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Published by: Carrera Garcia Chongo on Jul 16, 2013
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1. Odu Ejiogbe speaks of light.

good general welfare, victory over enemies, spiritual awakenings, long life, and peace of mind. 2. Odu Oyeku meji signifies darkness and unhappiness and warns of death, sickness, worries, and a bad omen, yet also carries with it the solution to all these problems. 3. Odu Iwori meji speaks of people gifted with the ability to see things in their true perspective. They dream often, have clear vision, and grow up to become diviners or spiritualists. Clients for who this odu is divined should be advised to worship Ifa. This will bring them good prospects: long life (ire aiku), wealth (ire aje), a wife (ire aya), and children (ire omo). 4. Odu Idi meji speaks of people who have secret enemies trying to cast a spell over them or who have bad dreams most of the time. They need to appease Ifa in order to overcome these worldly obstructions. 5. Odu Irosu meji speaks of people who are always popular and held in high regard by their friends. They need to take care of their health both by propitiating their heads (ori) and by occasionally appeasing the osu, or Ifa staff of office. I they feel des pondent and begin to lose interest in whatever they are doing, Ifa should be consulted and appeased for them. Irosu meji denotes emotional and financial difficulties. But no matter how hard life may seem, the client may prevail by offering the right sacrifices, and by refusing to harbor evil thoughts or ideas. 6. In the fixed order of Orunmila, Owonrin meji is the sixth odu. This odu calls for moderation in all things. Owonrinmeji predicts two major blessings for someone who is poverty-stricken, provided he or she offers the right sacrifice. The person will be b lessed with money and a spouse at the same time. Ifa in Owonrinmeji stresses the importance of sacrifice. When a sacrifice is offered, it must not be intended only for the orisas or the ancestors but should be used to feed the mouths of several people. This is a way to make sacrifices acceptable. 7. Odu Obarameji denotes being in a state of uncertainty or suspense, unable to make decisions. Children of Obarameji have a tendency to buy on impulse and often become victims of wishful thinking. They regret most of the decisions they make in a nervous haste. To prosper in life, the children of Obarameji will need to propitiate their heads (ori) from time to time. 8. Odu Okanranmeji signifies problems, court cases, suffering, and evil vibrations. Children of Okanranmeji will always hit the nail on the head by doing or saying what is exactly right. people often think that Okanranmeji's children are aggressive and do mineering because they try to prevail despite all odds. In most situations they will rebel against the conventions of society and consequently create problems for themselves. Prone to infections, the children of Okanranmeji must take care of their health in order not to become chronically ill. 9. Ogundameji warns people of fighting, disputes, and imminent hostility. During a divination session, if Ogundameji appears for a person, he or she will

Ogundameji says that he or she should offer the right sacrifice to Ogun and also propitiate his or her head (ori) in order to succeed and prosper. 17. They are rugged and tough and will show dogged determination in spite of rough treatment. They grow up to become good managers if they run other people's businesses. It calls for patience and compromiseÑa life of give and take. Iretemeji says it pays to stoop to conquer. they will not take risks. It also ensures successful conclusions. Ifa says the person must have reposed conf idence in someone unworthy of the trust. either for business or pleasure. Oyekulogbe also warns us to be careful of friends who could cause the destruction of t he household. Because they are easily frightened. In Odu Ogbe Yeku we are advised to use intelligence rather than force or confrontation to overcome obstacles or enemies. Ikameji's children are always surrounded by people who are disposed to inflict pain on others or delight in another's s uffering. The most important characteristic of people born by Oturuponmeji is endurance. Osameji is an odu that implies lack of courage and running away from a fight or opposition. Odu Ogbedi speaks of the necessity of performing the correct sacrifice in order to avoid embarrassment or ridicule. In so doing. This odu warns against intrigues from enemies who are trying to make short work of our chances for success in life. 11. Children of Osameji do a great deal of traveling. Odu Oyekulogbe suggests that the client will encounter a conflict. Unwavering belief in Ifa will alway s reward the believer. It tells us to rely on previous experience. Rather than become involved. They constantly have to be on their guard because they cannot count on family and friends for help. No matter how important someone is.be advised to watch out for traitors or deceitful friends. 20. 18. 19. 15. 14. With the right sacrifices. 21. he or she will profit. 12. With the right sacrifice it is possible to exercise control. Odu Ogbewehin speaks of emotional confusion. he or she needs to obtain and follow he babalawo's advice. Humility is a very important virtue. Odu Iworiogbe speaks primarily of children and encourages a positive social atmosphere for maintaining the well-being of the family. Children of Oturameji are gentle and mild in character. 13. Western observation: The client is . success is guaranteed. Western observation: The client is too serious and needs to "play"Ñhave some silly. 10. If a client is battling with financial problems and opposition from enemies. Odu Ofunmeji signifies good monetary fortune. Odu Ikameji signifies many worries and therefore calls for restraints. Odu Osemeji implies victory over enemies and control over difficulties. the client should be a mediator. Odu Oturameji implies peace of mind and freedom from all anxiety. 16. childlike fun to restore balance.

