedroom Suites - 57
Ample living space and a double sleeper • Fully equipped kitchen in all suites • 3 Bedroom Suites - 10
couch in the lounge ensure that these suites • Air-conditioning in all suites
can accommodate six to eight persons • Suites serviced daily Corner of De Villiers & Constitution Streets,
comfortably. Each of these suites has a fully • Laundromat Cape Town 7925, South Africa
equipped kitchen and a large balcony. • Games room P.O. Box 51085, Waterfront 8002,
Each suite in the Hotel boasts its own • Television with M-Net in all suites South Africa
special view, varying from panoramic views of • Baby-sitting service Tel: +27 21 461 0727
the city and Table Bay to unrestricted vistas of • Beach umbrella and towel hire Fax: +27 21 462 4389
Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head. • Picnic baskets available Toll-free number: 0800 600 852
Guests enjoy the unique, relaxed and • BBQ facilities Email: info@capesuites.co.za
secure style of the Hotel’s village atmosphere, • Pet friendly rooms available www.capesuites.co.za

Best of South Africa 71

Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa
Hotels, Lodges and Resorts

Located on the Eastern Head of Knysna on the exquisite

Garden Route coast, just a 40-minute flight from Cape Town,
Pezula Resort Hotel & Spa is surrounded by rugged cliffs,
ancient forests and sheltered beaches.

72 Best of South Africa

With sweeping views of the Pezula
Championship Golf Course, the Indian
Ocean and the Knysna Lagoon, it is
a haven of privacy and luxury.
Seventy-eight stylish suites, including
two presidential suites, are housed in
detached villas and deliver a whole new
world of luxury in an elegant African
style. Each has its own patio or balcony;
a sumptuous bathroom with underfloor
heating, bath, shower and double vanities;
individual climate control, satellite television,
a DVD player, electronic safe, direct
telephone, Wi-Fi connectivity and a walk-in
wardrobe. A pantry kitchen, well-stocked
drinks cabinet and real log fireplace add
unparalleled luxury to the accommodation.
The main building houses a sumptuous
cigar lounge, champagne and whisky bar,
library, wine cellar and gourmet restaurant,
Zachary’s. Executive chef Geoffrey Murray
delights in serving up the freshest local
ingredients in his inimitable style and his menu
offers a variety of ‘modern ethnic’ dishes
inspired by his worldwide experiences.
Pezula Spa is a calm sanctuary that The Field of Dreams sporting complex offers
reflects the soul of Africa and provides world- world-class tennis courts, a multipurpose
class professionalism in the delivery of a sports oval and golf practice range.
superior health and wellness experience. The Boma is the ideal venue for a meal with
Twice named Best Spa in South Africa, it an authentic African feel. A rustic thatched
offers a comprehensive range of treatments structure houses a bar and log fireplace where
which combine natural therapies with the guests can dine protected from the elements.
most technologically advanced equipment Montrose Castle on Noetzie Beach offers
available. It boasts a 12m heated indoor hotel guests access to one of the most
pool, state-of-the-art gymnasium, unspoilt and secluded beaches on the Garden
outdoor jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, Route coast.
rainforest shower, nail bar, hair salon and The Concierge Desk will coordinate
nine therapy rooms, as well as a post- airport transfers, excursions and arrange
treatment room with heated water beds. helicopter and jet charters to virtually any
Guests have access to secluded Noetzie destination.
Beach, River and activities including
horse riding, canoeing, hiking, mountain Visit www.pezularesorthotel.com
biking, birding and nature trails. for more information

Best of South Africa 73

Mondazur Resort Hotel
at San Lameer
The ultimate beach and golf destination!

The modern 4-star Peermont Mondazur a harmonious and relaxing ambiance.

Resort Hotel is situated on a lagoon The emphasis has been firmly placed on
within the most sought-after and secure providing maximum in-room comfort and
beach and golf coastal reserve estate space. The hotel offers eight elegantly
in South Africa, namely San Lameer. appointed Classic Rooms, 26 Deluxe
Located on the beautiful South Coast of Rooms, two Superior Rooms, two
the KwaZulu-Natal Province, Mondazur Executive Rooms and two Suites.
is just off the N2 highway, 140km or 90
minutes south from Durban International Be enveloped by effortless beauty,
Airport and only minutes away from the luxury and tranquillity
popular resort town, Margate, with its Mondazur also manages the rental of
own airport. more than 20 selected private villas
cocooned in luxurious vegetation. These
The art of harmonious living villas were designed in a simple, rustic,
With decorations greatly influenced by Mediterranean style. Care and effort was
our sub-tropical flowers, colours and taken in the layout of the area, ensuring
silky materials, each room envelopes perfect blending with the surrounding
you in an Indian Ocean dream. The natural environment, as well as quick and
fresh minimalist style of décor provides easy access to all available facilities.

74 Best of South Africa

Manicured greens, rolling fairways and the most exquisite local product seafood it is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with a pair of
winding waterways and á la carte cuisine. The pool deck or the breeding crowned eagles nesting high in the
The centrepiece of the Estate’s magnificent Lagoon Bar are perfect places to spend a palms. The Indian Ocean’s warm Mozambique
domain is the Championship Golf Course. lazy afternoon, whilst enjoying a delicious current also guarantees year round pleasant
The layout winds through pristine coastal Promenade lunch, an ice cold exotic cocktail sea bathing conditions.
flora and the tastefully constructed villas. and the magnificent view of the lagoon.
Besides the impenetrable bush, there is
an abundance of water on the course, but Immerse yourself in tropical tranquillity.
conservative bail-outs are always available. A sanctuary for the senses – set on 16
It has often been said that no finer collection hectares, the estate has something for
of par three’s exists anywhere, and the fourth everyone. For the sporty, tennis and squash
hole, interestingly, is almost a carbon copy of courts, open air action cricket and volley
Augusta National’s famous twelfth. ball, a bowling green, mashie golf, canoes For further information, please contact
and paddle boats. For the nature lover – San Mondazur: +27 39 313 0011
Cuisine that reflects the sun Lameer, including the one kilometre Blue Flag for hotel bookings contact
At Mondazur, each meal is an inspired beach, adjacent tidal pool and sand dunes, Central Reservations on 0860 777 900
celebration, presented by attentive waiters. is a proclaimed nature reserve, so wildlife is or +27 11 557 0777
The Lagoon Grill is open for breakfast, lunch abundant, a maze of nature trails, indigenous email: reservations@peermont.com
and dinner, and serves the freshest and flora, and with more than 195 bird species or go to www.peermont.com to book online.

Best of South Africa 75

Lion Sands
Family owned and managed since 1933, this International
Award Winning private game reserve is located in the finest
territory of the world famous Sabi Sand Game Reserve. It
stretches for kilometres along the perennial Sabie River which
forms its natural boundary with the Kruger National Park.

76 Best of South Africa

The land, which has been owned and Lion Sands Private Game Reserve to guests
managed by the More Family for four in April 2001 with Lion Sands River Lodge
generations, is a place of rarity and carries and Lion Sands Ivory Lodge. Their passion to
with it a passion which can only be instilled by deliver a world class luxury safari experience
a great family history. is equaled by their complete commitment
Nicholas and Robert More, brothers & in ensuring a pure balance between the
fourth generation owners of the land, opened preservation of this pristine “bushveld”

Best of South Africa 77

(wilderness area), allowing access for guests
to observe some of Africa’s greatest mammals
in their natural habitat and ensuring the
benefits are shared with local communities.
Lion Sands Ivory Lodge, awarded by
Tatler Magazine as Best Hotel in the World,
is ultra luxurious yet simple and uncluttered,
the interiors achieving a contemporary, Afro-
European elegance. The Lodge is about
overriding exclusivity with complete privacy
where each suite is operated as a private
villa. Private dining, in-suite spa treatments
and complete relaxation is the norm. Neither
word nor photograph can capture the sense
of the pure beauty which is breathed in when
opening the carved wooden doors leading
into this private recluse – arguably the world’s
finest suite.
Lion Sands River Lodge, which is
downstream of Ivory Lodge, is nestled under
a canopy of ancient trees dating back almost
800 years. The Lodge is about spirit, warmth,
nature, relaxation and is hosted by a family of
staff that will make it feel like home away from
home. Relax, enjoy and get to experience

78 Best of South Africa

genuine African hospitality at its best.
The Lion Sands Game Reserve is private
and exclusive to Lion Sands guests only
which ensures the safari experience is
highly personalised, allowing guests the
time and flexibility to savour the natural
beauty which abounds. Come to Lion
Sands, spend a little time with us, man and
animal, and you will experience a feeling of
belonging and at the same time a sense of
freedom that comes from those who believe
in sharing, instead of possessing.

Email: res@lionsands.com

Best of South Africa 79

Chapter 2
Arts and Culture

80 Best of South Africa

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,
and paints his own nature into his pictures. “

Henry Ward Beecher

Best of South Africa 81

South African Artists
Arts and Culture

South Africa is home to some of the world’s most ancient and beautiful art – from the rock
paintings of the San to the emergence of superior artistic talent. It is also the scene of a host
of diverse and challenging contemporary artists producing important new work’s today.

Gerard Sekoto exhibition of South African Art was being

Sekoto’s artistic abilities expressed in drawing held at the Tate Gallery at the time where
and sculpting started at an early age, which Sekoto’s painting ‘Sixpence a door’ was on
eventually evolved into watercolour painting. show. The Queen Mother upon visiting the
He would draw and paint late into the night exhibition, commented on how much she
by candlelight. After winning second prize in a liked the Sekoto painting.
national art competition, he decided to pursue Sekoto joined Présence Africaine, an
a career as a full time artist. organisation for artists from Africa, where
Sekoto’s attraction to the contemporary he attended their month long conference in
lifestyle in the big cities prompted his move Dakar Senegal in 1966 where he decided to
to Johannesburg in 1939, where he lived in stay and paint the Senegalese people.
Sophiatown with his cousins. He later met the Sekoto returned to Paris in 1967 and
painter Judith Gluckman at the Gainsborough exhibited in the Galérie Christine Colin,
Galleries in 1940, who introduced him to all Galérie Marthe Nochy and the Galérie du
aspects of painting with oils. Marais in Paris and participated in group
In 1942 Sekoto had a successful solo exhibitions in various cities in Europe.
exhibition at the Gainsborough Gallery in In 1988 a book about Sekoto’s life, written
Johannesburg and made enough money by Barbara Lindop was published in South
to realise one of his dreams – to visit Cape Africa, together with the Johannesburg Art
Town. Once there he joined the ‘New Gallery organizing a large exhibition of his
Group’ and went on to exhibit around the work, titled ‘Gerard Sekoto : “Unsevered
country with them. Ties” bringing him much publicity.
At the age of 33, Sekoto traveled to In the preface to the exhibition catalogue,
Paris, spending three weeks in London. An Lesley Spiro writes: “Gerard Sekoto is

82 Best of South Africa

undoubtedly one of the pioneers of modern Internationale in Paris, France taking her into
South African art. However, partly because the international spotlight.
of his long exile and partly because of the She continues to expand both her
Eurocentric orientations in South African art personal and professional frame of
history, he has not received the recognition reference.
in this country that he deserves.”
Gerard Sekoto died on 20 March 1993 Frances Kendall
and was buried in the Nogent-sur-Marne Frances Kendall, who was raised in
cemetery. Mombasa and has lived in several African
countries, might be best known as a Nobel
Angela Banks Peace Prize nominee for her groundbreaking
Angela Banks is a young Gauteng-based work as co-author of the title “South Africa:
artist who has had two solo shows, has The Solution”, which was published in 1986
participated in numerous group shows, during the country’s state of emergency.
competitions and art-based projects in both Since then, she has reinvented herself a
Pretoria and Johannesburg. number of times – from politician, to Fred
She completed her degree in Fine Arts Astaire Dance Studio franchisee, and most
in 1999 and her Masters in Fine Art at the recently as a best-selling portrait artist.
University of Pretoria in 2003 where she As a child she ran barefoot between
dealt with ‘identity’, ‘the portrait’ and ‘role- patches of shade cast by frangipani
playing’ in an exhibition entitled : ‘About and mango trees, lazed in the warm
Face’. golden-green ocean fringed by startling
In April 2004 she presented an exhibition white coral beaches and coconut palms,
entitled ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ at Gesseau gazed entranced into the jewel coloured
Art Gallery in Johannesburg. This body world of a coral reef still pristine and rich
of work displayed an array of icons that with anemones, starfish, live shells and
were given satirical titles and symbolic tropical fish. Source: iBi Art
reference that in some cases suggests a Kendall’s paintings are a tribute to Tel: 083 600 4030
‘tongue in cheek’ intimation or suggestion. these vivid images of an African childhood 011 783 1717
In 2006 Angela exhibited at the Cite De rediscovered. Email: ibiart@icon.co.za

Best of South Africa 83

Daniel Novela
It’s clear that local and international collectors see more in Novela’s work than his
extraordinary technique and love for his subject – they see Novela as a good investment.

In the last five years, gallery owners have why Daniel Novela has caught the interest
upped the price of a canvas from a modest of collectors.
R350 to a set rate of R7000. Normally, it’s Since his graduation in 2000, Daniel has
difficult to put a price on art because the exhibited regularly in Gauteng and recently
value is not quantitative; it lies in what the completed a successful tour of Europe
public are prepared to pay. But some art where he sold 60 paintings. In September
does become a valuable commodity when 2006, Daniel had his first exhibition in New
the demand for it exceeds the supply. And York at the Sankaranka Art Gallery, which
that is what an investment collector looks is owned by Gambian-born Saihou Saidy,
for – art that will increase in value, that is whose passion is to showcase African art.

84 Best of South Africa

Firstly, the works are special and have must fit in the boot of my car”. He is also a “While I am all African, my style is not
integrity, secondly, a Novela canvas is fast compulsively creative man who can’t make it typically African. I gravitate towards
increasing in value. As a relatively recent through the day without painting. Impressionism, particularly John
discovery, his true worth has yet to be His refined landscapes are infiltrating Constable, Trevor Chamberlain and
established, so he is therefore considered galleries and private collections as his Richard Schmid. I also admire South
a good investment opportunity. No doubt special brand of African Impressionism African artist Adrian Boshoff.”
his New York exposure will increase his becomes better known. His success is the
bankability even more. result of years of hardship in an almost Tel: +27 18 489 1780
Daniel is a practical man. Asked how he stereotypical story of an artist who would not Email: info@danielnovela.co.za
chooses his canvases, he says simply, “They let go of his dream. www.danielnovela.co.za

Best of South Africa 85

Alice Art
Arts and Culture

At Alice Art Gallery we are completely dedicated to the promotion and

support of South African art and artist.  Our expert knowledge of art and
our deep desire to provide our clients the paintings their dreams are
made of, contribute to Alice Art being a leader in the art industry.

86 Best of South Africa

At Alice Art we source art for our clients by rich textures. Her lascivious bar girls made
artists whose work is decorative, attractive and her famous and once seen, also made them
above all, understandable. Our exquisite range famous. A sense of warmth and a feeling of
of art speaks to the heart and soul of every nostalgia is part and parcel of her figures. The
person who enters our galleries.  We make art fullness of her creations and the simplicity of
a living, and an integral part of your home. her art culminates in balanced beauty seldom
Visit our gallery for the ultimate art to be found anywhere else.
experience of a lifetime.  Let us adorn your
home with beautiful works of art.

Alice Art Gallery proudly introduces:  Alice Art Gallery

Susan Greyling. When you sometimes Drive 217, Ruimsig, Roodepoort
become lonely or long for memories gone by, Tel: +27 11 958 1392
you will find satisfaction in the art of Susan Fax: 088 011 958 0723
Greyling. The paintings of Susan’s, who is www.aliceart.co.za
educated as an art teacher, depicts women
and children in warm glowing colours and For the ultimate experience in art

Best of South Africa 87

Art Lovers
Arts and Culture

A mere 100km from Johannesburg on the N1 towards Bloemfontein and

an hour’s drive, the unique Art Lovers is nestled along the banks of the
Vaal River in the picturesque town of Parys

Originally built as a church in 1942 and

restored to its present grandeur as an art
gallery (new guest house), three tea gardens,
wedding venue and country restaurant in
2003, Art Lovers is renowned for its expansive
collection of beautiful paintings by S.A. artists
Royalene, Zerk de Villiers, Carine de Villiers and

88 Best of South Africa

many others as well as handcrafted, mouth Anneke Delport, curator and owner, is
blown vases by Guido von Bessouw, and the quintessential host for guests at Art Contact: Anneke Delport
mosaics by Freda Westerink. South African art Lovers – her expansive knowledge of local Art Lovers Restaurant,
is highly sought after by connoisseurs from all art and artists coupled with her warm and Gallery and Guesthouse
over the world and Art Lovers offers the perfect effervescent personality ensures a most 89 Breë Street, Parys
locale for one to view and purchase in this unique experience for all who are fortunate to Tel: +27 56 817 6515
uniquely authentic South African town. visit Art Lovers. www.artlovers.co.za

Best of South Africa 89

B&B Markets Rooftop and
the African Craft Market
Conceived in 1992 with the establishment of the market at the V&A Waterfront
development in Cape Town, B&B Markets is recognised today as the
undisputed leading operator of vibrant quality markets in South Africa.

Award-winning lifestyle destinations include

the internationally acclaimed African Craft
Market and the high profile Rooftop Market
in Rosebank.
B&B Markets Rooftop was launched
in 1993, transforming a grey parking area
into a vibrant, colourful entertainment and
shopping experience. Today it is one of
Gauteng’s foremost lifestyle destinations;
selected as Joburg’s premier market for 11
consecutive years.
More than 12,000 patrons visit the Market
every Sunday to barter for the best price on a
diverse selection of authentic quality products
offered by over 400 small businesses. Unique
offerings include handcrafted precious and
semi-precious jewellery and exclusive couture,
exquisite home décor and accessories, and
organic and handcrafted wares. The Antique
& Collectables section lures lovers of bric-a-
brac with a fascinating array of treasures from
a bygone era. An Artists Section showcases
a visual celebration of original art by top
local artists – all complemented by a feast of
international flavours in the Deli Section.
The market is carefully tailored to
enhance all the excitement of the traditional
craft and flea market experience with the
convenience of formalised retail shopping.
Credit card facilities, gift vouchers, trolleys,
customer service kiosks and a refund service
are available, and the entertainment mix
is carefully constructed to complement
an energetic shopping and entertainment
experience for the whole family.

90 Best of South Africa

Rooftop’s neighbouring African Craft
Market was established in November 1999,
responding to a need to assist the informal
hawkers in Rosebank by providing them with
a formalised trading environment. Hailed as
the most successful development of its kind
in South Africa, this unprecedented upliftment
initiative relocated local pavement traders to
an economically viable alternative that is today
the internationally acclaimed African Craft
Market of Rosebank.
This 7-day-a-week market showcases
an exquisite selection of superior African
crafts and artefacts from all over Africa. An
exhilarating environment invites patrons
to bargain for a price in the true style of
the African market experience. Tourist
merchandise on the Lower Level of the market
is complemented by the Upper Level’s ‘Craft,
Gift & Décor Emporium’ – a major attraction
for local patrons on the look-out for unique
handcrafted home décor and gifts.
The African Craft Market enjoys strong specifications, budgets and quantity Credited with revolutionising South Africa’s
ties within South Africa’s tourism industry, requirements. retail industry with exceptional informal trading
offering tour operator incentives for local B&B Markets commitment to business environments, every B&B Market comes with
and international groups on both levels of excellence is complemented by an ongoing the promise of an inimitable shopping and
the market. A dedicated tour bus parking contribution to social development within entertainment experience for tourists and local
facility located opposite the market provides the communities that it serves – from internal patrons alike.
for secure and convenient access, with employee skills development to aiding in the
credit card and freight facilities available responsible development of South Africa’s B&B Markets – Bargain on more
on-site. A professional, management- local traders and craftsmen.  A philosophy
supervised corporate gift service offers of sustained trader mentoring and training
quality handcrafted African items as unique underpins a vision of transforming innovative
and exciting gift alternatives. Items can be entrepreneurs into laudable business
branded and personalised to meet individual individuals. www.craft.co.za

Best of South Africa 91

Chapter 3
Travel, Tours and Leisure

92 Best of South Africa

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change
that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. “

Miriam Beard

Best of South Africa 93

Discover the refinement
of luxury train travel
The Premier Classe is a unique way to experience the Africa of a
bygone era... an era of gracious living and timeless elegance.

The moment you board the air-conditioned are renowned for their ability to create
Premier Classe train, you’ll step into a tantalising variety of delicious meals
a world that recaptures the long lost in a kitchen that boasts the very best
elegance of luxury train travel and the appliances and facilities imaginable. A
personalised service of a bygone era. At state-of-the-art water purification system
the same time, you’ll enjoy the technology provides crystal clean drinking water for
and sophistication of the fast paced, all our passengers. Dimmer lights provide
modern world around you. While we a relaxed, romantic environment. From
accommodate 124 passengers in sheer every cabin, the views may be of our
luxury, you’ll enjoy the attention to detail breathtaking country, but within, guests are
of our spacious compartments and cocooned in warmth and hospitality that is
lavishly appointed bathrooms. Our chefs quintessentially South African.

94 Best of South Africa

With roaming microphones and high-tech And for your convenience, we’ve added
equipment at your finger tips, Premier special coaches that can accommodate
Classe is the perfect venue for conferences any size vehicles including 4 x 4’s, allowing
and team building events. State-of-the- you to take your own vehicle with you.*
art power sockets for recharging your
electronic devices will keep you in touch
with the outside world no matter where we
are. For your reading comfort, we’ve fitted For more information or to book
special environmentally friendly LED lights your journey phone: 086 000 88 88
throughout the coaches. The conference or contact your travel agent.
coach can also be transformed into a * This facility is applicable to the Cape Town route only
dance venue for after-hours entertainment. and will also apply to the Durban route in the near future. www.premierclasse.co.za

Best of South Africa 95

Visit the Elephant Sanctuary …
Just an hour from Johannesburg and Pretoria,
wrinkly grey giants walk the earth.

The Sanctuary offers guests exhilarating

elephant driven programmes, with the focus
of their operations on happy elephants
and satisfied guests. As the Elephant
Sanctuary’s focus is on education through
interaction, guests will not only learn a lot
about elephants, but also get to touch,
brush and walk trunk-in-hand with these
magnificent pachyderms.
The Sanctuary is open seven days a
week and offers several programmes during
the day. Guests can also book an intimate
overnight stay in one of the two lodges.

Booking is essential.
Tel: +27 12 258  0423
or +27 12 258  0332

96 Best of South Africa

The Travel Company -
Without a travel agent
you’re on your own!
The advantage of booking a business trip or leisure trip with
“The Travel Company” is their affiliation with reputable travel partners.

The Travel Company has a multilingual, launches, teambuilding, car rentals, hotel
knowledgeable, well-travelled team of accommodation, travel insurance, foreign
consultants and offer unique “after hours” exchange delivered, airport transfers, and
and “Sunday by appointment” plans. They or any large or small items that are so
are proud of their personal and professional important in making your travel experience,
attention to the individual and corporate even more streamlined.
traveller. Their affiliation to Radius Travel
The Travel Company undertakes to Management Group has now grown over
provide its customers with assurance that 420 travel agencies throughout the United
they will receive the highest quality, in States of America, Australia, Europe, New
terms of travel products, at all times. Their Zealand and South Africa.
tailor-made tours can satisfy the needs of The Travel Company Tours & Safaris
the most discerning, sophisticated traveller serves as the inbound travel operation for all
who wants an escape to tranquillity, the your international business delegates, family
adventurer whose desire is to experience and friends wishing to visit Southern Africa.
the excitement of an adrenalin rush.
Conference Centre - The Stables
Why the Travel Company for all your Their in-house conference centre in
corporate travel arrangements? Sandown creates a relaxed ambiance for
The substantial volume of travel generated meetings, launches or functions. Catering
through them, provides The Travel Company can be provided in accordance with 106 Katherine Street, Sandown, Sandton
with the ability to negotiate the most clients’ requirements. Capacity 18 seated Tel: +27 11 911 2300
competitive prices for their clients, whether comfortably. Fax: +27 11 783 7529
it’s for airfares, cruises, coach travel, Email: info@travelcompany.co.za
incentives, tours, conferences, safaris, www.travelcompany.co.za

Best of South Africa 97

The joining of iconic, home-grown Imperial Car Rental and
global, award-winning Europcar presented significant growth
and exposure opportunities, to the benefit of all customers.

98 Best of South Africa

Customers now have instant rental access more than 1.2 million vehicles at more than
to a global fleet of over 220,000 vehicles in 13,000 locations in 162 countries to form the
over 160 countries in over 3,000 locations. world’s largest car rental network. Europcar
Europcar is in a favorable position to continue International also holds the franchise rights
offering superior products and services at to the National Alamo brand in Europe, Asia
competitive rates, whilst still delivering their and Africa. Europcar therefore operates the
30 year legacy of Proudly South African, National Alamo brands in Southern Africa,
personal ‘Imperial’ service. for international inbound customers.
Europcar International have a solid Europcar South Africa is a level 4
reputation of professionalism, innovation and BEE company, still holds their Proudly
customer service orientation and their brand South African status and remains a 100%
is placed among the top three car rental homegrown and dedicated supporter of the
brands worldwide. Included in their World initiative. They were a founding member
Travel Award accolades are Best Car Rental of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund
Company in Africa 2006, 2007 and 2008; and remain their official car rental partner.
Number one in car rental in Europe 2004, A portion of every international rental is
2005 and 2006; Best Car Rental Company donated to The Fund.
in Europe and Best Worldwide Leisure Car Imperial Car Rental – Europcar have
Rental Company 2006. The World Travel pioneered some of the most well known car
Awards are better known as ‘The Oscars of rental products and services in South and
the travel industry’. Southern Africa and through experience and
In September 2008, Europcar and expertise, have perfected them over the years.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car (the largest car rental
company in North America) concluded “As a car rental company of choice, we are
a strategic alliance, designed to further committed to excellence always”.
enhance the international coverage and
service offering of both partners, particularly
for global corporate accounts. Together,
Europcar and Enterprise offer a fleet of www.europcar.co.za

Best of South Africa 99

South Africa’s newest, largest and
fastest growing cab service

100 Best of South Africa

SAFECAB® is South Africa’s leading provider 24-hour call centre with radio dispatch,
of safe, reliable, and affordable cab service’s. satellite tracking system in all our cabs,
Operating 24-hours a day, they have become company management is always responsive
the country’s preferred service for work, and available. Finally reliable public transport
school and leisure travel. Once you have used is available in South Africa.
SAFECAB®’s services, you’ll understand what
everyone is talking about.
They take pride in offering you the best
service for an affordable price - ensuring
you get where you’re going safely and For more information on any of our services,
comfortably. SAFECAB® offers metered cabs contact our Call Centre on 0861 66 55 66
with professional drivers and reliable vehicles, or send us an email to info@safecabs.co.za.

Best of South Africa 101

Chapter 4
Luxury Lifestyles

102 Best of South Africa

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Best of South Africa 103

Land Rover South Africa
Luxury Lifestyles

Since the very first design appeared in 1948, the Land Rover name
has become universally identified with definitive four-wheel drive
vehicles. Between them, Defender, Freelander, Discovery and Range
Rover have evolved to satisfy every requirement for urban style,
comfort and unbeatable off-road capability. It’s a remarkable story
that reads like a history of the 4x4 itself.

