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Minnesota College Republican Chairman Slams Senate Democrats on Student Loans

Senators Franken, Klobuchar offer no leadership on the issue

Saint Paul, MN, June 30th, 2013: Minnesota College Republicans Chairman, Andrew Hasek, has urged Democrats in the United States Senate to take up the House Republican plan to stop student loan rates from doubling on July 1st. Without any action from the Senate, rates on subsidized Stafford loans will increase to 6.8%, impacting a large number of students that take out these loans. Hasek also criticized the lack of leadership from Minnesotas two Senators, Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. Hasek noted that the U.S. House has already acted on the issue. Congressman Kline passed a bill that would keep student loan rates low and tied to the market, a plan very similar to President Obamas. Here was our chance for a bipartisan agreement, but we continue to see politicians playing games with students and their futures. Enough is enough. Hasek continued on, where have Senators Franken and Klobuchar been on the issue? They should be working with their own party members to find a long term solution, such as what was offered by the U.S. House. He stated that what we see is a real void in leadership in the U.S. Senate, especially from our own senators; this comes at a detriment to college students.