and infertility 24. or raise is in the offing. Odu Ogbe Rosu provides the solutions to the threat of death. Often. Odu Osa"Gbe speaks of the necessity for taking time and using spiritual insight to appreciate the joys of life. Odu Ogbe'bara speaks of illness such as seasonal allergies. you will triumph in the end. Western observation: A business opportunity will present itself. The pressure often comes from relationship issues. 26. At first the client will dismiss it as not worthwhile. Odu Obarabogbe speaks of great respect and power for the client who faithfully follows Ifa's forecast. emotional relationships are causing unrest and imbalance. 28. Odu Owonrinsobge speaks of witchcraft or negative vibrations interfering with the client's peace of mind. Odu Ogbeka speaks of having to overcome jealousy and envy in order to . 23. 34. Sacrifice assures the correct choice and a successful partnership. must be dealt with. he or she needs to go more slowly and carefully. 35. Odu Ogbesa speaks of deceit from friends and the necessity of finishing whatever one begins. Western observation: The client is risking everything by being overly temporal and losing spiritual balance. Serious consideration of the opportunity will lead to great success . 22. often job related or monetary. Odu Ogundabede emphasizes the necessity for honesty and integrity. Western observation: It's rough going now. 29.feeling or is afraid of some emotional pressure. Half-measures will always result in losses. Odu Idigbe speaks of present or imminent trouble and provides the sacrifice necessary to overcome it. Western Observation: Temporal fears. 27. losses. 33. court cases. Western observation: The client has been pushing himself or herself too hard at work. Odu Okanransode speaks of overcoming our enemies or competitors to achieve a position of prominence. Western observation: A great time to capitalize. Western observation: Emotions take precedence while business grinds slowly forward. 31. Practical possibilities cannot be realized until th is pressure is relieved. western observation: The client is in too much of a hurry. but if you do not give up or give in. both in business and emotionally. 30. 25. Western observation: The client's general skepticism is blocking progress. 32. Western observation: A new job. disease. Odu Ogbe'Gunda speaks of imminent monetary or material success. Odu Ogbe'Kanran speaks of eventual loss of previous gains because of failure to fulfill an entire sacrifice. promotion. Odu Irosu Ogbe emphasizes personal spiritual relationships as opposed to monetary or commercial ones. on the client's attractiveness to others. Odu Ogbewonri speaks of the choice between potential husbands or wives.

46. In bad fortune. 39. Western observation: The client can expect positive changes in his or her emotional relationship. Western observation: Good thinking must translate to good actions to avoid problems. But in bad fortune. it calls for sacrifice to avoid death. Western observation: Nonmonogamous behavior can cause great harm. 45. Odu Oso-Ogbe warns of association with evil people. Odu Iwori'Yeku speaks of impending dangers and how to avoid or minimize the consequences. 48. Odu Ogbeturupon speaks of the client falling behind in a competitive situation. Odu Ireteogbe speaks of prosperity. 42. Odu Oturupongbe speaks of upcoming trouble or unrest in the home caused by the children. 37. 44. In good fortune. Western observation: It is necessary to communicate with ancestors to relieve business or everyday pressures. Western observation: Emotional blockage needs to be eliminated through ancestor worship or offerings. In good fortune. Western observation: The client must learn to temper his or her words and actions when presenting a point of view. Odu Oyeku'rosu speaks of the importance of obeying Ifa to avoid success and avoid death. Odu Ogbetura speaks of sacrifice guaranteeing peace and happiness. 49. Western observation: The client faces potential loss of a job or relationship. Ge or she can win through sacrifice. Odu Ikagbe speaks of having to stand up for our rights and demand respect. Odu Oyekif'oworadi speaks of personal and financial success with women. happiness. 36. 51. Odu Otura-Oriko speaks of the client lacking self confidence because he or she has suffered losses. Western observation: The client is often faced with legal and/or governmental conflict. Odu Ofun'gbe speaks of a powerful enemy.achieve fame and respect. 38. 50. Odu Ogbefun speaks of chiming instruments scaring away death or evil spirits. 43. 41. 47. Odu Ogbe'se speaks of good news and achievements that call for celebration. Odu Idiyeku speaks of financial success through propitiation of the ori (head). Odu Oyekubiworilodo offers solutions for barrenness and impotence. Odu Ogbeate speaks of avoiding problems and creating potential in upcoming trips and endeavors. Western observation: Too much emphasis on sexual activity threatens the client's well being. A fight or trouble is imminent. 40. Previous suffering will be replaced with prosperity. . it specifies sacrifice to avoid death. and sexual fulfillment.