No other 4x4 in the world has managed to

win the respect of both hardcore off-road
enthusiasts and jet setters. This dichotomy
is half the appeal of the vehicle and makes
it the favourite of luminaries from all walks
of life, from Queen Elizabeth to Fidel Castro,
Sylvester Stallone, to Michael Jordan,
Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, and Sting.
Land Rover’s brand vision, “To be the
world’s leading brand at inspiring, creating
and delivering a spirit of adventure” has
reverberated with potential and current
customers alike as it is relevant to their needs
and aspirations, while our products are known
to be enablers to the adventurous lifestyle.
Land Rover’s spirit of adventure has been
evident from the earliest days. Adventurers,
farmers, scientists, naturalists, and outdoor

104 Best of South Africa

sport enthusiasts have all used Land Rovers’ values and sustainable motoring at the top 2007 was a truly outstanding year for Land
capability to access some of the world’s of the agenda. Rover as a company. Over 225,000 vehicles
most inhospitable regions. For 60 years, the With regard to the future, Land Rover has were sold worldwide, a first in Land Rover’s
company’s vehicles have also worked for a a strong foundation in Africa and this will 60-year history. Land Rover South Africa
multitude of humanitarian and conservation continue to be built upon. The company is achieved its most successful sales month in
organisations, represented today by Land constantly growing in terms of sales in Africa, December 2007 of 674 units. Not just satisfied
Rover’s formal ties with the Born Free and this trend is set to continue aggressively. with having had a exceptional December,
Foundation, Biosphere, Earthwatch, the Royal The recent product-lead revitalization LRSA went on to achieve an all time sales
Geographical Society (with IBG), and the – spurred by Range Rover in 2001, then record for a calendar year – 5 744 units.
China Exploration and Research Society. supported by the introduction of Discovery
The heritage and history the brand 3 in 2005, Range Rover Sport in 2006
has earned over the years will remain the culminating with Freelander and Defender
cornerstone of the brand’s image. On this in 2007; typifies the brand transformation
foundation we have seen the brand become to what is referred to as 21st Century Land
“sophisticated” over the past number of Rover. This transformation has allowed for
years with phenomenal technology being increased sales and market share in most
built into the product. Land Rover continues world markets, significantly so in the South
to evolve, with unrivalled capability, premium African marketplace. www.landrover.co.za

Best of South Africa 105

Helios Executive
Luxury Lifestyles

Helicopter Charter
Change your journey from the mundane
to the exotic and arrive in style

106 Best of South Africa

Helios Executive Helicopter Charter, centrally
located at Grand Central Airport in Midrand
Johannesburg, is conveniently placed mid
way between the cities of Johannesburg
and Pretoria. In association with T-Jet
Helicopters and Legend Aviation, we offer
helicopter charter services seven days a week
throughout the year.
Specializing in executive helicopter
charter, inter-airport transfers, trips to
business meetings and visits to game parks
or resorts. We also offer aerial photography
for the movie industry, advertising shoots,
aerial videography for geophysical surveys
and environmental management, as well as
flights of fancy for special occasions such as
weddings and anniversaries.
All flights are tailored to meet your
individual needs, from being met at the
door of your arriving international flight,
escorted through the formalities of customs
and immigration, to being taken to your
awaiting helicopter right outside OR Tambo
International Airport. Then soaring above
the traffic, whilst enjoying a bird’s eye view,
ensuring an on-time arrival at your destination.
Other destinations include The Palace
at Sun City and the Pilanesberg National
Park, the famous Kruger National Park, the
beautiful Marakele National Park and the
Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.
Through Helios Executive Helicopter Charter
you have access to a range of helicopters,
all of which are jet turbine powered including
Bell 407, Eurocopter 350B3 and Agusta 109
and 119 types.
These helicopters are designed to strike
an ideal balance between safety, reliability
and performance. Equipped with state
of the art navigation equipment, seating
up to five passengers in luxury or six in
comfort. Ground transport of luggage can be
arranged if necessary. You will be safely and
professionally flown to your destination by
highly trained and competent pilots.

Experience the beauty of the South African

landscape, whether your trip is business
or pleasure.

For more information: +27 82 651 4766

Email: mikeb@heliosaircharter.co.za

Best of South Africa 107

For the Best in Boating

world’s best boats in their class from 30 to

85ft. Exceptional design and finishes set
these cruisers apart, featuring models of
different sizes in the Squadron, Targa or
Phantom ranges.
Riviera Sport Fishing Boats and Cruisers
are ideally suited to our coastline with their
reinforced hulls. Stylish yet practical, these
crafts are great for long distance travel,
fishing, entertaining and overnighting in
sumptuously spacious living areas. Numerous
features include storage hatches, live bait
wells and toe cut-outs spaces on the gunnels.
At the helm and steering a highly qualified
staff complement, is triple national (Springbok)
The dream world of endless horizons, offering discerning buyers the best in sales, water sportsman, Derrick Levy. Renowned
cocktails, spectacular sunsets and exotic brokerage services and superior back-up. as a visionary in the industry Derrick keeps
destinations is now within easy reach thanks Renowned for their wide selection of ahead of trends and technology in the world
to Boating World, a well-established leader new and pre-owned sport fishing boats of boating.
among the marine industry’s elite. and cruisers, Boating World is synonymous
This contemporary company, with offices with top names such as Fairline, Riviera,
in Durban and Cape Town, is recognised as Rinker, Crownline and Malibu boats.
one of South Africa’s top big boat distributors, London-manufactured Fairline, offer the www.boatingworld.co.za

108 Best of South Africa

Norse Air Charter
Your Aviation Business Partner
Undoubtedly the importance of efficiency and productivity
as well as time is paramount in the planning and execution of
passenger movements and business travel

If you want to travel to remote areas where a disaster area to assist with relief efforts,
scheduled airlines can’t take you, or do not we are often able to supply an aircraft to
want to be tied to the departure and arrival accommodate both
times of scheduled flight timetables Norse Air the passengers and the cargo to ensure
Charter can provide the right aircraft to suit that once they arrive at the scene there is no
your needs. delay in trying to locate their cargo or having
The benefit of air charter resides in the to wait for it to arrive a few days later. They are
ability to decide where, when and how you able to get to work immediately.
choose to travel. Norse Air Charter has established a
Norse Air Charter is a black empowered reputation for safe, professional and reliable
South African based company and has been service over the years. Whether your charter
servicing aviation requirements for 12 years. requirements are domestic or international,
The company offers a wide range of aircraft we are able to transport you. The benefit of air
to meet the individual requirements of its charter is you are able to decide where, when
customer; its focus leveled on delivering and how you choose to travel. Whatever your
the highest level of service, integrity and requirements, Norse Air Charter can help you
operational safety. locate the most suitable aircraft type.
We have on several occasions been able Chartering can be a very efficient way to
to supply a suitable aircraft within a few hours move passengers. The next time you are
of being contacted. We are aware that in thinking of air transportation contact, Norse Air
emergencies, like natural disasters or medivac Charter.
requests, timing is critical. Sometimes, the Our Fleet consists of: MD83, B737, B727,
need arises to combine passenger and DC9, SAAB 340. Metro 23, Gulfstream 3, For all enquiries, please contact us on:
freighting requirements to ensure a reliable Gulfstream 2, Citation, Challenger, Learjet, Tel: +27 11 666 0800
and cost effective option. For example Beechcraft 1900, Kingair 200, Kingair 90, Fax: +27 11 666 0820
when medical doctors with their supplies Cessna 402, Seneca, Falcon 2000 and E-mail: operations@norseair.co.za
and equipment need to be transported to Soverereign. www.norseair.co.za

Best of South Africa 109

Chapter 5
Dining and Nightlife

110 Best of South Africa

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song
above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

J. R. R. Tolkien

Best of South Africa 111

Fashion TV Café and lounge
Dining and Nightlife

“Fashion TV is not just a brand it is a lifestyle of timeless beauty,

professionalism, eternal youth and the excitement of live television”

112 Best of South Africa

All over the world, celebrities, fashionistas years, with each shop offering our famous
and models are flocking to the Fashion TV cuisine, bars and live on-air streaming of
venues to meet and mingle with up and our channel on plasma screens throughout
coming people and the “who’s who” of the all our stores.
fashion and entertainment industries. In the beginning, we opened our first
Every major city has one, arranging Fashion TV Lounge in Sandton and now
events, corporate functions and product have Lounges in Brooklyn, Cape Town,
launches with supported on-air streaming. Silver Star Casino and Cedar Square.
Fashion TV parties are modern and Cafés in Sunninghill, Irene and Worldwear.
spectacular; they highlight glamour, Fashion TV Silverstar offers not only
beauty and fashion and act as a stage for your lounge experience, but have gone
the showcasing of fashion shows, star a step further, integrating Asian Fusion
interviews and VIP parties. cuisine and the glitz and glamour of the For further information on latest
Fashion TV South Africa is proud to truly unique dining and entertainment news and events or to locate your
announce that we have opened seven experience associated with Fashion TV nearest store visit our website on
Lounges and Cafes over the past two Lounges and Cafes worldwide. www.ftv.co.za.

Best of South Africa 113

Awaken your senses

Transport yourself to tranquility and A venue well-renowned

splendor, revitalizing your senses and For quality and service
tantalizing your desire of exploration. Lounge in the opulent surroundings, taking
Vilamoura caters to all your needs, in the exquisite detail, while enjoying an
nurturing your experience from the aperitif and unwind in the serene ambience
moment you are welcomed in. that has made Vilamoura popular among its
Vilamoura captures the flamboyant patrons.
glamorous setting that reminisces of Celebrated for its fine cuisine,
the most prosperous venues in the Vilamoura pride itself in serving delectable
world. meals, honouring the Portuguese and
European decor is revealed with Mediterranean traditions.
vibrant mosaic murals and unique With a wide variety of temptations, from
trinkets, enticing fantasies beyond Oysters to Lobster Thermidor, Vilamoura’s
imagination. reputation is securely resting in the
The restaurant’s excellence also lies satisfaction of any taste connoisseur.
in its renowned quality and service and The perfect accompaniment to any exotic
has many impressive awards including meal is a bottle of fine wine. Vilamoura are
“Best Restaurant”, “Most Romantic meticulous in the careful selection of their
Restaurant” and “Best Restaurant to wine list, offering sensory satisfaction and
go on a First Date”. enhancing the dining experience.

114 Best of South Africa

Food for thought is no
substitute for the real thing
Vilamoura will entice you with their superb
menu, impeccable service and exquisite
wine list. Elegance and attention to detail
encompasses the two private dining rooms as
well as a Supper Club which offers a dinner
and dance experience with live entertainment.
Be it a special celebration, a corporate
function or a romantic dinner for two,
Vilamoura will turn it into a truly memorable

Foyer Sandton Sun

Cnr. 5th Street and Alice Lane
Sandton City
Tel: +27 884 0360/1
Email: sandton@vilamoura.co.za

Best of South Africa 115

Mythos Restaurants
Dining and Nightlife

Mythos captures the idyllic simplicity

and warmth of the Greek islands.

Mythos restaurants are contemporary Greek making small talk with friends and family, is
restaurants with décor and an ambience that something a Greek would not trade for any
is stylishly elegant, but also appealing to other entertainment in the world.
those who enjoy a quiet romantic setting for The Greek passion for life, beauty and
two. Floor to ceiling concertina doors slide of course food ensures a joyous eating
back to ensure an excellent indoor-outdoor experience at every Mythos. The menu is
flow and there are plenty of outside tables a superb exploration of authentic Greek
with smart umbrellas for al fresco dining. cuisine. You can enjoy a variety of Meze, or
Food has always been a celebration for traditional cooked meals such as Kleftiko
the Greeks! Picking at Meze whilst sipping and Mousaka, or meat, fish and seafood
on a glass of chilled ouzo or retsina wine and dishes as mouth-watering alternatives.

116 Best of South Africa

You can also enjoy some lovely light lunch but well-chosen cocktail menu.  End your
options in Pita and a delectable range of evening with a cup of Greek coffee, followed BEDFORD SQUARE
salads. Vegetarians are well catered for by a glass of Ouzo. Cnr Van der Linde and Smith Street, Bedfordview
and as a tantalizing end to a fine meal, the Book now and reawaken your culinary Tel: +27 11 615 2271
desserts are breathtaking. Home-made senses between sparkling blue and green DESIGN QUARTER
baklava, pistachio halva ice-cream and hues of the Mediterranean with eye catching Cnr William Nicol and Leslie Road, Fourways
Greek yoghurt served with nuts and honey, décor and ornaments to set the tone for a Tel: +27 11 465 3468 
are but some of the delights on offer.  wonderful evening! ATHOLL SQUARE
Mythos offers a good selection of Greek Contact Mythos to book function rooms Cnr Katherine and Wierda Road East, Sandton
and top quality South African wines as for that special dining occasion, private or Tel: +27 11 783 5615
well as top-end Champagnes and a small business function or conference. www.mythos.co.za

Best of South Africa 117

Adega Broadacres
Not just another Portuguese restaurant

Adega has been voted Top Portuguese Food

Restaurant for three consecutive years The focus is on traditional Portuguese
(2006, 2007 and 2008), that alone puts cuisine. We’ve taken the classic flavours of
us in a class of our own… Portuguese culture and used them creating
Adega is an up market Portuguese dishes like:
Restaurant that caters for a variety of
tastes and styles. Codfish a Braz
The restaurant offers a warm Shredded codfish with chopped fried onion,
unpretentious ambiance allowing the chipped potatoes, garlic and egg, all carefully
diner to feast in true Portuguese style. blended together and pan fried. This is a tasty
Our aim is to extend the highest dish for the adventurous palate who wants to
level of quality of food and service, experience codfish the Portuguese way.
without losing the personal attention Then also our shellfish, an Adega speciality!
and friendliness of the staff and All our shellfish are selected with great care
management. and grilled to perfection.Adega will make you
Adega also provides excellent and feel as if you have just visited “Little Portugal”,
Hosts: Adele & Sergio highly successful corporate functions. with its famous rooster and classical blue and

118 Best of South Africa

white plates. Enjoy a glass of fine Portuguese
wine from Sergio’s wine corner on our deck or
sit outside and enjoy the tranquility of water in
our garden.
Adega is the place for families to get
together, friends to share a cocktail or for
lovers to escape…

Always Open ~ Always Good

Booking is essential:
Tel: +27 11 465 1633
Email: broadacres@adegas.co.za

Best of South Africa 119

Art Lovers

A mere 100km from Johannesburg on the N1 towards Bloemfontein and

an hour’s drive, the unique Art Lovers is nestled along the banks of the
Vaal River in the picturesque town of Parys

120 Best of South Africa

A perfect compliment to the art gallery can enjoy an experience of wining and
found at Art Lovers in Parys is their dining which rivals some of the top
excellent restaurant where their chef, establishments in the country.
Hugo van Niekerk, trained and qualified
as Head Chef at the world renowned
“Haute Cabriere” Cellar Restaurant based
in Franschhoek, Cape Town. Contact: Anneke Delport
Hugo delights in tempting visitors Art Lovers Restaurant,
with delicious cuisine that is reminiscent Gallery and Guesthouse
of French-African and traditional South 89 Breë Street, Parys
African fare at its best. Coupled with one Tel: +27 56 817 6515
of the finest wine collections, patrons www.artlovers.co.za

Best of South Africa 121

Seattle Coffee Company
Seattle Coffee Company were the first to introduce gourmet
coffee to South Africa. They opened their first store in 1997 and
since then have lead the gourmet coffee market and maintained
consistently high service levels.

122 Best of South Africa

Seattle Coffee Company is primarily a people • Absolute quality
business that is totally committed to providing • No mass market techniques
the finest coffee experience in this country. • Integrity and traceability of suppliers
The company values integrity, quality and production
and community and their goal is to build an
outstanding organization; one that stands for Why is Seattle Coffee Company different?
integrity and that is valued for the authenticity
of its product and the passion of its people. Seattle Coffee Company stands out for 2
“We believe in selling coffee one cup at a primary reasons.
time. Opening stores, and educating people
about dark-roasted, brilliantly brewed coffee is 1. The quality and outstanding flavour of our
our mission everyday. We intend to build the coffee. We use the finest Arabica beans
Seattle brand first with our people because we in the world, which are hand roasted in
believe that the best way to meet and exceed London.
the expectations of customers is to hire and
train carefully, to invest in our staff and to instill 2. Our intense focus on training our baristas
an in-depth understanding of good coffee. in both understanding the art and science
These people are our retail partners and are that goes into coffee making and providing
the best ambassadors for our brand.” a great customer experience.
Seattle are firm believers in ethical
trading values which means our roasters go Seattle Coffee Company is owned and
beyond fair trade standards to ensure the operated by Howie Parker investments in
farms where our beans are grown have a South Africa and is an exclusively South
sustainable business model, that farmers are African brand. They have been leading the
well paid for their product and that the farms gourmet coffee market for 11 years now.
are thriving entities. Our roasters visit these
farms personally and have invested in them To date there are 25 café stores, 10 express
too. Our beans are also grown in an organic stores in the Caltex Starmarts and many
environment, some are certified. Seattle mobile bars with Liquidchefs. There is
more growth planned for next year.
Seattle Coffee Company values
• Ethical trading when purchasing
green beans Tel: +27 11 325 4642

Best of South Africa 123

The Village Walk Shopping Centre
Take a walk at the Village and enjoy a continental
experience in the heart of Sandton Central

124 Best of South Africa

Satisfy your cravings at one of our award class hotels and businesses alike. This
winning restaurants which offer cuisines 15,161m² centre provides 1,400 easily
from Sushi, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, accessible covered parking bays with 24-hour
Mediterranean and African delicacies and be security on site. We offer shopping, dining
prepared to come back for more. and entertainment in a world class, safe and
With blue tooth and free WiFi hot spot secure environment.
restaurants, you have no reason to stay Come visit us on the Cnr. of Maude and
in the office, during lunch or any other Rivonia Roads, Sandton Central.
time. Invite the whole office for a cocktail
or host a business meeting at one of our The Place to be seen, Village Walk.
prestigious restaurants. Your expectations, our style.
You will be entertained by foreign and local
artists at our famous Blues Room, once again
the winner of the Best Live Entertainment
Venue, in Best of Joburg poll 2008.
Village Walk Shopping Centre is ideally
situated in the hub of Sandton, Cnr Maude Tel: +27 11 783 4620
and Rivonia Roads, surrounded by world www.villagewalk.co.za

Best of South Africa 125

Chapter 6
Mall Destinations

126 Best of South Africa

“A large income is the best recipe
for happiness I ever heard of.”

Jane Austen

Best of South Africa 127

128 Best of South Africa
Best of South Africa 129
The Zone@Rosebank
The Zone@Rosebank is set in a secure and vibrant shopping precinct.
Well known for its creative and cosmopolitan atmosphere; it allows
individuals to create their own unique style.

130 Best of South Africa

Distinctive and exclusive South African Rosebank Boulevard, Oxford Corner,
designers such as J.J Schoeman, Sun Knightsbridge and the former Baker Square
Goddess, Stoned Cherrie, and the exclusive West building. The development will be
home of the upcoming well known youth linked to The Zone@Rosebank via a first-
brand Ama kip kip contribute to the dynamic floor air bridge and is bordered by the Hyatt
and pulsating tenant mix that offers a Hotel and The Firs shopping centre.
diverse experience for its cosmopolitan, “This will ensure that the complex will
multicultural visitor. A culture of Busking sets continue to appeal to the aspirant urban
the tone for a day time vibe that continues youth market, local residents of Rosebank
into a night time energy of eccentricities and office workers, as well as drawing
and a fusion of cultures, creating a pulsating shoppers from further afield. The aim is
environment which lends itself to a constant to create a lifestyle centre that satisfies
vibe of anticipation and self-expression as a combination of living requirements and
trendsetters often wait to be discovered complements nearby developments”.
@ The Zone. Pedestrian entrances to the underground
The Zone@Rosebank is undergoing Gautrain station will be located on Tyrwhitt
a facelift that will be combined with the Mall and in front of The Zone@Rosebank
opening of the Gautrain rapid rail-link station on Oxford Road. The Gautrain will connect
in Rosebank to result in an even better Pretoria with Johannesburg as well as
shopping destination for the area. Sandton, creating a natural hub of activity
An urban precinct bringing fresh energy to with an expected 25 000 commuters passing
the northern suburbs of Johannesburg is in through the Rosebank Station by 2020. The
the making, which will contribute to regional station is being designed to add to the overall
growth through job creation, economic brand experience, ensuring that commuters
transformation and community upliftment. are able to taste the brand essence from the
The revamp by the Old Mutual moment they enter the precinct.
Investments Group Property Investments
consists of a R623-million mixed-use
development comprising retail space over
two levels, a hotel and a four-level basement
parking garage. The next phase will include
a 114-storey office tower block on the north-
western side as well.
The new development will alter the
horizon at Tyrwhitt Mall and Cradock For a complete look into our
Avenue. A site formerly occupied by five exclusive offering, visit
Old Mutual buildings – Admiral’s Court, www.thezoneatrosebank.co.za

Best of South Africa 131

Random Ideas –
Mall Destinations

En Style Concept Store

“En Style” offers a unique shopping experience combining strategic
locations, ample parking, secure environment and shopping
convenience of 50 plus permanent vendors all under one roof.

132 Best of South Africa

Attentive staff ably assist once shoppers
have browsed at their leisure without
interference and have made their selection
of merchandise.
Since inception at Parys, Free State,
a popular resort town and weekend
retreat for city dwellers, “En Style” has

Best of South Africa 133

Mall Destinations

134 Best of South Africa

been at the forefront of a novel way of According to Letitia the consensus amongst
leisurely shopping. shoppers is that a less intimidating and
According to Founder Letitia Hattingh, more intimate ambiance is preferred to a
it is significant that this shopping format sprawling “mega mall” environment.
has encouraged family shopping where Close personal attention by
all members actively participate within a knowledgeable staff ensure a pleasurable
relatively small area. and memorable experience.
The centrally located coffee shop /
restaurant forms a popular visiting spot
to discuss purchases in a relaxed and Tel: +27 56 811 3116
pleasant surrounding. www.enstyle.co.za

Best of South Africa 135

A unique shopping experience

Brooklyn Mall is situated in the heart of Queenspark, Clicks, CNA, Mr Price Home,
Pretoria’s cosmopolitan Embassy suburbs. Mr Price Weekend Material, Game and
It combines all the right components to Checkers provide a comprehensive and
create a vibrant hub of activity for the sound matrix of choice.
Capital’s most prestigious neighbourhood. Additionally, there are 150 specialist
Brooklyn Mall offers convenience retail stores including stylish international
of one-stop-shopping catering to the trendsetting shops, designer boutiques
requirements of the most discerning catering for the needs of globetrotters in
shopper. A full complement of national search of fashion for all seasons, shoe
flagship stores such as Woolworths, boutiques, children’s wear and toys,
Edgars, Foschini, Stuttafords, Truworths, exclusive jewellers, luggage marts, furnishing

136 Best of South Africa

and décor specialists as well as delectable cinemas which present the latest big screen Whether it’s designer clothing, objets d’art,
deli’s and much more. blockbusters and five Cinema Nouveau movie fine cuisine, funky décor, Persian carpets or
The watchwords are understated style, houses featuring a range of international film Egyptian linen, Brooklyn Mall has it all.
elegance, quality and comfort. We believe festivals and theatrically brilliant art films.
shopping should be a relaxing adventure of Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the lush
discovery to be enjoyed at one’s own pace. gardens and a game of Adventure Golf.
Brooklyn Mall has a smorgasbord of Brooklyn Mall is known for its cultural BROOKLYN MALL
gastronomic delights and there is a large pursuits which range from symphonic Tel: +27 12 346 1063/4
assortment of restaurants and coffee concerts, to world class fashion Fax: +27 12 346 1579
bars catering for the most astute palette. extravaganzas, prestigious wine festivals and Email: info@brooklynmall.co.za
Brooklyn Mall has nine Ster Kinekor Classic stylish decor exhibitions. www.brooklynmall.co.za

Best of South Africa 137

area, exclusive access to VIP Baby Rooms, free Monthly Workshops,
E xplore and Discover.... Guess what is next!. regular updates via email and automatic entry into Competitions and
Fashion, Entertainment and service excellence is what Menlyn Park is all
about. It involves adding value to the shopping experience by stepping up Movie enthusiasts find the complex full of choice when it comes to watching
the entertainment component in the tenant mix. With over 300 stores, from the latest Hollywood releases. The centre boasts the only Rooftop Drive-
big national chains to line tenants and boutique stores, we offer the best In in the world where you can enjoy an evening out in your own vehicle and
fashion, gifting and entertainment venues. Menlyn Park offers visitors a utilize the braai facilities, or for the more romantic, make use of one of the
family friendly shopping experience hard to find anywhere else in the world. six veteran cars which can be hired at the drive-in. The Nu-Metro Theatres’
With more than 7 000 luxury parking 15 cinema multiplex is one of the biggest in the country and includes the
bays, to park even those wonderful luxury cinema concept of Cinema Privé. If this kind of luxury is
sort after not enough and you enjoy seeing things even bigger and better at the
SUV’s. movies, then a visit to the successful IMAX theatre at Menlyn Park is
a must. It has an amazing five-storey high screen and six channel
digital sound, which offers patrons a movie experience that is
as close to reality as you can get, without actually being there.

A rchitecturally spectacular
Menlyn Park has as its focal point the large four-storey
atrium known as The Cavendish Hall, covered with
a translucent, tent-like roof, similar in form and scale
to that used at the famous Denver Airport in Colorado,
USA. The Cavendish Hall is also supported by
three smaller halls and courts, the Cavendish Mini
and Aviary Courts and Celestial Hall.

The Aviary Court is not only home to major anchor

tenants, but also an exotic selection of birds who
have found a nesting place in the key feature of this
court, an aviary. The Celestial Hall derives its name
from the stellar constellations which have been painted
on its ceiling. A large globe dominates the hall’s ground
floor and fibre-optic lighting defines the constellations
on the ceiling. Three-dimensional graphics in the form of
shooting stars, suspended planets and rockets, add lustre
to a galactic extravaganza. All the courts and halls lend
themselves perfectly for use as venues for exhibitions, shows
and special events. A diverse variety of events have been held
ranging from Disney Magic, Winter Snow Wonderland, Exposed FTV
Fashion Shows and International Squash Competitions.

All this activity, which adds more value to the shopper’s visit to Menlyn
Park, is further enhanced by the events that are continuously held at the
Parking is seldom a problem huge outdoor Events Arena. The Events Arena, which covers an area of
for the more than a 2 600 square metres and can seat over 1000 people, is big enough in which
million shoppers who visit the to present sports events, concerts and exhibitions. Our Play Park which
centre every month.To ensure that is situated at the Events Arena caters for kiddies under the age of 10. The
shoppers walk away having had the Play Park includes a road route with pedal cars, pedal rollers, plastic bikes,
Ultimate Experience, Menlyn offers Water tables, Giant Lego, Jungle Gym, Trampoline and a Sand pit. The
a range of Service Cards which allow Boogaloos Skate Park also forms part of the fun at the Events Arena catering
for convenient hassle free shopping; for the older children. The Events Arena hosts a number of events every
We offer Gift Cards which allow the “gift year; this ensures the offering stays fresh and exciting. Over weekends
of variety” to indulge in over 300 stores. kiddies are also entertained by Storytellers, face painters, balloon skulpters
To limit the frustration of standing in and buskers. .
queues and fumbling for change we offer
the Parking Top Up Card which can be At Menlyn Park Shopping Centre retail theatre is certainly the watchword
swiped on entry and exit to the mall and and with so much to do and see, it is a shopping experience well worth
topped up at any Pay Station. The VIP indulging in.
Assist Card allows entry into our designated
boomed off Paraplegic Parking area which
offers wider bays and security assistance.
Join our Moms & Toodles Club which will allow
you access to the Moms and Toodles parking
Cavendish Square
The perfect excuse to go shopping

Award-winning Cavendish Square is the restaurants, 16 state-of-the-art cinemas

premier fashion and leisure destination with the only 3D cinema in the Western
in Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs. More Cape, and a variety of services, including
than 250 of the most elite stores in the banking and foreign exchange.
country offer merchandise ranging from the The most recent addition to the
latest in fashion and accessories to interior centre is Cavendish Connect, an exciting
décor and homeware. This secure indoor transformation of The Link. Shoppers can
shopping environment has undercover cross by sky bridges linking the first floors of
parking and boasts a wide selection of Cavendish Square and Cavendish Connect.

