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Published by: klawncare1239 on May 11, 2009
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Discover ....

How to Create a


on a

ShoeString Budget

By CashMachineOnaShoeString.com



Helping you enjoy more of your life ..... by helping you enjoy more success in your business

Table of Contents for "Cash Machine on a ShoeString"

» Cash Machine Title Page
» Cash Machine Table of Contents
» Cash Machine Ebook Sponsor
» Other Business & Marketing Ebooks
» Spread the Word About Cash Machine
» Welcome Message
» Why Should You Listen to Me?
» Sure-Fire Ways to Guarantee Home Business Failure

»» Promote Single Sale Products
»» Carry Lots of Inventory
»» Do NOT Offer a Unique Product
»» Do NOT Leverage The Efforts of Others

»»» Business Model #1: Good Ole Corporate America
»»» Business Model #2: Develop an Affiliate "Army"
»»» Business Model #3: Enlist in an Affiliate Army
»»» Business Model #4: Become a Member of a Successful MLM Team

»» Ensure There Will Be Minimal Product Demand
»» Offer a Low Quality Product
»» Assure Yourself Large Up-Front Costs
»» Keep a Short Product List
»» Have a Single Market Focus
»» Pay NO Attention to Lead Generation
»» Minimize Automation in Your Business

» Keys to Running Your Business Effectively
» Your Time is Worth Something: Act Like It
» Advertising Tips, Tricks and Resources
» Some Notes on Home Business Training Courses
» MLM Specific Things to Look For

»» Recurring Sales Are What It's All About
»» MLM's are Notorious for Requiring "Inventory"
»» Many MLMs are "Me Too" Companies
»» Product Quality is Scarce but Important
»» More Markets Means More Money
»» You and What Army?


»» You Won't Build MLM Wealth Without Automation
»» MLM Growth Comes Through Duplication

» Website Design - Key Issues

»» All About the Sale
»» Page Load Times
»» Easy to Update
»» Browser Compatibility
»» Screen Resolutions
»» Color Scheme
»» Navigation
»» Quality Content
»» Page Length
»» Search Engine Friendliness
»» Visitor InterAction
»» Testimonials
»» Wrap Up

» Business Building Resources - Services & Software

»» Affiliate Program Management
»» Communication Software & Services
»» Internet Related Software & Services
»» Essential FireFox Add-Ons
»» Website Management Resources
»» Website Design Resources
»» Graphic Design Resources
»» Website Testing & Tracking Resources
»» Marketing & Promotion
»» Helpful Computing Tools
»» Computer Security
»» Adobe PDF Tools



Helping you enjoy more of your life ..... by helping you enjoy more success in your business

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