western observation: The client is faced with a more dominant partner. Odu Oyekubeka speaks of the necessity of the babalawos sharing their sacrifices with Esu and the others. Odu Oyekupelekan speaks of how sacrifice can protect us from the evil intentions of others and from the loss of prestige. 56. Western observation: A relationship is ending or has ended. Western observation: A job or relationship is in danger of ending because of emotional battles. often with the government. 54. Odu Oyeku-Eguntan offers protection against imminent death. 62. Western observation: Fixation on business results in family estrangement. Odu Oyeku Gasa suggests compromise to avoid total loss. and prosperity. Western observation: The client needs more emphasis on his or her spiritual nature and less on money or "things. and calls for sacrifices to avoid dire consequences. 58. It can be restored. Western observation: Strong ancestral support provides an end to difficulties. Western observation: The client is stubborn and refuses wise advice. Western observation: The client faces legal problems. Odu Oyeku Wonrin offers remedies for possible dire consequences of adultery and perils of distant travel. 57. Western observation: Oyeku Gasa often denotes partnership or relationship conflict. Odu Oyeku Batutu offers avoidance of punishment for wrongdoing but insists on moral behavior in the future. Odu Obara'yeku warns of insubordination at home and at work. Odu Ogunda'Yeku speaks of kindness and generosity bringing comfort. Sacrifice guarantees safety. Odu Ika'Yeku offers a solution for male sterility and calls for more assertiveness in the client's nature." 64. Western observation: The client enjoys taking risks or "walking the edge" and should work with his or her ancestors to avoid pitfalls. Odu Okanran'Yeku speaks of sacrifice providing riches and failure to sacrifice bringing destruction. Odu Irosu Takeleku speaks of envy and seduction. 63. 66. .52. 53. 59. 55. Odu Owonrin Yeku speaks of the need for caution in our activities. Western observation: A change of jobs will bring improvement. 61. Odu Osa Yeku speaks of sacrifice to assure longevity and to avoid upcoming turbulence. Western observation: Lawsuits or job uncertainty combine with emotional blockage to create a chaotic situation. 65. Odu Oturopon'yeku speaks of a client who has sacrificed joy in his or her quest for money. growth. Odu Oyekubara calls for sacrifices to avoid the consequences of day-to-day activities. 60.

Western . peace. knowledge. but never as important as wisdom. unable to go forward in life. Odu Oyeku'fuu warns of an imminent illness and offers protection from it. Odu Iwori'bara insists on good behavior and offers solutions for rearing responsible children. Difficulties and change are part of growth and wisdom. Odu Iwori Wo'di establishes the Ifa concept of rebirth and immortality. It also offers remedies for emotional illness. Western observation: The client's focus should be on practical matters. 73. 82. Western observation: The client is usually "stuck". Western observation: The client faces an unexpected obstacle in everyday business life. Odu Owonrin'wori speaks of hard work as the medicine that cures poverty. and good character. Western observation: The client needs to focus on long-term goals and desires rather than on short-term gratification. Odu Irete'yeku calls for initiation and stringent moral behavior. Western observation: The client is or will be ill. 74.67. 78. 80. Western observation: An old relationship may be rekindled. 71. Western observation: The client is resisting accepting the ending of a relationship or business. Western observation: Seemingly attractive opportunities should be avoided. Odu Otura-aiku warns us to resist the temptation of entering into a disruptive relationship. Odu Idi'wori speaks of the necessity of developing our intellect and warns against associating with wrongdoers. 70. 79. 72. Odu Iwori'wonrin speaks of protection from natural disaster and recovery from whatever is lost. Odu Iwori'rosu speaks of the necessity for patience to achieve solutions and goals. 77. 68. 81. Odu Obara'wori establishes the concept of money being important. Odu Irosu'wori speaks of there being no joy. Western observation: The client needs children to reach a spiritual equilibrium. respect. 75. and good relationships with proper sacrifice and behavior. 76. Odu Ose'yeku offers prosperity and popularity. Odu Oyeku-Ise explains the necessity of death as part of the natural order. health. Odu Oyeku-irete offers a solution for disease. 69. or genuine gain from wrongdoing. Western observation: Legal issues are resolved and social enjoyment ensues. Odu Oyeku Batuye speaks of removing blame and restoring freedom of activities. Odu Ofun'yeku assures longevity.