140 Best of South Africa

This redevelopment brings you international of choosing what gift to buy; shopping has
concept stores, fashion boutiques, trend- just been made so much easier! Gift cards are
setting lifestyle emporiums and a range of available at the Information Desk on the first Trading hours:
mouth-watering restaurants and cafés. When floor, making Cavendish Square the perfect Mon - Sat: 09:00 - 19:00
it’s time to take a break, shoppers can sit place to go shopping. Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00
beneath the trees in Dreyer Street, the green Centre enquiries
hub of Cavendish café culture. Tel: +27 21 657 5620
Cavendish Square recently launched a fully Email: info@cavendish.co.za
re-loadable gift card that takes the hassle out www.cavendish.co.za

Best of South Africa 141

Chapter 7

142 Best of South Africa

“Every generation laughs at the old fashions,
but follows religiously the new.”

Henry David Thoreau

Best of South Africa 143

Top SA fashion Designers

Traditional crafters showcase at

Sanlam SA Fashion Week

Stoned Cherry

Leading South African fashion designers

and crafter groups from each of the
country’s provinces launched their first
Fashion Fusion collaborative collection at
the Sanlam South African Fashion Week
(SSAFW) in Johannesburg in August 2008.
This collection was the first in a series
of four that showcases two seasonal
collections produced over a two year
period in the Fashion Fusion initiative
spearheaded by the Department of Arts
and Culture (DAC) and SSAFW.
The Sanlam SA Fashion Week has
established itself as an event not to be
missed on the South African fashion
calendar. With the generous support of
the sponsors, SSAFW director Lucilla
Booyzen aims to make the Winter
Collections as established as the
Spring and Summer collections with an
international fashion audience.
“We aim to grow this event to a scale
where it has an even bigger impact
both nationally and internationally. The
sponsors involved really make it happen
for the young designers and everyone
associated,” says Booyzen. “We see
our sponsors as desirable partners
and are proud of our relationships. As
Stoned Cherry

fashionable consumer choices in their

own sectors, they embrace new trends
and reflect our own philosophy of the
business of fashion.”

144 Best of South Africa

Amanda Laird
Tanya Dumby

De Mill

Photos supplied by Cooper Public Relations

on behalf of Sanlam SA Fashion Week
Tiaan Nagel

Tiaan Nagel

Cooper & Associates PR

Tel: +27 11 705 1714
Email: estellec@cooperpr.co.za

Best of South Africa 145


“Shoes are the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate

accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and
prolongs your departure.” – Coco Chanel

Spitz is S.A.’s leading value and quality, branded footwear. They Spitz as a department store offering top
premium footwear and have attained this position by focusing international brands. The store was later sold
accessory emporium on an enhanced shopping experience, to Swiss company Bally and became Bally
for consumers that are superior service and international fashion Spitz. In 2006 Spitz was acquired by JSE
conscious about style, brands to delight their customers. listed holdings company, AVI.
quality, exclusivity and The path that Spitz has travelled over Spitz is a national chain with 60
brand. Spitz’s focus is on the past 40 years is one of entrepreneurial branches around the country, with
quality, branded footwear, delight and Spitz has set about winning further store growth envisaged following
accessories and men’s the hearts and soles of South African the extremely successful trading from
clothing, and commenced trading in 1968. shoppers since 1968. the latest new stores, which include
The company has unquestionably The luxury shoe emporium (initially A & D stand alone Kurt Geiger, Lacoste and
become the leader in its chosen niche of Spitz) was established by Anthony and David Geox stores.

146 Best of South Africa

Carvela moccasin

Carvela fashion

Carvela mens

As the leading shoe emporium in South the range is the Carvela moccasin and consumers really have started to bare
Africa, they continually reach new frontiers, this classic is kept current with new their soles. More and more shoe shoppers
to bring their customers the very best colours, fabrics and patterns. Carvela are buying shoes that reflect how they
international designer shoe ranges. Besides offers a diverse collection of shoes and feel and where they come from and to
the trademark Spitz brands of Carvela incorporates everything from formal to quote some consumers, ‘My shoes tell
and Kurt Geiger they also bring other, casual to high fashion. people who I am’.
international fashion brands to South These brands have led the way to Customers expect to see all the qualities
African consumers such as: Lacoste, Geox, further enhance the image of the brand they’ve grown accustomed to in each of
J Reneé and Rockport. and to create a point of difference from the Spitz’s collections which are a luxurious
Carvela is one of Spitz’s most competition. look that is timeless, with premium comfort
established brands and has been part Spitz believes that each pair of shoes and renowned style. Spitz looks forward to
of the portfolio since the 70s. Core to tells a story and that South African indulging their consumers every shoe fancy.


Best of South Africa 147

True Religion Brand Jeans

Established in California in 2002, True Religion Brand Jeans is

a growing, design-based aspirational brand sold in premium
department stores and boutiques in 50 countries around the world.

The company designs, manufactures and fashionistas, local celebrities and fashion
markets True Religion Apparel products with editors alike, True Religion continues with
an expanding product line including high their commitment to the perfect fit, timeless
quality distinctive styling and fit in denim, style and the bohemenian chic, hippie flare.
sportswear, and other licensed products. True Religion Brand Jeans’ original vision
Worldwide, the first two quarters of 2008 has led this brand to be recognised as the
has seen a formidable evolution of the world leader in premium denim and has
brand with record breaking sales showing redefined jeans from an item of clothing into
a 63% increase from 2007 statistics for the a signature of ones lifestyle.
same period.
Locally, True Religion Brand Jeans was
introduced into the South African market in
2004 by Shawn Janet, president of Creation
1st Communications – the exclusive local
distributors. Endorsed by South African www.truereligion.co.za

148 Best of South Africa

Style, sophistication and success

Jo Borkett is a leading fashion brand for in a palette of grey, blue, green and brown,
sophisticated and successful women of all includes stylish Jackets, Coats and Knitwear.
ages. Experience the trend-setting style and At Jo Borkett you can be assured that you will Sandton City 
cutting-edge European fashion available at find a garment for every occasion! Tel: +27 11 883 7240
Jo Borkett stores in Sandton City, Rosebank Jo Borkett, along with her talented design Fax: +27 11 883 7414
Mall, V&A Waterfront Cape Town and opening team, is regarded as one of the best in the
soon Cavendish Cape Town. business. Very rarely will you page through Rosebank
The Jo Borkett summer collection a magazine or fashion article without seeing  Tel: +27 11 880 3892
incorporates linen suits, long and short the Jo Borkett label. The design team travels Fax: +27 11 442 8362
dresses, bubble sleeved pleat detailed four times a year splitting themselves between
blouses in satins and cottons with the colours: the United States, the East and Europe. This V&A Waterfront
Fuchsia, Electric Blue, Purple and Bright ensures their fabrics and styles are in-line  Tel: +27 21 418 0096
Yellow taking centre stage. In the winter with those abroad. Jo Borkett believes in Fax: +27 21 418 9435
collection you will find interesting variations uncompromising quality, unique designs,
of check patterns and plaids. The collection, dedication and a passionate love for fashion! www.joborkett.co.za

Best of South Africa 149


Brand Promise G O L FINO



150 Best of South Africa

How difficult would it be to find someone strength because of their absolute belief
who has been playing golf in South Africa and adherence to the following integral
for 20 years and does not know of the components: love, integrity, promptness,
brand Golfino and what it stands for, or resilience, quality, brand promise, comfort,
maybe who has not possessed one of our style, trend and reliability.
products? Their Brand Promise maintains
Golfino launched their extensive consistency with their products and they
range in South Africa in 1995. They have constantly strive for loyalty amongst their
operated under extreme diversities and clients. Golfino sells mostly in bulk; but will
pride themselves on building a steadfast always maintain the highest level of service
company, standing as a tall island amongst and quality to each individual customer.
a violent ocean of competitors, prices and
economic forces. There are many reasons
why their clients keep coming back, the
most important being their Brand Promise.
Golfino have grown from strength to www.golfino.co.za

Best of South Africa 151

Cajees TimeZone

South Africa’s contemporary jewellery retailer - offering

stylish merchandise for discerning individuals nationwide

To all Springbok supporters: honour the legendary South

African Rugby team, treat yourself with one of the 500 Tag
Heuer Springbok Aquaracer limited edition! These exclusive and
magnificent timepieces combine true Swiss Avant Garde with the
talent and the passion of the Springboks, the World’s Leading
Rugby team. Accurate to 1/10th of a second, they will be available
only through authorized TAG Heuer agents in South Africa as from
November 2008. Tag Heuer also offers you the opportunity to
choose the style that suits your lifestyle and have these glorious
timepieces either with a rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet.
Visit one of our authorized retailers and with the purchase of the
new Springbok Aquaracer you will receive a personalized TAG
Heuer Rugby ball!! Hurry... go and book your Springbok Aquaracer
today! Only 500 available!!!

152 Best of South Africa

Cajees was first established as a brand in are proud stockists of TAG Heuer, Christian
1918 and with the emergence of shopping Dior, Rado, Porsche, Puma, TW Steel, Seiko
centres; Cajees TimeZone evolved as a watch and Citizen.
specialist and opened their first branch in the Their wide range of services include onsite
Westgate Shopping Centre in 1991. repairs to all brands in their own up-to-the
At its helm, Aziz Cajee offers a range minute workshops, all battery replacements,
of services and more than 40 premier waterproofing, glass cutting as well as strap
international watch brands through their replacements and adjustments. Cajees
branches in Clearwater Mall, OR Tambo TimeZone also specializes in jewellery repair
International Airport, The Glen Shopping and quality engraving.
Centre, West Gate, Rustenburg and Canal
Walk Mall which opens its doors to the public
in 2009.
International brands are sourced through
locally-based manufacturers’ representatives
and Cajees TimeZone also imports its own Tel: +27 11 675 3013
selected range of quality timepieces. Cajees Email: clearwater@timezonecw.co.za

Best of South Africa 153

The Village Walk Shopping Centre

Fashion and jewellery at The Village emulate a fusion of great design,

style and luxury from the past, present and future

154 Best of South Africa

Have your eastern wardrobe designed by Come visit us on the Cnr. of Maude and
an internationally recognised designer, Rivonia Roads, Sandton Central.
and if jewellery be the seal of your style,
Village Walk is the place to be as it offers The Place to be seen, Village Walk.
a range of stones and antiques to satisfy Your expectations, our style.
your personal preference. These range
from internationally recognised pieces;
including costume jewellery and art deco
jewellery. Our African Market prides itself
with indigenous jewellery from all corners of
Africa. Have your own personally designed
to suite your fancy. Indulge in our style,
experience and let the flavour of the Village Tel: +27 11 783 4620
reach your expectations all year round. www.villagewalk.co.za

Best of South Africa 155

Chapter 8
Décor, Design and Interiors

156 Best of South Africa

“Designing your product for profit first and people
second will probably leave you with neither.”

Tara Hunt

Best of South Africa 157

ligne roset
Since the arrival of ligne roset in South Africa in November 2002,
the brand has been embraced by people who understand elegance
and the clean functional lines of contemporary design.

A family business established in France in Werner, Eric Jourdan and Inga Sempé ligne roset was brought to South Africa
1860, they continue to see themselves as to name a few. It is this teamwork that by Barbara and Frank Liersch who
an industrial company on the cutting edge puts them ahead when it comes to design hail from Germany and have adopted
of technology and as an incubator for great and innovation and together with the South Africa as their new home. When
ideas. ligne roset has outlets in 25 countries incorporation of premium materials and visiting the large, elegant, double-
on five continents, their range is sold via meticulous construction, makes them volume showroom on Peter Place in
carefully selected trade partners. the leading European manufacturer of Lyme Park, Sandton, clients will be
ligne roset works in collaboration with contemporary furniture. Their design awards given a warm welcome and professional,
a team of world class designers, such include Red Dot, Best of the Best, Interior expert advice in an atmosphere where
names as Peter Maly, Pascal Mourgue, Innovation Award Cologne and Designpreis the air seems to breathe creativity and
Michel Ducaroy, Didier Gomez, Christian Der Bundersrepublik Deutschland. internationalism.

158 Best of South Africa

The visual culture of ligne roset is provide harmony from bedroom to the living The personality and culture of ligne roset is
a mellifluous blend with the African room to the home office. addictive with its superb comfort, innovative
landscape, architecture and its diverse The range is extensive and comes in aesthetics and classic form.
cultures; this explains their phenomenal an array of different finishes, fabrics and
success in the past six years. configuration for clients to choose from. The
ligne roset pride themselves on being result of this is that after years of decorating
able to offer furnishing solutions for every in South Africa, no two homes look alike or ligne roset: Coachman’s Crossing
modern living and work space. The even similar as each client brings their own Office Park, Lyme Park, Sandton
collection is designed in such a way that unique touch and character to the designs. Tel: +27 11 706 9961
all the individual elements blend together, ligne roset furniture is adaptable to different Email: bliersch@myconnection.co.za
so that entire schemes can be arranged to interiors both contemporary and traditional. www.ligne-roset.com

Best of South Africa 159

Décor, Design and Interiors

Manufacturers of Italian styled furniture

160 Best of South Africa

Established in 1961, Artecasa furniture international trends in all the furniture industry
manufacturers have gained unsurpassed has to offer and constantly strives to design
experience in manufacturing upmarket and manufacture to higher and more exacting
classical and contemporary furniture for the standards. Their online Product Catalogue
furniture industry. Artecasa have established proudly reflects the latest range available.
a solid reputation for exceptional quality Visit their Fourways showroom at
hand-crafted flat screen audio visual units, 22 Whitehall Close, Fourways Junction (next to
bedroom suites, built-in cupboards, vanities, Fourways Crossings) in Fourways.
dining room suites and coffee tables. They also
offer products ideally suited to the corporate
industry with desks and boardroom tables. Tel: +27 11 467 7126
Artecasa’s designers keep abreast of all current www.artecasa.co.za

Best of South Africa 161

Pellerade P
The Pellerade brand is synonymous with exclusive furnishings and
the world’s finest homes. Their distinctive look of bold yet understated
elegance is the reason why their client list includes African royalty,
heads of state, as well as leading hotels.

Great lengths are taken to ensure the

exceptionally fine quality of furniture that
Pellerade design and manufacture.

162 Best of South Africa

The Pellerade brand draws on the classics for inspiration, ensuring that the furnishings and homes they create live comfortably in the modern
world. “This means things that are timeless and enduring” comments CEO Stephen Pellerade, “I love to be transported into a world of elegance,
glamour and romance”.

Working on projects throughout the world,

including the new Constitutional and Supreme
Court of Gabon, the homes of Pellerade
have broken price records and featured in
leading décor and property magazines as
well as on television. With twelve leading
fabric houses permanently showcased at their
Johannesburg showroom, Pellerade launch
new furniture collections each year.

interiors furniture architecture
showroom : 58 - 7th Avenue
Parktown North, Jhb
Pellerade Johannesburg showroom. Tel: +27 11 788 7008
The London showroom opening shortly. www.pellerade.co.za

Best of South Africa 163


Décor, Design and Interiors

The worlds fastest growing timber alternative “TM”

now provides the worlds finest flooring.


Bamboo is fast becoming the most popular coats of a very resilient and hardwearing
choice of flooring for architects, interior Polyurethane and are UV cured. They are
designers and builders. It is an eco-friendly suitable for commercial and high traffic areas.
choice that considers the environment and Bamboo flooring is ideal for refurbishment
at the same time is extremely hardwearing because it arrives as a finished product
and attractive. More and more people are already coated so there is no unnecessary
finding out about the seemingly endless mess and dangerous fumes normally
benefits of a bamboo floor in both looks associated with onsite sanding and polishing
and practicality. and can be laid over existing flat floor tiles.
Bamboo is allergy free, extremely strong, Ecostrong offers a range of bamboo
environmentally friendly and termite resistant. products including flooring, decking, wall
The boards are coated with numerous cladding and furniture board. Our products

164 Best of South Africa

Advantages of Bamboo Flooring
• Environmentally sustainable - Bamboo is
an attractive alternative to hardwood floors,
and is the product derived from the forests
of a fully sustainable, environmentally
friendly and rapidly growing renewable
• Easy installation.
• Very stable under humid and dry conditions.
• Bamboo flooring is allergy free.
• Bamboo floorboards are sealed with non-
toxic glues and are finished with aluminium
• Our Bamboo Floors have high
UV resistance, blocking the sun's harmful
rays and protecting the floor pattern from
fading over time.
• Excellent warranty protection. The
manufacturer warrants Bamboo Flooring in
the original manufactured state; free from
structural defects (Structural Warranty)
for 20 years in residential applications
and 10 years for commercial uses. The
manufacturer warrants to the original
purchaser that the wear layer (Coating
Warranty) of aluminium oxide will not peel
or separate from the flooring plank in
residential applications for 10 years and five
for commercial uses.
• Easy cleaning, since bamboo flooring
doesn’t trap dirt, most spills can be cleaned
up with a damp cloth or sponge.
• Very low emissions through waste and
pollution; the result is a very environmentally
friendly product.
• Bamboo Floors are very hard and durable.
• Two flooring solutions - Uniclic Bamboo
Flooring, which is a DIY floating floor and
tongue and groove Bamboo Flooring,
are sourced from reputable manufacturers, About Bamboo which is traditional tongue and groove strip
who offer warranties on their products. Bamboo is regarded as the strongest flooring.
growing wood plant on earth. It is • Finally, the natural beauty and durability of
Sustainable Bamboo technically a grass, not wood and is bamboo flooring far surpasses traditional
Forest resources are becoming more found in tropical and sub-tropical climates hardwood floors.
and more depleted and the ecological throughout the world. China is the largest
environment is deteriorating. It is becoming source of bamboo worldwide.
imperative that people use renewable Once the bamboo is harvested and
timbers. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable processed it is more stable in its resistance
resource that is self-regenerating and grows to movement caused by moisture and
to maturity and maximum hardness in harder than most old-growth forest Tel: +27 11 463 3086
approximately five years. hardwoods. www.ecostrong.co.za

Best of South Africa 165

Ghorbany Carpets
A Persian is so much more than a carpet. Handmade from
wool, cotton or silk, each finished product is an individual
masterpiece, the result of days and often months of weaving.
The result is a creation that will enhance any home with its
intricately crafted beauty and rich cultural heritage.

166 Best of South Africa

Persian carpets have a history spanning 2,500 As an agent of this magnificent art, Ghorbany
years, but in time-honoured tradition, the has access to carpets from Tibet, Nepal,
same techniques are used in their creation Afghanistan, Iran, India and Pakistan. The
today that was used a thousand years incredible variety and selection allows
ago. Because of this, they are regarded as Ghorbany to find the perfect choice for every
distinguished art pieces as well as valued customer - a carpet that will enhance its
home décor items. surroundings while providing a magnificent
Shervin Ghorbany, co-owner of Ghorbany focal point that is the perfect colour, design
Carpets, believes that the tradition of the and size to complement the home it graces,
carpet is an integral part of the design. and that is available at the right price.
Persian carpets are referred to as the Ghorbany’s own enthusiasm for these
“unwritten books of a race” and their design extravagant creations is contagious.
showcases the history of their culture. In “An obsession with the ancient art is
ancient times, carpets were the stories characteristic of a true Persian dealer,”
within peoples’ homes - simple items that says Ghorbany. “It is my job to keep the fire
provided warmth in times when it was most alive, to help ensure modern households
needed. However, in modern times, carpets become temples of the Iranian history of
have become valued for their style, beauty living because of the presence of well chosen
and modern appeal. Fashion has become an Persians in those homes.”
important influencing factor in the design of Persian carpets possess a glamour and
every carpet. Today’s carpets have a subtle mystique that remains unequalled by any
but unmistakable “wow factor”, and their other luxury item. They have held onto the rich
timeless qualities have been enhanced by past from which they come. At Ghorbany, this
bright new styles and ideas. Ethnic chic is inheritance has been, and still is, captured
popular today, and primitive patterns and in every single carpet that is handcrafted to
abstract colours are among the biggest Persian perfection.
favourites in today’s designs. Another recent
trend is texture. “People want to feel the Tel: +27 11 465 8718
beauty in the carpet,” Ghorbany says. www.ghorbany.co.za

Best of South Africa 167

Family Fires
Quality Fireplaces and Braais

Family Fires has the reputable expertise

that complements a host of designs and a
comprehensive range of styles and sizes in
fireplaces and braais that is certain to appeal
to the most discerning buyer.
Specializing in the manufacturing of our
products ensures constant high standard of
quality. A unique service offered is the ability
to manufacture custom built products to suit
your fundamental requirements.
Family Fires installation team guarantees
professional installations, personal supervision
and exceptional workmanship, versatility
and innovative ideas in creating the ultimate
entertainment area.

168 Best of South Africa

Our showroom allows for comfort and
convenience to view the products
offered and sales representatives are
close at hand to advise on the technical
specifications pertaining to your
individual needs.
Family Fires objective is to supply
products which will enhance your
dreams and continued enjoyment of your
exceptional investment.
Should you wish to consult one of our
representatives, please contact us on the Tel: +27 11 795 4233/5
number supplied or email us. Email: familyfires@mweb.co.za

Best of South Africa 169

Cobra Kitchen Ranges

Cobra Gala
Cobra Stainless Steel

Cobra Flex Supreme

Cobra Taryn
Cobra Kitchen Taps and Mixers Make a Stainless Steel Kitchen Mixers:
Style Statement add a modern, neutral, elegant, clean
Today’s kitchen is not just a room for industrial appearance to any home. In
cooking. It often becomes part of the line with the trend towards stainless
family room and may even be used for steel kitchen gadgets.
entertaining guests. Taps and mixers have
become a vital component of any modern The Callisto: offers our customers
kitchen, therefore they need to look a trendy contemporary design that
attractive as well as being functional. creates a complete modern character
Cobra’s ongoing and accelerated program to any kitchen.
of product development has resulted in a
greater offering of trend setting designs of The Taryn Mixer: with swivel outlet
kitchen taps and mixers. Focusing on the and a retractable handspray offers both
kitchen and to make selection easier, Cobra standard and minimalist handle styles.
has combined its entire kitchen fitting ranges
in one comprehensive brochure, enabling Gala Mixer: has a swivel outlet which
customers to decide on the style and finish uses the standard Cobra anti-splash,
that suit their kitchen best. anti-lime aerator and a side mounted
Flex Supreme: has become popular in
modern kitchens. Cobra Flex Supreme For more than 50 years Cobra has
Cobra Callisto

has a standard swivel outlet and a large become synonymous with quality,
decorative, chrome-plated spring mounted innovation and design excellence. Cobra
hand spray. taps and mixers carry a 10 year warranty.

170 Best of South Africa

Cobra Designer Ranges
Cobra Tapno

Cobra Leading Edge

Cobra Callisto

Futuristic, functional and the finest with minimalist simplicity, intelligent

in tap design practicality and subtle sophistication,
Cobra in partnership with Brian Steinhobel, ensuring you of the most creatively
a leading South African industrial designer, contemporary taps and mixers.
are constantly tapping into consumers
aspirations by superbly producing Cobra Leading Edge
trendsetting unique and exquisite designer The Leading Edge with its classical form
taps and mixers. combines art and technology placing
into your hand a sensuous touch of pure
The taps and mixers boast a host of features: quality. The Leading Edge combines
• Angle regulating valves with exposed technology and style giving a strong
mixers, statement in latest design trends.
• Temperature- and flow-controllable
cartridges for energy and water Cobra Tapno
conservation, A tap is not just a means of accessing
• A slim line flow straightener for basin and water into your home; it is also a design
sink mixers that shapes the flow from the statement. Testament to this fact is the
taps into a braided rope of clear water, third and latest range of locally designed
• Flexible connection tubes and wall and taps from Cobra, the Tapno range. The For more information on
pillar spouts for modern basins and baths. Tapno designer range’s unique stylish Cobra taps call Tel: 0861 21 2121 or
wedge design gracefully complement Email: marketing@cobrawatertech.co.za
Cobra Callisto modern architectural design trends. To view Cobra’s extensive
A triumph of contemporary design, the product catalogue visit the web on:
Callisto designer range redefines plumbware www.cobra.co.za

Best of South Africa 171

Franke Kitchen Systems
Franke’s unique approach to total kitchen system
solutions is an inspiration to any aspiring gourmet chef.

While the core business of Franke is systems eliminate running around and flexibility of choice, since each of the
the manufacture of high quality sinks, it spending valuable time and energy Franke product ranges can maintain its
has an extended product offering that trying to find the right accessory for the identity while forming part of a system for
integrates sinks and sink mixers with preparation of your meal. kitchens of varying sizes and designs.
custom-made accessories such as Innovative product design places The locally manufactured Franke
chopping boards, drainer trays, stainless Franke at the cutting edge of systems Cascade, Quinline and Curvline sinks
steel baskets and waste management that keep abreast with the latest with their modern, smooth, clean lines
products, including waste disposers and international trends in kitchen design. The are key examples of current trends in
inset bins. The ergonomically designed brand’s approach also affords consumers the market. The pioneering design of

172 Best of South Africa

these sinks are perfect for those seeking experience through state-of-the-art
spacious functionality, available in a technology, top quality materials,
variety of configurations, the sinks are flawless workmanship and sophisticated,
manufactured from high grade, corrosion functional design.
resistant Austenitic Stainless Steel The company’s commitment to the
and carry lifetime guarantees against market can also be seen in its investment
manufacturing defects. in the South African economy with the
Franke Kitchen Systems believes in local manufacture in Durban and Midrand For further information please contact:
making food preparation a rewarding of its world-class products. 0861 FRANKE (372 653)

Best of South Africa 173

Styler Designer Stoneware
Décor, Design and Interiors

Design, function, form, and fantasy

In a world confounded by systems and your home, your professional or personal

structure, some say that design is the space, in the eyes of others, everything
ultimate defence against complexity. Others in your environment defines who you
say design feeds our desire for beauty and are. Styler Designer Stoneware is your
elegance. Sir Ernest Hall of Dean Clough opportunity to express your true beauty,
explains: “Design is about demonstrating with grace, clarity and simplicity.
how beautiful something can be. It has a Styler Designer Stoneware is a division
very profound capacity. Design is a way of of Styler Products (Pty) Ltd, innovators of
changing life, and influencing the future”. the Styler Liner indoor controlled watering
system and multiple award winning
Design is no longer a luxury - it’s a necessity. suppliers to the South African interior
plantscaping and nursery industries since
“If you start talking about beauty, surround 1988. Following 10 years of research and
yourself with beauty, and then beauty development in cutting-edge materials
will become a commonplace part of your and inspired by modern living, they
everyday affairs, as will clarity and simplicity”. introduced the market to Styler Designer
Whether you consider your business, Stoneware in 2006.

174 Best of South Africa

Styler Designer stoneware is a unique plants, Styler’s stoneware designs are
and closely guarded mix of quartz artworks on their own, often used as centre
stone and granite bound in a controlled pieces, decorative vessels, or can be
vacuum pressure process. The resultant converted to water features.
material is stronger and more durable The range is available in a wide variety of
than concrete with a surface finish that solid and metallic colours in both matt and
rivals porcelain. high gloss finishes. Please ask your local
The product is non-porous, resistant distributor for their Styler Colour Deck.
to acids and all weather conditions suited With their Head Office and factory in
to both indoor and outdoor environments. Kwazulu-Natal, Styler Designer Stoneware
Styler’s Designer Stoneware range is has branches in Johannesburg and Cape
designed around the award winning Town with distribution services throughout
Styler Liner controlled watering system the country.
ensuring there is no need for excess soil
or staging in the container. Exchanging
plants is a quick and hassle free process.
Although designed to accommodate www.styler.co.za

Best of South Africa 175

Chapter 9
Health Care, Beauty and Wellness

176 Best of South Africa

“Safeguard the health both of body and soul.”

We Own This Gap

Best of South Africa 177

Medscheme Group
Medscheme has been at the forefront of developments
within the healthcare industry for 37 years and is today
South Africa’s premier medical scheme administrator and
health risk solutions provider.

178 Best of South Africa

Driven by our core purpose - providing Medscheme clientele
health and financial peace of mind – the
company has diversified into broader Medscheme’s partnership philosophy,
financial services where our objective is so central to our business, has served
to become the first choice provider in the business well and today the
the markets we serve. company and its subsidiaries provide
The Group’s three operating divisions, medical scheme administration,
Medscheme Health, Medscheme health risk management solutions
Health Risk Solutions and Medscheme and asset management services to an
Financial Services combine their enviable list of blue chip corporate,
collective expertise to deliver a unique, medical schemes, investors and
integrated offering to the market. individuals.

