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Ahold Delhaize
 In January 2018 Ahold Delhaize decentralized merchandising operations, establishing six (6) distinct US
Brands: Stop & Shop, Giant-Martin’s, Giant Food, Food Lion, Hannaford and Peapod, supported by a new
entity, Retail Business Services (RBS). The Brands became independently functional at the end of Q1, 2018
 Ahold Delhaize USA is a $43B company, with over 2,100 stores across 23 states and 12.5M shoppers/week
 Ahold Delhaize USA is led by CEO Kevin Holt, the former head of Delhaize America and Ahold USA
 Lead Merchants at Ahold Delhaize USA are: Peter Forrester SVP Merchandising, Hannaford; Geoff Waldau EVP
Merchandising, Food Lion; Mark Messier EVP Merchandising, Stop & Shop, John Ruane SVP Merchandising,
Giant-Martin’s; Tanya Herring SVP Merchandising, Giant; Spencer Baird SVP Merchandising, Peapod; Jeff Dichele
SVP Sourcing, Retail Business Services
2019 Developments:
 In January, Stop & Shop announced acquisition of Long Island grocer, King Kullen inclusive of their HQ.
 Stop & Shop continues to test merchandising initiatives in the Connecticut market, with the end goal of
applying successful findings to New York area stores in 2019. This is part of Stop & Shop’s brand refresh of
all 414 stores planned to take place over the next 5 years.
 Giant Food announced 2 new initiatives including opening of Giant Heirloom stores in the Philadelphia
market. As of February 2019 they have one (1) operational location.
 Since Ahold’s decentralization of operations last year, have seen several personnel changes & retraining of
new hires across brands.

Perishables Expertly Merchandised

Ahold Delhaize (cont’d)

 Ahold Delhaize USA is positioning themselves as a “Selling Organization” (see below)…

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Perishables Expertly Merchandised

“WINNING” at Ahold brands…

RDD’s keys to effective activation & merchandising
 Know, respect and react to Ahold timelines/deadlines, and be proactive whenever possible…
little flexibility to operate outside of their calendar framework
 Know and respect Ahold’s margin requirements by category, and build programs
accordingly… clearly address retail pricing targets upfront to ensure alignment and
 Design programs to participate across the portfolio of Ahold’s proprietary shopper programs
 Don’t dismiss Peapod…“click & deliver/pick-up” is growing and strategically important to
 Consider “Ahold-exclusive” programming, with unique, localized merchandising solutions
 Leverage RDD/RSM leadership relationships to gain access to key players and elevate the
 Take an active and respectful training/mentoring role with front-line Ahold associates who are
working to build traction in their new roles or disciplines
 Understand Ahold ISA/ISE assessment & budget accordingly

Perishables Expertly Merchandised