90. It also speaks of protecting one's household from the spread of disease. Western observation: The client's focus is monetary at a time when relationships or levels of a current relationship offer greater opportunity. 94. 88. 89. .observation: The client needs to place more emphasis on spiritual development and emotional balance. Western observation: The client has the knowledge or ability to solve his or her problem but refuses to see or use it. It also explains the vulture's sacred position in Ifa. Western observation: The client needs spiritual cleansing. 97. Odu Ogunda'wori speaks of emotional and mental illness caused by evil spirits. Western observation: The clients temporal path is blocked by anger. Western observation: Patience rather than anger or frustration will produce material success. Odu Iwori-Eguntan speaks of timely action as critical for a positive change in fortune. as all good things are on the way. 87. Western observation: Fears and an inability to share them are blocking the client's path. 95. It also speaks of an impending visitor. Odu Irete'wori warns of intrigues and speaks of practicing Ifa for a prosperous life. Western observation: The client should seriously consider initiation. 92. Western observation: The client's inability to "pull the trigger" is causing him or her to lose the way. Odu Iwori-Osa speaks of the necessity of taking responsibility for our activities. Western observation: The client should not accept the first offer. 86. Odu Iwori-Ate speaks of initiation into Ifa as a way of improving life. Western observation: The client will find material success though spiritual action. It stresses the importance of planning ahead. Odu Iwori-Oka warns against stealing and violence. 85. whether they realize it or not. Western observation: The clients are having problems with their children. Odu Otura'wori speaks of not acting impetuously. Odu Oturupon'wori speaks of death resulting from failure to perform the prescribed sacrifice. 91. Odu Iwori-ose speaks of turning adversity into success. Odu Iwori Wotura speaks of family disharmony. Odu Ila'wori warns of repercussions from evil actions. Odu Iwori-Okanran establishes the need for privacy between babalawo and client. Odu Iwori'turupon speaks of successful pregnancy and turning bad situations into success through sacrifice. 93. Odu Okanran-iwori advises the client to share his or her problems with others. Western observation: The client is not being truthful with the babalawo. 96. 84. Odu Osa'wori speaks of exceptional good fortune. 83.

98. Western observation: Female client will often be encountering menstrual or uterine difficulties. Western observation: The client's relationship is becoming unbalanced by a demanding partner. 99. Odu Iwori-Ofun speaks of improving business and success. Western observation: The client is feeling pressure at work. 105. 103. Compromise is necessary to save it. Odu Ofun'wori explains that the proper use of money assures fulfillment in life. and offers solutions for conception. 109. Western observation: The client faces potential betrayal of business or personal secrets. 106. Odu Idi-Ogundaa speaks of wisdom and character needed to balance physical force. Odu Okanran-Di speaks of a relationship that will eventually turn out well. 101. Odu Idi-Okanran warns that anyone performing dishonest acts will surely be caught and punished. 100. 102. 108. Western observation: A previous partnership or relationship is rekindled. Odu Idi'sa speaks of restlessness and a desire to avoid responsibility. Western observation: The client should consider a different career. 104. Odu Ogunda'Di speaks of a successful journey but warns of possible intestinal discomfort 111. Odu Osa'di speaks of removing blockage to obtain a successful relationship. Odu Ose'wori speaks of power and greatness but warns that misuse of them can destroy home or family. 114. Western observation: The client's monetary or business worries will soon dissipate. 113. 115. 110. Odu Idi-Rosu warns of an illness in the waist or buttock area. 112. Western observation: Sexual promiscuity leads to disaster. Odu Obara'di warns of losing our independence and integrity. Odu Idi'owonrin speaks of upcoming recognition and the importance of a clients career. Odu Idi-Oturupon speaks of solutions for medical problems that prevent . Western observation: Too much time and emphasis on work is threatening the client's relationship and family. Odu Owonrin'di speaks of generosity and honesty as the secrets for success and love. Odu Ika'di speaks of showing respect to avoid problems in life. It also predicts an increase in business. 107. Western observation: The client's lack of spirituality is blocking temporal activities. Western observation: The client faces relationship trouble. Odu Idi'ka warns of sever punishment for bad deeds. Odu Irosu'di speaks of a person who has a talent for healing. Western observation: Monetary issues may cause an emotional argument. Odu Idi'bara speaks of the necessity of removing obstacles and misunderstandings through sacrifice.