This offering incorporates: Our client list includes:

• Market-leading integrated medical Medical Schemes

scheme administration services.
• Managed care and health risk AECI Medical Aid Society
management solutions that define Alton Medical Aid Scheme
industry standards. Barloworld Medical Scheme
• Innovative disease and wellness BMW Employees Medical Aid Society
management programmes. Bonitas Medical Fund
• Best practice HIV/AIDS disease EyethuMed Medical Scheme
management services. Fedhealth Medical Scheme
• Holistic health risk assessment and Government Employees
wellness programmes. Medical Scheme (GEMS)
• Extensive value-added reporting and MBMed Medical Aid Society
Board of Trustees support. Massmart Health Plan
• Collective and individual negotiation Metrocare
of healthcare services. Parmed Medical Aid Scheme
• Customised individual life, group SABC Medical Aid Scheme
life and investment products and Sasolmed
services. Siemens Medical Scheme
Together, the Divisions look after Stocksmed Medical Scheme
the health and financial wellbeing of Swazimed
approximately two million South Africans University of the Witwatersrand
who are served by our 19 branches Johannesburg Staff Medical Aid
located throughout Southern Africa. Xstrata Medical Aid Scheme

Best of South Africa 179

Corporate Clients deep understanding of clients’ needs. The
Altron Group Provident Fund service offering is then tailored in a flexible
Grant Thornton (Proprietry) Limited way to meet clients’ specific requirements.
Healthbridge Medscheme Health’s primary goal is to
Jasco Electronics Holdings Limited deliver uncompromising service excellence
Lancet Provident Fund – an approach that ensures the standards
Peermont Global Provident Fund defined by service level agreements are
PEG Financial Solutions consistently exceeded.
(Proprietry) Limited
SAA Flight Deck Crew Provident Fund Medscheme Health Risk Solutions
Reynolds Crofts (Proprietry) Limited
saXum Insurance Limited Medscheme Health Risk Solutions
Trubuck Pension Fund delivers holistic, clinically relevant,
integrated health risk management
Medscheme Health programmes to medical schemes and
employers. Using advanced clinical,
Medscheme Health, Medscheme’s medical data assessment and actuarial skills
scheme administration division delivers a underpinned by an extensive data
comprehensive set of integrated solutions integration capability.
to support medical schemes, their boards of By truly understanding clients’
trustees, scheme members, intermediaries needs and leveraging the Divisions’
and healthcare professionals. extensive clinical and actuarial capability,
The use of state-of-the-art technology Medscheme Health Risk Solutions is
combined with best practice processes able to deliver value based healthcare
delivered by a highly experienced and skilled and to secure the best possible care for
team ensures that Medscheme Health’s members, employees and their families.
clients benefit from market-leading medical Aid for AIDS, the Division’s industry-
scheme administration services. leading HIV/AIDS disease management
Despite the strong emphasis on technology programme, provides vital support
and efficiency, Medscheme Health believes services to companies and medical
the relationship between the medical scheme schemes throughout Africa. Over 44 000
administrator and the schemes’ Boards of people living with the virus are registered
Trustees remains paramount. The Division on the programme which encompasses a
therefore strives to add value in unique holistic range of interventions designed to
and innovative ways by building close effectively manage the disease and allow
partnerships with clients and developing a people to live positive, productive lives.

180 Best of South Africa

As the industry leader, Medscheme Health
Risk Solutions continues to define the
direction of health and wellness management
in Southern Africa.  

Medscheme Financial Services

Medscheme Financial Services harnesses the

Group’s market-leading health and financial
risk management expertise to offer a unique
and highly competitive range of life and
investment products to institutional investors,
corporates and individuals. With over 150
000 policyholders, the Division has become a
leading player in the niche markets it serves.

Medscheme Financial Services comprises two


Medscheme Life

The life assurance arm has developed a

comprehensive range of group and individual
life assurance products designed with the
client’s specific needs and profile in mind.
Developed to complement the benefits
offered by the client’s medical scheme,
these simple products eliminate much of
the bureaucracy associated with traditional
life assurance products. Medscheme Life’s
products are also scientifically costed to offer
unique, customised products at preferential

Medscheme Asset Management Transformation perceived to be a business partner adding

value to the organisation.” According to
Registered with the Financial Services Board Approximately 76% black owned since its PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc, this is the best
(FSB) as a discretionary Financial Services acquisition in 2006 by Lethimvula Investments opinion issued by the firm on any quality
Provider, Medscheme Asset Management has Limited, Medscheme has been formally rated assurance review they have undertaken.
established itself as a leading provider of cash as a level six broad based black economic
management services, specialising in working empowerment (BBBEE) contributor. In Medscheme’s performance
capital management for institutional investors practice this means that 60% of every Rand Despite a very challenging business
including medical schemes and retirement spent on procuring services from Medscheme environment, Medscheme continues to
funds, as well as corporates and individuals. qualifies as BBBEE spend. As a recognised perform well demonstrating healthy growth in
The company has broadened its product “Value Added Supplier” Medscheme clients an environment of accelerating consolidation.
offering to include investment and compliance are also entitled to increase their BBBEE Having established its leadership
consulting. spend with Medscheme by a factor of 1,25.   in the healthcare arena Medscheme’s
shareholders, Lethimvula Investments
Medscheme’s IT platform Rapidly improving the company’s BBBEE Limited is extending its leadership into
status remains a non-negotiable business broader financial markets and will continue
A key component to Medscheme’s longer imperative and a permanent team is to actively seek and pursue opportunities
term IT strategy is the continual deployment of implementing a range of aggressive strategies aligned with its vision and strategy.
the latest, proven technology throughout the designed to achieve maximum scores across The Group is currently involved in a number
business wherever it will generate efficiencies the seven pillars of BBBEE in the short term. of expansionary initiatives both in South Africa
to improve service delivery to Medscheme’s and abroad.
clients and stakeholders. Corporate Governance
Medscheme’s core scheme management
systems are underpinned by the Nexus Medscheme considers excellence in
system which is the end result of 37 years’ corporate governance a crucial success factor
experience in medical scheme administration and subscribes to the governance principles
and eight years’ intensive development outlined in the King II report which are
and refinement. At the heart of Nexus lies incorporated in the Group’s Code of Ethics.
Medscheme IT Solutions’ vision to provide The directors and executive management
a state-of-the-art, customer-centric medical are accountable for the implementation
scheme management resource to all its of governance processes assisted by a
internal and external users – including medical compliance officer and an independent and
schemes’ boards of trustees, medical scheme highly effective Internal Audit department in
members and healthcare professionals. the discharge of these duties.
The Nexus system and other general A recent quality assurance review
computer controls are audited annually using conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers
recognised international industry standards Inc states: “Internal Audit is well respected
including SAS70, ISO17799 and the COBIT and has the appropriate authority
framework. throughout the organisation…they are www.medscheme.co.za

Best of South Africa 181

Providing state of the art
Health Care, Beauty & Wellness

Dental Care

DENTAL MAKEOVERS rest of the body follow. Any stained, missing WANT WHITER, BRIGHTER TEETH?
Everyone has the right to a healthy mouth or chipped teeth will be held in memory A great option for you might be a
and a beautiful smile. We wish to ensure and will be used to construct that First professionally administered tooth
people do not remain in the dark and that Impression – If you’ve lost confidence in whitening system. Patients with
they make informed decisions. your smile, we can help you get it back! natural teeth that are discoloured
We have state of the art surgeries all due to age, smoking or other
equipped to enable the clinician to use the Cosmetic Dentistry extrinsic staining factors are excellent
best techniques available in Dentistry today. Have you got total confidence in your candidates for tooth whitening.
smile? Do you have fresh breath? Are you Bleaching does not work as well on
First Impressions are important happy with the appearance, shape and teeth that have intrinsic staining. The
When we first meet a new person there is a colour of your teeth? results will vary from patient to patient.
subconscious way that our brains and eyes Patients with deep intrinsic stains can
interact with this person. Normally your Modern dentistry has a dazzling array of have other cosmetic options such as
eyes scan from their eyes, to their nose and techniques and systems to build a healthy, veneers and crowns to help achieve
then to their mouth. Only then would the attractive and confident smile. the desired results.

182 Best of South Africa

canal treatment the infection can be treated, new generation of children have been enjoying
the injured nerve removed and the pain the benefits of protective sealants.
associated with such symptoms alleviated.
FISSURE SEALANTS Air abrasion provides an alternative to the
An increasingly popular treatment in dentistry high-speed hand piece for removing decay
is making it possible for kids to slip through from tooth structure.
childhood without a single cavity. When
DENTAL IMPLANTS parents ask their dentists what are the best Its many purported advantages compared to
The lifestyle change which can take place can ways to prevent their children from getting traditional preparation procedures include:
be quite simply earth shattering. cavities, dentists often respond “SEALANTS!” • less invasive, more conservative treatment
Tooth loss affects millions of South • reduced need for local anesthetic
Africans. Conventional tooth replacement Kids will still have to: • earlier and more accurate diagnosis which
methods, such as bridges and dentures, are • brush reduces under- or over-treatment
not always the answer for many people due to • floss • reduction or elimination of vibration,
the frustration and embarrassment created by • visit their dentists chipping, and micro-fracturing
poor fit or maintenance problems. • pain free procedures
Sealants can cut molar cavities by more than
Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment 50 percent, and can be especially helpful in
It used to be that if a tooth was infected or areas without fluoridated water.
the nerve in the tooth was dying, the tooth The dental sealant is one of the most
would have to be extracted. In modern revolutionary materials available for protecting
times because of a procedure known as root our children’s teeth. For the past 18 years, a www.thedentalinstitute.co.za

Best of South Africa 183

Environ Skin Care
Health Care and Beauty

Environs’ quality skin care range ensures skin stays young,

slows down the visible signs of ageing and ultimately helps
prevent possible malignant changes.

184 Best of South Africa

Environ Skin care products have become malignant changes in the skin. It is a The products are sold in some sixty
a respected name in South Africa and simple, but convenient truth. countries throughout the world. They are
in numerous countries overseas. It is  Environ products are therefore now only available through PROFESSIONALLY
synonymous with the highest quality also focused on progressive strategies TRAINED STOCKISTS including Plastic,
active skin care available anywhere in the in children in the prevention of vitamin Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeons,
world today. The company has produced A malnutrition of skin. Creating positive Dermatologists, General Practitioners and
some of the most innovative products for habits in young people will help avoid many Skincare Professionals throughout the world
assisting the repair of sun damaged skin for of the current skin problems their parents and are also available through Direct Sales
generations of people who were probably have been experiencing. Consultants in South Africa.
less careful with sun exposure than people People with darker skin types have on In South Africa Environ Skin Care
are today, and are therefore only now the other hand become more aware of the (Pty) Ltd offer their exclusive facial
experiencing the adverse effects. importance of preserving the abundant treatments through selected salons
Dr. Des Fernandes has maintained a pigment in their skin. Preserving the using the DF Ionzyme machine and at
visionary approach in formulating skin care natural higher quantity of pigment provides their own treatment centres – Fulela and
products. He remains constantly ahead of them with healthy and radiant skin. This Skin Symphony in Cape Town and Skin
conventional ideas and approaches, tailoring is a welcome move away from the past Symphony in Illovo, Johannesburg.
ingredients to fit in with skin physiology in destructive fashion and practice of “skin Perhaps more remarkable than anything
an increasingly sophisticated fashion. The lightening” in black skin. Environ products else is the fact that this Proudly South
foundation philosophy he applies in design suit darker skin types equally well as African company has been able to innovate
and formulation remains the ethic of assisting it does any other skin, simply because constantly in products, skin care philosophy
the skin’s natural capacity for repair and the physiology of the skin enhanced by and client care for nearly twenty years.
rejuvenation. It has ensured that Environ Environ’s advanced vitamin skin therapy is Environ Skin Care (Pty) Ltd has in this
products remain focused on real results the same as in any of the other skin types. process carried positive ethics in design,
and not on clever or fashionable marketing. Dr. Fernandes has not forgotten the formulation and marketing through to every
His scientific and highly ethical approach to cosmetic side of skin therapy in the part of the soul and passion of a South
formulation ensures that products can be process of product development. His African cosmetic products range which is
trusted without question by skin therapists innovative new products and standard nothing short of inspirational.
and doctors alike. classics will continue to lead aesthetic skin
Valerie Carstens CEO of Environ Skin Care therapy in a non-invasive promotion of
(Pty) Ltd. has led the company in an equally beautiful skin. The innovations are never
visionary fashion, adapting the business at the expense of quality ingredients,
model to move with the challenges and maximum effect or indeed safety. The
pressures of an increasingly global market, finished products remain free of any
simultaneously enhancing the loyalties of animal testing. They contain only the For more information on Environ treatments
established distribution networks and clients. best quality ingredients available and and their products call toll free 0800 220 402
Her open minded approach has prevented continue to be manufactured to the highest or e-mail: tollfree@environ.co.za
stagnation of the product in narrow-banded international manufacturing standards. (South Africa only)
market niches, allowing the natural evolution
of a versatile product range to mature into
new and exciting client groups. A truly
remarkable achievement in a global cosmetics
market where ruthless competition is
mounting by the day and marketing hostility is
the name of the game.
 In many international societies life
expectancy is increasing steadily, which
means that people will have increasing
cumulative amounts of sun exposure over
their respective life times. All people with
types I to IV Fitzpatrick skin types will be
more prone to sun damage, skin ageing and
skin cancer. This is the “future of now”.
In addition to that our environment
unfortunately tends to reduce vitamin
A in the skin continually, leading to a
state of chronic vitamin A malnutrition.
This is why Environ believes that it has
become essential to focus on the younger
generation to ensure that youthful skins
have adequate vitamin A right from the
word go which will assist the skin to stay
young, slow down the visible signs of
ageing and ultimately help prevent possible

Best of South Africa 185

The Jeauval Experience

Jeauval Hair Salon has been at the forefront of hair care and styling
for over 19 years and recently received their third consecutive “Global
Salon Award”, the industry’s most prestigious international award.

The Jeauval Concept was born almost twenty

years ago when Roy Valjeaux suggested to his
children Clinton, Wayne, Colette and Warren
that they do something creative. Their vision
was a salon where people didn’t just have
a haircut, but were invited to indulge in an
experience of pampering, expert trend-setting
hairdressing and personal attention: The
Jeauval Experience.
With a commitment to quality, service and
training, this vision has been realized and
the organization has grown into one of South
Africa’s top salons, with seven branches
located throughout the country.
Jeauval’s commitment to staff growth and
empowerment culminated in the “The Jeauval
Academy”, a training centre which is host to
a unique education program designed and
developed by owner Clinton Valjeaux.
Jeauval provides a superior salon
experience in a personal and vibrant
atmosphere. Jeauval’s creative team
continuously develop and create new
hairstyles and hairdressing techniques which
are used in the salon, giving Jeauval clients
something new and exciting every time.

Tel: +27 11 679 4126

186 Best of South Africa

Professional Skin Care

Matis is a prestigious skincare brand Destination Spa of the year 2008 – of service with winning many industry awards
renowned throughout the world. Created Ruimsig Country Spa on an annual basis.
and manufactured in France, Matis has Ruimsig Country Spa have created a
been devoting all its expertise to beauty for sumptuous retreat, with exquisite landscaped Therapist of the year 2008 -
25 years. Its unique treatment techniques, gardens and water falls to soothe your nerves. Leanne De Veer from Ruimsig Country Spa
methods, protocols and products have made Their luxury spa is fitted with the latest beauty Leanne uses Matis as her brand of preference.
the brand a true trendsetter in the professional spa equipment and a full range of hydro
skincare market. facilities, with highly qualified staff including:
Matis develops its new product Somatologists, Nail Technicians, a Hair Stylist
technologies with a single objective: to offer as well as a Clinical Psychologist. Facilities To book a memorable
the best adapted treatment to each person so include private double-door cabanas, an grooming experience call:
that each grooming session becomes a pure indoor and outdoor heated pool, a jacuzzi and
moment of pleasure and wellbeing. a well equipped gym. Ruimsig Country Spa
Matis has become a name synonomous Tel: +27 11 958 2809/2852
with the winning of awards both here in South Day Spa of the year 2008 – www.ruimsigspa.co.za
Africa and abroad. Professional Beauty an Skin Sense Day Spa
industry magazine in the world of Health and Skin Sense opened its doors in 1996 with the Skin Sense Day Spa
Skincare in South Africa annually recognizes concept that time is precious and that their Tel: +27 11 807 6281
the top spa’s, salons and beauty therapists. clientele would have difficulty escaping to www.skinsensedayspa.com
This year Professional Beauty identified the health hydros for a week at a time. Their Day
following winners in the following categories Spa concept was pioneered with the slogan For further information and nearest stockist
which uses Matis to perform their professional “Escape the city within the city”. Skin Sense call Chantelle at Twincare International on
spa treatments: has consistently maintained a high standard +27 11 305 1600.

Best of South Africa 187

Health Care, Beauty and Wellness

Life Day Spa treatment, massage, facial, manicure or

Awaken your five senses by experiencing your pedicure. Alleviate the mundane task of
treatment of choice in our themed treatment hair removal through the latest hair removal
rooms - waterfalls, deserts, oceans and wheat system, miniIPL.
fields. The themes continue through each Taste the essence of nutrition at our unique
room’s sound, look and feel, enticing your health bar and enjoy a menu that will not only
senses on each visit. satisfy your appetite but promote internal
Pleasure yourself with our exclusive well-being.
facilities including a Rasul Chamber, heated Life Day Spa invites you to “Experience
oxygenated spa bath, steam rooms, saunas, your senses” in a haven that epitomises Tel: +27 11 465 7777
Vichy and Swiss showers. Enjoy a body ultimate luxury. www.lifedayspa.co.za

Octavia’s Sensorium indulge you beyond your expectations. This

For the Romans, bathing was a sensual, magnificent facility resembles the eclectic
wonderful experience that pampered both style and ambience of Ancient Rome, while
the body and soul through water, massage providing a state of the art gymnasium,
and works of art. You can recapture this Swiss Showers, massage and treatment
golden age at Octavia’s Sensorium Health rooms, sauna and steam rooms and the
and Beauty Spa, inside the D’oreale heated Roman Spa Bath.
Grande Hotel at Emperor’s Palace. Octavia’s is a haven where the physical,
The luxurious world-class Octavia’s the mental and the spiritual are equally Tel: +27 11 928 1815
Sensorium Health and Beauty spa will cared for. www.emperorspalace.com

188 Best of South Africa

Renaissance Day Spa colours in our colour coded treatment therapists ensure that personalised service
Cascading waterfalls, elaborate rooms represent a certain aspect of life and is an experience to remember.
chandeliers, elegant surroundings and a have a special effect on psyche and skin. The Renaissance Day Spa projects an
breathtaking ambiance engulfs your senses End all routine hair management processes image of relaxation that dreams are made of.
as you enter Renaissance Day Spa at the and become hair-free at the speed of light
Michelangelo Towers. with our mini IPL hair removal system.
Escape to the asylum of our Spa Select treatments can be enjoyed
facilities; including sensation showers, around the outdoor pool or the heated
steam rooms, saunas and our heated indoor oxygenated spa bath. There is also
oxygenated spa bath. Or disappear to a food and beverage bar, a gym for the
Turkey in our exclusive Rasul Chamber. energetic, as well as the option of having a
Pamper yourself with a massage, body delicious lunch while we pamper you.
treatment, facial, manicure or pedicure Specialized treatments, coupled with
while opening yourself to the healing outstanding and professional service make Tel: +27 11 783 9904
energies of colour. Each of the seven this a truly exclusive spa. Highly qualified www.renaissancespa.co.za

Soulstice Day Spa

Answer your body’s call for renewal.
Looking after our bodies, much like
looking after our planet is something of an
after thought in the fast paced world we
exist in today. Rest, relaxation and renewal
is something we keep top of mind so that
you have one less thing to worry about. Let
us balance you body’s natural rhythms and
cycles while you experience the renewal your
body longs for – and deserves.
At Soulstice, we pride ourselves on
being in tune with the motions of nature and
ultimately, the true desires of the body, mind
and soul. The unerring voice of your existence
will tell us what you need and it’s our business
to honour that calling.
Where there is work, there should be rest
and with rest comes rejuvenation. Bring your
stresses along to relax in the splendour of
the Soulstice environment for as long as your
body, mind and soul desires and leave feeling
brand new and energised to begin yet again.
Conveniently located at the entrance
to our spa is an oval-shaped, outdoor
swimming pool to enjoy before or after your
spa treatment/s. A hydrating dip with a
view – our pool overlooks the magnificent
‘Fountain Spectacular’ and promises to
be a unique experience considering this Tel: +27 11 662 7500/7501
magnificent setting. www.soulsticedayspa.co.za

Best of South Africa 189

Health Care, Beauty and Wellness

Private African Day Spa

South African Spa of the Year for the past five consecutive years

Mangwanani is the biggest spa in the

country and encompasses the entire
Wellness Revolution and extends it
holistically by incorporating their Unique
Concept of Decadent Revitalization and
marrying Western Wellness requirements
with True African Healing.
“Mangwanani is a Rare Experience of
True African Indulgence, where the touch
of our Forefathers still runs through the
fingertips of our Tribe – a Healing Touch
that Blesses the Body and Soul through
the use of Unique Ancestral Therapies
and Remedies.”
Mangwanani offer disadvantaged
women, ongoing training on the unique
treatments based on stories and fables
that have been passed down through
generations and molded into sought

190 Best of South Africa

Mangwanani Branches Casino and Resort the much needed
pleasure of enjoying full Decadent
Mangwanani River Valley, The Original Revitalization. An added bonus is you can
Mangwanani Day Spa, as is customary in now enjoy True African indulgence in the
Africa, greets regal guests by drumming and comfort and luxury of your own hotel room.
singing. Set in the tranquil Hennops River Mangwanani Meropa nestled in the
Valley, just outside Pretoria and possessing enigmatic reaches of Northern South Africa
a winning combination of serene ambience offers Sun International patrons yet another
and spoiling services, guests feel environment for True African Indulgence.
immediately at home Meropa’s intimate Moroccan setting is fitting
Mangwanani Bashewa, located East of because, like Morocco it is a place laden
Pretoria, offers relaxation and the celebration in culture, legend and romance, so too is
of natural well-being in Redwood Hot Tubs, Mangwanani.
indulging guests in traditional massages in
treatment rooms nestled in tranquil forests. Mangwanani Safari Spa’s
Relax on the wooden deck overlooking the
wild buck feeding grounds or unwind in the Mangwanani African Day Spa is proud to
warm Martini Seated pool. offer you the best of both worlds as Nature
Mangwanani Zevenwacht situated on and Culture merge right in the middle of
the Stellenbosch wine route, in one of the African bush to give you a true African
the country’s idyllic locales, Zevenwacht Safari experience combined with Decadent
offers a panoramic view of Cape Town and Revitalization, Pampering and De-Stressing.
surrounding areas as far as the eye can see.
An environment that encourages relaxation
and personal rejuvenation.
Mangwanani Sibaya situated at the
after therapies, enabling them to be Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom,
sustainable and enrich their lives to better on the North Coast, is a Mangwanani graced
their standards of living. Mangwanani by rejuvenating power of the African Sun.
staff are afforded the opportunity to Our highly trained Therapists are ready
explore a career in “Relaxation and and willing to help you on your journey,
Healing” as well as in the “Spa” field that with treatments passed down through
was not previously available to African generations and molded into sought after
Women. Mangwanani take care of their therapies.
training and certification. Mangwanani Mangwanani Indaba situated just north of
believe in a non-discriminatory the fast paced business world of Sandton,
development process where candidates nestled beneath the vista of the magnificent
are selected without previous training or Magaliesberg mountains, provides an
minimum education requirements. environment for rebalancing and recharging
In the last five years Mangwanani with the energizing power of essential oils Central Reservations: 0860 55 00 55
has created more than 800 jobs for drawn from African herbs, flowers and Tel: +27 12 371 2100
women across the country including the spices. Experience True African Indulgence! +27 11 465 5298
communities surrounding its location on Mangwanani Morula perched along the Fax: +27 12 371 2200
the Hennops River, KwaZulu-Natal and banks of the Nooitgedacht Dam offers a E-mail: info@mangwanani.co.za
the Cape. venue for patrons staying at the Morula www.mangwanani.co.za

Best of South Africa 191

Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness - A formidable player in South Africa’s fitness industry

total number of clubs to 40 fully-owned world

class fitness centres and 70 franchised clubs
by 2010. With the launch of its successful
franchise models, Fitsmart and Feminique,
Planet Fitness has also, through continued
innovation, delivered on the lifestyle needs of
its members.
Since inception, Planet Fitness has
continually developed strong relationships
with major accounts such as Discovery
Vitality, Momentum Multiply, Edgars and
Standard Bank to further increase market
share and offer an affordable health and
Planet Fitness, which was launched in wellness solution to South Africans.
October 1995 at the time when South Africa’s In keeping with the company’s mission,
health industry was dominated by one major each Planet Fitness club aims to provide
player, is blazing the health and wellness trail a unique and fun-filled experience whilst
having grown from one small gym to one of inspiring its members to “master their
South Africa’s top 300 companies. Through universe”. In doing so, the health clubs
passion and perseverance the company has feature the latest equipment and training
over the past 12 years enjoyed sustained methodologies to ensure that the company
growth in every sphere. and its members stay on top of their game.
Now comprising 19 health clubs across
the country; Planet Fitness aims to bring the www.planetfitness.co.za

192 Best of South Africa

Planet Platinum
Planet Fitness launches R100-Million Health and Fitness facility

Planet Fitness, which has grown from a

small player to one of South Africa’s top 300
companies, launched the first R100-million
rand health and fitness facility in Southern
Africa (Nov 2008). The location of this unique
fitness sports-spa facility in Sandton’s
central business district in Johannesburg
is in keeping with its world-class, high tech
facilities coupled with the best practices and
offerings from the world’s most sought-after
health clubs.
Offering finishes and services yet to be
introduced to the South African market, Planet
Platinum’s standards will be maintained at the
highest level. The facilities include an indoor
250m sky-blue running track with views over
the city skyline, an indoor golf driving range
complete with golf trainers and specialized
scientific conditioning programmes, a heated
pool with light therapy and underwater music,
kinesis movement technology which employs
over 250 sports specific exercises and a
state of the art yoga facility. The exclusive
ONEwellness day spa and WiFi-enabled
executive lounge, which will be serviced by
the Radisson Hotel, are also amongst Planet
Platinum’s many unique characteristics.
In taking current gym facilities to a new
level, Planet Fitness is planning on building
on the concept which will see further Planet
Platinum facilities opening both locally and


Best of South Africa 193

Chapter 10
Corporate Profiles

194 Best of South Africa

“Strive for excellence, not perfection.”

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Best of South Africa 195

Old Mutual Investment Group
Property Investments
As a division of the Old Mutual Group, Old Mutual Investment Group Property
Investments enjoys the backing and support of one of the most highly regarded and
respected financial services organizations in Southern Africa and, indeed, the world.

196 Best of South Africa

Old Mutual Investment Group Property
Investments (OMIGPI) is a leading real estate
asset manager, developer, and property
manager in the region of Southern Africa.
The company invests in an array of offices,
factories, warehouses and malls across
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi
and Kenya and also has well-established and
successful businesses in India.

