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Short View: Influence of Russia over the Southern Region LONG KimKhorn, 61283, PUC, MA.

IRs &Diplomacy July 9, 2013 The Southern Region was a borderland of ex-Soviet Federation like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kirgizstan. There are two big factors that Russia can influence on the Southern Region internal and external factors. Firstly, if we compare the Russias military material to others eight Southern States, Russia still lead the group in combination on tank, combat aircraft, ammunition and artillery. Roughly predict, eight states have only about 15-20% of Russias weapon power. Secondly, Russia spent eight times more than eight Southern State roughly the combination of eight states equal to about 10% of Russian military expenditure. Thirdly, a long dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia on Kharabakh borderland. In fact, Kharabakh was belonging to Armenia but Russia gave it to Azerbaijan after the decolonization. Since that time, most majority Armenia fought against Azerbaijan to claim the sovereignty over the Kharabakh. Fourthly, Georgias civil war during the colonization Russia sent many Russian people to live in the under-colonial states such as Georgia. Then when the Russia decolonized Georgia making the Russia people became the minor ethnic people in Georgia fought against the Georgian government. Fifthly, population growth inside the Southern States had been made eight states in the Southern States faced the population challenges regarding to economic demand. Sixthly, enthno-nationalism and over-personalized inside the Southern States is another problem that Southern need Russia to secure border and keep political stability there. Lastly, all eight southern states are under developing countries that need the big factory in Russia and the Southern States became the market for Russia.