130. Western observation: The client may experience an emotional or spiritual awakening. 123. a new course of action is indicated. but the necessity for. 128. It calls for restraint from doing evil and dedication to being of good character. 121. 125.Odu Idi-Ose speaks of potential problems from microscopic organisms. lest a defeated enemy return. Odu Oturupon'Di speaks of a person who is spiritually adrift and in need of personal spiritual renewal. 117. Odu Irosu-Obara speaks of sharing with others to ensure prosperity and happiness. 120. 124. Western observation: An upcoming business meeting or opportunity will be successful. Odu Irosu'kanran calls for self-assertion. Odu Irete'di speaks of resistance to. Odu Okanran'rosu warns of the dangers in irresponsible actions and states that genuine contrition will always be forgiven. Western observation: The client's business life is going badly. we must retain peace and harmony. Western observation: The client is usually shy and easily dominated at work. Odu Idi-Ofun speaks of removing blockage and of unexpected travel. Odu Ose'di warns against being too kind. 126. Odu Owonrin'rosu speaks of the importance of dreams. Odu Obara-Irosu calls for Ifa initiation to insure blessings. 131. 119. 129. Western observation: The client needs close contact with his or her ancestral energy to straighten out temporal difficulties. 122. Odu Oyura'di speaks of a child succeeding his father and a relationship with a dominant partner. Odu Irosu-Eguntan stresses the need for sacrifice and the use of herbal medicine. Odu Idi-Otura speaks of dietary restrictions for health and sacrifice for family harmony 118. Western observation: The client faces a conflict in which he or she must behave aggressively. Odu Ofun'di warns against greed and selfishness. 127.pregnancy. this results in relationship difficulties. 116. Western observation: Upcoming success can cause family or partnership problems. Odu Idi-Irete speaks of the necessity for hard work to reach an elevated position. Western observation: The client is poised for a promotion or new job. but fear could block the event. Western observation: The client is too focused on business. Odu Irosu'wonrin warns that to enjoy upcoming prosperity. change. Western observation: The client needs to reappraise a relationship that is no longer working. .

Odu Ose-Rosu speaks of removing pain and misery. . a new relationship. and new success. 140. Odu Irosu-Ose speaks of overcoming difficulties and improving business. 137. Western observation: This odu helps female clients avoid miscarriages. 134. Odu Ofun'Rosu speaks of sacrifice to remove sorrow for a long happy life. 136. Odu Irosu'turupon warns against bad character and offers solutions for having healthy children. 133. Odu Irosu'Tura speaks of things being good for us even if we do not like them. Western observation: The client has a necessary but distasteful but necessary task to perform. Odu Ogunda-Rosu speaks of the end of difficulties and the beginning of good fortune. Western observation: This is a time for a new business. 141. Western observation: Chaotic temporal activity is resulting in unhappiness 145. Odu Owonrin'bara speaks of looking within ourselves to find answers to our problems. 147. Odu Irosu'turupon warns against bad character and offers solutions for having healthy children. 135. Western observation: Others are often plotting to hinder the client. Odu Irete'Rosu speaks of impending and unforseen difficulty. Western observation: The client may expect a positive reversal in an everyday situation. Western observation: The client must follow a more spiritual path. 143. Odu Irosu-Osa speaks of the significance of sacrifice to overcome obstacles and enemies. Western observation: business is more difficult than it should be. 139. Odu Oturpon'Rosu warns against disharmony in a relationship. 146. Western observation: new avenues or approaches result in success. Odu Irosu'Ka speaks of peace of mind and sacrifice to avoid sleeping sickness. Western observation: This odu calls for a more intimate. 142.132. Odu Irosu'fun speaks of protection from disease in order to have good fortune. open relationship with one's mate. More and more effort is necessary to produce minimal results. Odu Irosu-Ate speaks of Ifa initiation to achieve success and long life. Odu Otura-Irosu speaks of honesty as the only way to achieve peace of mind and harmony. 144. 138. Odu Osa'Rosu speaks of peace and money as the essential ingredients for success and prosperity. Western observation: The client is often feeling pressure-with no readily identifiable cause.

Western observation: The client must think carefully before acting. Odu Ogunda Wonrin speaks of envy. 150. Odu Owonrin'Konran speaks of the necessity for sacrifice to avoid accusations against the client in bad fortune. for example. Western observation: Emotional upset will cause losses at work. Western observation: Often. Western observation: The client is not being attentive or loving enough to his children. 156. Odu Oturupon-Owinrin speaks of upcoming joy and happiness and the necessity of protecting one's reputation. 155. Western observation: The client wins. Odu Owonrin-Osa speaks of the need for courage in upcoming conflicts and cautions about new relationships. Odu Owonrin-Oturupon speaks of solutions for premature death of children as well as success from an upcoming journey 158. Odu Owonrin'Ka guarantees success through moderation. Odu Irete Wonrin speaks of retaining a place of honor. In bad fortune. The confrontation must take place. Odu Osawonrin speaks of the futility of running away from problems and matters of potential shame. 151. 154. It speaks of a time of joy and laughter for the client in good fortune. Western observation: The client has been avoiding a confrontation. Western observation: Clients are involved in a conflict they cannot win. 153. In good fortune. Western observation: The client must beware of a relationship with a "needy" person. jealousy. Odu Okanran'wonrin speaks of legal problems and their repercussions. Western observation: Introspection regarding the client's goals and behavior is necessary. In bad fortune. Crimes will be punished. Odu Owonrin-Eguntan speaks of conflicts and difficulties in business and at home. Odu Otura-Wonrin speaks of death as part of the cosmic order as well as the need fro spiritual and physical awareness. 149. 159. They must cut their losses. Odu Owonrin-Otura speaks of avoiding conflict with a stronger opponent. though sacrifice. 152. 161. 157. the client will face legal problemsÑwith the government or the IRS. it speaks of a potential for prosperity. and animosity. Western observation: The client should avoid physical conflict or a desire to "get even." 160. 162. it provides solutions. Odu Obara'Wonrin speaks of a person acting irrationally. Western observation: A nonmonogamous relationship can cause trouble. and potential conflicts because of the client's success. for death. Western observation: The client needs to calm down to achieve success. Odu Ika'wonrin speaks of avoiding precipitous actions in order to avoid regrets. Odu Owonrin-Irete speaks of not being suspicious or paranoid. Opponents lose! .148.