Company Vision
Old Mutual Investment Group Property
Investments (OMIGPI) has a clear and focused
vision. Our objectives are:

To become the leading Property Asset

Management company in South Africa and
• By delivering superior performance
• Through achieving top quartile
investment returns over all time horizons
• To grow our AUM to R100bn by 2015
• To maximize our shareholder returns

To attract and retain talent

• Having the right people in the right place
who are empowered to take ownership
and accountability
• Being truly regarded as a great place to
Investment Philosophy Investments (OMIGPI) is the largest property
To ensure we have the correct We use a clear and long-proven strategy, company in Africa - offering a comprehensive
capability set underpinned by strict investment criteria, to range of property services including asset
• By satisfying our customers' needs maximise returns for our clients.   One of the management, development and property
better than our competitors through our keys to our success is our ability to construct management.
diverse capability of listed company diverse portfolios across an exceptionally Direct property investments have, at times
management and institutional property wide range of property investment solutions. been overlooked for their lack of liquidity and
asset management We achieve superior returns by the large capital outlay required. To overcome
harnessing our extensive research capability; these constraints, OMIGPI developed a range
To deliver on our vision while remaining setting targets above accepted industry of specialist unitised direct property portfolios.
committed to our core values benchmarks and carefully timing our Triangle Real Estate Core Fund is
• Respect acquisitions and sales. an unlisted real estate fund offering an
• Integrity We set long-term investment horizons while investment in high quality, established South
• Accountability maintaining short-term flexibility.   We source African real estate.
• Pushing Boundaries and develop a wide range of mixed use, retail, Triangle Real Estate Development Funds
commercial and industrial sites and manage are unlisted real estate funds comprising
To limit the impact our business makes on properties in line with international standards. properties under construction.
the environment. The investment objective is a return of CPIX +
Institutional Property Funds 7.5% over three years.
To capitalize on the positive impact our With assets under management valued at R30 Triangle Real Estate India Fund is an
business makes in transforming South Africa. billion, Old Mutual Investment Group Property unlisted fund that aims to fund the building of

Best of South Africa 197

approximately 29 large supraregional malls in
India over the next four years, holding these
assets for another four years and then selling
the properties. The investment objective is to
generate a pre-tax internal rate of return (IRR)
of in excess of 25%.

Triangle Core Fund

This actively managed portfolio of real estate
assets is made up of Old Mutual’s flagship
properties. The portfolio managers invest in
blue chip properties with quality tenants who
are likely to generate predictable and growing
income streams. While the focus is primarily
on direct property, up to 20% of assets may
be invested in listed property and cash to
facilitate liquidity.
This is a pooled, unlisted real estate
investment purchased as a policy contract.

198 Best of South Africa

The Triangle Development Fund is a
closed-end fund structured as a collection
of unlisted real-estate investment trusts
(REITs), the first time this structure has
been used in the SA property investment
market. Each development consists
of an issuer and a trust, with the asset
(property development) held in the name
of individual trusts.
The performance objective is to offer
a form of short- to medium-term capital
appreciation not previously available in
the unlisted real estate investment market
thus far.

The Fund is managed by Property

Investments and aims to achieve:
• High capital returns (annual return
target of CPIX + 7.5%)
• On exit, provide properties to the Core
Fund that has reliable, predictable and
stable income growth.
Triangle India
The Triangle Real Estate India Fund LLC
offers investors exposure to the rapidly
growing property sector in India, with a
focus on organized retail shopping centre
development in tier II and tier III cities in India.
The aim is to deliver enhanced capital
returns through strategic Joint Ventures in
large property developments and active
asset management.

Why India?
• Second largest population in the world
(1.1 billion)
• 50% of the population is younger than
25 years old and 70% is younger than
40 years old
• Large and growing consumer market
(300 million consumers)
• Robust GDP growth (8%) since 2003
• Fourth largest economy in the world
(PPP terms)
• Stable inflation (5%)
• Stable but appreciating currency

Indian Real Estate Market Overview

The size of the Indian Real Estate Market
is currently USD 16 billion and industry
estimates indicate the sector will grow to USD
60 billion over the next five years.
Demand for quality real estate is seeing
The assets are registered in the name of Old as high, long-term capital appreciation. The unprecedented growth across all sectors, with
Mutual Life Assurance Company SA and portfolio is adjusted with due consideration property yields compressing and an influx of
managed by Old Mutual Investment Group being given to the economic environment and foreign entrants. Off-shore private equity is
Property Investments. property life cycle. expected to invest in excess of USD 20 billion
over the next four years into the Indian Real
Investment objectives Triangle Development Fund Estate market.
The fund aims to generate a return (gross The Triangle Development Fund is a low-
of fees) that exceeds CPIX by at least 5.5% yielding alpha-sensitive fund appropriate Why Triangle India?
a year over rolling seven-year periods. In for pre-retirement investors - corporate, • Highly experienced Global fund manager
addition, it strives to achieve top quartile retail and offshore - seeking an investment • Experienced local asset manager with
performance over each calendar year, that produces a high capital return, expertise in retail, parking and development
relative to its peer group, as measured by the together with sustained long-term growth • Investment in partnership with local and
Investment Property Databank (IPD) Index for by investing in the buildings that match this global experts
large funds. requirement. The properties developed are • Only investing in locations where
sourced from the prestigious development competition is likely to be constrained
Investment Philosophy property portfolio of Old Mutual Life • Dominant centres with proven catchment
The properties held in the portfolio are quality Assurance Company SA (OMLACSA), • Retail-centric with adjoining mixed use
real estate selectively acquired for their ability including some of South Africa’s most opportunities, hospitality and offices
to generate a growing income stream as well innovative commercial office blocks. • Superb pipeline of deals.

Best of South Africa 199

for the fund are healthy, with a significant
pipeline of investments currently under review
- ranging in location from the Eastern Cape to
the Limpopo province.
This fund represents the latest initiative
in the expanding role of Old Mutual as a
significant contributor to the economic
transformation of our nation.

Listed Real Estate Funds

The 2005 acquisition of the Marriott Property
business by Old Mutual brought the
management of listed property funds into the
group. Craig Ewin, who headed up corporate
property for Marriott, joined Old Mutual
Investment Group Property Investments and
is now head of Listed Real Estate Funds.
The aim and intention of the listed real
estate business unit is to produce consistent
superior returns for our investors and
to expand and grow the assets under
The boutique manages two listed property
funds - SA Corporate Real Estate Fund, listed
on the JSE, and Oryx Properties Limited, the
only primary listed property fund in Namibia.

SA Corporate Real Estate Fund

SA Corporate Real Estate Fund is a Property
Unit Trust listed on the JSE and is therefore
available for anybody to invest in.
It is the fourth largest fund listed in the
JSE’s Real Estate sector ranked by market
Old Mutual SRI Fund investments in areas previously marginalised capitalisation.
Targeted Investments is an exciting new in our recent history. This will be done in Head of Listed Funds, Craig Ewin, says
initiative. By definition and intent, Targeted alignment with the stated principles of the this offers numerous benefits to investors
Investments positions Old Mutual Investment Financial Services and Property Charters. who are interested in property, including
Group Property Investments as a significant The fund has hit the ground running, investing in a large property portfolio with
player in the compelling and necessary area of with the first project well underway in the sectoral and geographic diversification.
economic transformation in South Africa. The form of the Thembokwezi Lifestyle Estate The portfolio comprises 59% retail, 33%
fund objective is solely to pursue real estate in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. The prospects industrial and 8% office assets, in the

200 Best of South Africa

metropolitan areas of South Africa. In Performance the measures employed by the company:
addition, SA Corporate has bought 25% of We have grown our assets under management “At some of our malls we’ve achieved a
Oryx Properties Limited in Namibia. from R7 billion to R25 billion in the last 3 60% recycling rate, as well as installing
Other benefits flowing from the size and years - an impressive achievement by any control operating systems for lights and air
structure of the fund are liquidity - the average measure. Our prestigious property portfolio conditioning so they don’t have to be on all
monthly trade over the last 12 months is close has attracted numerous awards, including the the time. Air conditioning takes up the most
to R200m - and tradeability of the shares, following: energy in any shopping mall. We even look at
meaning that investments into and out of the • Mutual Heights, refurbishment category of environmentally friendly paint when renovating
fund are relatively easy. All net rental income annual SAPOA awards for development our malls, and use indigenous plants where
from the property portfolio is distributed to excellence. possible. The business case for green
unit holders and retains its form of rental and • Cavendish Square, The Zone@Rosebank, buildings has been confirmed by studies
interest. Eastgate and Westgate. In Harare, ICSC which indicate that the greener the building,
For more information on SA Corporate Real design and merit awards in recent years. the higher the nett present value.”
Estate Fund, visit www.sacorp.co.za. • Gateway Theatre of Shopping, international
design and development merit award from
Oryx Properties Limited the International Council of Shopping
Oryx Properties Limited is the only primary Centres.
listed property fund in Namibia, and is the • Menlyn Park, premier award from
second largest primary listing on the Namibian SA Property Owners’ Association for
Stock Exchange (NSX). development excellence.
Oryx owns a premier quality retail, industrial
and office real estate portfolio in Namibia, with Planet
99% of the portfolio being based in the capital Old Mutual Investment Group Property
of Windhoek. The portfolio was valued at Investments is a platinum founder member of
N$742 million at the end of December 2007. the Green Building Council of South Africa,
Oryx’s flagship is the Maerua Mall complex, which seeks to promote and encourage
the only regional shopping centre in Namibia. environmentally sustainable practices in the
Oryx has a well-tenanted portfolio, with property industry.
over 88% of the floor space occupied by Green building principles create properties
South African nationals or their franchisees. which are energy- and resource-efficient,
Oryx has a very low vacancy rate with less as well as environmentally friendly. Such
than 0,7% of lettable area vacant at the end of buildings typically consume less than half the
December 2007. energy of a conventional building. Dramatic
Oryx offers the benefits to investors of reductions are also seen in water usage,
being able to own a share of a sizeable and CO2 emissions and waste disposal. Green
diverse property portfolio, and introduces buildings are characterised by superior
the benefits of diversification into another ventilation and indoor air quality.
Southern African country. Oryx distributes The resulting improved occupant comfort
all of its net property income to investors and health makes these buildings highly
in the form of debenture interest. For more attractive to tenants. Brent Wiltshire, Business
information on Oryx, visit www.oryx.com.na. Development Executive, describes some of www.omigpi.com

Best of South Africa 201

Routledge Modise

in association with Eversheds

202 Best of South Africa

Our offices around the world

In April 2008 Routledge Modise joined and exchange control, adding depth to the
Eversheds International as the latter’s expertise of the professionals that were
first member on the African continent. already operating in those areas.
Eversheds LLP is one of the largest The firm identified Mauritius as a
international law firms, providing legal growing market with considerable
services to the business and finance business opportunities and Routledge
community and across a wide range Modise Eversheds (Mauritius) is in the
of industries both in the private and process of opening in Port Louis to
public sector. enable the firm to provide legal advice to
Presently Eversheds International has clients in that jurisdiction.
41 offices with 2600 legal and business Well aware that training and education
advisors in 26 countries and offers co- should form part of any law firm’s
ordinated legal expertise across Africa, commitment to its staff and the wider
Europe, Asia and the Middle East. New community, the Routledge Modise Law
member countries are added on an School was opened in September 2008.
ongoing basis. The South African office Its main aim is to provide training for
in Sandton, Johannesburg has over 130 candidate attorneys and to satisfy the
professionals and a total staff complement statutory requirements of attending
of close to 400. a board course approved by the
Eversheds’ Africa Desk is run jointly relevant law society for the purposes of
from the Johannesburg and Paris offices. admission as an attorney. Bursaries are
The association with Eversheds available to historically disadvantaged
International offers clients of the firm candidates as part of the firm’s social
increased resources and expertise with responsibility programme.
multi-jurisdiction solutions and access As an ongoing service to its clients the
to legal expertise on a global level. firm holds seminars and workshops on
A client coming into any office can take the latest legal developments on a regular
advantage of the services available from basis in its 105-seater auditorium.
all of them and can be assured of the
same high standards.
In addition, the firm enjoyed
unprecedented growth during 2007 and
2008 with a number of highly experienced
partners joining with specialist expertise in
niche markets, such as environmental law,
energy, oil and gas, telecommunications
and broadcasting, project finance, tax, www.eversheds.co.za

Best of South Africa 203

G4S Cash Services (SA)

G4S Cash Services (SA) has operated as market leaders in

the cash management sector within South Africa for more
than 51 years. Branded as Fidelity in its early days.

G4S has undergone massive growth both our customers that generate trust and we having applied our expertise to ensure
organically and through acquisitions. work in partnership for the mutual benefit that we operate as effectively as possible
Today, G4S Cash Services (SA) is part of our organisations. Whether our clients within a difficult working environment.
of the international G4S group, one of require a standard daily banking service
the largest global networks of security providing scheduled collections; money to Some of these innovations include:
operations worldwide. The group employs be moved to bulk banks on their behalf; the
over 570 000 people and operates in more provision of ATM front-end serving; bulk Custom-built premises
than 110 countries on 6 continents. The treasury management; pension distribution; Each branch has an insurance approved
South African cash operation employs payroll preparation/delivery and standby category 3, 4 or 5 bank vault, which is
3500 full-time employees and operates out guards and payout officials; the distribution necessary in instances where we have to store
of 25 branches and 11 depots strategically of traveler’s cheques, mail, ballot papers, money overnight. The branch is monitored by
situated throughout the country. We gold bullion and jewellery or even a full cash closed circuit television and all procedures are
manage a fleet of 800 armoured vehicles management and processing solution – we dual control.
that cover more than 43 million kilometres, are able to focus on their needs and offer the
per annum. best solutions available. CASH360 - An intelligent solution that
As part of a global organisation we as a We develop and demonstrate our really counts
business strive to meet the group’s vision expertise through our innovative and CASH360 has been designed to optimize
to be recognised as the global leader in leading edge approach to creating and the latest secure handling machines by
providing security solutions. We ensure delivering the right solution. This solution integrating them with G4S software and
this through adherence to our core values will differ depending on the client’s needs combining them with its cash transportation
in every aspect of our business. and the environment in which they operate. and processing services.
We have close, open relationships with In South Africa, we pride ourselves in This enables – for the very first time

204 Best of South Africa

of-the-art technologies. Prior to a planned
commissioning we give advice to our
customers on feasibility and conduct a site
analysis to identify the optimal location of
the planned installation site and ATM type.
Operational ATM support services have
been our core competency for more than two
decades. Our cash management model is
characterised by a proactive cash forecasting
and replenishment system. This results in inspire them to live our values. This starts
a noticeable increase in availability. Our at recruitment level. We believe that the
integrated reconciliation solution increases recruitment process is hugely important. We
productivity and reduces costs through adhere to very strict recruitment procedures
automated processes. and ensure that all applicants complete a
As an outsourcing partner we are offering a psychometric profile test, undergo polygraph
true end-to end solution to meet the needs of analysis and have a clear record with the
clients that want to outsource the whole ATM Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority
– a single source provider, G4S, to look value chain to one single, reliable partner. in South Africa. Once employed a detailed
after retailers’ entire cash management employment contract is signed so that the
requirements. Armoured vehicles employee knows exactly what is expected of
In doing so, it reduces time spent on Our new armoured fleet is built to withstand them. Employees then undergo training and
counting and reconciliation, gives staff more the firepower of weapons such as the AK development and are encouraged to aspire
time to focus on selling and can virtually 47. The vehicles have double rear wheels towards and accept the many opportunities
eliminate opportunities for internal or for further stability and are fitted with ABS available within the larger group.
external theft. retarder braking systems, which ensures fast G4S Cash Services is the market leader in
The aim of extending our solution to safe braking under all circumstances. The the South African cash services market, and
our client’s value chain is to improve vault in the vehicle comprises dropsafes, with is one of the few cash services businesses
our performance and create long-term both interlocking immobilising and global in South Africa with the capability, expertise
sustainability. locking systems that are controlled remotely. and infrastructure to provide services on a
The unique interlocking and immobilising national basis.
ATM end-to-end system, prevents more than one door at a
The G4S end-to-end ATM service enables time being opened. In the case where the
banks to streamline processes and driver is forced out of the vehicle, the vehicle
increase the profitability of their ATM totally shuts down with the vault doors being
business by assigning numerous tasks locked into place. All vehicles are equipped
to a single party. This one-stop service with communication.
comprises all aspects and operations of We always take care to employ the
sophisticated ATM outsourcing and is based best people, develop their competencies,
on long-standing experience and state- provide opportunities for development and www.g4s.com

Best of South Africa 205

GlaxoSmithKline South Africa (Pty) Ltd
Commitment to Corporate Social

To fully appreciate the history of of some 3,900 people where unemployment

GlaxoSmithKline South Africa, one must first is very high and the incidence of HIV, while
look at the history of the global company; a varying significantly by age, has an overall
world leader in the pharmaceutical industry, prevalence of around 30% and is around
GSK is the result of a merger of equals 50% in the 25-45 age range.
between Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline • With the assistance from GlaxoSmithKline,
Beecham that took place in January 2001. over 1,000 Ndawana community members
Local community partnerships are in have been counseled and tested for
place, particularly in the rural areas of the HIV and those who have needed ARV
country. The main areas covered are: HIV, treatment are now being monitored and
education and primary healthcare. The treated.
company has, since the merger, invested
more than R12 million in impoverished JPHIEGO – John’s Hopkins Health and
communities. Education in South Africa (JPHIEGO)
Cervical Cancer Advocacy Programme -
Some of our Corporate Social Responsibility North West Province
projects include: • The project was established in
conjunction with John’s Hopkins Health
Edzimkulu Long Range Plan – Ndawana and Education in South Africa (JHHESA),
KwaZulu-Natal a non-government organization (NGO),
• This is a holistic programme focused on to provide technical assistance and
HIV/AIDS management and economic training to healthcare workers to
sustainability in Ndawana, Underberg, mobilize the community in the North
KwaZulu-Natal. West Province by conducting Single
• Ndawana is a geographically isolated village Visit Approach (SVA) as part of cervical

206 Best of South Africa

cancer screening and a prevention Asondle Sive boMake and Hands@Work Mbonomhle Child Care Centre –
programme. in Swaziland Sinkonkonko (KwaZulu-Natal)
• In South Africa’s North West Province Home-based care training for HIV positive • The Centre was established for Orphans
(NWP), the Provincial Department children and Women in Kaphunga. affected by HIV/AIDS, women and
of Health has identified improved • Kaphunga and its surrounds is a the community in general. The MCC
cervical cancer prevention as a key remote, mountainous region lacking in experienced a tragedy in 2007, where part
priority. JHHESA/JHPIEGO’s proposed rainfall, serviced by one bus per day, of the centre, kitchen and facilities burnt
solution to reduce the incidence of no other public transport, no taxis. down.
cervical cancer amongst women in • This is a community project working • The Department of Health and the MCC
South Africa is to introduce the Single closely with Hands@Work (an NGO) community have requested assistance from
Visit Approach (SVA) as an addition and a group comprising of 31 women GlaxoSmithKline South Africa in “building
to cytological screening for cervical aged from 33 to 67 from the Kaphunga the community and resources” to once
cancer in targeted facilities in the NWP. community. again support and make the plight of the
• Training of NWDoH healthcare workers • Kaphunga community have been MCC community lighter.
in Thailand as well as a donation affected and infected by HIV/AIDS
of cryotherapy units to treat pre- with an increase in Child headed Access Programme for HIV/AIDS
cancerous lesions as part of the SVA, house holds. GSK support towards the • In 2001, the global GlaxoSmithKline group
was also supported by GSK. project enables volunteers to continue announced its commitment to making
with home visits to the Kaphunga medicines for HIV/AIDS and malaria
Cotlands Home-Based Care Outreach community and surrounds, distribute available at not-for-profit preferential
Project in Soweto food parcels on a monthly basis to pricing in 63 countries – including the Least
• The Cotlands Home-Based Care community members and OVC’s. Developed Countries and Sub-Saharan
outreach project in Soweto which Africa. This offer extends to governments,
is linked to the Cotlands Sanctuary Mafeteng HIV Clinic – Lesotho non-government organizations (NGOs) and
is aimed at providing assistance to Focus on training resources needed for international aid groups and in Sub-Saharan
families within the Soweto community the Mafeteng HIV Clinic. Africa to employers as well.
to care for their HIV positive children at • Lesotho is currently struggling with • To date, GlaxoSmithKline has granted six
home. a high prevalence of HIV that has a voluntary licenses to generic manufactures
• Soweto home-based care project negative impact on the economic and to produce its antiretrovirals (ARV’s) in
includes: support groups for the care cultural development of the country. South Africa.
givers, income generating projects, food The highest prevalence has been
gardens, material aid – food, clothing, reported for the age group of 20 – 29 GlaxoSmithKline is a pharmaceutical
household equipment and educare and years, which represents the most company that is highly committed to the
after care services as well medical and important section of the population research of finding BOTH new medicines and
oxygen care for palliative care patients, in terms of productive work force, vaccines for the treatment and prevention
in respect of HIV positive children who education and maintenance of family of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – the
are oxygen dependent. structure. three diseases identified as priority by the
• Due to the increasing statistics of HIV/ World Health Organization (WHO).
South African Depression and Anxiety AIDS infections, Mafeteng has been
Group (SADAG) Free State at the forefront to fight the epidemic
• The aim of SADAG Free State project in the community and expand the
is to capacitate home-based HIV and services to the satellite clinics around
AIDS workers by educating them about Mafeteng.
depression and anxiety and initiating • GSK to date has assisted the Mafeteng GlaxoSmithKline South Africa (Pty) Ltd
15 sustainable psychosocial support hospital in purchasing relevant Flushing Meadows Building
groups in the Free State region. equipment (Freezer, heating and The Campus
• To date the SADAG have initiated over cooling system, etc.) for the Karabong 57 Sloane Street
180 support groups in the past ten ARV Clinic which has assisted in Bryanston 2021
years. These support groups have been serving close to 3,000 patients on ART Tel: +27 11 745 6000
sustainable through the ongoing support and close to 6,500 people enrolled for Fax: +27 11 388 7000
and affiliation to SADAG. Pre-ART. www.gsk.com

Best of South Africa 207

Inala Technologies
Technology and Communications

Inala’s core competency lies in electronic engineering as

applied to the telecommunications, GSM, avionics, broadcast
and electronic design and maintenance industries

208 Best of South Africa

Inala distributes and supports equipment and
solutions from leading manufacturers and
suppliers in these domains and contributes
high-tech equipment of its own design and
manufacture to this comprehensive portfolio.
As a result, Inala has become a supplier of
choice in South and sub-Saharan Africa.

Inala Distribution is the leading supplier

of network test, coverage enhancement,
monitoring and management solutions for
wireless and fixed networks in southern
Africa. Inala Distribution also specialises
in complete fibre-optic solutions, power
monitoring and fuel cells.

Suppliers include Tektronix, ADC

Krone, Cellvine, Bird Technology Group,
Kingfisher, Corridor Technologies, Dranetz
BMI and IdaTech.

Inala Broadcast offers integrated turnkey

solutions to the Broadcast, Professional
HD/DV, Display Technology and Surveillance
industries in Southern Africa. Inala’s offerings
to the broadcast and professional television
and video markets include equipment for
on-air and live events, news broadcasting,
audio/video routing and networking, media
management, virtual studios and digital
effects solutions. Inala Broadcast was networks (DPAM) and the remote monitoring Black Economic Empowerment
recently contracted to supply a full turnkey and management of assets, environmental Inala’s BEE strategy has been aligned with
system for the establishment of the CNBC and access control at remote cellular base the seven components of transformation of
Africa facility in Johannesburg and regional stations (SAM2). the ICT BEE Charter.
Bureaus in Cape Town, Nigeria and Kenya. Additional SAM2 base station applications Today, Inala Technologies is an accredited
include generator controllers and the SAM2 Level 4 BEE employer with a proven
Suppliers include Dolby, Miranda, Hybrid or Energy Conservation Control track record of supporting previously
Thomson Grass Valley and JVC (EPCC) function, an application used to disadvantaged individuals (PDIs) and
conserve overall operational costs through communities through financial, social,
Inala Service’s SANAS-Accredited Service intelligent remote power management. educational and business assistance.
and Calibration laboratories in Johannesburg Inala has a PDI staff of 45 from a total staff
and Stellenbosch (No. 142, 542, 742) are Inala Installations is in the process of complement of 90.
certified for Electrical (AC and DC), Time integrating and commissioning Inala’s Andile Ngcaba, Chairman of Inala and
and Frequency as well as Radio Frequency Systems products into the some of the former Director General of the South African
calibration facilities. largest multinational network operators in Department of Communications, is head
Africa. All work is carried out according to of the Yottabyte Consortium with a 41.5%
Inala Systems gives the company the agility prescribed quality, operational and safety investment in Inala Technologies.
to address niche applications by creating standards.
sophisticated, innovative and high-tech
applications for the local and international Inala Training in support of the local industry,
telecommunications and GSM markets Inala Training takes promising graduate
Applications such as monitoring the students from Universities and Technikons
complete cellular feeder and antenna system and leads them through practical training into
of Base Transmitter Stations (B-MON), gainful employment both in house and with
monitoring alarms on 2.048 Mb/s digital customers. INALA TECHNOLOGIES (PTY) LTD
Inala House, 557 15th Road,
Randjespark, Midrand, South Africa
Postal Address: Private Bag X131,
Halfway House, 1685, South Africa
Tel: +27 11 206 8300
Fax: +27 11 206 8333
Email: info@inala.co.za

Best of South Africa 209

FoneWorx was started in 1997 as a value-added service provider
and has grown into a listed enterprise now providing a broad
range of services within the ICT and telecommunications arena
by offering these services throughout Africa

FoneWorx has developed its own the-art computer hosting centre which services hosted and operated throughout
technology platform for the purposes of comprises biometric secure entry, motion Africa. To this end FoneWorx has
hosting all the various divisions and has detection, fire detection, underfloor air- established contractual relationships with
service provider agreements with Telkom, conditioning and wiring, uninterrupted over 56 mobile networks in 42 countries
MTN, Vodacom and Cell C. The platform power supply, generator back-up and 24/7 throughout Africa.
currently comprises in excess of 1,300 monitoring facilities. FoneWorx has its own sales team
channels of digital voice and data, which FoneWorx provides a range of value- which is responsible for soliciting work
makes it one of the largest independent added services offered either on a bureau- from a broad range of clients and, more
platforms in South Africa. based principle or bespoke services specifically, advertising agencies that
which can be deployed in a client’s own operate on behalf of a wide range of Fast
Infotainment Services particular environment. FoneWorx is Moving Consumer Goods companies
the preferred supplier of value-added (“FMCG”). The sales team is responsible
FoneWorx employs its own full-time mobile services to the South African for interacting with the client in terms of
programmers for the development, hosting Broadcasting Corporation (“SABC”) and in providing input on script writing, creative
and management of all its applications. addition thereto is the preferred supplier of input and the development and hosting of a
The company has developed a state-of- interactive SMS services to MultiChoice for particular service which is in alignment with

210 Best of South Africa

the client’s particular marketing objectives.
FoneWorx has a sales team in Gauteng,
Durban and Western Cape.

Business Services

FoneWorx has developed its own range of

unique business services which are aimed
at a broad range of users, from individuals
to SOHO to SMME’s and also incorporates
medium and large corporates.
These services include, inter alia: Telco
Services & Products, Business & Legal
Forms, Address Book, Data Storage,
Fax2Email, PC2Fax, SMS, Email, VoIP Call,
Accounting, SurveyOnline, Diary Services,
Conference Call, Credit Card Processing
and Auto Receptionist (PBX).
FoneWorx markets and sells its range of
business services via its own sales team
and also through a dealer network which
currently is in excess of 130 dealers. these skill sets to deploy a product orientated within the Infotainment Services division.
Dealers range from individual consulting around the Financial Intelligence Centre The FoneWorx CDP is a facilitator of data
companies to large corporates who have Act (“FICA”) as well as the Regulation of collection for knowledge creation, which helps
been trained to sell the business services Interception of Communications and Provision cluster and segment the customer database
developed and hosted by FoneWorx. of Communication-related Information Act and re-shape its profile. By combining
New business services will constantly (“RICA”). This particular skill set enables objective facts (transaction data) and
be developed, both within the voice and FoneWorx to provide card or token-based subjective opinions and attitudes (customer
data arena and will include Voice-over IP applications relating to identity access survey data) the CDP can be instrumental in
applications in line with the liberalization management and includes biometric measuring and consequently changing the
of the telecommunications environment. applications associated with such card or behaviour of the customer and consequently
FoneWorx also has a Value-Added Network token. The services include the digitisation achieving service quality and efficiency.
Services license. of large volumes of documents into secure
and encrypted vaults enabling accountable
Switching Services institutions to access such information on a For further information, contact:
secure basis using Public Key Infrastructure National Telephone: +27 11 293 0000
FoneWorx has developed a unique storage and digital certificates. Switching Services National Fax: +27 866 151 627
and retrieval facility orientated around Anti- also incorporates Customer Differentiation Email: msmith@foneworx.co.za
Money Laundering (“AML”) and identity Programmes (“CDP”) which are closely www.foneworx.co.za
access management and has incorporated aligned to the same clients that are serviced www.youridentity.co.za

Best of South Africa 211

Boston City Campus

& Business College

Education. For Life

Boston City Campus was founded in 1991, towards UNISA degrees, there are now over
with the intention to better equip UNISA 100 different career paths from which the
students to succeed in their examinations. learner can choose. From an initial 6 learners
The spectacular results obtained by UNISA in 1991, Boston City Campus & Business
students in their examinations resulted in College has grown to 47 Colleges nationwide,
Boston City Campus expanding beyond with over 25 000 learners in 2008.
expectations. Since inception, where Boston As they grew, new divisions were formed
City Campus was only offering tuition to address the specific needs of learners.