174. Western observation: The client is involved in an intense but futile relationship. Western observation: Temporal difficulties can be averted by a new spiritual or emotional experience. Odu Obara-Ka speaks of maintaining power and influence. 166. Western observation: The client's opinion or decisions will be questioned. Odu Ika-Bara speaks of ways of becoming lovable and attractive to others. Western observation: The client will often be accused of sexual promiscuity. Western observation: There is a likelihood of conception. Western observation: Sacrifice to Orisa is indicated for conception.163. Odu Okanrna-Bara speaks of avoiding premature death and preventing natural disaster from striking our homes. 171. Spiritual action will improve it. 164. Odu Osa-Bara speaks of the danger of losing supporters or an individual. 165. 178. Western observation: The client cannot stay focused on any one thing. Odu Ogunda-Bara speaks of the necessity of sacrifice to maintain a relationship. Western observation: Children are antagonistic to a new relationship of the parent. Odu Obaraturupon speaks of solutions for infertility and miscarriages. Western observation: The client faces conflict at work. 177. Western observation: Unrest in the client's business or career can be balanced by spiritual replenishment. Odu Owonrin-Se speaks of victory over adversaries. Odu Ofun-Wonrin speaks of good deeds bringing their own rewards. Western observation: The client feels unappreciated rather than satisfied. Odu Obara-Tura focuses on respect in our home and business life. 176. Odu Otura-Bara speaks of the necessity of not violating taboos. 168. The client should be careful if conception is not desired. 169. Western observation: The client's business is lagging. . Western observation: Emotional unrest leads to practical errors. grateful if it is. Odu Ose-Owonrin speaks of sacrifice to repair our strength and protection. 173. Western observation: Osa-Bara shows the client how to rekindle apparently dead flames. 175. Western observation: This odu indicates a strong possibility of conflict with children and parents. Odu Obarakanran speaks of potential disagreement with friends and associates and solutions for controlling them. 167. Odu Owonrin Fu speaks of impending calamity and the supremacy of Ifa. Odu Obara-Osa warns of fraudulent customers. Odu Oturupon Bara speaks of the importance of maintaining health to ensure a long life. 170. Odu Obara-Ogunda speaks of the need to repair a bad reputation in order to ensure success. Western observation: A relationship is causing disharmony. 172.

189. Western observation: The client is not being honest with the babalawo. Western observation: Partnership conflicts should be settled peacefully. Odu Okanran-Eguntan establishes the creation of the earth. 188. 186. 190. 181. Odu Ofun Bara speaks of the necessity of protecting our possessions. Western observation: The client needs cleansing to rid himself or herself of negative energy. Western observation: The client to too "thin skinned". Odu OseBara speaks of ways to assure a child's future success and warns adults of any upcoming journey. Odu Ogunda-Kanran speaks of using both spiritual and intellectual capabilities to achieve success. 182. 183. Odu Okanran-Otura speaks of conflicts in the family and in other relationships. Odu Ika-Konran speaks of the necessity of sacrifice to avoid the consequences of evil actions. Western observation: The client has good prospects for a new job or business. Western observation: This is a great time for a new job or business venture. including the art of traditional healing. Odu Obara-Rete speaks of success and stability if sacrifice is observed. Western observation: Favorable business conditions can suffer because of an untrustworthy individual. Western observation: An important choice is pending--a decision must be made about what is right and good. . Odu Obara-Ose speaks of ways to control natural forces. Western observation: This is an auspicious time for a new business or relationship if it is begun with caution. Odu Irete-Obara speaks of the use of medicine to control difficulties. Odu Okanran'Turupon speaks of Orunmila's knowledge of all things. 191.179. Odu Okanran-Ka speaks of courage and honesty to prevent misfortune. 185. 194. Odu OturaKonran speaks of avoiding the consequences of bad behavior. Western observation: Beware of the con man. Odu Osakanran speaks of sacrifice in order to avoid misfortune and ensure tranquillity. 180. Western observation: There is too much chaos in the client's everyday activities. Western observation: The client must be careful in business dealings. Odu Oturupon Konran speaks of avoiding potential troubles with children and enemies. Western observation: The client faces a conflict with relatives over material possessions. He or she needs to step back and reconsider his or her activities. 192. 187. Western observation: It is time for the client to change jobs. Odu Obara-Ofun speaks of great financial success. Odu Okanran-Sa speaks of knowing when to avoid confrontations. 193. 184. Western observation: The client must take a stand for what he or she believes.

Odu Okanran-Ofun speaks of the end of trouble and tribulations. Western observation: The client is pretending a problem does not exist. Odu Ogundakete speaks of two important concepts: the role of Elegbara . 201. 208. Odu Otura-Eguntan speaks of the need to remove negative energy from the client. 197. Western observation: The client has suffered a financial setback. 209. Western observation: The client will experience a new relationship or increased intensity in a current one. Odu OseKonran speaks of the necessity for a companion in the client's life.Western observation: The client's "big mouth" has caused potential losses. Western observation: The client is getting "a swollen head". Western observation: The client has recently lost a child prior to or shortly after birth. 196. Odu Ose'Gunda speaks of good fortune not taking care of itself without sacrifice. Western observation: Strength at work leads to significant gain. Odu OFun-Konran warns of the misuse of power. Western observation: The client is a hypochondriac. Western observation: Unsettled business conditions need emotional balance to reach equilibrium. Odu Ogunda-Oturupon speaks of good fortune resulting from improved behavior. Western observation: The client faces conflict or accusations at work. Western observation: The client must develop spiritually. Odu Ogunda'Kaa speaks of the need for caution and sacrifice in solving money problems. Odu Oturupon-Eguntan speaks of the present being bad timing for a new child but holds out great promise for the future. 207. 206. Western observation: Difficulties and blockages are dissolved with spiritual development. Odu Ika-Ogunda speaks of sacrifice to Ogun to develop courage for the fearful. Something was wrong with the child. Odu Ogunda-Tura speaks of a healthy client feeling physically ill as a result of pressure and enemies. Odu Ogunda'Sa speaks of monetary gain for the truly spiritual. 203. Odu Okanran Se speaks of the need for spiritual development to avoid distress and tribulations. 202. Odu Irete-Okanran speaks of the necessity for caution regarding a conspiracy among one's contemporaries. 204. Western observation: The client must be careful of competition at work. Western observation: There is someone the client must not trust. 205. 198. Odu Okanran-Ate speaks of the need for the client to be initiated. 200. Western observation: The client needs cleansing to remove negative spiritual energy. 199. 195.

Western observation: The client's temper is causing problems. Western observation: Spiritual development is necessary for peace and prosperity. Western observation: The client is in a dispute--often with the government. 217. 215. Odu Osa-Otura speaks of the gods favoring those who tell the truth. Western observation: Emotional turmoil can lead to harmful decisions. Western observation: The client marches to the beat of his or her own drummer. Odu Ogunda-Fu speaks of possible arguments over possessions. Western observation: The client is being dominated by a female. Odu Irete-Eguntan speaks of the necessity for initiation. Western observation: The client may face competition in a love relationship. 210. 216. Settlement is in order. Odu Ose-Eguntan speaks of impending good fortune. Western observation: This is a time to sacrifice to Ogun for conception. Odu Irete-Sa speaks of prevention being better than a cure. 224. Odu Ika-Sa warns people not to do anything dishonest. Western observation: The client must confront a problem that he or she has been avoiding. Odu Osa-Ka speaks of forecasting a new baby and of protecting one's secrets. 218. Odu Osa-Rete indicates that the only solution to current problems comes from the deities. or children who feel that the parent is not treating them equally. Western observation: the client is receiving no practical or moral support from his or her mate. Odu Osa-Oturupon speaks of infertility and of sacrifice for long life. Odu Ofun-Eguntan speaks of the consequences of ignoring moral behavior and sacrifice. Odu Ose-Sa speaks of conciliation rather than confrontation to settle disputes. 222. Odu Oturupon-Osa speaks of removing a baby from danger.(Esu) as messenger between human beings and God. Odu Otura-Sa speaks of the consequences of failing to sacrifice and the reward for those who do sacrifice. . and egungun (ancestors) as a human being's path to supremacy. 219. 212. Odu Eguntan se speaks of not punishing people for their physical characteristics. 221. Odu Osa-Se warns against false accusations. Western observation: The client may face sudden changes in his or her work or job. 220. Western observation: The client is involved in or desirous of a potentially harmful sexual relationship. Western observation: A comment about a former employee can cause trouble for the client. 213. Western observation: The client is facing some sort of inheritance issues. 223. Western observation: A new child or new responsibilities are creating a temporal upset. 211. 214. Western observation: Rapid changes in temporal activities will result in profit.