212 Best of South Africa

Boston is very involved in learnerships and Accounting, Legal, Secretarial and Office
offers a full support through a dedicated Administration, Collective Investments,
learnership department, these services Service Industry, Financial Services and
include recruitment, training and project selected UNISA Degrees.
management of learnership programmes. Boston is proud to be associated with
Branches are now established in the the following accreditation, certifying and
following centres: Alberton, Bedfordview, professional bodies: SABPP, ISETT SETA,
Bellville, Benoni, Bloemfontein, SERVICES SETA, INSETA, CompTIA
Braamfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East (Gold Class Education Provider Partner),
London, Francistown, Gaborone, George, PROMETRIC, University of South Africa,
Germiston, Johannesburg City Centre, Pastel, The Association of Chartered
Kempton Park, Kimberley, Krugersdorp, Certified Accountants, ICB, LG SETA,
Klerksdorp, Mokopane, Nelspruit, ACCA, Microsoft and the Financial
Orange Grove, Paarl, Pietermaritzburg, Management Institute of Southern Africa.
Polokwane, Pinetown, Potchefstroom, Port Boston strives to enhance, uplift and
Elizabeth, Port Shepstone, Pretoria North, continuously improve the quality of life long
Pretoria Arcadia, Randburg, Queenstown, education and training in Southern Africa
Roodepoort, Richards Bay, Sandton, through their commitment to “Education.
Stanger, Rustenburg, Swaziland Ezulwini For Life.”
Boston School of Finance was born to Valley, Springs, Tzaneen, Swaziland
address the needs of the Financial Services Tshanini, Umhlanga, Welkom, Vereeniging
Industry and Boston Technology Campus to and Witbank.
address the needs of the IT Industry. The following Learning Programmes are
Boston offers tuition on full-time, part-time available at Boston: HIV/AIDS, Information
and flexible study options, to meet the needs Technology, Media Status, Management,
of the learners, and registrations are open Business Management (UNISA), Hospitality
throughout the year. and Leisure, Marketing and Sales, www.boston.co.za

Best of South Africa 213

Don Suite Hotels
Corporate Profiles

With a strategic presence in key locations in Southern Africa

and a firm commitment to providing the best service and
environment at unbeatable prices, the Don Suite Hotels
group has become a force to be reckoned with in the
hospitality industry.

214 Best of South Africa

company. In 2002 it received the PMR Award
as the Empowerment Company of the Year,
in 2006 it was named by Empowerdex as
the second most empowered organization
listed on the JSE Securities Exchange
South Africa, and placed third in 2007.
The company’s hands-on approach to
empowerment ensures that their affirmative
action policy is linked to performance
management. This means that candidates
who display the most merit and potential
join the ranks of the group’s enthusiastic
team. Employees are encouraged to
pursue a career path within the group,
receiving ongoing training and opportunities
for personal and professional growth
wherever possible. This talent identification
and retention programme keeps Don
Suite Hotels globally competitive and
helps to retain top quality individuals.
Don Suite Hotels has a number of
social responsibility programmes in place.
These include investing a portion of the
profits into meaningful community-based
projects in order to uplift the society in
which the company operates, as well as
participating in industry-wide initiatives to
develop disadvantaged communities and
Many features set this company apart. where competition is fierce and service promote national economic success.
The innovative concept of extended-stay paramount, Don Suite has consistently “All who work for Don take great pride
suites provides guests with a spacious excelled. However, far from resting on in the many features that make us different
home-from-home environment ideal its well-deserved laurels, the company from other hotels and hotel groups in
for those travelers who are spending continues to raise the bar and strive South Africa,” says CEO Thabiso Tlelai
considerable amounts of time away. The towards further improvement. The slogan who heads up the professional and
warm hearty welcome and top quality “Fetch Them and Please Them, Happily,” dedicated team at Don Suite Hotels.
service that has formed the cornerstone of shows how Don Suite has branded and
Don Suite Hotels’ reputation, guarantees entrenched its full-service corporate culture.
that these guests will return time and time The biggest factor that differentiates this
again. The company’s core values include multi-branded hospitality group from others Don Central Reservations:
friendliness, efficiency and enthusiasm. in the country is that Don Suite Hotels has Tel: +27 11 709 1900 or 0860 366 737
Even when judged by the demanding the distinction of being the first fully BEE Email: res@don.co.za
standards of the hospitality industry (black economically empowered) hotel www.don.co.za

Best of South Africa 215

MoTo-Maintenance Plan
Corporate Profiles

Providing today’s motorists with peace

of mind for tomorrow.

Moto-Maintenance Plan offers a fully A future step for the Moto-Lube group
comprehensive cover for all makes of is to sell pre-owned cars with motor-
vehicles, covering all maintenance and maintenance.
servicing expenses. MoTo-Lube is an outright leader in
This facility is backed by the Automobile motor vehicle servicing and repairs due
Association of South Africa and with to a unique approach to maintenance and
each plan sold the customer receives reliable service. Only top quality branded
free AA membership, guaranteeing their parts, which are on hand are used. They
customers hassle-free motoring, and ensure that the best service, best quality
funding tomorrows motoring costs at and best possible value at the lowest
today’s prices. Moto-Maintenance Plan possible price is provided.
also enhances the resale value of vehicles Over the past 16 years MoTo-Lube has
covered by this plan. expanded to five outlets, all of which are

216 Best of South Africa

Peak Performance/Moto-Lube specialises
in different motor-related fields: Moto-
Maintenance Plan; Peak Performance; Dent
& Mag; Moto-Wash; Moto-Hire; Sound and
Security and Franchise Opportunities.

Moto-Lube specialists are to be found at:

Fourways Crossing
Spares: +27 11 467-0818/9
Service: +27 11 467-0821

Spares: +27 11 315-7663
Spares: +27 11 315-1269

run on the same principle of uniformity invite interaction between clients and Parkmore
and premier quality of service and their professional workshop teams. Spares: +27 11 883-0942/3
maintenance. Constant brand-building has They are constantly growing and Service: +27 11 784-0478
resulted in their renowned reputation. improving their service and acknowledge
Strategically situated in prime it is vital to maintain all makes of cars and Rivonia
positions, MoTo-Lube outlets in Parkmore, to have the appropriate equipment and Spares: +27 11 803 -0096/0876
Wendywood, Fourways, Rivonia and parts in which to do so. Each branch is Service: +27 11 803-0084
Midrand are ideally placed. East and West equipped with diagnostic trouble code
Rand are targeted for future branches. readers, used for fault diagnosis on Wendywood
While building long-term vehicles, as well as on-board disc and hub Tel: +27 11 444-9090/2/3
relationships with their customers, calibrating systems, dynamometers, wheel
MoTo-Lube take pride in being alignment machines, exhaust benders,
transparent in all their dealings and number plate machines, etc. www.motolube.co.za

Best of South Africa 217

Chapter 11
Finance and Investment

218 Best of South Africa

“Though I am grateful for the blessings of wealth,
it hasn’t changed who I am. My feet are still on
the ground. I’m just wearing better shoes.”

Oprah Winfrey

Best of South Africa 219

Alexander Forbes
Finance and Investment

Alexander Forbes is a leading provider of financial, risk

and insurance and multi-manager investment solutions

The primary operations are based in management, and specialist areas of individuals. We are represented by a
South Africa and the United Kingdom. aviation, marine, professional indemnity, countrywide network with offices in all
A significant network of subsidiaries political and credit risk, transportation main centres.
and partners ensures we provide an and other special risks. By committing ourselves to a
outstanding level of service to our As a leading independent provider of thorough understanding of your lifestyle
customers internationally. risk management services, Alexander and reacting rapidly to your ever-
Alexander Forbes’ customers include Forbes Risk Services has the expertise changing requirements, we are geared
small, medium and large organisations, necessary to deliver informed and to design and market a growing range
specialist groups and individuals. We innovative risk management solutions. of niche products tailored to meet your
focus on our customers to deliver an Our experience, gained over seventy evolving needs.
efficient and innovative local service years of providing expert advice, ensures Our brands serve different sectors of
by empowered people wherever we that your business risk-related needs are the individual market and include tailored
operate. focused on and your risks dealt with in household insurances incorporating
the most appropriate manner. contents, all risks, motor, buildings and
Alexander Forbes Risk Services specialised covers.
The activities of Risk Services include Alexander Forbes Insurance (AFI) We also offer personalised Group
corporate insurance broking, risk AFI is a specialist, dynamic team Schemes and approved motor brand and
management and risk finance consulting, focused on bringing outstanding 4x4 vehicle covers.
cell captive insurance facilities, claims customer service to affinity groups and For advice and information on any of

220 Best of South Africa

our products and services, please call the retirement fund members to use a portion of Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia,
AFI Service Centre on 0860 100 000. their fund credit as security for a loan when Ghana, Guinea, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mali,
buying or improving a primary residence. Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria,
Alexander Forbes Financial Services Trust Services invests and manages funds on Reunion, Senegal, Sudan, Togo and Tunisia.
The activities of Financial Services include behalf of the dependants of deceased fund Facilitating cross-border trade through our
the administration, consulting and actuarial members. extensive network on the African continent
calculations relating to retirement funds, provides a challenge which, through access
communication in all areas of employee African Network (AfriNet) to the Group’s extensive skills and resource
benefits, asset consulting, providing Alexander Forbes is represented in nearly base, Alexander Forbes is more than equipped
business solutions and independent 40 African countries through subsidiaries, to meet. Our AfriNet network is the largest
assessments, management of clients’ health associate companies and correspondents. provider of risk, insurance broking and
care programmes, and through the health We have offices in Botswana, Kenya, employee benefits in Africa.
management division, an integrated approach Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, The African network is co-ordinated by
to the management of HIV/Aids employee Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Sandton based Alexander Forbes AfriNet
absenteeism and disability. Zimbabwe. Investments.
Services to individuals include financial We are represented by correspondents in
planning, including estate planning, tax, death Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Head Office contact number:
and disability benefit services and retirement Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Tel: +27 11 269 0000
and investment planning. HomePlan allows Republic, Chad, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, DRC, www.alexanderforbes.com

Best of South Africa 221

Finance and Investment

American Express Foreign Exchange offers travellers

throughout South Africa the reassurance that their
foreign exchange needs will be taken care of in true
Blue Box fashion.

With over 50 outlets strategically located a trip abroad can enjoy the international
throughout the country, American Express support of the world’s most trusted brand
Foreign Exchange is the only name that together with in-depth local knowledge,
travellers need to know. Most local travel commitment and contacts.
agents refer their customers to American American Express offers foreign and local
Express Foreign Exchange, so those planning currency available in all major denominations

222 Best of South Africa

and can help you exchange your money
easily and without hassle. Travellers’ cheques,
originally invented by American Express, can
be purchased or sold at any of their branches.
American Express debit cards allow users to
perform transactions at any ATM in the local
currency, safely and conveniently. Free delivery
of foreign exchange and travellers’ cheques is
available by arrangement.
American Express Foreign Exchange
branches specialise in foreign exchange. This
allows the knowledgeable staff to give your
money the focus it deserves, and enables
you to enjoy the benefit of the company’s
local and international know-how, as well
as its streamlined processes. The pay-off
line, “There’s nothing foreign about us,”
emphasises that although foreign exchange
can be confusing, clients at American Express
will be made to feel right at home, and will be
given confidence and peace of mind every
step of the way.
With highly competitive exchange rates
and a full breakdown of all costs associated
with the purchase or sale of foreign exchange,
American Express is able to offer the best total
deal every time, offering outstanding value for
money as well as consistency.
Top-class service is another priority. When
you visit the specially branded American
Express outlets, you will enjoy the kind of
service that recently secured this company
the ASATA Award for Best Foreign Exchange
Provider for the third consecutive year. To
locate your closest Amex branch, simply
phone the national Call Centre on 08600
FOREX (36739).
Wherever you go, whether around beautiful
South Africa or around the world, make sure
you have the peace of mind that comes
from dealing with the world’s largest foreign Call Centre: 08600 FOREX (36739)
exchange organisation, with a reputation for Head Office: +27 11 550 9000
trust, integrity and value that has been upheld Email: info@americanexpressforex.co.za
for more than 150 successful years. www.americanexpressforex.co.za

Best of South Africa 223

Economic transformation at
Finance and Investment

the centre of NEF mandate

The National Empowerment Fund (NEF) is a leading funder of
black business and a custodian for engendering a culture of
saving and investment among black people in South Africa.

Since 2004, the NEF has approved Warehousing. Corporate Funding ranges
funding worth R1 billion to black from R5 million to R100 million.
entrepreneurs, and launched its first BEE The iMbewu Fund is a suite of products
retail product, the historic NEF Asonge aimed specifically at black entrepreneurs
Share Scheme, in June 2007. wanting to start new businesses as well
as supporting existing black-owned
Fund Management businesses with expansion capital. iMbewu
The NEF processes funding products include entrepreneurship finance,
applications by black businesses procurement finance, franchise finance, rural
for start-up, expansion and equity and community development projects. Here
acquisition objectives through its Fund funding ranges from R250 000 to R20 million.
Management Division (FMD). FMD is
structured into two funding operations, Codes of Good Practice
namely the Corporate Fund and the Importantly, the NEF plays a critical role in
iMbewu Fund. the implementation of the Codes of Good
The Corporate Fund offers several Practice (the Codes) that emanate from the
products aimed at improving access to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
BEE capital, namely Acquisition Finance, (BB-BEE) Act of 2003.
Project Finance, Expansion Finance, NEF CEO, Ms Philisiwe Buthelezi, says
Capital Markets Fund and Liquidity and the NEF product offering was designed to

224 Best of South Africa

it believes offer the most meaningful Non-financial Support
possibility for optimising black economic The NEF has two non-financial business-
transformation. While it places precedence support units. The Pre-investment Business
on commercial viability, other softer Unit comprises five professionals that review
measures and indicators also enjoy on average 100 applications per month,
corresponding rank, such as: and assists entrepreneurs in navigating
the necessary application procedures.
• Compliance with all relevant laws This unit also helps with funding advice,
• Black management and operational business planning and general assistance
involvement to ensure applications are of good quality, if
• Risk sharing by entrepreneurs the original business plan is sound and has
• Black women empowerment strong viable merit.
• Community involvement Secondly, the Post-Investment Business
• Black ownership compling with the NEF Unit is a specialized team comprising seven
product criteria professionals, and has a formal structure that
• Job creation monitors the NEF’s investees’ performance for
• Geographic location of business risk, and provides ongoing business support
when required. This support includes free
address the funding challenges relating to While these measures form part of the mentorship and business coaching to its
the achievement of the seven pillars of the developmental ethos, the NEF has existing clients.
Codes – ownership, management control, adopted as the underlying theme of its The NEF will also be investing R8m in the
employment equity, skills development, strategic plan, ensuring that it funds those development of a Mentorship Panel as an
preferential procurement, enterprise businesses that demonstrate commercial extension of its Post Investment support.  The
development and socio-economic viability as well as reasonable prospect for panel will be launched in due course and will
development. success. include experts in various business disciplines
“Accordingly, we measure and assess the located throughout the country.  The services
NEF’s impact not only on the basis of financial Business Plan Tool of the panel would be available to NEF
return, but in accordance with what we In response to the constraints facing some investee companies within certain guidelines,
refer to as the ‘Empowerment Dividend’, an black entrepreneurs, such as the challenge free of charge.
investment methodology which enables the in producing top-quality business plans
NEF to pursue national priorities such as BB- and the lack of accurate and reliable
BEE, the dti’s industrial policy objectives and financial information from applicants, the
the targeted government programmes such as NEF has developed a comprehensive
the Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative online Business Plan tool, due to be made
for South Africa (ASGISA),” she adds. available to the public on the NEF website,
www.nefcorp.co.za. The tool is designed For more information contact NEF on:
Funding Criteria to assist applicants in improving and Tel: +27 11 305 8000
The NEF has developed funding criteria refining the quality of their business plans. www.nefcorp.co.za

Best of South Africa 225

Chapter 12
Conferencing, Exhibitions and Marketing

226 Best of South Africa

“No grand idea was ever born in a conference,
but a lot of foolish ideas have died there.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Best of South Africa 227

Conferencing, Exhibitions and Marketing

Exhibitions Association of
South Africa (EXSA)
EXSA’s core strategy is to actively grow and
develop the exhibition and events industry
within Southern Africa. This is achieved
through promoting the unique benefits
offered by exhibitions and events, and raising
the profile of their members which include
venues, organisers and suppliers.

Southern African Association for the

Conference Industry (SAACI)
SAACI is dedicated to maintaining and
improving the standards of efficiency and
professionalism for the conference and
events industry in Southern Africa. SAACI
has over 800 members from a variety of
sectors, including conference venues,
conference and event organisers and a
large variety of service providers such
as audio visual, entertainment, decor,
There is not an industry in South Africa that week in the South African calendar where catering, marketing and many more.
does not have a trade show, conference a vibrant display is not being created. With South Africa boasts some of the
or exhibition associated to it, which this industry being so large and hugely finest exhibition and conference venues
has resulted in the Exhibition Industry competitive, South Africa has positioned in the world, with new multi-purpose
contributing R156.8 billion to the national itself as a world-class destination offering complexes under construction. The
economy (2007 EXSA Research Study). facilities in line with international standards biggest and most exciting of these is
With exhibitions ranging from household from strategically positioned venues, to the the Tshwane International Convention
hobbies to international car shows and latest technology and services associated Centre, designed in the shape of Africa,
world-wide conventions, there is not a to the industry. launched in 2008.

228 Best of South Africa

The new East London International and Conference Centre, Montecasino, For further information:
Convention Centre due to be completed Gallagher Estate, The Coca-Cola Dome, Southern African Association for the
early in 2009, will be Southern Africa’s only Durban International Convention Centre, Conference Industry
beachfront convention centre, this complex Cape Town International Convention www.saaci.co.za
will also be the only conference and exhibition Centre, and Grand West Casino in
venue of its magnitude in the Eastern Cape. Goodwood, Cape Town. Exhibition Association of South Africa
Other premier centres in South Africa are www.exsa.co.za
the Sandton Convention Centre, Nasrec
Expo Centre, Wanderers Stadium, Sun Searchable conference venues by province
City, Emperors Palace, The Pyramid Venue www.sa-venues.com

Best of South Africa 229

Emperors Palace Hotel,
Conferencing and Exhibitions

Casino and Convention Resort

An opulent conference facility next to the O.R. Tambo
International Airport, Johannesburg

Location makes this venue the ultimate

conference, exhibition and event facility.
Emperors Palace offers a diverse range
of multi-purpose venues and breakaway
rooms with extensive technical resources
including Wi-Fi connectivity. Catering for
groups of eight to 3,000, Emperors Palace
excels in three essential ingredients -
superb cuisine, impeccable service and an
elegant atmosphere. Whatever the event,
presidential or private, formal or frivolous,
business or celebratory, with more than 20
unique and adjustable venues, Emperors
Palace is the perfect destination. Each venue
is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual
equipment including multi-media capabilities
and flexible lighting.
No request is too large, no detail too
small, everyone embraces a shared
philosophy to fulfill every wish. The resort
has three hotels which include the ultra
luxury 5-star D’oreale Grande, the deluxe

230 Best of South Africa

3-star Mondior and existing 3-star Metcourt Peermont has a host of properties
Laurel, all conveniently situated next to in spectacular locations in Southern
O.R. Tambo International Airport (with a Africa, most offering the added benefit
free shuttle service to and from the airport). of overnight facilities, your conference
Another new 3-star select services 248-key is guaranteed to be easily accessible,
Metcourt Hotel is officially due to officially well managed and successful. Whether
open in March 2009. This gem caters you’re looking for a beachside resort,
specifically to the demand for large groups urban retreat or a city setting, Peermont
and creates a new standard of modern, Hotels, Casinos and Resorts offers a
contemporary convenience and functionality. plethora of destinations and facilities
It will have a spacious ground floor reception and its properties can host everything
area for large group check-ins, a business from small sized board meetings to large For group conference enquiries, please
centre, boardroom, pool area and restaurant, conferences and extravagant celebrations, contact the Peermont Sales Office:
increasing the Resort’s accommodation and are able to deliver creative, unique Tel: +27 11 557 0557
capacity to 674 rooms. and memorable events. There is a or email: sales@peermont.com
But Emperors Palace is more than just a choice of 14 premium, 3-, 4- and 5-star or go to www.peermont.com
conference venue with its host of activities hotels each complemented by superior For individual room bookings at any
like the casino, restaurants, bars, a health conferencing facilities, world-class Peermont Hotel contact
spa, Ubunye Museum and the Odeon restaurants, indulgent day spas, pulsating Central Reservations on 0860 777 900
Showbar. It is also filled with flamboyant entertainment and championship golf or +27 11 557 0777
works of art, a garden grand enough to suit courses, thus providing superior luxury email: reservations@peermont.com
a Roman Villa and manicured lawns. and relaxation for delegates and partners. or go to www.peermont.com to book online.

Best of South Africa 231

Bringing South Africa and the
Conferencing and Exhibitions

World to Emonti

East London International Convention the profile of Premier Hotels and Resort
Centre (ELICC) managed by Premier Hotels International as a leading role player in the
& Resorts International is scheduled to open province, but it will also stimulate economic
its doors early 2009. Southern Africa’s only growth in the city of East London.
beachfront convention centre, this complex Located on the Esplanade, and
will also be the only conference and exhibition incorporating the 254 roomed Premier
venue of its magnitude in the Eastern Cape. Hotel Emonti as well as the adjacent 175
The unique positioning of the ELICC, allows rooms of the Premier Hotel Regent, the
it to become a central convergence point complex offers a range of accommodation
between all the major centres of South Africa. options to complement the ELICC. The
This private sector initiative will not only raise entire complex features a 600-seater

232 Best of South Africa

Room style conferencing for up to 1,400 your ‘away-from-the-office’ event is both
delegates, and the largest room able to productive and memorable.
accommodate 2,150 delegates cinema style.
In addition to the ELICC, the 11 conference MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing
rooms of the Premier Hotel Regent are able to & Events) SOLUTIONS
host from 10 – 800 delegates and is currently Premier Hotels & Resorts International
the largest conference facility in a hotel offers the combination of expertly equipped,
environment in the Eastern Cape. unique and well positioned venues both to
local and international markets alike. We have
About Premier Hotels & Resorts dedicated and creative event teams expertly
International trained to assist you in achieving your event
Premier Hotels offers a range of city and out-
of-town hotels, lodges and resorts in both
mainstream and exotic destinations. They are
hand-picked for their location, unique style,
and their ability to play host to that special
travel and leisure experience.

Premier’s Game portfolio offers a number of
game lodges of repute and character in both
easily-accessible destinations for a corporate
breakaway, as well as ‘deep-bush’ locations
for that authentic wilderness experience.

Auditorium, a 2,200m² Exhibition hall, three The corporate portfolio of Premier Hotels
Conference rooms with a combined floor offers hotels and conference venues carefully
space of 800m², multiple breakaway and selected in mainstream and regional business
board rooms, and various restaurants. and travel destinations. These versatile
The ELICC’s multi functional conference properties offer the level of luxury and
venues equipped with state-of–the-art opulence in accommodation and state of Premier Hotels & Resorts International:
technology are suitable for conferencing; the art conferencing facilities that you would Cape Town, East London, Durban,
breakaway sessions; presentations; expect from a top portfolio. Our telesales Port Edward, Pretoria
workshops; exhibitions; concerts, cocktail and consultants are trained to take away the Head Office: +27 43 705 5000
banqueting events which can accommodate hassle and stress from business travel and Email: info@premierhotels.co.za
from small meetings for groups of 10, School conference organizing, and will ensure www.premierhotels.co.za

Best of South Africa 233

For each and every occasion,
there is a season.
For those who know that memorable events and principal occasions
merit an exceptional setting, there is a place where the most
discerning demands are met, gracefully, perfectly and completely.

Summer Place combines classic design, A time and space for all things of versatile configurations of rooms,
décor and ambience with sheer joie de vivre, importance facilities and services are available to
harmoniously and elegantly. Summer Place is unsurpassed as set the scene for strategic discussions,
Its character is generous rather than rich, a venue for conferences, business key negotiations, private break-aways or
welcoming its guests without overwhelming functions and events. A professional commercial celebrations. Surroundings
them. It is a place where the most yet warm ambiance has been created, conducive to the creation of wealth,
distinguished of visitors can feel contented. where it is abundantly clear to see, provide tangible inspiration for sound
Truly a place for all seasons. that business, truly matters. Efficient, decision-making and significant action.

234 Best of South Africa

that indoor and outdoor spaces flow naturally have each been selected for their ability to
into each other, adding a further sense of unity contribute to a greater whole than the sum
and togetherness. Subtlety of design has also of their parts. Assistance is available for
created space for seclusion, without requiring planning and theme management, over and
those in search of a moment of private above the details of logistical and practical
thought, to stray too far from the central considerations.
entertainment area. If professional, discreet and considerate
service can be seen as an art, then here is a
Where refinement of taste is customary place where the exceptional has become the
Banqueting facilities at Summer Place offer rule. A place that is unique and fulfilling in
versatility and flexibility in perfect accord every aspect of conferencing, banqueting and
with excellence and tradition. Kosher and executive business facilitation, a place that
non-kosher kitchens, staffed by accredited adds warmth to every occasion.
caterers, are able to tantalise the most
discerning of palates with a variety of menu
options, suited to individual preference and
budget. Served in gracious surroundings
For laughter, joy and celebration with impeccable style, matched with superior 69 Melville Road
Set in classically landscaped gardens, crockery, silver table appointments and Hyde Park, Johannesburg
surrounding an elegant pool where sparkling linen of the finest quality, every occasion at Tel: +27 11 447 9744
fountains splash around a magnificent bronze Summer Place, becomes an event in itself. Fax: +27 11 880 2050
sculpture, Summer Place is an idyllic location E-mail: info@summerplacesa.com
for weddings and special occasions. The style A place that exceeds every expectation PO Box 413555, Craighall 2024
of architecture and proportion of buildings is Beyond the structures of Summer Place, South Africa
in such harmony with the rest of the property its personnel are closely-knit teams who www.summerplacesa.com

Best of South Africa 235

3D Affirms Position As
‘Best Exhibition Company’ In SA
The 3D Group of Companies, which collectively offer turnkey solutions
to companies exhibiting in trade and consumer fairs and expos in
South Africa and internationally, has proven that it is one of the best
in the industry with its consistent appearance on the awards podiums
over the years.

A group of strategic business units supplying Design category for its stand for CFP Tyres.
a seamless integration of exhibition services Exhibition organisers, Rowena Suthers and
including furniture hire, exhibition stand Liana Shaw, had no hesitation in awarding
design and construction, electrical hire, Gold to 3D based on its innovative design
portable displays, country pavilions and shell and precision stand construction.
schemes, 3D has in just eight months of Said Suthers: “It is always a pleasure
2008, for example, shone at Agri Foods Expo, to work with 3D. The entire team – from
Engen Retail Expo, Durban Motor Show, directors down to stand builders and
Tyrexpo, and Markex, to name but a few. electricians – is always professional, timeous
At the Durban Motor Show, the 3D and courteous. These qualities, while not
Group took two awards for stand design essential to constructing good exhibition
and construction: Gold for its stand for BP stands, certainly play a major role, however,
and Bronze for GWM (Great Wall Motors). in making their clients’ exhibition experiences
Both stands were based on the high quality as smooth as possible and ensuring them a
modular Octanorm system. Staying with successful show.”
the motoring theme, at Tyrexpo Africa, it The Group also won Best Stand at the
was awarded first place in the Best Stand Engen Retail Expo held at Sun City for a

236 Best of South Africa

the stand, to contrast passion with apathy, group’s business achievements in 2008
and highlight JTI’s commitment to its brands include:
and customers.
Another contrasting design element • Being appointed by BP to build its stands
was the ‘snow’ backdrops specially at three of the industry’s biggest exhibitions
created for the stand. Customers were – MPH 2008, Durban Motor Show, and
forgiven for thinking they were seeing AutoAfrica. 3D was recently awarded first
things – camels, in particular – around the place in the Best Stand Design category at
refreshment sections. The judges were Tyrexpo Africa for its stand for CFP Tyres.
impressed by its subtle reinforcement of • Partnering with three different exhibition
JTI’s leading brand. companies – the International Fashion
Hot on the heels of this win, it took Show, Toys for Boys and the Digital
the Best Stand Award for a stand it Life Expo – to assist them in creating
conceptualised and constructed for the memorable experiences for show visitors
Eastern Cape Development Corp (ECDC) by going 'beyond the box', or shell.
at the Agri Foods Expo held at Gallagher
Estate. During the year, the Group also remodelled
Finally, at Markex, four of the five its way of doing business to focus even more
stands built by the Group for this show closely on its customers and their needs and
were highly rated by the ‘best on show’ installed Maximizer CRM 10 from Maximizer
judges. 3D’s own stand was awarded Software. Maximizer Software provides easy-
‘Best Medium Size Stand’ while it to-use customer relationship management
achieved three ‘Highly Commended’ (CRM) software applications. Its Maximizer
for Trubok, Inspirit and the Sandton products help companies develop more
Convention Centre. responsive, personalised and profitable
The 3D stand incorporated extensive customer experiences.
backlighting and made local exhibition From the moment a potential customer’s
history by having 2,000 pieces of hand- name and contact details are entered into
hung Perspex suspended from the ceiling. the system, it will set in motion the chain
The stand’s theme was ‘Visit the Big Fish’, of events that will lead to the sale, and
stand it designed and constructed for JTI. a tongue-in-cheek reference to 3D’s size monitor them so that 3D does not let one
The stand was also based on the high quality and standing in the exhibition industry. single ball drop.
modular Octanorm system but, in addition, This theme was incorporated into the All 3D staff will have access to all contact
incorporated several new technologies and exhibition as well as the stand. At the information on every client. They will be
special effects to add excitement and drama entrance to Markex, visitors walked over able to see if there have been staff changes,
to the exhibit. For example, a super high the 3D interactive floor display depicting address changes etc. and can view any
definition plasma screen displayed an image a pond of Koi fish which moved whenever notes, documents etc. relating to each
of a fire in the fire place that was so real, someone walked over it. From here, 3D contact. In this way, by sharing the company’s
several visitors to the stand walked up to it to floor graphics lead the visitor to the 3D ‘Little Black Book’, the group will be able
warm their hands! stand, which was a water wonderland with to maximise its sales efforts and boost its
3D incorporated several ice sculptures a seamless plasma screen displaying its existing relationships further.
into the design – while not a ‘new’ special service, water bubbles rising from the floor
effect, the technology used to carve these and a coffee bar with overhead waves
sculptures is unique. As a result, they had – the 2 000 pieces of Perspex.
high impact and drew people on to the stand While it is having a great year when it
once they’d caught their eye. They also comes to awards, the Group is performing
contrasted with the fire elements used on well on the business front; several of the www.3ddesign.co.za

Best of South Africa 237

ADreach Group

A pioneer of strategic outdoor advertising solutions, the

ADreach Group of companies is one of South Africa’s
largest independent outdoor media owners.

Our innovative outdoor media applications allow for specific directional messaging, In addition to their community benefits, Street
offer the marketer frequency and reach bringing a unique and contemporary feel to Name Ads are an outstanding medium for the
through cost effective solutions that clearly the commercial street scenes of South Africa. delivery of repetitive messages to the highly
deliver the right message to the right lucrative and growing township market.
audience, over and over again. Illuminated Mini Billboards
Street Pole Ads, Illuminated Mini Billboards, Illuminated Mini Billboards combine the Event Ads
Street Name Ads, Event Ads, Sponsored efficiency of repetitive messaging with the Forming an integral part of the media
Road Traffic Signs, Billboards, Event Flags maximum impact achieved by large billboard mix supporting any successful event
and ID Lites form part of our national network type displays, for cost-effective delivery of campaign, Event Ads are located on major
of more than 40,000 advertising signs: brand messages 24 hours a day. routes to secure maximum exposure for
up to two weeks prior to events. High
Street Pole Ads Street Name Ads quality custom-designed frames offer slick
Street Pole Ads deliver consistent repetitive Implemented in Soweto more than 5 years brand presentation, with council bylaw
exposure on prime locations throughout ago, the ground-breaking Street Name Ads compliancy guaranteed.
South Africa, including schools, shopping pilot project facilitated the installation of
centres, gyms, office parks and high traffic 2500 street-name poles on township streets Sponsored Road Traffic Signs
volume routes. Double sided display panels previously without any street-name signage. Sponsored Road Traffic Signs is an

238 Best of South Africa

Event Flags social bodies via revenue streams from street
Bringing streets to life with an unparalleled furniture advertising opportunities.
flamboyance and flair, Event Flags are a
potent medium for establishing consistent Ongoing Innovation
brand awareness and increased attendance As South Africa prepares to present the face
at events. of Africa to the word in 2010, the ADreach
Group remains committed to the development
ID Lites of exceptional public environments through
Situated at busy intersections, internally streetscapes that compete with those of the
initiative between the Department of illuminated ID Lites provide 24-hour best cities in the world.
Transport and ADreach in association with advertising exposure whilst simultaneously Working together with local government
Arrive Alive. This public private partnership facilitating clear street name signage in to establish revitalised streetscapes with
delivers road safety and environmental suburbs across South Africa. Ideal for raising outstanding street furniture innovations,
messages to commuting audiences awareness and serving as directional signage, ADreach is proud to offer the technology,
whilst simultaneously offering effective ID Lites offer businesses a cost-effective experience and resources that make us South
commercial advertising opportunity on means of promoting their products and Africa’s market leader in innovative outdoor
previously inaccessible locations on services within their local communities. media alternatives.
provincial roads.
Community Contribution The ADreach Group
ADreach Billboards Boasting significant black economic Leading Africa into the 21st Century with
ADreach Billboards cater to demand empowerment credentials, ADreach’s world-class streetscapes.
for large-format advertising on superior entrepreneurial spirit is underpinned by
sites across South Africa. Our boutique a commitment to contribution within the
billboard offering covers prime locations communities that we serve.
meticulously selected to deliver maximum In addition, the Group generates significant
brand impact. ongoing revenues for various councils and www.adreach.co.za

Best of South Africa 239

Chapter 13
Building and Architecture

240 Best of South Africa

“No person who is not a great sculptor or
painter can be an architect. If he is not a
sculptor or painter, he can only be a builder.”

John Ruskin

Best of South Africa 241

South African Building and Architecture

In terms of democracy and freedom, South

Africa is a young country and this is clearly
reflected as our architects endeavour
to define the language of design, they
are creating fresh new styles. These are
eclectic, exciting, community-focused, and
influenced by the melting pot of cultures
from within the country’s borders. South
African architecture has increasingly
started to reflect its cultures, textures,
philosophical ideas, physical landscapes
and climatic conditions.
Buildings are being constructed with
naturally occurring materials and designed
to complement the physical landscape
that surrounds them. Today’s trends are
developing from existing classic, colonial
architecture, the post-modern minimalist
movement, and even African revival chic.

242 Best of South Africa

Going green is a modern buzzword, and
today’s environmentally friendly buildings
are designed to be trendy, user-friendly
and inspiring places. Architects are
moving towards using easily sourced local
materials, recycling water and building
materials, while incorporating green, energy
saving features into the design of the
buildings themselves.
Renovation and restoration of some
of South Africa’s glorious buildings of
yesteryear have also come to the forefront.
One of the most successful projects
recently was the restoration of Turbine Hall,
the old power station in Johannesburg,
into the new head office for AngloGold
Ashanti. This magnificent project mirrors the
extensive skill-base within the South African
building and architectural industry.

Best of South Africa 243

Tiber Bonvec Construction
Building and Architecture

Tiber Bonvec Construction is one of the

largest privately owned construction
companies in S.A. and has been active
in the Industry since 1951. The company
undertakes and delivers work in sectors
including corporate head offices, large
Industrial Warehousing, large Industrial
parks including specialist warehousing,
upscale residential developments, retail
Turbine Square – National winner developments and hotels.
of the 2007 Sapoa Some of the company’s recently
Awards for Innovative Excellence completed major developments include
in Property Development. the prestigious, award winning Turbine
Square Development in Newtown which

244 Best of South Africa

houses Anglo Gold’s head office as the is the successful delivery of their flagship
principal tenant. contract, Absa Capital head office. This
Another landmark contract executed by R450 million rand project included the most
Tiber is the highly visible Hollard Insurance complex tenant installation yet undertaken
head office in Parktown adjacent to the in S.A. The scope of work included the
M1 Highway, which followed on from the second largest data center of its kind world
conclusion of the redevelopment of the wide as well as all services including audio
Braamfontein Precinct which included the visual systems, building management and
extensive upgrading and extension of Sappi’s even including all the specialized service
head office as well as the spectacular Civic integrated desks and furniture.
Theatre dance studio. The Tiber brand has become synonomous
Tiber strives to continue to be the with quality, service and professionalism in
preferred solution in the commercial the construction and development industry Tel: +27 11 430 7700
development sector and evidence of this in Gauteng. E-mail: tiber@tiber.co.za

Best of South Africa 245

Helm Construction HELM
Building and Architecture

Construction (Pty) LTD

The highest standard of quality in residential construction

Helm is a registered member of the NHBRC

and Master Builders Association and was
founded in 1992 on the principles of quality
workmanship and client satisfaction. Over the
past 17 years, they have built a reputation as
residential construction experts, with attention
to detail and focus on client and architectural
vision, and ensured that more than 70% of
their business is sourced through referrals by
architects, developers and former clients.
Although Helm specialises in the
construction of middle and up-market housing,
it has also been involved in complicated
residential renovations, cluster developments,
townhouses, upmarket apartments, shopping
centres and commercial buildings.

246 Best of South Africa

the construction period. Great emphasis is
placed on understanding the client and their
expectations, as well as communication
between the client, the construction teams
and suppliers.
They also offer advice on sensible building
practices and even planning finishes to see
that every home is safe as well as beautiful
and gladly assist with recommendations on
the selection of stands, building plans and
Established relationships with professionals
Having adopted a long-term business and dedicated teams of specialist
approach, the company has a sound financial subcontractors ensure a smooth building
base with ethical business and management project. Helm uses preferred suppliers who are
principles. Healthy working relationships with specialists in their respective trades offering
their staff and suppliers ensure efficient and expert advice and providing proven quality
cost-effective management of each project. products and service. Helm’s expectations of
Years of experience in the construction quality and timelines are well-known amongst
industry have yielded a skilled and our subcontractors.
professional office and site employee base, On invitation, Helm has participated in
who are dedicated to proficiently complete the previous three “Star Homes Shows” and Tel: +27 11 475 3129
each project. won the best overall house at the exhibition +27 11 475 3130
Helm’s client-centric approach to building at Cedar Lakes. They have had a number of +27 11 475 3131
has earned them a glowing reputation with projects featured on Top Billing and have also Fax: +27 11 475 3132
industry professionals and clients alike. Their had numerous homes published in S.A. Home Cell: +27 82 414 6843
professional client liaison department ensures Owner magazine, Habitat magazine and Best Email: helm@helmconstruction.co.za
that unnecessary stress is avoided during of South Africa. www.helmconstruction.co.za

Best of South Africa 247

Archen Architecture
Archen is a dynamic company that has
been in existence for over ten years.

248 Best of South Africa

Archen Architecture has established itself Archen’s service has diversified into the
predominantly in the upmarket residential new ARCHEN GROUP which now offers a
market as well as commercial and high turnkey solution which provides a hassle
end industrial. free building solution to its clients with
Archen’s focus on proper planning and the inclusion of Architects, Engineers and
flow of the plan ensure the success of Interior Designers on the project full time.
each project and the total satisfaction of Archen always keeps ahead with its
each and every client. modern approach to any style, yet still
Archen makes use of the latest 3D keeping the form and function of the
modeling software which enables the building in mind.
client to view the finished product from the
initial design presentation. www.archen.co.za

Best of South Africa 249

G3 Design
G3 Design is a full service Design and Management
Company. Over the years we have created, managed
and assembled dynamic projects that make a strong and
sophisticated corporate identity statement for this country’s,
and indeed some of the continents leading companies.

We pride ourselves in the diversity of G3 Design takes a comprehensive brief from ceilings and bulkheads that assist in defining
Design related skills that we offer our the client, where we engage an understanding open spaces.
clients. G3 Design has over the past few of the clients requirements and desires. Every façade, room and angle is
years successfully completed Projects in G3 Design is an established and dynamic detailed with specific attention to ensure
the following fields: practice that has its roots in Architectural that all aspects work in synergy with the
and Interior Design. With this grounding, desired theme. Balance and proportion is
• Architecture our team assesses the brief, the site and exceptionally important in all aspects, from
• Alterations the environment to provide the client with a the articulated roof lines down to intricate
• New Homes and Offices design that exceeds their expectations. shopfitting and detailing.
• Corporate Interiors Every aspect of the project is designed and We offer a commitment to ensuring that
• Retail Interiors detailed from floor detailing to the treatment of your project is completed punctually and with

250 Best of South Africa

integrity to Design and Design Aesthetics, we
hope that you seriously consider G3 Design
as your choice to a successful project.

Tel: +27 11 658 1002/3

Facsimile: 086 60 G3 FAX
Mobile: +27 83 456 3204

Best of South Africa 251

Armadillo Concepts
Building and Architecture

For home, shop or office; window’s, doors or cabinets,

there is no limit to what this versatile, aesthetically-pleasing
application can do to meet your needs.

252 Best of South Africa

With security as the main focus, this can integrated in home automation systems
be achieved without compromising your and somewhere in-between catering for
home’s personal space. The strength and individuality and peace of mind, while
durability of aluminum is unsurpassed, with taking the hassle out of security.
the added benefit of being rust resistant, and Our company is 100% South African,
can be powder coated with any colour to suit providing employment for 87 people and is
individual tastes. conveniently situated in Spartan, servicing the
Each custom made “curtain” is carefully entire country through a network of agents
assembled to ensure the highest quality at ensuring national accessibility. Belief in our
comparable prices. Increasing the value of product with “quality service” as our value
your property, whilst keeping your family, or proposition, and contributing to the “Best of
your company assets safe, the RollerStyle South Africa” is RollerStyle.
shutter is a winning formula when making a
decision on security.
Keeping with up-to-date trends, the
application can be commissioned in
the simplest manual form, to being fully www.rollerstyle.co.za

Best of South Africa 253

Chapter 14
Logistics and Supply Chain

254 Best of South Africa

“The supply chain industry makes life better for all South
Africans. It keeps business and commerce at competitive
levels in a global economy.”

Garry Marshall

Best of South Africa 255

Robust, Resilient and Efficient
Logistics and Supply Chain

The South African Logistics Industry

2009 is set to throw up major challenges the pace, despite increasing volumes and
for the logistics industry in South Africa. a taxing environment.
The green revolution, high fuel prices, “Our industry thrives on challenges,”
the credit crunch and security legislation asserts Garry Marshall, Executive Director
are just four of the pressures this of the South African Express Parcel
indispensable industry is facing, and the Association (SAEPA). “We have some very
country gets its dress rehearsal for the creative thinkers and many innovative
2010 Soccer World Cup with the influx of solutions in South African logistics.”
equipment, materials and visitors for the Since logistics and transportation are
2009 Confederations Cup. seen as a major source of carbon footprint,
As trade volumes continue to grow they need to be managed efficiently. The
- imports and exports both up by 30% reaction of many companies to the idea of a
according to The Department of Customs green supply chain is a concern that cutting
- the authorities continue improving the CO2 means additional costs. The reality is
port, airport and road infrastructure. that leaner logistics not only reduces the
Logistics service providers are matching carbon footprint - it cuts costs too.

256 Best of South Africa

without sacrificing security in transit. The
greater control exercised by services such
as courier means shippers can dispense
with traditional heavy duty packaging used
to protect goods.” Marshall is also delighted
that South Africans take the recycling of
packaging very seriously. Numerous jobs have
been created in recycling paper, cans, glass,
wood and plastic.

The credit crunch has given further impetus
to the need to trim inventory. Excess stock
doesn’t produce income, wastes space,
ties up capital and incurs unnecessary
transportation. Continued improvements in checks,” says Marshall. “All parties in the
time-assured transportation allow suppliers chain - including the supplier - are required to
to cut stockholding. “Fast distribution options be much more security conscious.”
allow orders to be fulfilled overnight or the Service providers are making their
Efficiency next day without having to duplicate stock in premises physically secure, installing security
Greater efficiency per trip is thus essential. multiple outlets.” measures, obtaining clearance and providing
“Couriers and forwarders are skilled in the training for staff involved in cargo handling.
art of consolidation and delivery schedule Resilient This means a considerable investment in time
optimisation,” says Marshall. “It’s irresponsible Adding to the complexities of the logistics and money. The eager compliance has shown
for a manufacturer to throw resources behind framework, the International Civil Aviation the industry is ready for the new international
one item when a professional third party Organisation (ICAO) has announced regulatory regime. It will ensure cargo
service provider will consolidate it with many stringent new regulations. These address does not incur unnecessary delays, thus
others and still meet deadline. This saves the risks caused by ignorance as well as contributing to the reputation of South Africa
time, fuel and duplicated resources.” deliberate interference with consignments. as a reliable trading partner.
Logistics experts also guide manufacturers As a signatory, South Africa’s Civil Aviation
in reviewing packaging. “We see greater use Authority (CAA) is implementing the measures
of bio-degradable and re-usable packaging,” early in 2009.
says Marshall. “This makes companies “To ensure aviation safety and security For more information, contact
less wasteful. Packaging advances have are not compromised, all cargo must be Garry Marshall on 0861 106 402.
significantly reduced weight and volume subjected to one or more specified security www.saepa.org.za

Best of South Africa 257

Mediterranean Shipping Company
Logistics and Supply Chain

The independent Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) through its

innovative, flexible and unique approach to shipping has continued to grow
during and beyond the first decade of the new South Africa.

The company, which was founded in 1970,

has become the biggest user of the South
African ports and in 2003 was given the
accolade of being the second biggest
container carrier in the world.
With in excess of 400 container vessels,
the company provides global coverage
linking South Africa directly with Europe,
UK, USA, Asia, Middle East, Far East and
Australia as well as the key ports of Africa’s
West Coast, East Coast, Indian Ocean
Islands, Madagascar and Mozambique.
The success of MSC is evident in
its phenomenal growth over the past
decade that can only be attributed to its
quality management system that aims at
consistently improving upon service levels
within the shipping community and its
willingness to initiate change to meet the
requirements of clients and principals.
MSC has significant investments in
the South African property market.  Its
own characteristic office buildings, worth
R220-million, have become landmarks in

258 Best of South Africa

Opposite page: Top, MSC Head Office in Durban. Bottom
left, MSC Johannesburg Office. Top left: MSC CEO, Captain
Salvatore Sarno. Top middle: Port Elizabeth Office.
Left: Cape Town Office. Above: Millennium Window
depicting the history of MSC. Designed by Captain Sarno.

Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and kilometers from the Container Terminal. All yacht building.  Some of these students
Pretoria.  The new Port Elizabeth office, the depots have Customs bond facilities. are amongst the crew who sailed very
which was converted from an existing MSC has contributed significantly successfully, in the America’s Cup which
national monument, was opened in 2004 to community upliftment and training culminated in Valencia in 2007.
and the restoration alone cost R6.5-million.  schemes, such as ABET, which have been The company  undertook the principle
The ‘Italian Village’ built in 1996 at the implemented for previously disadvantaged sponsorship of the SA America’s Cup 2007
Umhlanga Ridge is comprised of seven staff members.  Assistance has been campaign as part of its 25th Anniversary
houses to accommodate MSC’s Italian given in the upgrading of community celebrations in South Africa.  Without
personnel and their families, and is now properties such as hospitals and schools MSC’s support this challenge and the
valued at R30-million. with a special emphasis placed on Aids fantastic results achieved would simply not
Another success has been MSC’s awareness.  The company has also have been possible.
diversification into the business of their participated in the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ The major success factor in South
own container depots.  These are situated scheme for the past two years. Africa has been the extremely close
in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and The ‘MSC Izivunguvungu Foundation for relationship that MSC has built with
Rosslyn, Pretoria that boasts its own rail Youth’ organisation which was started in clients, a strategy that will hopefully see
siding as was promised to MSC’s clients, Cape Town with the cooperation of the SA MSC moving into the number one position
particularly the motoring industry easing Navy has benefited up to 250 previously in the world in the future.
the access to their manufacturing plants. disadvantaged youths; classrooms have
The newest depot is the Port Elizabeth been provided at the Simonstown Naval
one which is situated in the Nelson Base, full time tutors have been employed MSC House, 54 Winder Street,
Mandela Park near Uitenhage and which and learners are provided with transport Durban 4001
became fully operational in April 2006. A as well as their meals.  The youngsters are Tel: +27 31 360 7911
second Durban Depot is currently under given tuition in academic subjects and are Fax: +27 31 332 9297
construction on a site situated only 3 being schooled in all aspects of sailing and www.mscgva.ch

Best of South Africa 259

Safcor Panalpina
Logistics and Supply Chain

Safcor Panalpina specialises in international supply chain

management and consulting services, system integration,
customs clearing, forwarding, logistics and financial services.

A wholly owned subsidiary of The Bidvest

Group Limited, Safcor Panalpina provides
innovative, value added and flexible
supply chain solutions built around robust
and predictive standard products.
As a major player in the South African
global supply chain market, the company
has been in business for nearly 100
years and employs 1 100 people with
branches in all the major ports of the
country. It specialises in certain industry
verticals, namely Telecommunications,
Hi-tech, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals,
Oil and Gas, FMCG and Mining.
With a blue chip base of multinational
clients, Safcor Panalpina works closely
with global partner, Panalpina World
Transport Group, with whom it has been
in partnership for over 34 years. The
Panalpina Group operates a close-knit
network with over 500 branches in 90

260 Best of South Africa

Mpisi Transport, which as a result of Safcor Panalpina’s enterprise development initiative, provides
superior transport services for the company around the Gauteng region.

updates as incidents occur around the

world. Its membership also gives the
company the ability to measure its facilities
against international best practice.
Supply chain management includes
the management of information, business
processes and logistic activities involved in
the movement of goods. Importantly it also
includes the co-ordination of communication
between suppliers, the principal and the
final customers. In applying its expertise,
the company concentrates on designing
differentiated solutions whilst focusing
countries. In a further 60 countries, it on quality, cost and delivery. From 0.4 of
operates closely with partner companies. a kilo to 20 tons, flexibility is the key.
With speed and security being two critical But it is not all about systems and
success factors in the demanding and highly processes. Rated among South Africa’s
competitive supply chain management top 38 “Best Employers”, Safcor Panalpina
environment, Safcor Panalpina’s 15,500 views its employees as investors in the
square metres, state-of-the-art logistics company. Recognising that employees are
facility is situated adjacent to OR Tambo investing part of their lives, the company
International Airport. This saves substantial tasks itself with maximising its return
supply chain costs through a faster flow of and developing all its employees to their
traffic than conventional warehouses and full potential. To be the top player in the
incorporates the highest security measures. supply chain industry means attracting and
Benefiting both large and smaller clients, retaining the best people in the industry.
the logistics facility is designed to meet Safcor Panalpina’s brand promise is “A
the demands of the current operating global supply chain of seamless motion”.
environment and those well into the future. The company believes a good brand
Safcor Panalpina is Transported Asset is a promise kept and it strives to keep
Protection Association (TAPA) “A” accredited the promise embedded in its brand.
which is the highest level of security. As a
member of TAPA’s European, Africa and
Middle East regions, it receives instant www.safcorpanalpina.co.za

Best of South Africa 261

BERCO Express
Value Proposition

Berco Express, the leading South African services throughout its 14 branches.
courier, guarantees its customers complete Acknowledged as the provider of quality
peace of mind through service excellence. services to industry for all consignments
Winner of numerous prestigious awards, including high-value, time-sensitive
including being one of South Africa’s Top shipments, Berco Express has grown in
300 National Companies, Berco Express a time span of 18 years to become one
offers a complete range of domestic of the largest and most highly respected
and international courier and logistic courier companies in South Africa. This

262 Best of South Africa

Left to right: Stuart Maxwell, Andy van der Velde, JB Joubert, Bernie Cox.

clearing and forwarding, warehousing, pick Company Information Statistics /

and pack and distribution. Demographics / History
The Berco mantra of constant Year founded: 1992
never-ending improvement sees Berco Founding members: Bernard E Cox,
continually striving to add value to JB Joubert
customers, helping them achieve Employees: 860
competitive advantages through supply
chain optimisation. A team of highly Business and Finance
qualified Business Development Managers Turnover: >R350-million
and system analysts investigate a client’s Financial year-end: 28 February
requirements and are then able to tailor a Market share: ±20%
solution accordingly. The main objective Holding company: Berco Investments (Pty) Ltd
is to give Berco customers increased Bank: Absa
revenue opportunities, improved cost Accountants: Deloitte & Touche
control and more positive cash flows. Customer base: >5 000 active clients
Berco has a unique ‘strengths’ based
culture in which it seeks to identify and Major accounts: Provides services to many
then match the talents, strengths and of South Africa’s top blue-chip organisations;
aspirations of each employee to the during the last three years growth has come
needs of the business. Although their not only from attracting new clients but also
benchmark is excellence in all things, their from implementing a broader range of logistic
thinking and attitude is entrepreneurial and offerings to many key customers.
Nature of Business Activity:
Fast Facts Domestic and international courier,
1. Over the last 30 years, The Berco Group warehousing, clearing and forwarding
has created over 10 000 permanent new services including air and sea freight.
employment positions in the economy
has been achieved through the mutual 2. 80% of those jobs are occupied by
commitment and loyalty of their extensive previously disadvantaged individuals
customer base, which includes many of 3. In 2008 received an award as one
South Africa’s blue-chip companies. The of South Africa’s Top 300 National
natural progression of Berco Express’s Companies for its contribution to the
phenomenal success has seen them now growth of the economy and job creation
providing and perfecting the complete 4. Committed to Broad-Based Black
range of logistic services which includes Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) www.bercoexpress.co.za

Best of South Africa 263

High Octane Mass Distribution
Logistics and Supply Chain

South Africa’s only dedicated distribution company

concentrating in the advertising, printing and point of sale
industry. Our systems allow Fast and Furious to provide
deliveries and service consistently higher than our competitors.