Western observation: The client will triumph in a current dispute. Western observation: The client needs to use strategy and planning to succeed. 238. Western observation: Chaos is everyday activities is warping the client's judgment. Western observation: The client should plan actions according to favorable days in the odus. Western observation: Emotional changes are causing negative material results. with spiritual redemption being the only solution. Odu Ida-Fu speaks of the need to give in order to receive.225. Odu Ofun-Sa speaks of a person's whole life turning upside down. Odu Ika-Otura speaks of the end of trouble and the beginning of good fortune. 232. Odu Irete-Tutu speaks of the need to obey authority and to sacrifice in order to have many children. Odu Oturupon-Rete speaks of the need for sacrifice in order to avoid illness and enemies. Odu Oturupon-Tura establishes the order and significance of the days of the week. Odu Ida-Irete speaks of acting independently to ensure prosperity. Odu Ida-Se speaks of the need to reverse poverty and misfortune. Western observation: The client needs to be spiritually cleansed of negative energy. Western observation: A new job or business must not involve a partnership. Odu Ofun-Ka speaks of the end of financial difficulties and the beginning of prominence. Western observation: While everything looks good at present. Odu Otura-Ka speaks of dispersing our enemies to ensure our prosperity. 227. Western observation: The client has been resisting a relationship that would be beneficial. 234. 236. 230. Western observation: The client's luck is about to turn from bad to good. 226. Odu Irete-Da speaks of prominence and success. 229. 239. disaster lies ahead. 237. 235. 228. Western observation: There is a possible legal threat to the client from past associations or dealings. 233. Odu Ose-Ka speaks of control over difficulties and victory over enemies. Odu Ika-Oturupon speaks of the need for a spiritual relationship. 240. Western observation: The client is worried about illness. Western observation: The client may have substance-abuse problems. Western observation: The client's word or ideas . 231. Odu Oturupon-Ka speaks of great prosperity and healing. Western observation: The client's job or career is about to improve significantly. Odu Otura-Tutu speaks of the necessity of completing the entire sacrifice. Western observation: The client fears being emotionally open. Odu Osa-Fu speaks of understanding and obeying taboos.

Western observation: The client needs to break out of a current situation and be more confident. Western observation: The client should proceed confidently with new prospects and relationships. Odu Osefu speaks of Ifa's ability to solve all problems. 245. 242. monetarily and emotionally. Odu Irete-Ofun speaks of Ifa's popularity and success. 246. Western observation: Children will bring joy. 247. 249. Western observation: The client must resist an adulterous relationship. Odu Otura-Fun speaks of impending good fortune if the client avoids wicked acts. 252. Odu Osetura speaks of the incarnation of Esu-Odara. Western . Odu Oturupon-Fun speaks of the need to share our good fortune. 251. 256. Odu Ose-Bi-Irete-Sile-Aje speaks of good fortune for money. 255.will be taken seriously. Western observation: The client needs to relax and experience positive. Western observation: The client faces a partnership or governmental conflict. Odu Ofun-Rete speaks of the need for sacrifice in order to obtain respect and protection. Odu Ofun-Se speaks of revenge and warns about possible losses. but a relationship needs help. 250. there is a solution. Odu Otura-Se speaks of upcoming danger at home or in business. Western observation: The client's business or job will improve. Odu Otura-Rete speaks of reaffirmation of our spirituality. respect. Odu Ofun-Oturupon speaks of fertility and of the need for sacrifice to avoid quarrels in relationships. Western observation: The client's life is filled with good fortune. Odu Oturupon-Se speaks of the need for sacrifice to have a pleasant life. Western observation: The client is involved in a no-win relationship. 248.Western observation: Marriage with the client's current partner is appropriate and beneficial. childlike pleasures. Western observation: Emotional changes must be dealt with carefully. and influence. Western observation: Nothing happens without Esu's help. 244. 243. Odu Ofun-Tura speaks of the need for sacrifice to stabilize a relationship. Western observation: This odu offers a solution for illness. Western observation: Whatever the client's difficulty. 253. 254. Western observation: Moderation is difficult for the client. 241. Odu Ose-Oturupon speaks of a relationship that is difficult even though it may be fruitful. Odu Irete-Se speaks of the need for sacrifice to avoid witchcraft and all other negative energies. Odu Irete-Tura speaks of the incantation necessary to avoid near-death situations.

observation: Those who are trying to impede the client's progress will suffer. .

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