“We accept the assignments conventional of shipment. Since we’re not constrained
express companies avoid as well as by one-size-fits-all global procedures, we
matching their service for routine items,” says don’t expect customers to fit in with standard
Grant Fletcher, Managing Director. “Our core operating procedures and office hours.”
business is mass express distribution with Fast and Furious relishes every challenge.
a bias towards the Advertising/Marketing People in the company enjoy a permanent
industries and home-delivery cosmetics.” adrenalin rush. They work late. They work
The company’s competitive advantage weekends. They have excellent relationships
derives from meeting impossible deadlines with transporters, brokers, airlines and
for all kinds of time-sensitive consignments. shipping lines that enable them to “make
“We offer a customised service to deliver a plan” when a job demands extraordinary
exactly what customers want, no matter how performance.
extreme the urgency nor the size or nature The media industry is the most time

264 Best of South Africa

into a narrow time window especially over quality cosmetics are eagerly awaited. The
weekends,” says Fletcher. “If a machine consignments need to be picked, packaged
breaks down, there is little in the way of and delivered to end users secure from
recovery time. The marketing sphere is tampering, damage or theft.
demanding. An advertisement may arrive late Similar need profiles apply to various other
or the customer may change his mind about general cargo items ranging from machinery,
the content and order a last-minute reprint. equipment and engineering to chemicals,
All such eventualities put tight deadlines automotive and avionic spares, high-tech
under further pressure.” equipment and fashion.
sensitive of all. Newspapers, for instance, are The company also tackles the distribution Fast and Furious is a New South
the only products irretrievably worthless after of other specialised printing and stationery Africa company, started up under the
their sell-by-date. The supply chain is critical applications such as annual reports and new national dispensation in the early
as distribution is worked out with extreme examination papers, which have to be 1990s. It is a responsible South African
precision. If a magazine insert or supplement delivered quickly, intact and under conditions corporate citizen, employing, assisting and
is thicker or heavier than expected, it can of high security. encouraging owner-drivers to build their
throw out all the pre-planning. The volume is Fast and Furious is equally accomplished own successful business.
now too bulky to fit in the delivery vehicles at moving full loads from source to one
- or too heavy for safe transport. Alternative destination or splitting the loads and
arrangements have to be made - generally at arranging distribution to numerous outlets.
short notice. Home delivery cosmetics may
“High-volume printing machines are busy seem to be worlds away but there are Tel: +27 11 552 4900
round the clock and some jobs have to fit commonalities. Once ordered, high- www.fastnfurious.co.za

Best of South Africa 265

Chapter 15
Property and Real Estate

266 Best of South Africa

“Property is the fruit of labor; property is desirable;
it is a positive good in the world.”

Abraham Lincoln

Best of South Africa 267

South Africa
Property and Real Estate

A plethora of investment opportunities with a distinct Mzansi flavour!

South Africa has garnered an international Resort, Clifton, Legend Golf & Safari and the provinces in our diverse corner of Africa has
reputation for its natural splendour, wide Knysna Heads. a character that is uniquely its own.
open vistas, genial people, rich and varied Property options in South Africa are as By way of example, the Western Cape is
cuisine, dramatically different landscapes diverse as the people and vistas on offer. known world over for its generous wines and
and comfortable climate. Thousands of From dusty Platteland dorpies that time gnarled vineyards, KwaZulu-Natal is revered
foreign visitors land on our shores annually has forgotten, to the urban energy that as the home of Shaka and the great Zulu
to sample and enjoy our exceptional way epitomises Johannesburg as ‘Egoli, the City nation and Gauteng is regarded as being the
of life and the diverse cultural tapestry of Gold’, the majestic Table Mountain and industrial giant of the South. Mpumalanga
that is uniquely South African. It is not the gentle sweep from the uKhahlamba- is the land where the Big Five roam free, the
surprising therefore that one such trend Drakensberg Mountains to the warm Indian Northern Cape is home to the Big Hole and
that is emerging is that these visitors are Ocean in KwaZulu-Natal. South Africa offers the diamond fields of yesteryear and the
often compelled to end their sojourn to our both local and foreign property purchasers undulating hills of the Eastern Cape are the
country with the purchase of their own piece a plethora of locations when it comes to birthplace of one of South Africa’s greatest
of heaven, in places such as Zimbali Coastal making investment choices. Each of the 11 national treasures, Nelson Mandela.

268 Best of South Africa

Housing trends that have proven to be
exceptionally popular in South Africa and
which show no signs of slowing down are the
secure lifestyle orientated estates that can
Property options range from a chic and be seen in various city centers, as well as
stylish multi-million Rand penthouse outlying areas. From the sumptuous Fancourt
overlooking the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront Hotel, Country Club and Golf Estate to the
in Cape Town to cosy colonial styled homes more laid back Vaal River communities,
nestled in the hills outside of Nottingham security and access to leisure options are
Road in the picturesque Natal Midlands. becoming increasingly more important in the
South Africa embraces all manner of housing scope of the property market.
solutions and it is possible to live close to South Africa is a country that straddles
our natural wonder in a cob and daub house both the urban and rural worlds, with one
in Baviaanskloof in the Eastern Cape, as foot firmly entrenched in 24-hour technology
it is in a luxury Asian inspired villa on the and the other barefoot in the sandy contours
exceptional and internationally awarded of the African grasslands.
Zimbali Coastal Resort located 45kms
outside of Durban. Source: Hunt PR (+27 31 566 1777)

Best of South Africa 269

Zimbali Coastal Resort – the Quintessence
of South African Estate Living
Zimbali Coastal Resort has long been recognised for its position as
Southern Africa’s premier international resort destination.

This exclusive development is located

on 700-hectares of pristine subtropical
coastline on the KwaZulu-Natal Dolphin
Coast. Zimbali’s developers comprise
a joint venture partnership between
IFA Hotels & Resorts, an internationally
acclaimed developer of premier integrated
and mixed use hotel and tourism projects
and Tongaat Hulett Developments, one of
the leading land development companies
in South Africa. Together, IFA Hotels &
Resorts and Tongaat Hulett Developments
share a vision and passion to produce
innovative investment opportunities within
this world class offering that has garnered
awards and accolades and which is
a favourite destination of tourists and
investors alike.
Pivotal to the Zimbali lifestyle is the
exceptional signature Tom Weiskopf
championship golf course, which

270 Best of South Africa

meanders through sensitively restored investment opportunities and will feature offer owners the pleasure and rewards
wetlands and coastal dune forests. A firm hotel condominium units, signature of owning a spectacular vacation home
favourite for both local and international beachfront villas, golf chalets and designer without the many concerns and burdens
golfers, the course is both challenging and apartments. Located on one of the resort’s of maintaining a second property. With its
enjoyable for the discerning golfer. Using most impressive sites, boasting expansive location on a prized stretch of KwaZulu-
the contours of the landscape to maximum views and with direct access to the golden Natal coastland, the Fairmont Zimbali
effect, the 18 hole, par 72 course enjoys beaches, the Fairmont Zimbali Hotel & is sure to be regarded as the most
striking views of the oceans from the Resort will offer the ultimate in luxury spectacular jewel in the crown of the KZN
fairways and showcases the exceptional accommodation to hotel guests and North Coast.
and delicately rehabilitated wetlands and residents alike. This world class 5-star, 157 The next major expansion in the
coastal forest. The country club supports key hotel will include conference facilities, development is the Zimbali Lakes
the golf course with a Pro Shop, putting a Willow Stream Spa, a beach club, Resort, which is set to redefine active
green, driving range and halfway house. restaurants, a wellness centre and a Gary lifestyle estate living and is expected
Complimentary to these exceptional Player signature golf course, the second to be launched to coincide with the
features is the stylish Fairmont championship course for Zimbali. final sell out of available land within
Zimbali Lodge, featuring 5-star luxury Also included in this premier offering the resort. Zimbali Lakes Resort will
accommodation, a spa and a magnificent are outstanding fractional ownership be situated over an extensive area of
pool area amongst its facilities. opportunities that reside in the Fairmont pristine coastal property and will include
The highly anticipated R1,8bn Fairmont Heritage Place, Zimbali, South Africa’s a mix of residential, business and leisure
Zimbali development currently under most exclusive and only internationally options which will extend the overall
construction, provides outstanding branded Private Residence Club. This will Zimbali Coastal Resort development

Best of South Africa 271

for a further 15 years. The resort
will include a waterfront recreational
and restaurant node which is to be
developed along one section of a 30
hectare lake, transforming the area and
reinforcing Zimbali’s reputation as South
Africa’s most desirable residential and
recreational destination.
On completion of the resort, the estate
will boast over 2,000 homes, two world
class golf courses, three 5-star hotels
and beach, tennis and golfing amenities.
Combining chic Balinese lines with
the organic flow of the landscape,
Zimbali captures the senses and allows
the mind to roam free in a place which
has no comparison. Located a mere
45km North of Durban and within close
proximity to all modern amenities, as

272 Best of South Africa

well as majestic Big Five safari parks and Best Property Marketing – South Africa
historic battlefields, Zimbali is perfectly Best Developer Website – South Africa
positioned as a gateway to experience Best Architecture Single Unit – South
the unmatched magnificence of the Africa [for 7 Cherrywood Lane]
KwaZulu-Natal province and offers a Best International Property Marketing –
premium lifestyle to discerning investors. Worldwide
Zimbali Coastal Resort has been
consistently recognised at the very SAPPI Awards 2007:
highest level of the international property Printer of the Year – Resort Life Zimbali
market with having been awarded a Bronze Award – Resort Life Zimbali
number of international accolades
including: International Property Awards 2008:
Best Property Marketing – South Africa
International Property Awards 2006: Best Golf Development – South Africa
Best Development – South Africa Best Development – South Africa
Best Golf Development – South Africa Best Architecture Single Unit – South
Best Developer Marketing – South Africa Africa [for Monk’s Manor]
Best International Property Marketing – Best Developer Website – South Africa
South African Landscape Institute
SAPPI Awards 2006: Awards 2008:
Silver Award – Resort Life Zimbali Gold Award - Best Specialised For further information on
Turf Construction Zimbali Coastal Resort,
Homes Overseas Awards 2006: Gold Award - Specialised Turf visit www.zimbali.co.za or
Best Estate Agency Marketing – Silver Construction contact the Zimbali Sales Centre:
Gold Award - Landscape & Turf Tel: +27 32 538 1984
International Property Awards 2007: Maintenance Fax: +27 32 538 1986
Best Development – South Africa Final Trophy – Best Specialised Mobile: +27 83 409 2666/7
Best Golf Development – South Africa Turf Construction E-mail: sales@zimbali.co.za

Best of South Africa 273

Making the Right Choice

274 Best of South Africa

What services does Bond Choice offer? new National Credit Act wants to
ensure you do not overspend and we
Buying a new home should be a time can assist with a basic guideline.
of excitement and anticipation, without
the uncertainty of wondering how best • We explain your home loan options
to finance the deal, or the confusion of from the major banks.
not knowing exactly how the property
transfer works, what costs to pay and to • We negotiate with the top banks on
whom. We understand this and therefore your behalf and present you with a
offer the following services. shortlist of options.

• We evaluate your financial situation • We liaise with your chosen bank.

and give you professional advice
on how best to finance your new • We do all the paperwork right through
home. Bond Choice offers you a free to the registration of your bond and
affordability assessment. beyond.

• We pre-qualify you so that you know • We explain the stages of buying your
how much you can spend before you home, pointing out the responsibilities
start looking. of everyone involved, when money
is due and the potential pitfalls along
• We outline all the costs of buying a the way.
home so you don’t get any surprises
down the line. This includes all the • We are on hand to assist you
costs involved in buying a home, throughout the process until the day
including up-front payments, monthly you move in.
repayments and any other costs that
may occur as a part of the property Bond Choice has relationships with four
transaction. This is important as the of the major banks, Standard Bank,

Best of South Africa 275

ABSA, FNB and Nedbank as well as
niche banks.
Purchasing a home and registering a
bond can be quite confusing. However
with Bond Choice, your consultant
will simplify the process, keeping you
informed throughout the property
transfer and will be on hand to give you
professional advice until the day you
move into your new home.


276 Best of South Africa

Access Africa Property Group
Empowering Property Developers

Access Africa Property Group was started in the process and all working on a central web- the buyer to make an informed decision.
March 2005 by Harry Meyburgh and Michael based platform, the Developer has immediate Photographs, 3D floor plan layouts, digital
Hartman and has been set up specifically access to any project sales information at the renderings and other pre-visualisation images
to provide sales administration solutions to touch of a button, or rather click of a mouse. further enhance the experience that buyers
Residential Property Developers. We bring a Developers benefit massively when they will go through when they visit the interactive
new approach by using the latest technology are able to focus on delivering their project, web-map on an Access Africa client website.
to provide access to accurate “real time” knowing that the sales administration is in The “techno-advanced” can perform a
sales information such as Sales & Bond capable hands. They can at any time access variety of property and price searches, create
Status and to track the entire process through the system and determine the exact status of favourites and email them to their estate agent
to registration. By incorporating the Sales actual bankable deals, verified by being able for comment and assistance.
Agents, Bond Originators and Attorneys in to view key documents such as the Deed of Access Africa ultimately provides the tools
Sale, Deposit and Bond Grant online. Vital to Increase Sales, Reduce Risk and allows
information in the form of many different the Developer to take Full Control of all
reports, drawn from the information database, aspects relating to the Sales Administration of
allows the Developer to asses the risk and Property Development Projects.
bankability of the project as it progresses.
Access Africa’s products also make the
buying process much easier as potential
buyers can view elements of the development
for sale from anywhere in the world. Essential
information such as the availability of units For more information or enquiries,
or stands, the correct price, size, and a short please contact us on 0861 AAFRICA
description is immediately available, allowing www.a-africa.co.za

Best of South Africa 277

The Bay Golf Estate
The Bay Golf Estate, another of Access Africa’s clients, was
launched for sales in September 2008. One of the challenges faced
by the developers was a way to show potential buyers what the
estate would look like once the golf course has been built.

Access Africa, through technology partner to a water sports club and a “community
Red-i provided the solution in the way of centred” clubhouse.
their virtual reality program, Geo 4-D. This The Bay seeks to offer a balanced mix
has enabled the developers to take their of freestanding sites as well as medium
clients on a virtual fly-over of the entire to high density cluster and townhouse
estate including the layout and positioning of developments, allowing a wider proportion
every golf hole. This technology incorporates of the market to invest and enjoy the
both actual photographic footage and facilities that the estate has to offer.
graphically generated images. The image The Bay Golf Estate will adopt energy
above is a still captured off this platform. efficient procedures, with a minimum
Just 45 minutes from Sandton and requirement of low emission lighting, gas for
Pretoria on the southern shores of cooking and solar heating. The application
Hartbeespoort Dam, The Bay Golf Estate of grey water for irrigation and indigenous
offers an ideal primary living base for those fauna and flora and water efficient grasses
looking for secure living in wide open form part of the holistic approach to water
spaces, far enough away from the drudgery conservation.
and traffic of city suburban living. Construction on the site, which is
The Bay Golf Estate is the second subject to achieving sufficient pre-sales,
residential property development in is planned for March 2009 with property
Hartbeespoort Dam for Johannesburg- transfers scheduled for mid 2010. By
based developer Ivora Properties. then it is expected that interest rates will
Scheduled for official launch in Spring 2008, have dropped resulting in an increase in
The Bay Golf Estate will feature some 500 disposable income further improving the
home sites starting at R650 000 and will growth and demand for properties. The
be served by the area’s first fully fledged cleanup project for Hartbeespoort Dam,
retail shopping centre. The 18-hole golf Harties Metsi-a-me, should also have visible
course will be designed by world-renowned results within 2 years, further improving
golf-course architect company Matkovich investment values in the region.
and Hayes, with legendary SA professional The Bay Golf Estate is an astute
Dale Hayes involved in the design process investment offering great views of the dam,
together with the much revered Peter Magaliesberg mountains and surrounds. It is
Matkovich for the very first time. Lifestyle well placed in close proximity to Pecanwood
facilities include an exclusive crèche service; College and a medical facility is being
a top health spa as part of the estate’s hotel; planned for the area. Other anticipated
recreational facilities from tennis courts upgrades will be the new PWV3 highway.

Developed by Designed by

For further information:

Tel: 0860 843 229

278 Best of South Africa

Euphoria Golf Estate and Hydro
Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro, one of Access Africa’s
clients, is the perfect example of how different
development components for sale can be represented
on the interactive web-map.

Annika Sorenstam
Signature Golf Course

Naboomspruit • Mookgophong • Waterberg • South Africa

Investment Opportunities at Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro

We invite you to invest in property at Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro, a unique estate set in the beautiful Waterberg mountains, only
2 hours easy drive from Johannesburg. Be it to reside,
This for a weekend
unique getaway
estate has largeinbushveld
the bushveld, as an investment
house,opportunity or for Best New Clubhouse
recently voted
retirement purposes, you will no doubt see a favourable
stands, golf course stands, smaller by Compleat Golfer Magazine, is also the first

• Stands from only R450 000as lifestyleKeyoptions

orchard village stands and cluster homes in the world to have a cableway linking it to
available for interested a Sundowner Deck Restaurant and bushveld
• ValueEach
buyers to choose from. for money
development mountain estate.
• Four stand options available: component is clearly • Fantastic year round climate
differentiated and The Estate is believed to be the most value
• Malaria-free area
can be further explored on the web-map. for money golf estate in the country, with
• Macadamia and Olive Orchard clusters • Easy access - tarred roads to entrance
Simply click on the• desired area, zoom in stands starting from only R450 000.
• Macadamia and Olive Orchard stands Close proximity to Johannesburg and Pretoria
and choose a stand to view
• Family status, size and
• Golf Course stands price information. The photolinking
iconsclub that areto mountain top Sundower Deck
• Cableway house
• Bushveld mountain stands visible on the web-map, show
Restaurant andviews
stands in various
directions and when • Variety
clicked of facilities
on, give - Bush Villas, Hydro, nature reserve, sports
a realistic
feel for different nodes andbusiness
areas centre,
in theMacadamia
estate. and Olive tree orchard
• Variety of activities - hiking, quad biking, bird watching, game
Euphoria Golf Estate & Hydro is a unique
viewing, mountain biking, nature drives, golf, tennis, squash and
estate set in the beautiful malaria-free
horse riding
For more information, contact our property specialist,
Waterberg Mountain Range only 1 ½ hours
• Fishing - fully stocked dams with bream, yellow fish and carpe
Marietjie Steenkamp on +27(0)82drive
295 4067
BBA 00279

from South Africa’s capital

• Personalised city Pretoria.
www.euphoriaestate.co.za Euphoria provides the ultimate
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Best of South Africa 279

Chapter 16
Setting Up in South Africa

280 Best of South Africa

“If people aren’t going to talk about your product,
then it’s not good enough.”

Jeffrey Kalmikoff

Best of South Africa 281

Setting Up Business in South Africa
As an investment destination, South Africa offers unequalled potential. It is an emerging
market with a vibrant economy, has a highly developed first world economic infrastructure,
and it is one of the most advanced and productive economies in Africa.

Sound economic policies The government has made it clear that trademarks and disputes conform to
Since the beginning of democracy in 1994, foreign investment is welcome in South international norms.
South Africa’s economy has been structurally Africa, and investor-friendly policies support South Africa’s financial systems are
transformed. Macro-economic policies have these public pronouncements. sophisticated, robust and well regulated.
been implemented with the aim of promoting South African banking regulations rank with
domestic competitiveness, growth and Favourable legal and business the best in the world, and the sector has
employment and increasing the economy’s environment long been rated among the top 10 globally.
outward orientation. South Africa has a world-class, progressive Foreign banks are well represented and
South Africa’s central bank, the SA legal framework. Legislation pertaining to electronic banking facilities are extensive,
Reserve Bank, maintains its independence commerce, labour and maritime issues is with Internet banking a growth feature of
from the government. The Bank’s programme particularly well developed. Laws relating the sector. The JSE Limited (Johannesburg
of inflation targeting has shown good results. to competition policy, copyright, patents, Stock Exchange) rates among the top 20

282 Best of South Africa

combined market of over 250-million people South Africa is ranked 32nd out of 181 in the
– as well as the islands off Africa’s east coast, Ease of Doing Business rank, moving up
Gulf States and India. three places from its 2008 ranking.

Gateway to Africa Industrial capability, cutting-edge

South Africa borders with Namibia, technology
Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa’s industrial production growth
Swaziland and Lesotho, and its well- is well above the average for developing
developed road and rail links provide the markets. The country’s manufacturing
platform and infrastructure for ground output has become increasingly technology-
transportation deep into sub-Saharan Africa. intensive, with high-tech manufacturing
The country also possesses the marketing sectors such as machinery, scientific
skills and distribution channels that are equipment and motor vehicles, enjoying
essential for commercial ventures into the a growing share of total manufacturing
rest of Africa. production.
South Africa’s technological research and
Cost of doing business in SA quality standards are world-renowned. The
South Africa’s exchange rate makes it one of country has developed a number of leading
the least expensive countries for foreigners technologies, particularly in the fields of
to live and do business in. Its first-world energy and fuels, steel production, deep-level
infrastructure and high standard of living mining, telecommunications and information
allows visitors to enjoy excellent value for technology.
their money. South Africa has a well developed and
stock exchanges in the world by market South Africa’s corporate tax rate has been regulated competition regime based on best
capitalisation. Its rules and their enforcement reduced to 28% for 2008/09. This compares international practice. The Competition Act
are based on global best practice, and the favourably against a number of developing of 1998 fundamentally reformed the country’s
JSE’s automated trading, settlement, transfer countries, and the prospects of further competition legislation, strengthening the
and registration systems are also world class. reductions are good. powers of the competition authorities along
the lines of the European Union, USA and
Access to markets Ease of doing business in SA Canadian models.
South Africa’s position at the southernmost According to the World Bank and
tip of the African continent makes it International Finance Corporation’s Doing
ideally situated for access to the 14 Business 2009 report, which provides For further information:
countries comprising the Southern African objective measures of business regulations www.southafrica.info
Development Community (SADC) – with a and their enforcement across 181 countries, www.doingbusiness.org

Best of South Africa 283

Routledge Modise
Setting Up in South Africa

in association with Eversheds

284 Best of South Africa

South Africa is an exciting place to do
business and is attracting more and more
foreign interest and investment. Progressive
trade and industrial development policies and
a favourable legal and business environment
offer a promising economic climate for local
and international firms.
It is the most advanced and productive
economy in Africa with sound economic
policies, world-class infrastructure, industrial
capability and cutting-edge technology.
In spite of its progressive legal framework
and legislation relating to commerce,
competition, labour and disputes that conform
to international norms, it is essential for a
foreign investor to engage the services of a
local legal partner, who understands the local
market and the complex legislative processes
for doing business within South Africa.
When entering a new market you want a
law firm that understands the country and
has local expertise, a global outlook and a
commitment to a high level of quality.
Routledge Modise in association
with Eversheds can offer you superior and have already achieved success for many
local knowledge and broad expertise to other investors.
successfully steer you through often unfamiliar Africa is the world’s last relatively
business territory. As well as offering strategic unexploited market and South Africa is
and legal advice, the firm can also help you the gateway to the African continent.
meet the right contacts. Eversheds’ Africa Desk is run jointly
If you are thinking of setting up business in from its Johannesburg and Paris offices
South Africa you need a local partner who can and can help you make the most of the
assist you from start to finish; step alongside opportunities available.
you to fully research the market, carry out a Routledge Modise in association with
due diligence investigation and clear the way Eversheds has experienced professionals
by handling the myriad of legal and other in all major sectors such as construction,
logistical requirements. energy, finance, healthcare, mining,
Routledge Modise in association with mergers and acquisitions, property, retail,
Eversheds can assist with all this as well as tax, transport, information technology and
call upon the Eversheds network for multi- telecommunications. More information about
jurisdictional assistance. the firm can be found on page 203.
By working as part of Eversheds
International the firm is able to offer its
clients substantially increased resources and
expertise. Clients can tap into this wealth of
knowledge and work through professionals
who know exactly what they are talking about www.eversheds.co.za

Best of South Africa 285

Don Suite Hotels
Setting Up in South Africa

For the traveller planning an extended stay in an unfamiliar

country or city, having a warm, friendly home-from-home
environment can make an enormous difference.

This is why so many happy customers

return again and again to Don Suite
Hotels. The group pioneered its name in
South African hospitality by becoming
the first ever black economically
empowered group in the industry. It
has built its success by consistently,
enthusiastically and professionally fulfilling
the needs and expectations of its guests.
At the same time, value for money is
paramount. Rates compare favourably
with traditional hotel accommodation
and include the added incentive, “the
longer the stay, the lower the price.”
Don Suite Hotels are located on the
pulse-points of business in South Africa,
with branches near OR Tambo International
Airport, Eastgate, Rosebank, Sandton,
Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.

286 Best of South Africa

There are a number of key differences that area is stocked in advance with guests’ every serve a full English buffet and Continental
have helped to build the Don Suite group’s need. A dry-cleaning and laundry service is breakfast. Most hotels have a selection of
glowing reputation. The spaciousness available. Secure parking is standard, and light meals available from room service.
and quality of the plush one, two or three- alcohol and beverages are on sale. Beautifully Don Suite hotels are situated close
bedroom suites or luxury studios is a factor maintained gardens and swimming pools in all to some of the finest shopping centres,
that every traveller will instantly appreciate. nine hotels will enhance visitors’ leisure time. entertainment venues and restaurants in the
Two-bedroom suites are usually equipped Many of the hotels have conference country, providing guests with a secure and
with two separate bathrooms, ensuring that rooms and business centres, ensuring that comfortable base from which to do business
groups of guests staying together have all essentials like Internet access and printing and enjoy the South African experience.
the freedom and privacy they could wish facilities are available around the clock.
for. The suites contain separate lounge and Every staff member prides themselves
dining areas perfect for on-site meetings, on the extraordinary levels of service and
workstations, state-of-the-art kitchens competence that have become a hallmark
with all facilities including a microwave of Don Suite Hotels. Guests can rest
and freezer, and are serviced daily. assured that the dedicated personnel will
The little extras make the difference. All go the extra mile to fulfil their every need. Don Central Reservations:
suites with the exception of studios are In addition to the outstanding kitchen Tel: +27 11 709 1900 or 0860 366 737
equipped with two television sets. Shopping facilities, which allow visitors to relax and Email: res@don.co.za
services can be requested so that the living enjoy a home-cooked meal, Don Suite hotels www.don.co.za

Best of South Africa 287

Bringing new meaning to the
Setting Up in South Africa

concept of a home away from home

Situated in the pulsating heart of Sandton’s CBD, in close proximity
to the financial powerhouse of Africa and the largest shopping and
entertainment district on the continent, The Weom Apartments brings
a new meaning to the concept of a home away from home. This is
Johannesburg’s answer to chic city living and an alternative to the
most superior of 5-star hotel accommodation.

The Weom Apartments is a City pad that system is state of the art with plasma
arouses the senses and surrounds you screen TV and surround sound. Weom
with the soothing tones and textures of the bedrooms are truly unique offering a
African landscape. The Apartments offer modern interior with exquisite linen. All
contemporary style and elegance to the Master bedrooms feature a flat screen TV
world-traveled connoisseur. The spacious with DVD. Spacious en-suite bathrooms
lounge area opens onto an adjoining patio provide you with his and her basins and
with views of the elite northern suburbs of a separate toilet and shower. Select
Johannesburg. Entertain your guests in the Apartments feature a fully equipped mini
tastefully decorated open plan living area gym. The Weom Apartments is respected
which extends from the kitchen into the for protecting the privacy of its Clients and
dining area and lounge. The entertainment an emphasis on security has been carefully

288 Best of South Africa

considered. The building has been installed Besides accommodation the Weom
with 16 camera CCTV and all personnel also offers platinum services such as
have undergone vigorous security checks. professional Spa therapists who provide
selected treatments to pamper you in the
All Weom rentals are inclusive of: privacy of your apartment, top international
• Furnished, fully equipped with modern chefs to cater for your private corporate
appliances and equipment dinner parties or even spoil you with a
• Fully serviced 7 days a week champagne continental breakfast while you
• Full business centre in each apartment with relax on the patio.
24 hour internet access. The Weom’s vision is to make your stay in Tel: +27 11 881-5629
• DSTV (Complete Bouquet) the fast paced and eclectic city of Joburg a Email: reservations@wapartments.com
• 24 Hour security memorable and unforgettable experience. www.w-apartments.com

Best of South Africa 

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 Best of South Africa

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 Best of South Africa

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